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The Patriot Post Mid-Day Digest

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Mid-Day Digest from The Patriot Post

This midday digest and stated January 17, 2020 this one son again from the patriot post go to the website patriot post. us and sign-up for the emails on this particular midday and got to my email and was done with the foundation it is proper you should understand what I deemed essential principles of our government equal and exact justice to all men of whatever press question religion or political Thomas Jefferson 1801 cells Thomas Jefferson’s quote there is the list of today’s digest this year shows Joe gets underway in the Senate religious liberty finds an ally in Tromp people who hate the country one servant I guess Virginia there are second women defenders and output and proposes Russian return to attorney impeachment fatigue and then you have your daily features followed by that I said here you go to ship showed the last Roundup episode 483 in the continues take one of TVs shows a keep on going in the least watch and hope what are reason the just need to fill that spot a guess she just as John Roberts Sorin on hundred senators Thursday as a Democrat of the strata to impeachment trial against Presser Donald Trump officially gone the way coincidentally blocks from the Capitol building the Government accounting office the jail release at eight page report alleging that the White House office of management and budget have violated the law when a temporary withheld military aid to screen House Speaker nest below CEU he declared the report is new incriminating evidence that the Senate needs it to accept but… Kabir this drink of some beers while this stuff is going on some to make fun of everybody anyways religious liberty finds I lie in Tromp religious liberties there is there was a national religious freedom Day which as Gary Bauer the highest about notes commemorates the day in 1786 when the Virginia generous in the about the Virginia statute for religious freedom written by Thomas Jefferson Jefferson statute became the foundation of the First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees religious freedoms among other key that brings interesting people who hate their country won’t serve it there was a time in America when each generations learned from love of country and the importance of service it in matter of whether a key grew up in the Bronx or in the small-town Mississippi despise a geographical geographic and cultural differences. Common thread that ties altogether at the astute poster for generations my parents came in doing what it been not maybe Ford came into United States and start working here in Texas have much kids and are the first generation’s US citizens and appearance are met you can citizens became permanent residents but for us all when you was necessary once in a while this cousin symmetrical but I’ll delivery the associate ourselves as Mexicans other than heritage and maybe some historical backgrounds but anyways for little country you see my post guess Virginia there is a second and then Second Amendment defenders will take those cards offer as governments face will have to use it Gov. and the Democrats is the beginning it’s a sideline story for me know when following just to keep so History in my head up and proposes Russia’s temporary to tyranny deal I’ll the music you might elect you it’s hard to tell what’s going on but it sounds like the resetting the restructuring to decentralized the government there and get power back to the people guess impeachment fatigue grassroots Rogers reflection the campaign to impeach the president Tromp has begun was a headline the Washington Post on integration Inauguration Day January 20 98 2217 the past three years impeach PPH has been the less drum drumbeat they after day after day after day and afternoon him and has gone death to this charade there Democrats wanted to remove Pres. duly elected by American citizens before he had a chance to do one thing in your life that is true artists cannot disagree most to ask for their executive summary literature victory Trump defends a yet the time suggests the timing is politically motivated as Justice Department investigating years old the’s and appears focus on James: the James Kamin was the FBI director anyways think this come from your times to me it did that’s either a headline this suggests that the Justice Department is investigating years old decent appears focus on James Coney is being polluted the Justice Department collect live in a was a James Colby print on colonists will read the New York Times for the record no evidence ties tries to troubling civilians of Maria you but it’s Marshall fraud investigators with Isaac be either being communications against you and Omar not completely on scats 11 US shoes were injured January events around missile strike reciprocation Army may send missile systems defense systems to the middle is to Connor feature Iran strike I thought the laureate at that the arteries were sent in assaults on the common sense 13 states DC and New York City soon, Mr. Mayor. Work requirements K footsteps work requirements and I don’t have some expect me label Mafia media letter to see religious liberty LT he went immediately Bertuzzi’s religious areas TJ the things people my feet policy a franking banned from triggering a global recession is not simple to just raise the corporate income tax humor will take a good care this essays which require while placing impeachment articles and special rectangle finally been the trashcan all might eviscerate and there’s some notables there they understand what is this accident the eight-month bunch of Scrabble styles and now my diaper makes more sense in the only all look like this MacDonald measurement Majority Leader Senate and the Federman articles each are either you guys so goal visits be composed patriotpost.us and subscribe to their midday guests newsletters things from for watching my media

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