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The Patriot Post Mid-Day Digest

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Mid-Day Digest from The Patriot Post

I got this is today’s midday digest dated January 21, 2020 the patriot post go to their website patriot post .us to get this on your email I like and enjoy reading these midday digest just with the foundation the legislative the legislative department is everywhere extending the sphere of his activity and drawn all par into impetus vortex James Madison 1780 in that the truth in this days so digest impeachment trial they want the Senate begins Virginia to a writing peaceful Democrats of the Emison disappointment Bloomberg attacks on attack on mine. Church time refugees from Socialism’s give it warning my returns 43,000 and he found in a secondhand help that he has and that he features so impeachment trial number one we have to do some little political comedy here articles of impeachment McDonald’s like the fact that reference back into the 1980s old lady commercial I can remember every to Burger King for McDonald’s and Wendy’s in his face that had only 60 acres of the decision people try to the present it, truck begins today Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell release his proposals on Monday evening which predict he had Democrats and many crank file iPhone 100 but you guys by know for sure I am not following this the budget exhibits crap anyway’s so here in the next day is the Virginia to a writing peaceful Democrats Emison disappointment worse white supremacist Riley ever remember seeing a video and one of the commentaries that seen in the following me to I think is damage on the old but Donyell that he had a video and there were lady was same it is a worse white supremacist similar might of been a twit the dentist Jim, no as archives walks of life in there with their the guns demanding to keep there’s the rights to bear arms and there were not going to listen to that Virginia Gov. this is just signed every should note that there was but this should recite some you not re-sign sign-up the letter of petition to get that Gov. often anyway number attacking man. Church attack this guy from New York is pick on this guy from Texas New Yorkers just they would New York specifically in the Yugoslav territory and New York City audio pick up of readers are familiar with the terrorism of Jack Wilson recently honored but this is going to Greg Abbott for taking time S psychopath in the West Freeway church of Christ last month Richard Whiting on and on to member of the church security team and Tony Wallace were killed but Wilson quick to respond in an accurate aim and it will be muscular rapids up to six seconds’s incredible guys refugees from Socialism is a needed warning Socialism survivors where were these guys are from residential And and and is an avowed socialist Bernie Sanders was recently introduced by accurate John Cusack with the decoration we have a 10 to 12 your window to radically transform our and your systems or climate change predatory capitalism and endless war economies were abolished to write to a new feature at all the races on which will happen first in the world the command make timely change of the destruction of capitalism it’s interesting and here essays man returns $42,000 he found in the secondhand The American spent and make Mexican man found more than 42,000 in cash in the couch he bought from a secondhand store and thought he had no apparently the obligation to do so he decided to return them on to find a good at the item of his residence Howard Kirby recently bought a set of furniture for $70 from the habitat of humanity restored in a wassail of the Spent a few weeks in his man cave start fiftysomething Alice off the free cushion always seem had kind of hard Kirby said on Friday generous at his our law finally opened the cushion and was surprised to find a box containing 10,000 of dollars in cash 43,170 once accounted all interesting it’s a lot of money man anyway he is executive summary and flimsy charges case
individual independent will will will will make a because election day declines to fast-track Supreme Court want rule on Obama care before election day and ambiguous fundraising numbers Tromp out races individual Democrats but is behind the pack no free no free speech or fax allow Denver Post columnist fired after arguing there are two sexes for the record and what does this Sanders want to send them out fill reforms policy policy satire many offers thought and prayer that someone will start some vitamins at the fight I solicited letters see the difference in humans shortcuts one amazing stinks America’s that their group of people known to be for being armed and what their main me fear for is that they vote Frank J Feynman can today’s man that’s pussy has released a statement of today’s cartoon is Democrat nothing but impeachment nothing but appeasement all of this reference to another is the Democrats that Pelosi this this is bank reference a movie can remember who knows oh I have go days our cause is noble is the cause of mankind which Washington but that you all have a good one thing is

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