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The Patriot Post Email Mid-Day Digest for January 14, 2020

And this is the first video that I be doing for mid-midday digest this particular one came from the vacant post I get these on my emails and I thought a bit them out as they recorded and then come a comments as I’m reading them out this one came on January 14 today January 15 set think of the duties of the date the next day sick is the time to digest of what I had originally red so here is the way the patriot Post and you have instructed them goals or script their newsletter had patriot Post that US and the starts with the foundation state of mourning the other countries yet believing you could be happy in this our laws acknowledge as a should your right to join us in society conforming as I doubt night you will do our establish rules Thomas Jefferson’s HQ no one is pretty good code the biggest one is necessary just trainer society but yet to be conforming and following the established rules and the worst fears establish laws so then today’s digest the summit topics have is 100 miles of new border walls across and downs 19 Sanders ahead of the debate yesterday did have the Democrat presidential debate on this was a’s why to parents homes are still better around shows difficulty of in the need for war of terror and mechanic creates prosthetics for a girl so she can pay to violating consumer digital babysitter so you hundred miles wall pretty much just announcements by the Homeland security Sec. Chad Wolf saying that there was 100 miles of poor law which he where it does say that drama brother-in-law’s was building the one down there in South Texas and he did notify this ahead of time that there were done with the last sections are least plan section that they were building it his son is good is good and going to details about illegal crossing going down there still a lot of illegals crossing but there and we can certainly down that’s one here essays were nine Sanders ahead of the debate the woman can is the: is this artist Mike Celestine was crying very Sanders I presently have not heard Bernie Sanders save this publicly heard that it was said by him by some of the folks but this is that that sounds like something you say to Bernie Sanders goes back and say something like something you make up just think is using her Indian representations here old the same things about women not been accomplished things against this one states alike to parents homes are still better so this is a family built around to parents at many events just two parent families are statistically less likely to be poor there also less likely to suffer addictions or engage in criminal behavior children’s who grow up in homes with both mom and dad live under one roof have a great chance of life success well-adjusted lives and create stable for manuals relationships for themselves interesting this to statistical’s it is what is this not to say that children girl from one parables are going to miserable lives but it’s hard to deny that the opportunity for a better life takes a more work one parent house was a predominantly lower income less educated and more’s assessment crime and drug problems I would think that that is correct but what happens when two parents are working and they’re not around just as much as apprentice working supporting the family and getting the child support her the absence of the noncustodial parent see still half that but I guess these to statistical sure that when the two parents around it but the ascension he is maybe you to look at the numbers maybe he’ll have something like a stay-at-home parent keep in mind that kids teenagers in such a within a cold down here and see here around shows difficulties of and the need for war of terror against some summaries this is that something to do that take the takedown of the some solid so many has caused a major shift in the Middle East it also has managed to reinforce necessity of fighting the war and terror as was trained by this war is difficult want to fight this is funny because this addresses are brands war on terror but in other news outlets, patriotic news outlets that read that have that the recent terror attack here United States was announced by Atty. Gen. bar is the one incident in Florida was by a Saudi nationalists so many wondered where that’s coming goal anyways this is a read into this there’s a lot of news about this and I am going to use a little nugget American spirit mechanic creates prostatic for girls so she can pay by this is incredible looks like this is a prosthetics here is angle in such a way that is allowed to play the instrument nice nice fourth-grader Valeri the metal is just like most annual growth in the area she goes to St. John’s middle school plays for their friends pains her nails and she gave filings music class but until recently no one you how good inviting tears she really S as because there was born with a little different than did not have the availability of both of her hands which is necessary to banishment without changes mustached a local resident Kellogg presses to Kellogg good job some use executives some utter a additional points to use executive summaries from other posts on Megan Reed to this because the references the news media and that is something that you can all go and watch yourself souls the best of the right opinions articles here pointed some shortcuts some insights individual rights of the means of mourning society to moral law been run until 582 who go for the record on December 6 second Lieut. Mohammed? Read her sure running a member of the Royal Saudi Air Force and to the building on the grounds Pensacola Naval Air Station’s and killed three US senators and severely when the Americans he was killed during the attack this was an act of terrorism the revenue show that the shooter was motivated by jihadists to ideology attend Atty. Gen. we bar so this is my reference to earlier about Iran and guess Audi has their own bad apples Americans today is men’s is that strong false you have the Americans he in Democrat is a show in the woods and French horn but today’s cartoons if a tree falls in the forest nobody around. Does anybody care party broker against he dropped out of the race so with that that is the daily commit days I just from patriots all posts go and visit them is not information there thank you for listening

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