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Mid-Day Digest Boltons timing – Dems destroy America – Sanders evades – 01272020

Are you will you and you and you and is as you today these people this is the midday digest dated January 20, 2020 need from the patriot post visit them@patriotpost.us sign-up for their newsletter and you get this one in your email list start with the foundation all man having power out to be distrusted to a certain degree James Madison 1787 in today’s digest topics are impeachment trial days four and five bolt techniques Ben’s insults confidences Democrats destroy America to say that what strain America to save the money rates revealing real cost of his social socialist Jenna mortar blast warns an affair unfair plan to forgive student loans you face of prejudice the following the daily features music 60s 70s figures best of the right opinions shortcuts mems and cartoons are right so in the pitcher child may have the New York Times, not that they had the boat leak book once again the timing of another bombshell revelations have the all-too-familiar order of the state on Sunday the New York Times published just received leaked excerpts from the soon to be published book by a former national security Russian jumble a reads I’ve done some bull ship on this book anyway’s budget crap nobody but Democrats destroy America to save it for the 26th election campaign rapture the current travesties of impeachment and occupy a and its march in lockstep media allies have made it clear that their hatred of dogs drop which necessitates his removal by any means necessary www.and then here Bernie phase to premeeting real cost of the socialist agenda cost is socialists call in the cart carpet for expensive agenda film of 11 Virginia has promised free healthcare for everyone for your college tuition and to pay off people’s cartoons CBS Donald tormentors Bernie Sanders the past day for this is an estimate to be 60 trillion over 10 years is that correct 60 trillion Yanks move can not money water blast warns unfair plant forgive student’s I’m going to get my money back what they went this looks at the fire I’m going to get my money back the recently UK went viral and a Democrat presidential candidate is born special come to regret it the video and make offense warrants asked my daughter is getting out of school a saved all my money so she doesn’t have any student that might I get my money back. Matt was making reference to warns often allow the time to From Marathon to Kansas to me on that and Justine yet I’m assembled that grassroots Patrick perspective you face of prejudice’s grass weight this was a title on the annuities is save arrest them is deemed evil for all there can be no justification for the prejudice we conservatives experienced a can can can Sematech in the 70s it was only to sell the book minister relents a moral gets the heaven heavy coat what have you have home, mission. Quinones on Nora’s federal protections on total dry steam beds and some ditches why topsy-turvy transfers to the highest approval rating the present despite impeachment trial meatball for all the gravity of a presidential impeachment trial American social to give away a botanist fishery given shed about it my give it much way but again is there cool targeted you originalists what’s next the Nobel peace Price should Obama wins Grammy award for reading her own book and not a moment too soon… To the poor get a shot at Supreme Court to configure the game will combine state travel to California in tit-for-tat over to be to God’s there you go policy waters of the United States let us what you what was words replacements will help and excessive for reach policy March for life is also a model of intersection Audi humor Pentagon replaces go to torture waterboarding’s and his radio on the upgrade get it’s of long enough to go look at Genesis hands the married and I got me right there KKK KKK video five phases these I warders about for the Cox to the use of the data do not dispute that didn’t be trendy from the two Iranian chemical microbrewery summons guys shortcuts since sides I today’s man this phase is not so demo presidential candidates in the sentence will want to pizza Tromp aren’t they using their own office to undermine the political point and election Mark center. Yeah today’s a cartoon we detected the Tromp the Richardson drum roll virus cautious criteria and as we close off our cause is a noble is the cause of mankind George Washington you guys have a good day

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