American Cannon from Palo Alto Battlefield

American Canon 3D Dense Point Cloud

Palo Alto Battlefield Museum post back in January 2020, I captured the video sequence of an American Cannon on display in front of the museum entrance.

American Cannon Palo Alto Battlefield Museum Brownsville Texas 78520
American Cannon Palo Alto Battlefield Museum Brownsville Texas 78520

I decided to create a 3D model based on photogrammetry. I tried several photogrammetry software and found success on open source software COLMAP, CloudCompare, and Potree.

The 3D point cloud of the cannon as seen in Meshlab application.

My first attempt to create the model was low quality because I did not want to spend to much time after so many failures in the past. With COLMAP, I was able to create a well-defined cannon using all images. My next step is to create an extreme model with a more accurate 3D dense cloud.

American Canon 3D dense cloud as seen within CloudCompare

Once COLMAP completed processing fusion.ply file, I started working on CloudCompare. As you can see on the image, it looks like its a bit noisy and needs a lot of work to remove unwanted pixels. This is big concern, because if you look at the wheels, there is a lot more work than I care to invest on this. Back to COLMAP and see if we can remove this in more simple workflow.

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