TRUreporting, Episode 20210220

Thomas talks about current news events. On this segment, he talks about the one man that saved several hundred kids.

TRUreporting, What Is “Code Name Granite Shadow”?, Episode 20210220

Follow law in Pennsylvania case you’re going to learn a great deal about the majority of our Supreme Court Justices today whatever the rulings Maybe praying that Justice will be done today God bless you when would he also says hold the line and get involved stand up where you can at doing whatever is good and with Law & Order prayer and Truth are the most powerful weapons and I can curved I wanted to show you this as well my friends coming out last night as we can see here from Sidney Powell I guess since she’s on her telegram and regardless she says of what the Court decides when the case has been we are not done never mistake my quiet for inaction now as you look below from post 4689 do not mistake silence or an action 17. My friends it doesn’t get much closer than that is she important 17-team probably not but the word rings are worth of notable I will tell him talk to you a little bit about this as well this is What vitamin is done here in the last few days and then we will end off with a positive note guys on the special Saturday I won’t ban fracking this is from 2 days ago I won’t ban fracking ban fracking the first day killing tens of thousands of fancy Keystone the first aid killing tens of thousands of jobs in Canada and the US $1,000 last night at the Town Hall he said he will not be doing any still or student loan debt $0 we will stand up to Putin and president XI last night said Chinese Islam internment camps internment camps are just differences between nations we have to overlook overlooking internment camps for the Chinese that’s communist Nation that’s what they do and he’s probably going to bring it over here when he throws all of us in a gulag or in FEMA camps last night again my friend he said we will get $15 an hour we have the house and the Senate not happening now it’s talk of only federal employees getting $15 an hour check may only be $1,000 days has already solidified 204 sign next week Trump is mismanaging covid-19 we have a plan if they want to slow the virus and that’s tens of thousands have died due to The Cove at 5 we will lower Health costs he says insulin went from $60 to $300 day one other than orange man bad and that’s all that it was my friends you’ve got to show this to your all of this is true all of this is taking place this man in everyone that is deal that’s it and also that’s where I stand at this point guys I wanted to show you this ending off on a positive note as you go into your weekend feel disappointed guys frustrated or defeated by the way things seem to be going in our country and by the way my friend this is from the epoch times keep reading because you’re in American history this story will not only but also the courage to keep going in the face of difficulties as the popular saying goes It’s always the darkest before the dawn where we were and nothing freezes more joy than overcoming difficulties together this is the story of one of the most influential American Presidents in history is accomplish accomplishments especially critical times set the destiny of the direction of our nation they far surpassed the challenges faced along the way and they were not minor or few Abraham Lincoln Americans have President Abraham Lincoln to pay for never giving up Abraham Lincoln lost 8 elections before becoming the 16th president of the United States you can find a full record of his wife and several historical sources we’ve gathered these from the book of chicken soup for the full or the Soul by Jack Canfield of Lincoln’s notable defeat In 1832 he ran for a seat in the Illinois state legislator and lost two years later he won it was re-elected three times in 1838 aspired to become speaker of the legislator and lost an elector in the Electoral College and also lost 1843 represent at this party’s National Convention and got fewer than one he ran for the US Senate again and lost again finally you ran for president in 1860 and things turned out far differently for him and for the nation the rest as they say is history guys Abraham Lincoln kept loyal to his ideals his belief and his vision for America what is he in stop after his first and beat guys all I can say is we must battlegrounds God placed us here for this read information out early to keep the the vibrations very high to stay positive and stay in contact with one another spreading love outwardly that is our mission my friends I hope you found some form of enjoyed it be sure to sign up for trupoint. TV or greatly appreciate it, reporting Foxhole beatbox home app look for True importing Out of Rain. She ate it that’s funny you paragraph This is my commentary 

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