Introduction to No-Knead Bread

The purpose of this video is to demystify bread making because… making bread is as easy as making a bowl of Campbell’s soup. I use the “Turbo” method (ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours) and “hands-free” technique to make no-knead bread. That’s right… “hands-free”… I won’t even touch it until I roll it out of…

Modern Monetary Theory EXPLAINED

Modern monetary theory once was deemed SO crazy — and therefore unlikely to occur — that Glenn considered leaving it out of his book, ‘Arguing with Socialists.’ But now, thanks to today’s far left, it’s HERE. Glenn breaks down the basic tenets of modern monetary theory, explaining why it’s so dangerous and why its ultimate…

I Think We Just Sold Our Country Out

I Think We Just Sold Our Country Out Glenn Beck I agree with his opinion. I do believe that the Republicans who voted, are sell outs. Just need to find out why they did it. Scratch that. I don’t really care, I will just decide to vote them out. Or at least one of them.

Dan Bongino’s Leftist Voice

Dan on his latest episode is making funny voices on his impression of how the leftist act when Biden lies to them. I would like to know if you think this are his funny moments. Should I get more snippets of these moments? For more of the videos click this link: Ep. 1621 The Facebook…

American Patriots Labelled as Terrorists?

Interesting video I came across with SGT Report. Take a listen, and let your thoughts be known to us, if you agree or not. Are American Patriots being labelled as terrorists? Do you love your country and for that love, are you being labelled as a terrorist?