How to Can Carrots

GI Tejano's 2022 carrot harvest.
GI Tejano’s 2022 carrot harvest.

My first attempt to growing carrots can in no surprise a bit of smaller carrots than I have hoped. I was thinking that my carrots were going to be huge and plentiful. But as anything in life, you have to learn from a start and continue to do things over and over until you master the skill.

As you all do, I went through countless YouTube how to grow these carrots and still there is lot to be learned.

On the following video snippet is a great channel I subscribed to that helps me a lot how to grow my garden. In this case, what to do with my carrots after I have harvested them.

Do let me know your thoughts on the video snippets.

How to CAN Carrots ~~ Harvest 2017<fn>Deep South Homestead</fn>

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