Are Employers Causing your “Carbon Footprint” to Increase?

With covid lockdown a thing of the past in many areas in the U.S., do employers want its office workforce to go back to the office to justify what?

Many U.S. Corporate company have office within managed building, and this real estate cost monies to keep. So, to justify and keep this real estate, they are demanding for employees to go from “work from home” to drive back into the office, a must. Saying that face to face collaboration is a critical component to the success of the company.

If you live here in Texas, you need to drive to get to the office.

A simple search in google, shows the challenge this presents itself between the employer and employee.

So, a question I have for this, how do these companies justify support climate change topic points when all of its workforce are traveling to their office. Even if you don’t drive, let’s say you commute using rail lines, this is just offsetting your “Carbon Footprint” in another form.

Now that the cost of gas prices are increasing because of government regulations and inflation, why shift the cost of burden to an employee? This driving will increase the demand for gas, and thus increase the price of gas! What happens when the gas is not available or acceptable cost for the employee?

Such a mess.

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