Body Language: Blinken’s China Trip

Body Language: Blinken’s China Trip

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Body Language: Blinken’s China Trip
Body Language: Blinken's China Trip
Body Language: Blinken’s China Trip

Blinken has gone to China.
Now we have been seeing the State Department
and higher-ups in the executive branch, so to speak,
desperately traveling across the world
begging these countries not to go to BRICS,
not to ditch the dollar.
They’ve gone to Africa.
They’ve gone to Saudi Arabia.
Shoot, they’ve even done a deal with Iran.
As a matter of fact,
Iran’s the one filling our strategic petroleum reserves.
Please don’t leave us.
I could fill our reserves.
And now we’ve got Blinken in China.
And considering all the tension that’s going on
because China’s back in Russia
and the idiocy of what is coming out
of the executive branch’s mouths to instigate China,
I wanted to see if we would see humility in Blinken.
Fear, defiance, you know, what’s going on?
So we’re gonna go in order from the landing
to the handshakes, to the meeting,
to the after speech.
I think you’ll find it just as interesting as I did.
I don’t think he’s waving at anyone
because he’s too quick to look away.
Usually if you’ve got a large crowd
that is looking at you,
you tend to give a lot of eye candy to it.
It strokes the human ego.
So he goes into looking down,
watching his feet as he goes down the stairs.
We have a tight smile and it’s down in a frown,
so stress, dislike.
Now it looks like the American ambassador
And his Chinese, I cannot remember his rank.
But he’s not, he’s not G, obviously.
Very polite, tight-lip smile even from the China man.
The ambassador is much more loose and warm.
You see a genuine smile all the way up through the forehead and the into behind the ears.
And then the bastard just walks off, smiling, all gone, standing straight up and tall, arrogance.
Knows up, leaves these two gentlemen behind.
Now they’re at an airport.
They may not be riding in the same car,
but the cars are parked together
and he has walked off on them.
So there is no actual video footage of him meeting.
And I hate doing picture body language
because one, fluid movement,
it paints a sentence, a paragraph.
Snapshots are the equivalent of one word.
You can get some kind of context,
but that’s about it. Now the other part of this is his initial meeting was with the lower
of the Chinese power structure. Begrudgingly I’m going to assume because he was not slated to
meet Ji Ji Ping on Sunday and he did, we have this as in photo lineup. Ji Ji Ping does not
walk across obviously to him from what we see here. Blinken has to make the travel all the
way towards him. Ji Ji Ping at least in this photo we see the arm completely extended from
Blinken and Xi’s arm is loosely out, not an extension. It’s like you come all the way to me.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
And there’s another one. He’s either in the process of positioning himself to be more
comfortable for this photo, talking about Blinken, or he is so stressed and uncomfortable
he’s leaned forward and bent over. That’s why we don’t like photos. I like this photo
because it just shows the setup.
You’ve got Z at the head of the table.
He’s distanced himself from everyone.
And his, pretty much, he’s put himself
at the head of power, even above his own cabinet.
He’s put Blinken in the same arena.
The confidence is gone.
He walks up those stairs very lightly.
The body does not lean forward
to immediately access the stairs.
It’s like when you’re in a hurry
or if you’re in confidence,
you have an aggressive stance.
you lean forward with speed in mind.
He does not. That is gone.
He also has his hands up, like a tired fighter.
Good evening.
Slow news day, huh?
I want to begin by expressing my gratitude
to Ambassador Burns, to our entire mission
China, with whom I’ve had an opportunity
to spend time over the past couple of days.
So he had a hard time anchoring himself in.
That’s why you see him shift his weight so much.
He’s looking around and then he’s looking. He’s not just looking around like at the audience.
He’s looking literally around in a circle because he’s trying to anchor himself. He’s
looking for some comfort and he’s having a hard time finding it. Let’s go to some questions.
We’ll take a few questions. The first question goes to Ian Marlowe with Bloomberg.
Thank you. Thank you, Secretary. China has accused the U.S. of economic containment
over the Biden administration’s efforts to limit Beijing’s access to key technology,
including semiconductors, as you mentioned.
Are you worried that the future U.S. moves in that area
will derail the current efforts to stabilize ties
with China and might force the Chinese to-
How do you see that?
Brought his hands in, body’s kind of waving,
and the head gives like these micro positive movements.
And you saw a micro negative
as he’s coming up with this question.
He’s gone tight and small.
Take retaliatory measures perhaps
in other areas of the relationship, and after your talks here in China, secondly, what’s
your impression of the top leadership’s stance on Ukraine, whether they are still likely
to provide eventually lethal aid to Russia, or are they at all interested in using their
influence with Vladimir Putin to bring about a diplomatic solution to the conflict?
Thank you.
Thanks very much, Ian.
So, on the first part of the question, one of the important things for me to do on this
trip was to disabuse our Chinese hosts of the notion that we are seeking to economically
contain them.
We’re not.
Seeking economically to contain them, and his whole body moves like a stiff stick
and a bow, and then you see the lip on the side curl up like a treasure cat.
Obviously, that’s deception. When you go stiff like that and then you have a little sneer on your face, you’re a liar.
And as I’ve said, we are not about decoupling, we’re about de-risking and diversifying.
And here’s what I mean by that.
First, when it comes to decoupling or economic containment, I think the facts simply belie that proposition.
As I mentioned, our trade relationship reached the highest number that it’s…
You hear in the uh-uh song, while he does this, the believe me look is his best friend.
He’s going down the path of I’m going to now make my case for why we’re doing what we’re doing.
And his brain stutters through this.
He’s making excuses for the behavior he’s blatantly done.
And he’s going to ramble on like this for a while, and we are not going to watch it.
with snails on a chalkboard.
I have a question about the BRICS countries,
Brazil, Russia, India, China,
South Africa.
In the last year, China has been giving
special importance
to the BRICS.
And even though
the government says it’s not an anti-China,
anti-US block,
many people see it this way.
The last development
gave some reason for people to think
like that. There was claims
from the U.S. that the South Africa is giving weapons to Russia.
China wants to expand the BRICS.
There’s almost 20 countries already lining up to join the BRICS,
mostly from the Global South.
So this guy is reading out his question, basically.
He’s setting it up so that he corners Blinken into
acknowledging the facts that are coming out, like everybody wants to join BRICS.
That’s an anti, you know, West thing.
And Blinken’s response, you know, the face falls and frown, his body’s coming tight and
closer together.
And he’s kind of cocked his head to the side staring at this guy who’s bringing up the
Achilles Hill to the West power.
And he’s not happy about it.
And my president, President Lula here in China said that, um, uh, criticized very
strongly the dominance of the dollar in the world economy.
So my question is, how does the U.S. government see?
Now we’re seeing him shift back and forth on his weight.
The stress is coming through.
He’s gone tight.
He’s gone small.
The face is frowning.
He’s not a happy man.
The arrogance is back.
That’s how unhappy he is.
He’s been slapped by China.
And I’m going to assume they didn’t get what they wanted.
And now this guy is just reaming him with some facts.
facts don’t care about your feelings the bricks this it does it sit as a China
led challenge to the to the West and to the United States thinking well first is
a general proposition we have long stood for the proposition that countries
should be able to freely associate with other countries in any groupings
that they want something so we are in portrayal he’s had enough time
listening to this and being angry, to think this up.
Portrayal, the believe me look is now plastered.
And on top of that, he’s actually leaning forward
with this believe me look.
Believe me.
It just gives more power to the believe me look
when you lean forward into it.
I will overpower you with my hovering
and you will believe what I say.
That we stand very strongly for
and have defended for a long, long time.
When it comes to the bricks,
We’re deeply engaged with its leading members.
In fact, this week, Prime Minister Modi of India will be in Washington for a state visit.
And of course, we welcomed President Lula to Washington several months ago, where he
had a very productive and constructive meeting with President Biden.
So we’re engaged across the board with- There’s a lot of negativity in that head
when it comes to these individuals that are visiting and have visited.
Not in the sense of negative itself, but in the sense of brushing it off, like it doesn’t bother us.
We have them all the time. It’s no biggie. That kind of brushing off.
We’re besties. They come and visit us.
Numbers of the bricks and we’ll continue to do that.
For the next question, Nike Chang with voice of a man.
He was so dumb with that question and so upset that he literally, before he completely was done answering it,
He turned away from that guy like,
nope, you ain’t gonna ask me follow-ups.
You’re not gonna scream.
You’re not gonna sit there and say, but nothing.
I’m just gonna turn away from you and ignore you.
Good evening, Mr. Secretary.
I hope you make more news from this news conference.
On Taiwan, how was Taiwan discussed
in your 35-minute meeting
with Chinese President Xi Jinping?
U.S. officials have said a military conflict
in the Taiwan Strait will be, quote, a global concern.
We’ll have a presidential election in 2024.
Should a Democrat…
So in the beginning of this question,
I didn’t want to comment on it, but I guess I will.
His face, his facial features softened.
He was smiling.
He kind of slumped down in the relax mode.
And then the stress has come back,
because this is a Taiwanese asking about, hey,
so what was discussed?
What’s our fate?
he’s anchoring himself down predict election be a pretext to any military escalation in the taiwan
strait who did you how do you do and we’re seeing his breathing increase here too bigly it’s bigly
so he can’t anchor himself he’s not been able to anchor himself the whole time he’s been here
now the breathing has increased bigly the face has fallen not in that arrogance or
respond to China’s position, we saw a hard swallow, that Taiwan is another hard swallow
internal issue that is not an American concern and upon which where there is no room for
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
From the very beginning of our normalization of relations with China, going back to
three communiques many years ago. Fundamental to us in that is the
understanding that any differences regarding Taiwan will be resolved
peacefully. So as he goes through this he’s speaking very slowly because the
brain is trying to make it up as it goes along. He’s just leaving out the
uh-uh song. But it’s there. It’s just silent. And on top of it we have the
The hands are raised up closer to the titty area, holding on to himself, high stress.
Oh, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m going to feed you to the wolves.
That is foundational to how we understand our relationship.
And for the past almost five decades, this is an issue that China and the United States have managed responsibly.
We remain committed to our One China policy with the three communiques, the Taiwan Relations Act, the six assurances.
We do not support Taiwan’s independence.
We’ve made clear that we oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo by either side.
We’ve been clear and consistent in our policy.
So as this goes on he is already angled himself away from her
He wants to stop because I’m going to assume in this 35-minute meeting that
Taiwan is mine via G and you will go pound sand somewhere and let us do what we want and
Blinken said yes, sir
I just assumed that I have no hard evidence, but it just appears that way to me. You said that you have received
assurances? Well, you said the United States has received assurances from China that they
will not provide lethal aid to Russia. Were those assurances specifically made to you
today? And do you believe that is a final decision on behalf of Chinese leadership,
given the U.S. has said that they are considering providing lethal aid to Russia
in the past?
So she asked this question, and I think this is probably one of the most important
about this lethal aid going to Russia.
Because once you have China committed
to sending their lethal aid,
because they got a lot of it,
it’s kind of like the lethal aid
that Europe and the US are already sending over
for Ukraine, but I digress.
I’m watching him and I’m expecting something.
If you guys talked about not sending over lethal aid,
I would expect that the mind would sit there
and agree to it.
The brain search would sit there and go,
Yeah, we got that or that’s a win or a relief that they’re not going to get any more involved
than what they have.
And what do we see from Blinken?
We see avoidance, doesn’t want to look at her.
The body is tight.
It’s not relaxing.
It’s constantly thinking.
And if I remember correctly, well, you said the United States has received assurances
from China that they will not provide lethal.
The United States has received assurances, nothing, just a poker face.
it tells me there is no assurances or what is being construed as an assurance is really something
of you have until blah blah blah and then it’s on that’s the assurance the assurance is for right
now it’s not going to happen but on blah blah blah date that’s when it changes i have no idea
but poker face boy here says otherwise um we uh did all of that on this trip but progress
is hard. It takes time and it’s not the product of so he’s going on about the
relationship. Progress is hard. You see the flippancy of it. You also see the
avoidance of her. He’s already turned his body away from her. He wants to
get away from it. We’re in portrayal and we had the believe me look and in
places constructive
and in other places we have a lot more work to do. Thank you. Thank
you. Thank you. I was wondering what that look was for. So I was
watching that last end piece is talking about you know the progress of their relationship
now you see that tight lip like squishes in like he’s giving kisses but it’s a lip tightening
the believe me look with it like oh it’s bad it smells like something really dead
not a little bit dead but sitting in there for a few weeks smelling bad dead look
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