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Ep. 3095b-[DS] Building Cyber Attack Narrative,Can You Serve From Jail?,Playbook Known,We Must Fight

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Hi and welcome you listening to the X-22 report.
My name is Dave and this episode 3095BN.
Today’s date is June 15th, 2023
and the title of the episode is
Deep State Building Cyber Attack Narrative
Can You Serve From Jail? Playbook Known?
We Must See Economic Collapse, Political and Geopolitical News.
Now, the Deep State, the corrupt politicians,
Big Tech fake news, the puppet masters,
they have been struggling this entire time
And think about what Trump and the Patriots have done from the very, very beginning.
Remember, this wasn’t about a four year election.
It wasn’t about Trump coming into the white house and putting a couple of
policies together and making everything look good.
This was really about destroying the deep state system.
This was really about taking back this country and giving it back to the
people, not just giving it back to the people, having the people wake
up and actually take it back.
And Trump, he knew when he stepped into the ring, that he was going to be the bait.
He was going to be the bait for everything.
Every arrow, every sling, every bullet, anything that they threw at him, he was
going to take no matter what, because he knew that he stepped in front of all of us.
They’re really after the people of this country.
They’re really after we the people.
He’s blocking them, saying if you want to get to them, you need to go through me.
So he baited them in and he wanted to show the American people firsthand how corrupt
the system is, how bad the system is, and you won’t be able to see this in a month
two months three months because you needed to wake up the population and a
lot of the population wasn’t paying attention so you needed at different
phases to wake certain groups up so they could see how bad the country is
and if you look from the very very beginning to where we are today at
every phase you’ve seen the American people wake up you’ve seen the
people see the corruption, the election interference. You’ve seen the American
people say, wow I see the FBI, Department of Justice, DHS, CDC, they’re all corrupt
agencies. I see the election interference. I see how they interfered in
the elections. I see how corrupt it is and how they don’t follow the rule of
law. This is what he was out there doing. He was showing the American
people by standing in front of us, how corrupt and how this criminal
syndicate operates.
Now his mission is not complete.
Yes, there’s a lot of people that have woken up.
There’s a lot of people that understand this, but he needs to have
the deep state do everything to him first so we can turn this around on
them, because once it happens to him first, where he’s indicted, which
we’re seeing today where they came after his tax returns and he made him go all
the way to the Supreme Court.
He needs all of this to happen, even maybe being put in jail.
And I know this is going to make a lot of people crazy and a lot of people
say, wait, what’s going on here?
Wait, he might go to jail.
Well, it seems that to complete this entire mission, he’s going to have to
it to the nth degree because the people have to see firsthand how the criminal
syndicate will jail their political opponent. I mean you really only see
this in Banana Republics and actually I do believe Trump continually says we
are becoming a third world Banana Republic. So sometimes you need to see
this firsthand and the people need to see how bad it really is.
And I do believe we might be headed in this direction.
Now, at the same time that this is all happening, we know the deep state
players, they don’t want the truth getting out there and we know that
they’re probably most likely they’re going to use a cyber attack to shut
down communications, maybe even shut down the internet, shut down
certain areas with power, because they need to shut down the flow of information.
They don’t have the control over the flow of information.
And already we’re starting to hear stories about, oh, look, there was a global cyber
Oh, look, Russia is saying that they can actually blow up the communication lines
under the sea because Biden went ahead and blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.
We’re already starting to see the narrative being built for all of this.
And what we’re seeing is where the Patriots, where they’re bringing them
down this path of where they want them to be.
Trump, he’s not just the bait.
He’s baiting them in and bringing them down the path.
He wants them to follow the playbook that he set out.
So when Playbook is known, it’s actually what the Patriots want them to do.
And what you do is you create certain instances to force them into
doing what you want them to do.
And yes, there’s also a plan and certain, there are certain individuals
that are part of the plan that are pushing this entire operation in
the direction they want it to go.
But why do you think Trump knows about the war?
Why do you think Trump knows about what’s going to happen with Taiwan?
You think he’s sitting there in front of a crystal ball going, oh, I’m looking into
the future and I can see the future?
No, he knows this because it’s been planned out.
There are certain actors that are playing the role that are going along with this
to remove and destroy the deep state.
actually if you realize what he’s been saying and he’s been using the word deep state that we’re
going to obliterate them we’re going to destroy them we’re going to have justice
and they’ve been and i’m talking about the patriots they’ve been sending us messages
letting us know this is the direction we’re heading in and i do believe this time around
the deep state players they don’t have the ability to cheat electronically like they did
before, they don’t have the ability to cheat with paper ballots like they did
before, they don’t have the resources, the ability to take such an undertaking
to actually cheat on the level they’re going to have to cheat.
Because now think about how many people are behind Trump.
Do you think everything that they’re doing it’s hurting him?
No, more and more people are with him.
More and more people are going to vote for him.
They know this.
Trump knows this.
he’s bringing them into an area where he can control all of this and
This is why I do believe in the end the deep state players
They’re going to use a cyber event to say a country attacked us
they’re going to try to bring us to the precipice of war and
We might even see some scary things and we mentioned that before in other
Reports and you can see that they’re already building this up now
I do believe Trump he sent us a message because he put out the same exact video that Dan Scavino put out
Where you see the caravan going to Bedminster and the song that is playing is from the Phantom of the Opera
But I do believe Trump is letting us know that we must fight. We can’t sit back
We must all fight against the deep state players because if we’re going to take the country back
We need to understand
The criminal syndicate we need to see how dirty and how infiltrated this system is
We need to see it all and I do believe this is exactly what’s playing out right now
And this is going to allow the people to fight back
It’s going to allow the people to take back the country
It’s going to allow the people to keep the country
because they fought for it.
And I do believe Trump just sent us a message.
Now, we’re gonna be talking a lot more about this
a little bit later.
But first, let’s talk about what’s happening with Biden
because it seems that, as the fake news would say,
the walls are closing in around him.
Tom Fitton put this out and said the following,
Delaware Supreme Court questions
University of Delaware’s refusal
to release Biden Senate docs.
So, the Delaware Supreme Court justices heavily questioned the University of Delaware’s rationale
for refusing to release President Joe Biden’s Senate papers during oral arguments.
The Daily Caller News Foundation and Judicial Watch filed an appeal with the Delaware
Supreme Court in January after the Superior Court held that the university had satisfied
the burden of proof needed to justify denying the records along with related communications
and agreement, which they had requested in 2020.
During the hearing, Justice Leagrow pushed back on the university’s argument by reading
part of the Supreme Court’s prior opinion, which she noted seems to say something else.
Unless it is clear on the face of the request that the request of records are not subject
to the Freedom of Information Act, the public body must search for responsive records,
requiring the university to create a document that would allow the Superior Court to determine
on remand, whether it performed an adequate search, you didn’t perform a search, she said.
How can this court even conclude that what you did is consistent with this prior decision?
The public has a right to know who’s paying for the Biden documents and how they are being kept.
The records have been housed at the University of Delaware library since 2012,
when Biden provided them with the understanding that they would not be publicly released until
they have been properly processed and archived. Information contained in the records could relate
to Tara Reade, who accused Biden of sexually abusing her while working in his Senate office
in 1993, or the President’s son, Hunter Biden, who is under investigation for the alleged failure
to pay taxes and lying on federal firearms forms. So right now, and this is the trick
that they use, well, we haven’t gone through the records, we haven’t sorted them out,
So we can’t hand this over to you.
And we see that the daily caller and judicial watch, they are continually
pushing and pushing for these records.
And I do believe Biden is hiding these records because he knows if these
records get out there, which I do believe they’re eventually going to get out there.
He knows it is game over for him.
And it looks like that time is quickly approaching because think about
everything else that we’re seeing.
We’re seeing all the evidence pour out.
Actually, Comer is saying he’s going to have more information and there
even be 20, 30 million dollars worth of bribes and money going back and forth.
But Sean Davis, he put this out on Twitter, he said the following,
a highly trusted confidential source told the FBI that Burisma’s president was rattled by Trump’s
victory, fearing an investigation would reveal the Burisma executives bribes the Biden family,
which included five million payments to Hunter Biden and a five million payment to Joe Biden.
According to the source, whose recollections are contained in a report the FBI tried to hide,
the Burisma executive said the Bidens had coerced him into paying the bribes and that he had
recordings of the conversation with Joe Biden himself. Grassley revealed a foreign national
identified by individuals with knowledge of the matter as Burisma founder Zlojevsky alleged possess
17 recorders implicating the Bidens in a pay-to-play scandal, while 15 of the audit
recording consisted of a phone calls between Zlobejewski and Hunter Biden two
were of calls of the Ukrainian had with then vice president Joe Biden and this
is according to the FD 1023 the federalists has now learned the FD 1023
reported the CHS saying that the Bidens coerced Zlobejewski to pay the
bribes and sources familiar with the investigation also explained that the
context further bolsters the CHS’s reporting and really go back in time.
Think about it right now, we’re learning that Biden, he’s involved in money
laundering, bribes, you name it, with Ukraine, they covered up and this is
what Biden was doing and this is what the deep state was doing, the criminal
syndicate, they were covering up all their crimes and they were projecting
this all onto Trump with impeachment hoax number one, because with
impeachment oaks, number one, what they did was they tried to
make it seem like Trump was involved in a pay or quid pro
quo. But it was really Biden. Biden was the one receiving the
prize. Biden was the one money laundering. Biden was the one
doing doing all this. And it was very interesting because
if you go back in time, when this whole thing was happening
with Zelensky, with Trump’s phone call that which he
completely released, it was completely transparent. There
was a recording of Biden talking about how he was forcing the Ukrainian government to
do what he wanted, or he was going to hold back funds.
And that right there is, you know, quid pro quo.
He’s the one who did this.
And now with all this information coming out, it’s all starting to make sense to
the American people.
Now, of course, we have been watching this.
We have been observing this.
We understood this, but the American people didn’t understand this.
And what’s very interesting about this is right now with Biden, we don’t see any of the fake news
outlets reporting on this. New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, ABC,
NBC, CBS. It seems like they’re not really reporting on any of this.
And they tried to cover all of this up by going after Trump and indicting him on fake
charges. This is how they continually cover up their crimes. But we can see what’s happening
right now, as they continue to try to cover up the crimes, it’s making it worse
because the people can see through all this.
I do believe this is why Trump and the Patriots needed to wake up the American
people first, because now with the American people not listening to the
propaganda of the fake news and they’re thinking for themselves and they’re
thinking logically, they can see through everything that is going on and they
can see who the true criminals are.
This is why Trump, this is why more and more people are flocking to him.
This is why the deep state isn’t succeeding in what they’re trying to do where they’re trying to
Get him to take a deal or do something to bow out of the elections
everything that they’re trying to do is not going to work because
Trump took the time to wake the American people up very very slowly so they could see the criminal syndicate and he exposed
Who the agencies who the players are so the people could understand as we move forward and this is not going to get
better for them, this is going to get a lot worse.
Now we’re gonna be talking a lot more about
what’s going to happen to Trump
and what’s going to happen in this country
because I think things are really building up right now.
And over the next year,
everything’s going to accelerate
like we’ve never seen before.
And things are gonna look scary,
things are gonna look dim
or not the way you think it’s gonna play out.
But again, the Patriots are in control
and they’re the ones who are bringing
the deep state down this path.
Just like Trump, the Patriots showed everyone how the deep state is going to
allow all the legals into this country, how they’re not going to shut down the
Remember, he could have finished the wall.
He could have had that wall done.
No problem whatsoever.
He’s a builder.
He knows how long it’s going to take.
He knows that he could finish these things.
I mean, just look at all the other things that he finished in record time.
Why did he leave the wall open?
because he wanted to show the American people the true criminal syndicate, how these individuals
were going to let in drug traffickers, human traffickers, child traffickers, MS-13 gang members,
how they were going to bring in children into this country that really didn’t have families
and use them for pedophilia or slave labor. He wanted the American people to see the true
criminal syndicate. He didn’t want to explain it. He wanted every single person to see it.
And he wanted everyone to see the deep state players. He wanted everyone to see how they
will lie to your face and then their actions, they were going to do the opposite. Let’s take
for example what’s happening out in New York. Remember there’s a sanctuary city. We’re going
to accept every illegal in here?
Because we, we are an open and free country.
Yes, we are an open and free country, but we vet our people.
Do we really want criminals running around the streets?
Do we really want gang members running around the streets?
Well, that’s why you vet people, just like you vet people coming into your home.
Do you just open the door and say, anybody can come in here.
No problem.
Well, mayor Adams tried to convince everyone, you know what?
We love the illegal so much.
We’re going to allow them into Gracie Mansion.
We’re going to put them up in rooms to show you this is what we’re going to do because we are that country.
Well, he’s already backtracking.
And yes, what do they do?
They say, well, because of legal precedent and because of the law and legal issues, we just can’t do that.
So instead of bringing them into Gracie Mansion, how about you bring them into your other home?
How about we compromise?
OK, you’re saying it’s legal issues.
we know it’s BS, why don’t you bring these individuals and you can’t vet them by the
way because they haven’t been vetted coming into this country so you don’t have the ability
to vet them either because you’re telling us we should just let everyone in, right?
Bring them into your other home. Let them live there with your family. Let your cousins take
them in. How come he’s not doing that? If you notice his actions now aren’t matching what
he said, he didn’t know there was going to be legal issues.
He didn’t check this out before he mentioned this.
Actually, this is what he said.
I think leading the challenge of migrant problem is both
substantive and symbolic.
And as I always said, good generals lead from the front.
So it’s symbolic.
So basically he’s telling everyone it just a symbolic gesture.
I wasn’t really planning on letting people stay in here.
I just wanted to show everyone that this is what you should do, but I’m not actually going to do it.
So, but you can do it.
Let them go to your private residence.
Let them go to your brothers, your sisters, your cousins.
Let them all take them in.
Remember, no vetting.
Whoever you get, you get.
And you need to deal with it, just like the country is dealing with it.
Because you told us we don’t need to vet people.
You think they’re going to do it?
absolutely not. Now the other thing that’s very interesting is we’re
learning that all these fact-checkers, and we know from the very beginning that
they’re not really checking facts, they were brought into existence because
people were telling the truth and the fake news was losing the propaganda
narrative and they needed to wait to counter that so they needed to bring
in fact-checkers. So what we come to find out from a new study from the
Washington Free Beacon, they analyze political contributions from US
employees who call themselves fact checkers and it reveals that an
astounding 99.5% of their donations went to Democrats.
That’s right.
Nearly a hundred percent.
That means that the policing of the internet for facts is being carried
out by partisan Democrats who nearly exclusively target conservatives
and independents for fact checks.
Isn’t that interesting?
Then America first legal found something else out.
and they exposed what is really going on.
A secret list of journalists pushing propaganda on behalf of the US government
has been revealed as a result of our litigation against the State Department to uncover the dark truth about the Global Engagement Center.
We obtain more documents from our lawsuit against the State Department about the GEC,
exposing the international censorship czars, meet the 11 journalists who decide what you can see
online. And it’s Anna Brackes, Angie Holland, Barbara Whitaker, Ellen, I’m not even going to
pronounce her last name, and the list goes on and on and on. Key takeaways from all this.
The global cabal of fact checkers do not appear to be benevolent true seekers, they say. They
network backed by the same money to say the same thing.
Their claim of independence is hilarious.
Independent means free from the influence of others, but as we will see, all fact checkers
claim the credential of IFCN, a pointner-backed organization that gives them their legitimacy
to influence content moderation online.
First up, meet Angela Holan, editor-in-chief of PolitiFact.
She has been involved with this area since PolitiFact launched in 2007, and she won a
Pulitzer in 2009.
She is deeply intertwined in the Poyntner network and lectures and teaches others the
ways of censorship.
As AFL has previously shown, Poyntner runs PolitiFact and Fact Check Net, which was
initially funded by the Department of State, funded National Endowment for Democracy,
Google, Facebook, The Bill, and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros Open Society.
Matt Taiebi report on censorship industrial complex.
Pointer is number eight on the list of 50 organizations to know.
There he reports that in an election slack, the FBI asked about two tweets and Twitter
trust and safety staffer cites PolitiFact as the authority for striking a piece of
content writing.
This is proven to be false via this.
So we can see from all of this that all these fact checkers, they’re not really
checking facts, they’re just trying to create and control the
narrative. Because what happened? The fake news, they lost the
narrative. We have truth tellers out there on all different
platforms that were combating the fake news. They were losing
the battle. So they needed to bring in fact checkers to
boost them up saying that they were telling the truth. The
fact checkers didn’t work. The people saw through this.
And the truth tellers continually told the truth. No
what happens if you continually tell the truth over and over and you have facts to back it up
no matter how much propaganda they throw at you no matter if they use fact checkers that
they’re pointing to other propaganda it will always lose in the end the truth will always
win and that’s what we’ve been seeing and actually that’s what president trump has been
doing all he’s been doing is telling the truth yes they come at him with propaganda
Propaganda is flashy.
It looks good.
It sounds good.
And people believe it in the very beginning.
But what happens over time is that propaganda, it loses its shine.
It loses its luster and people start to see through it and they start to
realize, wait a minute, it’s looking more like a lie than actual news or the
actual truth.
And what Trump said, that’s looking more like the truth and that’s starting
to shine and he has facts behind what he said.
It took a little bit of time, but it always wins out no matter what.
And I do believe Trump has been using this to his advantage this entire time,
because he knew from the very beginning when he said, uh, fake news, he knew
that they would use the propaganda as much as they possibly can to try to
destroy him and all he had to do was sit there, smile and tell the truth.
And the truth, look where we are today.
The truth is winning look at the Russia hoax in the very beginning the propaganda look flashy the Steele dossier look flashy
The p-tape look flashy, but now it took some time, but the truth came out and said that was all fake
The DS they paid for it Hillary Clinton paid for it the alphabet hoax the DS paid for it Hillary Clinton paid for it
Look at all the other impeachments. Look at the election fraud. No one was really believing it now
If you look at the poll numbers, the people realize, yeah, the 2020 elections,
there was election fraud.
It looks like FBI, the CIA, they were involved in interfering in the election
because all Trump had to do over time was tell the truth and just repeat it.
And the propaganda was going to, was going to completely implode on itself
over time and the people would eventually come to his side.
And that is what we’re seeing today.
You didn’t have to believe in the, in the very beginning.
See, you don’t have to believe the truth.
You don’t have to say, I believe what Trump is saying.
You don’t have to believe any of it.
It doesn’t matter because the truth is going to happen no matter what.
Because as you keep telling the truth and you keep presenting the facts,
that will always override it.
So it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe, eventually you will.
And the people will understand what the truth is.
And once they learn what the truth is,
They realize who the liars are, they realize who the criminal syndicate is, they realize,
wow, I can’t believe I didn’t believe this from the very beginning.
And that’s what we’re going through right now.
People who would never, ever believe Trump are starting to believe him because they see
who’s telling the truth.
And he told us the truth when he said, listen, World War III is coming.
They’re going to use the N-word and that’s nuclear, by the way.
And we’re going to see China go into Taiwan.
And we’re starting to see this build up over time.
We already have North Korea out there.
They’re still firing their short-range ballistic missiles.
We had Japan, they confirmed this.
Now remember, when Trump, when he was in the White House,
North Korea, they stopped firing missiles.
Now they’re firing missiles once again.
Remember, Trump has turned all of this on them
because remember what the 16-year plan is.
The 16-year plan was to bring us to war.
They were going to have North Korea bring us to war, and what Trump is doing right now,
he’s turned all of this on them.
And they are the ones who are going to bring us to war.
They are the ones who are going to push war.
He’s the one who’s going to stop war.
And you can see he’s been telling the people, this is what’s going to happen.
And yes, once again, the people are going to see the truth.
Now the other thing that we’ve come to find out is that there is now new evidence
Chinese military shadow labs at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. A newly
unearthed State Department cable suggests that the military wing of the
Chinese Communist Party was operating so-called shadow labs at the Wuhan
Institute of Virology. Now this is a redacted State Department cable from
August 2020 and it was obtained by US Right to Know which is a watchdog
and it has a section labeled cyber evidence of PLA shadow labs at WIV and
engineering university. PLA refers to the People’s Liberation Army, China’s
military and the details of the evidence are redacted but other sections include
PLA contractor involved in the construction of the Wuhan Institute of
Virology. I remember Trump from the very beginning has said it’s the China
virus, it came from China. Now this doesn’t mean that’s where the virus
was created, that’s where it was released. Where was it created? It
could have taken the virus to use, gain a function,
and they were able to create COVID.
And maybe China replicated,
maybe they transported it down there, who knows?
But we could see this is where it came from.
They’re the ones who built it.
They’re the ones who were working with Fauci,
the Deep State players, and everyone else.
And now the truth is continually getting out there
and the people are starting to realize
what’s really going on.
And what’s very interesting is that BLM is crashing hard.
Support now is dropping off a cliff as Americans are reaching race fatigue right now.
And this is coming from a new poll.
The people are saying, listen, it’s enough, it’s enough.
Actually, we’re also seeing it with all these different pronouns.
Adults in a Burlington, Massachusetts community are calling for action
in response to a middle school children tearing down Pride banners
and chanting USA are my pronouns.
The kids are reaching a point, they’re reaching the precipice
where they’re saying enough is enough. The people are reaching a point in regards to race
saying enough is enough. We can’t take this anymore. It doesn’t make sense. Actually,
when you look at BLM right now,
A majority of Americans poll say 61% said the movement has failed to improve relations
between Americans of different races.
In addition, 57% of those questions stated that the movement hadn’t been successful
in improving the lives of black Americans.
So right now, the people, they understand that this organization, it doesn’t work.
It never was supposed to work.
This was an arm of the Democratic Party.
It was an arm of the deep state players.
And they used it to push what?
Now we might see another event.
We might see something happen, which is coming up because we’re
approaching the election, usually would have eyes down.
And as we approach the election, what happens?
We get an event, something happens and the fake news pushes everything
that they have to build this up.
And then we have the protests, we have the riots, and I do believe
we might see this occur once again in 2024.
But the good thing is that the people
are seeing through BLM right now.
They’re not buying what they’re selling.
And I don’t think if they have an event,
I don’t think the people are going to say,
okay, now we’re back with BLM.
They’re going to do something.
I think the people realize
they’re never going to do anything.
Actually, if you look at all the individuals
that are controlling or created BLM,
they’re the ones who are stealing the money.
They’re the ones who are getting rich.
then also they’re taking that money, laundering it over to the Democratic Party.
That’s pretty much what they’re doing. Now the other thing that’s very interesting,
and this has to do with the elections, because we can start to see that a lot more information
is coming out about election fraud, election rigging. The American people now with the polls,
they’re showing that yes, we believe there’s election rigging. Yes, there’s fraud in the
elections. It looks like there’s different agencies that were involved in election
interference. So now the people are understanding and they’re realizing
that there are problems with the elections. They’re not free. They’re not clear. They’re
not transparent. They’re actually basically fraudulent right now, and they’re a complete
and utter mess. But a newly unsealed court document revealed that Georgia election officials
have been aware of vulnerabilities in the state’s voting software for over two years,
but have decided not to update the system until after the 2024 election.
The vulnerabilities pertain to certain Dominion voting machines and their existence has been confirmed by federal cyber security officials
Who have advised election officials nationwide to update their systems?
So that’s very interesting. They knew about the vulnerabilities, but they decided they’re not going to do anything about them
lawyers representing Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger
stated in a recent federal court hearing that they would forgo installing dominion security patches until after the next presidential election
Election officials in georgia maintain that the vulnerabilities are unlikely to be exploited. How do they know this?
I mean, that’s just absolutely ridiculous. Oh, so
We shouldn’t put locks on doors because we we don’t feel like anyone’s going to rob this place
Oh, we shouldn’t put locks on our cars because I don’t feel like anyone’s going to steal this car
I’m not going to fix the vulnerabilities in the election equipment because we know that
nobody’s really going to attack it.
No one’s going to do anything.
I mean, this is absolutely ridiculous when you really think about this.
Actually, these machines should not even be used anymore.
We need to go back to one day, which the Constitution states, and we need to go back
to paper ballots where each little tiny county or district area counts the votes in front
of everyone.
Everyone puts a paper ballot into a clear glass box.
Everyone can see the paper ballot sitting there.
Then they count it and those numbers are brought up to the next level and the next level.
And this way you can always keep track of all the numbers.
So if you needed to ever see the election results,
all you need to do is backtrack and make sure that all the numbers match.
And it’s that simple.
But the other thing that’s very interesting is that the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott,
he signed a significant bill that intensifies the state’s stance against election fraud.
The new law known as House Bill 1243 has reinstated election fraud as a serious criminal offense a felony that carries a potential
Sentence of up to 20 years in prison. I do believe this should be in every single state because
We’re voting for our leaders, especially the presidential election
So if you’re allowed to cheat and overthrow the United States government, there should be a heavy heavy penalty
cheating or
manipulating the elections and this should be in every single state and I
think we’re gonna get there I think we’re gonna get to voter ID I think we’re
gonna get the paper ballots why do I say this well Rasmussen they did a
report a poll and what they’ve come to find out is that a majority of voters
continue to suspect widespread election fraud and expect cheating at the
ballot box to influence the 2024 presidential election so the latest
Rasmussen report, national telephone and online survey finds 54% of likely us
voters believe cheating is likely to affect the outcome of the next
presidential election, including 30% who think it’s very likely 41% say
election cheating is unlikely to affect the 2024 election. So right now, more
than half of the people in this country realize that the 2024
presidential election, it’s going to be affected by cheating.
I think this tells you everything you need to know.
Trump, from the very beginning, back in 2020, when no one believed
there was election fraud, everyone said, no, the elections are all good.
Now the people of this country, they realize the elections, they are a mess.
There’s cheating like we’ve never seen before.
And actually this is going to lead back into the 2020 election
because now people are going to start to realize that the election was rigged,
that those people that cheat in the election, they work with the foreign government,
because we can see right now Biden, he’s working with a foreign government.
He actually was put into the White House, installed.
So he cheated in the election.
He overthrew the duly elected president and he’s working with a foreign government
who actually most likely helped him do this.
And I don’t mean him alone.
Remember, Obama is in the basement, speaking to Biden.
Obama is taking orders from other people above.
They’re in the background.
And now all this information is coming out.
And this is why they’re going after Trump, because everything that
they had in place is completely falling apart.
Everything’s being exposed.
The people aren’t going along with them and they can’t have this.
So they’re trying to get Trump to bend a knee.
They’re trying to force him out of the race and he’s and they’re trying to get the people
To say hey, we’re not gonna vote for him
So what did they do?
They went ahead and they attacked him with an indictment
Well, they tried it first with brag and the people were like, yeah, that’s not gonna sway us
That’s not gonna push us away from Trump actually more people went to the side of Trump
So they said, okay, we’re gonna have to up the game here
We’re gonna have to indict him on federal charges the espionage act. This will get the people away from him
That didn’t work either
But will sharp put this out on Twitter. He said the following
I am a former assistant US attorney worked on two Supreme Court
Confirmations and clerk for two federal appellate judges the indictment and case against President Trump is outrageous and shocking
But let’s get into the details. Here are my six key points on the case number one
interplay between the Espionage Act and the Presidential Records Act.
A lot of my friends have spoken insightfully about the scope of the Presidential Records Act.
I’d direct you to Mike Davis’s commentary on the subject, and also Michael
Bekesha of Judicial Watch, piece yesterday in the Wall Street Journal about the Clinton
sock draw case. Basically, their argument distills down to the idea that the president’s
authority to retain personal records, as well as his rights to access his presidential records,
make it impossible to prosecute him under the Espionage Act section at issue here,
Section 793E, because the government cannot prove unauthorized possession as required under the statute.
I want to make a different point relating to the intent elements in Section 793E of the Espionage Act,
the statute Trump is being charged under.
Section 793E requires the government to prove that the defendant knew he had national defense information in his possession,
also that the defendant knew that there was a government official entitled to
receive the information and also that the defendant then willfully failed to
deliver it to that official. This is a very high set of men’s ray bar to jump
in any circumstance proving a defendant’s intent and knowledge can
often be tough but it’s even tougher here. The Presidential Records Act
sets up a system where the president designates all records that he
U.S.C. Section 2203b, a former president is supposed to turn over his presidential records
to NARA and he has the right to keep his personal records.
Based on the documents I’ve read and his actions that I’ve read about, I believe that
Trump viewed his boxes as his personal records under the PRA.
There are statements he made quoted in the indictment that support this view.
If Trump considered the contents of these boxes to be of purely personal interest,
hence his designation of them as personal records, did he knowingly retain NDI?
Did he really think these documents, like years-old briefing notes and random maps jumbled together
with his letters, news clipping, scribbled notes, and random miscellaneous items could be used to
the injury of the United States, or did he just think of them as mementos of his time in office,
his personal records of the four years, akin to a journal or diary? If he thought that these
boxes were his personal records, he may have believed that Nara simply had no right to receive
them at all, meaning that he did not willfully withhold anything from an official he knew
had the right to receive them, because he didn’t believe that anyone had the right
to receive them.
By breathlessly bandying around classification levels and markings, the special counsel
is trying to make this case seem much, much simpler than it is.
Classification levels do not automatically make something NDI, and having classified
documents in your possession is not enough to convict here this is not a
matter of classified documents Mar-a-Lago bathroom equals conviction that’s what
they want you to think and that’s the media’s inch deep view typically but
it’s dead wrong more than anything this case hinges on the ability of the
special counsel to prove beyond a reasonable doubt aspects of Trump’s
state of mind that will be extremely difficult to prove in his case
because of his obligations and rights
under the Presidential Records Act
in addition to all of the usual issues.
Number two, classification and national defense information.
I want to reiterate this point
because it’s really important.
Just because something is classified, even top secret,
SCI, no foreign FISA, pick your alphabet soup,
does not mean that is national defense information
within the meaning of the Espionage Act.
NDI, for the purposes of Espionage Act Section 793E, prosecution is defined as one of a long
list of items relating to the national defense, which information the processor had reason
to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of
any foreign nation.
A lot of documents listed in the indictment are older or seemingly random.
Would Trump in 2022 have had reason to know that 2019 briefing document related
to various foreign countries with handwritten annotation
and black marker could harm the US or help foreign countries?
Tough to say, because we can’t see the documents.
But that’s a question the jury is
going to have to decide in the end.
And Trump’s legal team needs to drive home this point
over and over again.
Classification is not this positive in this case.
Harm to America or benefit to foreign country
is the standard.
Anyone who has worked around government
knows that over classification is a huge problem.
A ton of documents end up being classified because of arcane technical rules that may
not reflect the real world.
If the president were to ask the Navy what’s for lunch for the next week at Coronado,
for example, I’ll bet you the answer comes back with a classification marker on it.
Not everything classified constitutes NDI.
Focus on the actual legal standards and statutory language, not a bunch of scary
looking all caps acronyms.
Number three, Walt Nauta and DOJ misconduct.
Far and away, the most troubling side story to emerge from this saga so far are the allegations
made by Trump aide and co-defendant Walt Nauta’s lawyers last week.
You may have missed it if you blinked.
Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has mostly buried this one.
Nauta’s lawyer Stanley Woodward alleged in a court filing that during a meeting
with the prosecutors about his client’s case, the head of the counterintelligence
section of the DOJ’s National Security Division, Jay Bratt, suggested Woodward’s
A DC Superior Court Judgeship might be considered more favorably if he and his client cooperated
against Trump.
If true, and I find it hard to believe that Woodward just made the whole thing up, this
is wild misconduct, truly wild.
It could undermine the entire case against Trump and Nauta.
It could end careers at DOJ if fairly investigated.
That is very interesting.
Number four, attorney-client privilege.
The indictment relies on a significant amount of information received in one form or another from one of Trump’s lawyers
Evan Cochran who was compelled to testify in front of the grand jury according to news reports the argument for breaching the privilege was the crime
Fraud exception. Let’s talk about that a little bit. The attorney-client privilege protects from disclosure to the government
Confidential communication made between clients and their attorneys. It has been around for centuries and is considered core protection in our justice system
The crime fraud exception, though, allows the attorney-client privilege to be broken in rare circumstances when two requirements are met.
First, there needs to be a prima facie showing that the client was engaged in criminal conduct.
Second, the client has to have obtained a sought-the-attorneys assistant in furthering that crime.
I haven’t seen DOJ’s filing on Cochrane, but I’d be interested to know how they argued this.
First of all, what was the crime they used as a predicate?
Was it unlawful retention of the documents?
If so, there’s nothing in the indictment that I can see indicating that Cochrane’s communication
with Trump would have furthered that in a way that would justify breaching privilege.
Was it obstruction?
I think that this is the most likely option.
They pierced attorney-client privilege using obstruction as the predicate crime for the
crime fraud exception, saying that Trump’s conversation with Cochrane amounted to him
attempting to enlist Cochrane in a criminal obstruction scheme.
Now we’ll see how that goes for the government.
I have my doubts.
But if that’s the case, just reading this indictment, it feels like the obstruction
charge may have been structured specifically in part just to get Conkren’s testimony
and to help buttress what would otherwise be a much weaker case against Trump on these
substantive charges.
I expect a motion by Trump’s legal team on this issue, and if they win, they will
cut the guts out of much of this case.
Very tough to prove up intent and wolfiness the way the government needs to without Conkren.
at least based on what we see in the indictment. Number five, timing. Why now?
This is not a legal defect in the indictment, but it’s an important point.
Why are they bringing this case now? They know that Trump is the leading
candidate for president. They know he’s beating Biden in the polls. They
know how bad it looks for a sitting president’s DOJ to indict the
president’s primary political opponent. DOJ has long had policies in place to
event, new indictments from being brought, or over-investigative acts being committed
in the months preceding the election in order to avoid the appearance of political timing.
The same reasoning clearly applies here.
They didn’t have a statute of limitation issues.
They could have easily just announced the facts as they saw them after the search
warrant was executed and all the documents were recovered, and then held off on further
investigative acts and the indictment until after November 2024.
The fact that they didn’t is strong evidence to me that a big part of this is the burning
desire among many of the left to get Trump.
They don’t care about the law.
They don’t care about the facts.
They don’t care about norms of propriety or anything else.
They just want Trump in cuffs.
It’s not the way things are supposed to work.
If I were Trump’s lawyers, I would consider moving to continue further proceedings until
after November 2024.
Let the case sit.
The country doesn’t need to litigate this right now.
We need to pick our next president.
If DOJ won’t agree to that continuance,
let them explain why this has to happen right now.
There is no good reason that I can see.
Number six, Jack Smith.
Why him?
If you could pick any lawyer in the country
to handle a controversial case against a former president,
a case involving an aggressive,
unprecedented use of espionage act,
a controversial law in and of itself,
what lawyer would you pick?
You probably want just a consummate professional, right?
career, prosecuted with no political profile at all, white knight in shining armor who’s
never lost a case, or you could pick Jack Smith.
I follow law stuff pretty closely.
I’m a huge nerd.
I knew who Jack Smith was before this, and the specific case he is most closely associated
with in the public eye was the prosecution of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.
Remember that one?
Using a very aggressive interpretation of the scope of federal bribery and honest services fraud statutes,
Smith nuked the career and life of a popular Republican political
before having all his convictions overturned by the Supreme Court in a 9-0 opinion.
You read that right. All nine Supreme Court justices smacked Jack Smith
down for overzealous legally defective prosecution of a Republican politician.
Scotus gutted him so badly that the DOJ didn’t even try to retry the case. They
just dropped it and his wife is a leftist filmmaker who produced a biography of
Michelle Obama and he currently lives in the Netherlands. Didn’t they have
anyone else good on the side of the Atlantic? If this is not a
political prosecution, if Merrick Garland wasn’t trying to get Trump, then
Why was Jack Smith the pick?
Like the timing, the decision just reeks of politics and really think about that.
Why is Jack Smith the guy?
Why would this individual be the head guy who has a reputation like he has?
I do believe Trump actually planned this whole thing.
I don’t mean himself, but I think this is part of the plan.
Let’s pick the worst guy with the worst reputation
where his cases were overturned.
Not by, oh, a five to four vote, but a unanimous vote.
Let’s put this guy front and center
because I’m making a point here.
I’m showing the country.
Because remember, they brought in Mueller.
And now I think Trump turned the tables on them
and he’s playing with them.
He’s in complete and utter control and what’s very interesting is just human
He found something out and he put this threat out on Twitter
He said the following Trump announcing the indictment on June 8th was not what DOJ SEO wanted
I’ll show you the very first document on the docket is the motion to seal the indictment
It says that the grand jury returned an indictment on June 8th, 2023
It didn’t give a time
But that’s the date the filing says that Trump and now to weren’t informed that they were targets of in the investigation
but that neither Trump nor Nauta were informed of the decision to seek an indictment.
Citing intense media public interest, the special counsel’s office wanted to keep the indictment sealed
and asked the judge to issue a judicial summons to Trump and Nauta for Tuesday, June 13th,
at which time they would unseal the indictment.
They, DOJ, SEO, wanted to delay the public disclosure of the indictment.
The judge agrees and orders it, all sealed until next Tuesday.
So what does Trump do?
He sees his control of the narrative and tells the whole world
that he has been indicted.
Think about this for a second.
Didn’t he do the same thing with brag?
Didn’t he come out and say, Hey, they’re going to indict me.
And that blew everything that they were trying to do.
Remember they wanted to have, you know, helicopters come in.
They wanted him arrested.
They wanted a whole big show, but Trump, he controls everything.
So what did the special counsel do?
Well, he asked the judge to unseal the indictment because, well, now it’s
poignant to keep it sealed.
Trump is in complete and utter control.
And think about what they’ve been trying to do.
Rachel, Rachel Maddow was out there and she’s saying, well,
Trump could take a plea deal.
He can bow out of the elections and this way they won’t press charges.
Well, I do believe this is what they’ve been trying to do from the
very beginning because they brought an indictment and Trump told us that
They were going to use indictments to interfere in the election.
And I do believe they were trying to use this to force him to bend
a knee, to take a deal.
When the indictment came down from Jack Smith, Joe Biden was shocked
that Trump supporters were still supporting him.
Hillary Clinton was shocked.
The deep state sitting there going, why isn’t this working?
We must move to the next phase.
So let’s review this for a sec.
Bragg indicted Trump on a case where the statute of limitations ran out.
There’s no case, no evidence. They know this.
They thought that Trump supporters would not support him anymore. It didn’t work.
Trump polls went up and more people flocked to him. Trump didn’t take a deal. He didn’t bow out.
So the D’s had to up their game. Let’s get them on federal charges.
Let’s get them on espionage because we don’t have anything on classified documents.
If we bring charges in regard to classified documents, people will start questioning how
Biden is getting away with it.
So let’s use the espionage act and let her never stop the investigation.
We’ll just keep doing it and say, oh, we’re not finished with the investigation.
If anyone asks, we can not answer because there’s an ongoing investigation.
That’s what the excuse they usually use.
They’re trying to get Trump to take a deal and bow out of the presidential race.
This will not work.
So now they will indict him again.
most likely they will throw him into jail and we’ll be talking about that in just a
sec but let me go back to post 1937 August 27 2018 it says witch hunt in
all caps down below it says no deals and I do believe this post is talking
about Trump the witch hunt that they’re actually pushing on Trump which
they’ve been pushing on Trump and in this post it’s letting us know that
he’s not going to make a deal so everything the deep state has done
has backfired and Trump is rubbing it in their face.
Trump, he put this out on true social.
He said the following real big fundraising, even greater polls
since the radical left indictment hoax was initiated by the misfits,
mutants, Marxists and communists.
Thank you.
Then he put out a statement.
Trump raises over 6.6 million and counting since the range
Jack Smith announced political prosecution.
Trump is playing with them and the people see the truth.
Rasmussen reports put this out on Twitter said 58 percent agree that these charges are in affront
to citizens, but not a republic style, the party in power arresting its opponent,
hypocritical and selective prosecution. Only 25 percent of voters strongly disagree.
So more than half of America are agreeing with Trump. And we can see that the deep state,
they’re getting angry. They’re getting pissed off. And like I said from the very beginning,
Trump, he is standing in the way.
He is the bait and he wants them to continually push and push and
push into the very end.
So there is absolutely no question whatsoever.
When Trump goes after them and I’m talking about Trump, the
military courts and everything else, because think about it, Trump,
he brought them in and said, listen, we’re going to the Supreme
Court and you’re going to have to go all the way to the Supreme
Court to get my taxes.
The same thing’s happening right now.
He doesn’t want anyone to ever question
What’s gonna come next because when he goes after these people and he arrests these individuals and throws them into jail
Well, he doesn’t want the fake news saying this is unprecedented
This never happened before so I do believe as
Because he’s standing in the way of us
He’s going to complete all of this because remember they overthrew the United States government
They overthrew a duly acted president.
They had an insurrection and they, I think he wants them to charge him with
seditious conspiracy, just like they did with the oath keepers.
I think he wants this completed because this is what they did.
And Lindsey Graham was talking on Fox news and Stormers arrived, put this out
and said, like him or not, Lindsey Graham is standing firmly behind
president Trump.
Everything he says is spot on, especially the part about how much they
Trump they are terrified right now he says and this is coming from Lindsey
Graham expect more indictments they aren’t going to go out without a fight
but they will be defeated and he went on to say that they might even arrest
him for January 6th think about that for a second how do we know that this
director, criminal Comey, he predicted that, and this was on, uh, Jen Psaki’s show, that Trump could
be wearing an ankle bracelet when accepting the GOP nomination if he wins in 2024. So basically,
they’re saying that he will have an ankle bracelet on and he will be under arrest.
think about this for a second think about what they’re doing here Trump he
showing the world how corrupt this is and what charges are they going to use
well I do believe they’re realizing that this indictment here is not gonna
go anywhere so we have Andrew Weissman who was the mastermind behind Mueller
because Mueller had dimension dementia Andrew Weissman now is floating
additional and more serious federal charges against Trump in New Jersey.
What do they really want?
They want Trump to be brought into DC.
They want him tried in DC.
So what happened?
What event happened in DC?
Well, that was January 6th.
That was the Fed’s erection.
Are they going to charge him with sedition?
Are they going to charge him?
I do believe so.
I do believe they’re going to take it that far and think about this and think
mirror because this is everything that they did so now the people are seeing
this now the people are saying wow you can do this to a president you can
charge him with insurrection with sedition you can charge him with all
this well then Trump the military can charge these people with all of
that that’s what Trump is establishing right now and we can see the deep
state players, they’re becoming more and more desperate as time goes on.
Now, I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they already know this playbook.
Trump already knows that these things are going to happen.
He knew from the very, very beginning that he was going to have to be the bait and he
was going to have to take every single hit until the very, very end because he
was going to need to turn this around on them.
Remember, the Patriots are in control, the military is in control.
Most of this is under control by the Patriots.
They’re the ones who are orchestrating a lot of this.
And I do believe this is why the Deep State players,
they’re going to move to the next level.
They’re going to have a communication blackout.
They’re going to have a cyber attack.
And all of a sudden,
we’re starting to see that this is where all of this is leading.
Right now, Russia now has a free hand
to destroy the undersea communication cables.
A close ally of Russian President Putin
said there was no reason for Moscow
not to destroy its enemies undersea communication cables
given that he said was Western complicity
in the Nord Stream pipeline blast.
Then we have a global cyber attack
that hits multiple US federal government agencies.
And they’re saying that this is a state-backed
Chinese hacker who used a security hole
in a popular email security appliance
to break into the networks of hundreds of public and private
sector organizations globally.
So they’re already building the narrative.
Remember, they’re not just going to come out and say, Oh, cyber attack.
They like to tell you what’s happening.
They like to build the narrative and that’s exactly what’s happening.
But I do believe Trump is letting everyone know.
And I do believe he sent a message that we need to fight.
And we need to continue to fight to tell the enemy.
We are not going to take this anymore.
And what’s very interesting, he put up the same video that Dan Scavino put up, his caravan
going into Bedminster, and in the background we have Fanna of the opera Overture playing.
And what’s very interesting about this is that his time stamp is 1240.
And when you go to post 1240, it’s a video of Ronald Reagan saying, we must fight.
Take a listen.
Now let’s set the record straight.
There’s no argument over the choice between peace and war.
But there’s only one guaranteed way you can have peace, and you can have it in the next second.
Surrender. Admittedly, there’s a risk in any course we follow other than this.
But every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement.
And this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face.
That their policy of accommodation is appeasement.
And it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender.
If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face
the final demand, the ultimatum.
And what then?
When Nikita Khrushchev has told his people, he knows what our answer will be.
He has told them that we are retreating under the pressure of the Cold War and some day,
when the time comes to deliver the final ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary
because by that time, we will have been weakened from within spiritually, morally
and economically.
He believes this because from our side he’s heard voices pleading for peace at any price,
or better rep than death, or as one commentator put it, he’d rather live on his knees than die on his feet.
And therein lies the road to war, because those voices don’t speak for the rest of us.
You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery.
If nothing in life is worth dying for, when did this begin?
Just in the face of this enemy?
Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the Pharaohs?
Should Christ have refused the cross?
Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the chakras round the world?
The martyrs of history were not fools.
And our honored dead, who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis, didn’t die in vain.
Where then is the road to peace?
It’s a simple answer after all.
You and I have the courage to say to our enemies there is a price we will not pay
there is a point beyond which they must not advance.
Winston Churchill said the destiny of man is not measured by material
conversations. In great forces around the moon and the world we learn their
spirits, not ours. We said there’s something going on in time and space and beyond time and space, which whether we like it or not, spells duty.
You and I have a bond even with destiny.
We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of men on earth,
or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.
And I do believe he put this up saying, enough is enough.
We’re not backing down.
We are fighting the deep state.
And we’re going to keep pushing.
We’re not going to bend a knee.
We’re not going to do what you say.
We are the majority and we’re going to take back this country and he’s sending the message to everyone
It is time to fight. We’re in the final battle and we’re going to get all of these people listen everyone
Thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot

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