Hunter Biden’s Tax Evasion: Unraveling the Media Scrutiny and Plea Deal | Stu Does America Ep 732

Hunter Biden’s Tax Evasion: Unraveling the Media Scrutiny and Plea Deal | Stu Does America Ep 732

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Eric July, @TheRippaverse, speaks about  Hunter Biden's Tax Evasion: Unraveling the Media Scrutiny and Plea Deal.

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Eric July is going to join us to unravel all the Juneteenth
madness you may have missed from yesterday. And speaking of
Juneteenth, John Fetterman is chiming in. Yeah, he paid his
respects to the holiday, which is hilarious in several ways,
if you know, John Fetterman, but we start by doing American
justice, American justice question mark, because is that
really what we’re looking at right now? I mean, is it is
it American justice? What we’re seeing right now? Well,
it starts with Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden to plead guilty
on federal tax charges, and he strikes a deal on a gun charge.
Let’s go through the details of this quickly.
As part of the plea agreement, the Justice Department
has agreed to recommend a sentence of probation
for the two counts of failing to pay taxes
and a timely matter from 2017 and 2018.
Hunter Biden owed at least $100,000 in federal taxes
for 2017 and at least $100,000 in 2018,
but did not pay what was due to the IRS by the deadlines.
Judge will have the final say on any sentence.
Hunter Biden’s attorney, Christopher Clark,
said in a statement, the deal with federal prosecutors
will resolve the Justice Department’s long-running
criminal probe into the president’s son.
This is it, boys and girls, a firearm charge
which will be subject to a pretrial diversion agreement
and will not be the subject of the plea agreement
will also be filed by the government.
I know Hunter believes it’s important
to take responsibility for these mistakes
he made during the, blah, blah, blah,
I’m not gonna read the rest of it,
it’s so nonsensical from his attorney.
Prosecutors have been examining the 2018 incident
which a firearm owned by Hunter Biden
ended up tossed by his then-girlfriend
into a dumpster in Wilmington,
a person briefed on the matter said,
Hunter Biden described in media interviews in 2021
that he was addicted to drugs,
which raised the possibility he broke federal law
when he bought the firearm.
Amazing, right?
A really amazing, amazing turn of events
and one that was entirely expected.
I mean, you can have something that’s amazing
and expected, and that is what this is.
I don’t think there’s anybody who really thought
that Hunter Biden was gonna truly pay a price
for his crimes.
I know you would pay a price,
a price if you committed these crimes.
I know if I committed them,
I would definitely be in prison.
I feel like immediately, if I did any of the things
that this guy’s just been filming himself
on his iPhone doing, I would be in prison.
I don’t know how he gets away with all this crap.
So what he gets is the tax problems,
which of course, the one thing the government
seems to actually care about is getting their money,
which is, I guess, you know, something.
And then the gun charge, which basically goes away,
as long as he doesn’t violate his parole or his probation,
that will basically go away and everything will be fine.
And it goes back to something Jonathan Turley said
a while ago.
This isn’t, it’s an interesting trick
they’re trying to pull off.
Let me let him describe it.
After years of burying the story of Hunter Biden,
the media is now attempting an even more
precarious exercise.
It is called controlled demolition.
the implosion of a scandal to limit any blast effect
on nearby structures or individuals.
Like those buildings dropped in between other structures,
it takes precision and most importantly,
cooperation to pull off.
Specifically, this controlled demolition
will require the perfect timing of the media,
democratic politicians, and most importantly,
the Justice Department.
And here we are, everyone’s playing their roles, right?
If you’re gonna knock down a building
in between two other buildings,
you gotta make sure everyone’s out of the building,
the other two buildings, right?
You gotta make sure everyone’s safe,
safely away from the blast debris.
You bring it down with controlled demolition.
So it crumbles onto itself and then goes away forever.
And Hunter can just walk away from the entire situation.
And that’s what we’re seeing right now.
This is something that we’ve talked about before.
The only two real possibilities here
with Biden in control of the Justice Department
were one, he got away completely scot-free,
which was, I think, less likely, but certainly possible.
And here, he pays a very small, meaningless penalty
for all of the things he did.
think about what would happen if you just did what if you just hooked up with prostitutes
multiple times filmed it yourself and it got in the hands of federal authorities what would happen
to you this is this american justice is this is this what it is trump of course is a little
upset about this he says he compared to hunter biden’s charges to a traffic ticket wow the
corrupt biden doj just cleared up hundreds of years of criminal liability by giving hunter
Biden a mere traffic ticket.
Our system is broken.
And of course, he’s correct on this.
I will say, this doesn’t clear Hunter Biden from
everything that can happen to him.
These are the federal charges.
As Glenn did an entire show a couple of weeks ago,
if there was a local DA, a state-level law
enforcement official that can come out and look
at the crimes committed in their state, there’s
still directions to go on Hunter Biden.
And it would lead, I think, to more juicy
stuff down the line. If people decided to go down it, we will
see if anyone does. Of course, now, it’s not just 100 Biden
because we see one side of the justice system. Let’s look at
the other Trump and his classified documents trial is
set for August 14. Now, a lot of people are like, holy
crap, August 14. That’s really fast. That’s just basically a
placeholder. It’s not gonna happen in August. In fact, I
don’t even know that it’s gonna happen before the
election of next year. Now, what is possible here is that
Trump cuts a deal and gets a fine or whatever,
and this just goes away.
Look, we’ll get into this here maybe at the end.
I don’t think this is as big a deal
as everyone’s making it out to be
for a very specific reason.
It’s certainly not as the left,
and I think even on the right we might be overblowing it.
Let me go through this here and see if you agree with me.
Trump defends keeping classified documents
in contentious exchange with Fox is Bret Baer.
And this is a pretty good interview.
I think Bret Baer pushed him on some interesting questions,
and Trump has his answers here.
Let’s go through some of them.
Talking about the documents in the,
which are the core of this most recent indictment
to Donald Trump.
There’s probably more of those coming, by the way,
we should point out, with Georgia’s case
and maybe even another federal situation.
We’ll get into that here in a little while
as those unfurl.
But here is Trump talking to Brett Baer
about the documents.
Other presidents, when they leave, they take the papers.
They have thousands and thousands, Obama had it, Nixon had it, Carter had it, the Bushes
Their argument is that these are super sensitive national security documents.
I’m sure you’ll see real super sensitive that Biden has, because Biden has far more
than anybody’s ever kept.
And he turned them over when asked.
No he didn’t.
That’s what he says.
He still hasn’t given the 1,850 boxes that’s stored at the University of Delaware.
In fact, they’re fighting them in court, and they’re fighting them.
But he opened up for them to look at it.
excuse me, the boxes from Chinatown.
He didn’t turn them over.
He sent them up to his lawyer in Boston
to look at before they handed them over.
And there are special counsels looking at that,
and we’ll see what comes out of it.
But I do want to just end with this.
I don’t want to dwell on it.
There you go.
I think this is more of an argument
to be made to win public opinion, right?
I mean, the courts don’t care if Biden did it
or if other presidents have done it.
And I think it will work with a lot of people.
I think it makes sense, you know, I mean,
other presidents have had documents before,
there’s been scandals related to them,
none of them really pay a serious price for it.
You know, the left will argue that he,
this was a more egregious case.
Again, I’ve said what I believe on this 100 times,
I don’t really care if he had some documents.
I mean, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.
I can’t believe we’re making that big of a deal
about this particular case.
I’ll get into it a little bit more here
in a little while.
I will say, of course, you know,
a lot of people on the right are making this defense
of Trump and saying, well, you know,
Hillary Clinton did the same thing.
Look, I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president.
So it’s not an argument to be president
that you did the same thing as Hillary Clinton
or Joe Biden or any of these other people
we keep talking about.
The issue I think more centrally is
of all the things that Hillary Clinton
and Joe Biden have done,
these are barely even footnotes.
The fact that Joe Biden had a few boxes of documents
near his corvette is just not something
I care that much about, frankly.
It’s not that big of a deal to me.
I mean, I think I’m glad they’re not in his hands anymore.
I’m worried about the oil dripping onto them,
and maybe that would damage the documents.
Obviously, there is a risk of these documents
getting in the wrong hands.
That’s, though, what I’m concerned about.
I’m not concerned about him storing them
in a place that the national records people care about.
I mean, that’s just not,
look, I got a lot of things to be fired up into life.
That’s just not gonna be one of them.
Here’s more of Trump talking to Brett Baer
about his possession of the boxes.
Please, please, could we have it back, please?
Because they have no, we were talking.
No, and I gave them some and we were talking.
And then they said they went to DOJ to subpoena you
to get them back.
Which they’ve never done before.
And why not just hand them over then?
Because I had boxes, I want to go through the boxes
and get all my personal things out.
I don’t want to hand that over to Narey yet.
And I was very busy, as you’ve sort of seen.
But according to the indictment, you then tell this aide to move to other locations after
telling your lawyers to say you’d fully complied with the subpoena when you hadn’t.
But before I send boxes over, I have to take all of my things out.
These boxes were interspersed with all sorts of things, golf shirts, clothing, pants,
There were many things.
I would say much, much more.
Not that I know of, but not that I know of.
But everything was declassified.
And Biden didn’t have the right to do that
because he wasn’t president.
Nor did Mike Pence, by the way, have the right to do that
because he wasn’t president.
Now, look, this isn’t much of a legal defense.
You don’t get a I’m busy clause
to get out of requests
from government officials, unfortunately.
I wish that were the case.
I kind of like it.
But it doesn’t usually work all that well.
I will say, you know, again, this is sort of like,
it’s not a particularly smart thing to do
to have a client on television
trying to argue these things publicly you kind of wish I don’t know what you do though I mean if
you’re running for president United States you have to answer these questions and I don’t know
what they expect Trump to do he’s got to go on there and say what he believes but it is not
exactly helpful to your case if you’re out there saying things publicly about these particular
issues. Let’s go on more with more about whether Donald Trump has any more remaining
documents around. It’s already been fought all right there’s a decision strongly that you can
keep, but I wouldn’t have kept, but they raided my house.
They came in and raided.
We were discussing, having very good discussions with NARA, a radical left group, by the way,
and all of a sudden my house got raided.
Do you know if you still have any highly sensitive government documents?
No, I don’t have anything, no.
But what I’m concerned about, they took everything, right?
I don’t know what they took.
They could be stuffing it.
I don’t know what they put in there.
And we wanted to be there when they were taking.
They wouldn’t let anybody in the room.
They’ve never treated a president like this.
And that’s fair for you to point out.
I guess what this points to is this recording where you said you could have declassified
it when you were president.
You didn’t.
So it’s still classified.
I could have when I was president, but there’s no document there.
Those were newspaper articles.
They were copies of articles and magazines.
There was no document there.
And I couldn’t have done it after I was out.
This is an interesting part of his defense because this is one of the
things that you know a lot of people in the mainstream media have been saying is
the end of of his argument here. Remember if you go back Trump said
basically everything I took I had declassified so there’s no
problem with me having it and you know there’s a question there of how
much declassification he can do. He has a really wide berth to be able to
to do this as a president in the United States and if he did anything
really to declassify them, court precedent shows
that generally speaking, he can do that
and get away with it.
So that’s a big part of this.
Of course, they have him on tape.
And this recording, which we have a transcript of only,
I’ve not heard it yet, nobody’s heard it yet,
if it’s accurate, it seems to show,
or at least the indication was,
that it showed he had a document
that he knew was secret and he did not classify,
as he said, and Brett Baer’s gonna kind of go
you through this here in a longer clip because I want to make sure you get the full context
of this.
And you get the sense of where Trump is going with his defense, which is basically he wasn’t
talking about a document.
Well, listen to this.
I don’t want to dwell on it, but according to the indictment, you were here at bed
minister on July 21st, 2021, after you’re no longer president and you were recorded
saying that you had a document detailing a plan of attack on another country that
was prepared by the U.S. military for you when you were president, the Iran attack
You remember that?
You were recording?
It wasn’t a document.
I had lots of paper.
I had copies of newspaper articles, I had copies of magazines.
I had copies of everything.
This is specifically a quote.
You’re quoted on the recording saying the document was secret, adding that you could
have declassified it while you were president, but quote, now I can’t.
You know this is still secret, highly confidential.
And the indictment cites the recording and the testimony from people in the room
saying you showed it to people there that day.
So you say on tape-
I didn’t show it.
This is just the opposite.
That you can’t declassify it, so why have it, is what the question is.
When I said that I couldn’t declassify it now, that’s because I wasn’t president.
I never made any bonds about that.
When I’m not president, I can’t declassify it.
And that’s what you said.
You didn’t declassify it.
I said no, no.
I said I couldn’t declassify it.
I could have declassified it.
But that wasn’t a document.
Brett, there was no document.
That was a massive amount of papers and everything else talking about Iran and other
And it may have been held up or may not, but that was not a document.
I didn’t have a document per se.
There was nothing to declassify.
These were newspaper stories, magazine stories, and articles.
I’m just saying what the indictment says.
Well, the recording and the people in the room who testified.
These people are very dishonest people.
They’re thugs. They’re thugs.
If you look at what they’ve done to other people,
what they’ve done and overturned
in the U.S. Supreme Court, these are thugs.
The suggestion was that you wanted this as evidence
that the military, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
General Milley, had preemptively sent you plans
for a possible attack on Iran and that you didn’t order that to happen.
That’s the suggestion.
I never ordered it to happen.
But that’s why you wanted the document.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a document from Milley.
Milley, frankly, was incompetent.
The last one I’d want to attack with as my leader would be Milley.
That I can tell you.
I can agree on that for sure.
So just to follow that here, the media presented it this way, basically, hey, I’m
Donald Trump.
I’ve got this document.
Here it is.
It’s secret.
I wish I could have declassified it, but I never did but it shows war plans. Okay, that’s how the initial media reporting went
What Trump is saying is a little bit different. He’s saying hey, I’ve got this newspaper article right here
It says that Milley accused me of having war plans. But when when I was president
Milley presented me with war plans. It was really him who wanted to invade Iran and
Unfortunately I don’t have that document because I didn’t declassify it and I can’t declassify
it because I’m no longer president.
In other words he didn’t have the document with him, wasn’t showing it to people.
Now there’s another part of that particular indictment that does again accuse him of
having the document in his hands separately.
He didn’t really get a question about that particular incident, we’ll see if he does
following up.
I will, again, who knows what he’s going with here.
Honestly, at this point, I think he’s in a,
there are witnesses in the room.
And if the witnesses corroborate that story,
he’s gonna be completely clear of this
and it will be obvious to everyone
that the media was trying to lead people down the road.
They have done this multiple times before.
This is why when we went through the indictment
before I went on vacation, I said to you,
look, I’m gonna tell you what’s in this indictment,
but Donald Trump has not had a chance to tell us
what his side of these stories are.
And as we’ve seen over and over and over again,
you can’t just believe these things.
You have to be able to see the evidence.
We’ll see testimony from the people who were in the room
and maybe we’ll get a better picture of that coming on.
Now, a couple of things went into the political side
of that, I wanna go through those here.
Brett Baer pushed him on something
that I think is a pretty effective attack
on Donald Trump from a political standpoint.
Trump has always bragged about being able
to hire the best people,
but I mean, kind of by his own estimation
And that hasn’t really worked out all that well.
Here is Brett Baier going through that with Trump and Trump’s answer.
In 2016, you said that, I’m going to surround myself with only the best and most serious
Well, I did do that.
We had tremendous luck.
We had the best economy we’ve ever had, the world has ever seen.
Your vice president, Mike Pence, is running against you.
Your ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, she’s running against you.
Your former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, said he’s not supporting you.
You mentioned National Security Advisor John Bolton, he’s not supporting you either.
You mentioned Attorney General Bill Barr, says you shouldn’t be president again, calls
you a consummate narcissist and troubled man.
You recently called Barr a gutless pig.
Your second defense secretary is not supporting you, called you irresponsible.
This week you and your White House, called your White House Chief of Staff John Kelly
weak and ineffective and born with a very small brain.
You called your acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney a born loser.
You called your first Secretary of State Rex Tillerson dumb as a rock, and your first
Defense Secretary James Mattis the world’s most overrated general.
You called your White House Press Secretary Kayla Kennedy milquetoast, and multiple times
you’ve referred to your Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao as Mitch McConnell’s China loving
So why did you hire all of them in the first place?
Because I hired 10 to 1 that were fantastic.
We had a great economy. We had phenomenal people in charge of the economy. We had phenomenal people in the military
I’m not a fan of Milley and I’m not a fan of certain of the television people, but I knocked out Isis
I defeated Isis they said Mattis it would take three years and I don’t think we can do it
I did it in a period of like four weeks
Trump has some really good arguments as to the results of his policies here
I will say looking at his hiring practices. It’s hard to argue. I mean and look
He didn’t even bring up Fauci, who was in control of this whole COVID response and elevated
by Trump really throughout all of 2020.
Look, he turns on these people later, but he put them in power in the first place,
most of them.
Fauci was preexisting, but he elevated him while he was there, certainly his profile.
The bottom line here is that this is going to be something that you’re going to see
from other people in the Republican primary.
Let’s see, do we have time for a little bit more?
Let me give you one more clip.
This is talking about the 2020 election
and how all that went.
What do you say to that female independent suburban voter
who feels that way, to win her back?
First of all, I won in 2020 by a lot.
Okay? Let’s get that straight.
I won in 2020.
And if you look at all of the tapes,
if you look at everything that you want to look at,
you take a look at Truth to Vote,
where they have people stuffing the ballot boxes
on tapes, or let’s go to recent.
Well, wait a minute. Let’s go to recent.
FBI, Twitter, let’s go to recent, the 51 agents, all corrupt stuff, Brett.
Understand about the 100 Biden, all fair things.
That’s cheating on the election.
You lost the 2020 election.
Brett, you take a look at all of the stuff ballots, you take a look at all of the
things, including things like the 51 intelligence agents.
There were recounts in all of the swing states.
You’ve been through this a hundred times, obviously.
You know these stories.
You know, look, this is one of the things people complain about with Trump, that
whether he is going to talk about 2020 the entire time.
He was asked obviously about this at some level
and he was defending it.
You know, I think there is a question that’s fair
that people are gonna bring up is to, you know,
look, when something happens,
when a president is in office and something bad happens,
they’re usually held responsible for it.
And if the biggest overturn of American democracy
in history happened while he was president,
there’s gonna be fair questions to be like,
if the election was stolen,
why didn’t you see it coming?
Why didn’t you do anything about it?
You know, why did you wait until after the election
to file a bunch of these lawsuits?
Why didn’t you see this stuff coming?
That’s gonna be a fair point of criticism against Trump
and he’s gonna have to defend himself on that.
I will leave you with this.
Polymarket is a, it’s a investment site.
You can invest on different,
through the cryptocurrency world
and you can invest on various outcomes.
One guy has had some interesting luck on this.
One user on PolyMarket has lost about $100,000 so
far betting that Trump will be reinstated as
President, like not win the next election but be
reinstated during Biden’s term, but he just hit a
huge $13,000 payday today with the Hunter
Biden indictment, which is great, and then he
promptly reinvested most of the profits into
Trump being reinstated in September.
So who knows?
Maybe this will all come together and everything
will work out well for this person.
But a lot of money on the line there and I
know that I would want to be on that side. I think a much safer bet is that Trump just wins the
primary and wins the election in 2024. I don’t think he’s gonna have a September 2023 presidency
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I’m joined now by Eric July, BlazeTV contributor, host of the For Canon’s Sake podcast and founder
of Ripaverse Comics.
Be sure to pre-order your copy of the highly anticipated second ISM graphic novel at
Today, we’re going to get into that here in a second and tell you a big update.
Eric, thanks so much for coming on the program.
I appreciate you as always.
Yeah, it’s great to see you.
I want to start maybe where we just left off.
We just talked about the Hunter Biden developments today.
today, the Trump situation today, everything that’s going on with our justice system.
What is your impression of the justice system of the United States these days?
Well, I mean, it’s easy for me definitely as a libertarian and the residential anarchist
at the table where I’m always griping about whatever’s going on with our supposed judicial
system, justice system, whatever it is you want to call it.
But, you know, I think when stuff like this happens,
you have folks that still believe maybe you’re a little naive,
but I think your optimism deserves some credit,
but you have people that look at that as if they’re the upper,
it’s almost like politicians.
Actually you look at people may be at the courts or the judges.
People actually look at them above that, right?
Like that’s where things get settled, right?
That’s where the righteous decision is going to be made.
But when you start to see these levels, there are different levels of, I guess, unfairness,
I think is important because people are now realizing what happens and has happened historically
at a different level, let’s say the lower level views and eyes of the world that may
not actually stand a chance when that unfairness sort of hits you.
So it’s not one of those objective things.
I think that people look at these different, definitely the court systems in itself.
But they look at it like it is something, some level of objectivity, even with the Supreme
And that’s really never been the case at all.
And the quicker that I think people realize it, the quicker we can actually find some
sort of creative solutions to these problems.
More importantly, people can start to figure out ways to resolve issues themselves and
throughout their individual communities, as opposed to relying on definitely higher
court systems to fix it.
Because you see now, that’s not how it works.
Generally the person that has some sort of charge
is going to be the one that is going to be favorited
in those situations.
And often cases, that’s not you or your guy.
Yeah, it’s amazing because I think we get so fired up
about the political stuff back and forth every day.
And we see these high profile cases with celebrities
and all this other stuff going on.
And we forget often about the everyday person
who goes through these struggles
with the justice system all the time,
Oftentimes unfairly and those people just they don’t get the headlines. That’s not what’s gonna happen
And I know you talked about this quite a bit. Let me move over quickly to to Juneteenth the holiday that was yesterday Eric
I’m really we’ve talked about this before I’m conflicted on Juneteenth
I I think a day to celebrate the overturning of a horrific government policy is a really good idea
I think we should have more days like that. I actually want to talk about I mean overturning of slavery a great great thing
I’m glad we did it, really excited about it.
A holiday, it’s worth a holiday.
However, we’re looking at our system today
and all the stuff that’s going on,
and this is clearly now being used for other purposes.
Am I reading the situation right?
No, not at all.
People are definitely activists groups have kinda quickly,
very quickly hijacked that to make it mean
whatever it is that they want it to mean,
and they’re a continued push for social justice,
which is a term that these guys often use
to sort of describe anything that they feel is justified or good.
So everything’s within the scope of social justice, including being against slavery,
which is absolute nonsense.
But you’re completely right about that.
And me, it’s not anything, if I didn’t, if I wasn’t on social media, I wouldn’t even
know that it was a thing that was happening during that time, because it’s not anything
like I personally go around celebrating.
But I can totally empathize with the fact that, well, it was horrific.
it was something that sucks. Call it what it is. Considering America’s history, it’s
one of the most greatest human atrocities that had ever been committed. It’s okay to
recognize that, but I don’t know what exactly we’re, I guess we’re celebrating that being
sort of overturned, but activist groups go activist groups. So that didn’t take long
at all.
No, they’re just gonna jump all over this. I love to the government is so inefficient
We celebrate the day like two months after
The policy actually happened because it took two months to get to tell the people affected by it
it’s a it’s a wonderful celebration of government inefficiency and
The terrible things the government has done. How do we look at this and say? Oh, well, this is a
Something that should be put in the context of modern racism
When in reality what this is is a horrible past incident from our history that was
That would be impossible in all contexts without a government that has so much power to implement a policy like that
No one ever look at it that way
The same thing can be said for the other definitely racial-based laws be it through the civil rights
Era and Jim Crow laws black code slave slave codes
So, I mean, these laws were implemented when slaves were fresh off the boat, and they knew
that they needed the state in itself.
You don’t have something exist to a mass scale like that unless you have the state’s
sanction, when it’s not, more so they’re promoting and endorsing it, is more accurately
putting it what it did.
So when you look at the overturning of these laws, almost nobody looks at it
through that lens of how dangerous government is and can be.
That, that’s not ever understood.
They only look at it like from a social political aspect and how that sort of impacted the landscape
at the time.
Not looking at it, because if they did, they wouldn’t be advocating for the various
amounts of laws that they want to still be in the books or new ones that they
want to be further implemented that also play on this concept of race.
They wouldn’t be advocating for any of those if they actually learn from that.
And that is the government is dangerous.
Historically, it has been, and it always will be.
It is, I mean, you want to talk about mass violence,
genocide, all of that, democide, all of that.
It gets facilitated by the state.
That’s exactly what it is.
But unfortunately, these,
be it pro-black activists who look at that holiday,
let’s say talking about Juneteenth,
for what it actually is,
they don’t seem to look at it through that lens
of the state,
because often these are the biggest status to exist.
Which is so ironic. It’s it’s unbelievable before you go Eric. I want to talk to you about just your continued run here
Which is amazing. I mean, I don’t know
Maybe some people thought you were a one-hit wonder here with the first issue the first ISOM
Now you’ve got number two coming out. Can you kind of tell people first of all?
again walk people through why you decided to do this because you know
This is still a new project to you and then give us an update on how the second edition is selling so far
Yeah, putting this in the context. I saw him one didn’t and the company didn’t technically launch to the to the public
It hasn’t been a year yet, you know, so we’re still relatively early in the process
But I someone you know, Ripperverse publishing
This is my own publishing comic book company is actually where I’m at right now sitting here in the warehouse of my office
but this was a lifelong dream, but it was accelerated because
because of the absolute state of comic books.
So I figured there was no better time than now,
the content problems that plague this industry,
the economic issues that plague this industry
and people that watch me
and have been long time watchers of me,
they might come for me for the political commentary,
but you guys know I’m a comic book guy
and I’d been talking about this stuff for years.
And I figured I’d be a part of the solution
as opposed to just always griping about the problem.
So we launched with ISOM1,
the first comic book character
in his self-titled book for the company.
And yeah, we got $3.7 million in pre-orders in the first 75 days.
And yeah, to your point, a lot of folks didn’t want to believe that that could ever be the
case that some guy that’s kind of against the grain doesn’t necessarily have the same
political or social views as a lot of people that are in this industry, there’s no way
that he could see the level of success.
Again, it’s just a bunch of people that were more so supporting our charity.
Well, here we are, we’re only a week into it, and we’re already at 1.5 million,
almost 1.5 million, and we have sold over a third,
over 20,000 books, which is a third
of what we sold the first campaign.
So we’re already there, it’s only been a week,
so this is showing, yet again, that this is real,
there’s a true demand for it,
and yeah, we’re here to stay.
Yeah, and also, by the way, we should point out,
it shows the quality of the first one, right?
Like, no matter how much people agree with your mission,
if it sucked, people would not be buying the second one.
They are buying it in massive, massive numbers.
And you’re doing something different too, Eric, this time.
People can, if you’re a comic book store,
the first one you were just selling through the site, right?
Now people can get this into their stores.
There’s obviously a huge hunger for this.
And I gotta imagine a lot of stores are gonna do this.
How do they get involved?
Yes, if you go to,
which of course is our website,
and click retailers as a tab at the top,
that is our retailer’s portal.
We recently implemented that,
and that allows just like within the other,
let’s say with the other comic book companies and their distributor,
they can get signed up. They can send us all the information.
We’ll get them their own log in and they’re,
they’re going to be able to order old reverse books and new reverse books for
their store.
We only had a handful of stores that did buy into it by directly emailing
us and getting that, taking advantage of that retailer price.
And every one of them sold out.
There was not one comic book shop that held ISOM include one of the
biggest online publishers, excuse me,
online retailers in the comic book industry.
They got two different orders, big orders, and they sold out on every single one of them.
So definitely an industry that’s, people are struggling to make money these days.
If you want to make some money, you buy ice on books, you buy reverse books.
But that is something that we wanted to do for our retailers.
We do believe in the local comic book shop as far as what it was and what it used
to be.
Hopefully we can sort of reignite that flame that they once had and at least again
to be a part of that solution.
So that’s their way to get involved.
I will say there’s so much crappy news out there.
This is one of these stories that I just love.
I just love how successful you’ve been with this
and I can’t wait to see where it’s gonna go from here.
Eric July, founder of Rip-A-Verse Comics.
Be sure to get your pre-order in
for ISOM number two at today.
Eric, thanks so much for doing the show, man.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate y’all always, brother.
And let’s do it again.
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Well, John Fetterman is in the news, and you know that’s going to work out well.
Fetterman, of course, who bumbles his way through almost every single thing that he
says is being mocked on Twitter, and this is upsetting.
Apparently, he tweeted a Juneteenth tweet, here’s what it said, happy Juneteenth, today
we celebrate emancipation plus reflect on the long shadow of systemic racism in America.
PA always stands by the unshakable truth that black families matter plus black lives matter now
of course when you say keep this on the screen for a second because when you say black
Families matter doesn’t automatically already mean that black lives would matter. How could black families matter?
But then black lives don’t matter also notice the the pride rainbow that made its way into the Juneteenth
message which is always very very nice from John Fetterman now some people were had the
unmitigated gall to point out that maybe John Fetterman not the perfect messenger
for a pro-emancipation message of course because he did hold a black man at gun
point against his will and sometimes when you basically imprison an innocent man
for a period of time some people don’t see it maybe you to be the best
voice for emancipation that’s a kind of kind of problem a lot of people
brought this up of course he held a black man at gunpoint and they never really will
point out that he was dangerously jogging. He may have been jogging right at Fetterman,
you know? Actually in this particular case he was jogging on his own out for a run
but Fetterman chased him down and then held him at gunpoint for a long period of
So, you know, sure, suboptimal is sort of the banner there,
I would say the incident, suboptimal,
but luckily, Federman has now come along
to help all black families and black lives
and rainbow people because those people
apparently matter.
Nobody else matters, but the groups chosen
for this particular message matter.
Now, if you’ve ever, I don’t know,
taking a flight somewhere.
You’re probably not gonna try to build your own airplane
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That’s, I mean, some people might do that.
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Well, does.
Go there, find the best agent in your area.
A free service to you.
If you’re looking at CNN today, you will see, of course, coverage of the submarine on Expedition 2 Titanic wreckage missing with five aboard.
Search and rescue operation is underway. We’re counting down the minutes of oxygen that they have left.
Now, this is a really sad story, of course. If you watch the 60-minute report on this particular submarine, it’s kind of crazy.
They’re controlling this by like a Sega Genesis controller from 1996. They’ve got like one button in the submarine.
It’s a very strange strange thing, but people have been paying a quarter of a million dollars to go down and see the Titanic
I don’t understand the fascination that people have got videos of it at this point
But that it’s a whole different story. The bottom line is that it looks really bad the
the fact that communication would be gone and
You know, they can’t seem to find this thing doesn’t bode
Well, that doesn’t seem like they’re just waiting
Somewhere with oxygen running down which would be probably an incredibly terrifying situation that the inside of this submarine
You can’t even stand up in it. You’re just it’s like the inside of like the back of a van is basically the way
They describe it. So it is not a lot of space five people inside
It’s going to probably end in catastrophe whether we see these we ever hear from these people again is question
I mean not even hear from them again, but ever find them even after the worst happens
We pray and hope that this gets solved but it’s a very very sad story and that’s been going on and you know
See and then people are pointing out. This is their new lost airliner story
So they are on it like crazy, if you want any updates.
Go there, they’re going to be talking about it.
New study shows that AI can predict a person’s politics
by their looks.
This is basically whether they smile in pictures,
what they found, and it’s 61% accurate.
So let’s not go too crazy here with AI.
61% accurate, which of course they
should be 50% accurate by luck.
So it’s not that incredible, but it is a little bit
over what happenstance would show.
And what they’re finding is basically,
If you’re smiling in your pictures, you’re probably conservative.
If you’re not smiling, you’re probably liberal.
I don’t know, do you smile in your pictures?
I mean, I think if you’re a happy person, you probably do from time to time, so no wonder you’re a conservative.
Conservatives are generally more happy with the world, right?
Liberals are constantly complaining about everything.
They see everything as some sort of racial conspiracy.
I don’t know, it seems a lot better to just live life and be happy.
And, you know, but we can’t with all this, you know, structural racism.
Yeah, yeah, you can. You know what, we talked to Eric July earlier.
Does he seem like he’s upset? He seems like he’s mastering the world right now.
He’s basically got a money printing machine he’s created. Good for him.
Be happy. Enjoy capitalism. It’s a good thing.
You’ll like it if you just don’t complain about it all the time.
Speaking of that, multimillionaire Colin Kaepernick says US needs to end capitalism.
and partners with Marxists in a new book.
And that’s a very, that’s the post-millennial writing that,
and that’s a very charitable way
of talking about what he’s doing.
And some people are saying, hey, I’ll come,
and I agree here, of course,
Colin Kaepernick is a beneficiary of capitalism
and wants to end it.
And in this project, here he is again,
getting more money, yet complaining about capitalism.
But capitalism provides a useful service for money, okay?
That’s the basic fundamental transaction there.
This is not a useful service.
This is a bunch of, he didn’t even write this.
It’s a bunch of essays by other people
he’s putting his face on.
I mean, it’s a scam.
It’s not capitalism, it’s just a scam.
Colin Kaepernick is scamming you.
You want something valuable for money?
Okay, go to the Merch, the Colin Kaepernick Merch.
We’ve got it for you.
Always remember, before Colin Kaepernick ever took a knee,
he lost his job to Blaine Gabbard.
We have that, we have that merch for you
up at
Code is Stu10,
The code, Stu10.
Well, thanks for joining me on my first day back from vacation.
Tomorrow on Glenn’s show, I’m going to be on there.
We’re going to be reviewing all the stuff that we missed because we were both off and
we missed a bunch of news stories.
We’re going to go through them.
I’m going to challenge them to see if you can tell what the fake news stories
are and which the real ones are.
We will see you tomorrow.

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