Is The FBI Hiding This Blockbuster Piece of Evidence (Ep. 2032) – 06152023

Is The FBI Hiding This Blockbuster Piece of Evidence (Ep. 2032) – 06152023

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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with
your host Dan Bongino.
So what do Epstein, Clinton, the Weiner laptop, the FBI, and the Trump witch hunt all have
in common?
Well, you got to stay tuned because I’ll put it together for you today.
How all of this stuff is a clear distraction, the, Hey, look, look what we’ve got on
Trump nonsense to distract you from the mound of garbage they have on Biden and Hillary
Clinton who are just openly laughing about it.
They don’t even care.
Clinton and Biden are laughing.
They’re doing interviews about it.
They’re putting out tweets about it, butter emails.
They asked Biden about it.
He gives that uncomfortable, cognitively impaired snicker like Reverend Cain.
I mean, it’s the evidence is right there.
I’ve been playing tapes for you. I got another
Recording today not necessarily a surreptitiously recorded tape but an interview
This interview is so interesting because it involves the Anthony wiener laptop Jeffrey Epstein Hillary Clinton. It’s been out there forever
It’s from a pretty reputable guy and yet nobody seems to want to do anything about that either
I mean while we’re on the topic of tapes and evidence and all strange, right?
Joe today, let’s get it
No binders or fillers, unless you’re Mitt Romney, of course, but we’ll leave that one
for another day.
Thank you, sir.
So what do Epstein, Clinton, Weiner, the FBI and the Trump witch hunt have in common?
Well the distraction, the constant indictments, prosecutions and witch hunts of Donald Trump
serve one purpose.
You know, folks, yes, they hate Donald Trump and they’re doing it because they
want to stick it to him and they can’t stop.
I’ve said that repeatedly.
But it serves another tactical logistical purpose too, which is it keeps your attention
away from everything I’ve been covering for the last few days.
Yesterday, we played on our show and the day before, two tapes
of Joe Biden with Ukrainian President Poroshenko cutting a
deal to basically fire a prosecutor looking into bribes
paid by the Ukrainians to Biden. We also have the Ukrainian
president on tape saying he fired the prosecutor, but he
did nothing wrong. Did the media pick up on the story?
Did you hear those calls anywhere else but here? Nope,
you didn’t. Why? Because of exactly what I just told you.
Everybody’s focused on DJT, Donald Trump, which is the
exact purpose of constantly trying to slap handcuffs on
this guy. This is how little these people care today, we’re
going to focus on Hillary Clinton a little bit. Another
wretched human being who has made a career out of corruption,
whether the Clinton Foundation, her law firm,
Whitewater, the Clintons have been bathing in the corruption mud pit for their entire
Here’s, she gave an interview just the other day, this crooked podcast thing.
And Hillary Clinton, with no shame whatsoever, who is unquestionably trafficked in classified
information and violation of multiple U.S. laws.
There’s no question about that.
You can question her intent all you want, there’s no question she’s done that, right?
Here she is on the stage turning it around, turning it around on Donald Trump and saying,
I can’t believe any of this is possible.
Like she didn’t do this herself because she doesn’t care, she’s giving you the double
barrel middle finger.
Check this out.
Republicans claim that you got off, you did the same thing and got off scot-free.
Why did your friend Jim Comey let you off so easy?
That’s a really good question.
I can’t figure that one out.
You know, I do think it’s odd, let’s just say, to the point of being absurd, how that
is their only response.
You know, they refuse to read the indictment, they refuse to engage with the facts, there’s
nothing new about that.
And what they refuse to admit is, you know, this is on a track about him, not
about anybody else, no matter how much they try to confuse people and how much they
try to raise extraneous issues, and it’s going to be fascinating, I guess, in a bizarre and
sad way to watch them spin themselves up.
If you watched any of the news programs this weekend, I mean, their efforts to defend
this man are truly beyond anything that I ever thought possible in our country.
Thank you.
What is a crazy something, lady, for reminding us to lower the chair.
I like to chair a little higher between shows.
Thank you for that.
You see the balls on these people.
Hillary Clinton knows she trafficked in potentially thousands of, maybe more, maybe tens of thousands
of classified documents over an illicit illegal private email service.
She should not have had in violation of administrative procedures laws.
But she’s so confident in the corruption of this country when the Justice Department
and the DOJ that she goes on a podcast and basically brags that a president who
Kendi Classify stuff is getting locked up and she says, gosh, this guy’s so terrible.
I don’t believe any of this could ever anything like this could ever be possible.
What? Like what you did?
I’m just wicked.
Yes, you are.
You are.
But ladies and gentlemen, there’s a catch here.
The Clinton email case was never really investigated.
Now, while we’re on the topic of bringing up tapes and things like
that, which have created a big stir around this show,
we almost had a million viewers on just the video alone the other day when we brought up the Biden
tapes. People said I heard this for the first time. I got to thinking about the Clinton case
because Hillary Clinton’s out there attacking Donald Trump. This guy’s horrible, butter emails,
bragging, laughing, cackling like Kamala Harris. We got a bunch of feedback. We got a bunch of
feedback, Joe. A bunch of people said, Dan, I’ve never heard those Biden tapes you played over
couple days and I thought, well, you probably never heard this
stunner either. It’s a video about Hillary Clinton’s
trafficking and classified emails. I’m going to set this up
and I’m going to play this for you. It’s a little long, maybe
about two minutes, which long for this show, not long in
general. And I guarantee you, it’s the first time you’ve
heard this too. It is a stunning claim about Anthony
Wiener’s laptop. Who’s Anthony Wiener? For those of you who
remember Anthony Weiner is a guy who liked to, let’s say, disrobe for young ladies and send them
pictures over the internet. He was also a Democrat congressman. He was also married to Huma Abedin.
Who’s Huma Abedin? Hillary Clinton’s aide, like right hand woman. I’ve been around Huma a long
time. They are like this, okay? So it’s really strange when Anthony Weiner got caught up in
this sexting scandal thing, the NYPD and others
took custody of his laptop.
And what if I told you it was really strange
that they found a bunch of Hillary Clinton emails
on that laptop that Huma Abedin must have been using too?
Did you ever hear about that?
Oh, you haven’t?
Because there’s a recording about that.
But don’t worry, right?
The FBI has already told you,
because we can trust the FBI, right?
Winky, winky, nod, nod.
We can trust the FBI.
They looked into all the Hillary Clinton’s emails, and they only said there were a few
classified ones, right?
Well, here’s an article from back in 2018 by Paul Sperry, it’s in the newsletter
today, you should probably read it.
Despite Jim’s commies assurances, the vast bulk of wiener laptop emails, wiener,
I’m sorry, it’s juvenile, the wiener laptop emails for a guy showing his wiener.
This is like the guy who likes showing his weed
or over his laptop.
They were never examined.
Wait, you mean there could be tens, if not hundreds
of thousands of classified emails on a laptop out there
and nobody knows where the laptop is right now?
Yes, sir, that’s what I’m telling you.
So Jim Comey said they looked at all the emails.
But contrary to Comey’s claims,
the FBI could not sufficiently determine
how many emails containing classified information
duplicative of previously reviewed classified emails. As a result, hundreds of thousands of
emails were not actually processed for evidence, law enforcement sources told Paul Sperry.
Strange, I thought they reviewed all the emails. This law enforcement source says all those
communications were not ruled out because they were copies. They were just ruled out.
The federal investigator with direct knowledge of the Hillary case said the official who
to remain anonymous explained that hundreds of thousands of emails were simply overlooked.
Instead of processing them all, investigators took just a sample of the batch and looked at
those documents. So you’re telling me there’s a Wiener laptop out there, Wiener laptop out there,
belonging to Anthony Wiener and Huba Abedin, that may have hundreds of thousands of sensitive
classified documents squirreled away, just like Joe Biden had documents squirreled away.
And while we’re focused on Trump and documents that the classification status is in dispute
because of the Presidential Records Act, you’re telling me no one even cares where this laptop
seems to be? Because a final mystery remains. As he notes right here, Paul Sperry, where is
the Weiner laptop exactly? A whistleblower agent in New York said he was instructed by
superiors to delete the image of the laptop hard drive he’d copied onto his workstation
and to wipe all of the Clinton related emails clean from his computer. Isn’t that convenient?
But he said he believes the FBI retained possession of the actual machine and that
the evidence on the device was preserved. The last reported whereabouts of the laptop
was the FBI’s Quantico lab. However, the unusually restrictive search warrant Peter
stroke and his team drafted, appeared to remand the laptop back into the custody of Huma Abedin
and Wiener upon the closing of the case, which means it’s probably somewhere at the bottom
of the Atlantic Ocean.
Anybody interested in this case?
Hillary’s out there.
You know, listen, folks, here’s my take on this.
Dan, why are we dredging up some of this stuff?
Because number one, you probably haven’t heard of it.
Some of you, many, many of you have.
And number two, if Hillary Clinton is going to insert her sorry caboose into this debate
and start poking fun about classified documents then let’s talk about classified documents because
we have no idea how many of your classified documents are circulating around with foreign
countries right now because i know a guy who looked at your server in your chapiqua house
yeah i know him i know him well and i know exactly what he told me about your server
and i put it out on this show multiple times it was corrupted and hacked and you know it
i want you to listen to this i promise for the this may be the first time you guys and ladies
heard this. Now, I can’t vouch for the information. But the guy in this call is a guy by the name of
Eric Prince, the Blackwater guy. Whether you love Eric Prince or hate him, he’s no dope.
Eric Prince has served the country. He’s got some friends. He’s got some enemies.
Eric Prince was doing an interview about Hillary Clinton’s laptop and Anthony Weiner’s laptop.
This is one of the most stunning pieces of audio you’re going to hear. And I’m telling
It’s probably the first time versus years old and he says that there was an illicit deal cut
Because the NYPD was about to go public about what they found on Anthony wiener’s laptop
That the Department of Justice intervened to stop it and that there were emails about the Clintons and Epstein Island
Oh, really is any of this being investigated is why we’re on the topic of tapes
This is on tape too. You could go and look at this too. You know
What about the me too movement all that?
You know, listen to yourself.
Because of Wienergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it through a subpoena, through a warrant.
They searched his laptop and sure enough found those 650,000 emails.
They found way more stuff than just the more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing.
they found State Department emails, they found a lot of other really damning criminal information,
including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this
sixth island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20
times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times. The amount of garbage that they found in
emails of criminal activities by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other
Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting, they gave it to the FBI, and they said,
we’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation,
you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments.
I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP,
one police plaza in New York, the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants
and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation and they’ve gotten huge push
back to the point of coercion from the Justice Department with the Justice Department threatening
to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Conner,
of the guy almost two years ago.
And that’s the level of pushback
the Obama Justice Department is doing
against actually seeking justice
in these email and other related criminal matters.
You know, there’s five different parts of the FBI
conducting investigations of these things
with constant downdraft
from the Obama Justice Department.
So NYPD was the first one to look at that laptop.
Hillary, I’m sorry, Weiner and Huma Abedin, his wife, the closest advisor of Hillary Clinton
for 20 years, have both flipped.
So Jimbo Eagle and Trumpzilla in the chat, they said, I’ve never heard this before.
Of course you haven’t.
It’s not your fault.
Nobody plays it.
Because Trump or something.
Now, can I vouch for all those charges?
I can’t.
Have I spoken to Eric Prince about any of this?
I have not.
But Eric Prince is a serious guy.
He’s alleging his source in One Police Plaza,
which is the command center
for the entire New York City Police Department,
been there many times,
that Hillary and other members of Congress
may have been involved in money laundering,
may have been involved in trips to Epstein’s Island,
illicit deals, to shut down any information
from getting out from the NYPD
about the disgusting stuff on this laptop.
See, that’s the kind of thing if we had an honest press, they’d be asking questions about
So I encourage you to show up at any of these Hillary Clinton events and, you know, do the
right thing.
Don’t break or violate the law or anything like that.
But maybe you should ask about that.
Hey, there’s a rumor out there that, you know, wieners lapped up at information
about you and your husband at Epstein Island.
I mean, I’ve already told you the case of the guy who told me about Bill Clinton
on the Epstein plane who wanted nothing to do with it and got sent home.
I’ve told you that story, right?
a friend of mine who saw Bill Clinton on the plane with Epstein. I mean, it’s the kind of thing
you’d probably be interested in, right? Yeah. Joe’s heard this story probably 10 times. I mean,
what about the Me Too crowd? Are they interested in all this stuff? It’s funny how they only want
to talk about Epstein if they think it can politically leverage it to benefit them.
And then the minute it involves Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, or anyone else,
it’s like everybody clams up and nobody wants to say anything anymore. So strange, right?
And the FBI knows all this? Ladies and gentlemen, the FBI is an absolute disaster.
It is an abomination to the country. The corruption needs to be immediately defunded.
The FBI should no longer exist as it’s constituted now.
The mission should be divvied up.
The money should be divvied up amongst other agencies that take the road to the country seriously.
Has the FBI ever been asked about this? Where is the Wiener laptop?
Because they said they analyzed it in just a few days, hundreds of thousands of emails.
and it was a three person team, I believe,
if you read Sperry’s report.
Joe, that’s a lot of reading.
Let me tell you something.
I read my own book, the audio book.
It took me like a week to read like, what is it?
50,000 words, 100,000 emails.
That’s a lot of emails.
That’s a lot, it must be speed readers or something.
And how did they double check
to make sure the information wasn’t classified
in all those emails?
The answer is, of course they didn’t.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are getting played.
The thing is, you know, you’re getting played and you’re pissed about it
There are other people useful idiots on the left who are getting played and they think this is legit
And then there’s the evil progressive left that is doesn’t think they’re getting played at all
They’re just tyrants and they love this stuff
I’m gonna play some audio coming up in a second here new nude who summed it up pretty nicely yesterday
Yeah, this is a new Kingridge by the way, who’s not a bomb thrower
Hey, he’s like center-right Joel speaker of the house
But even Newt now understands that the country can’t move forward with the FBI is currently constituted
Jim Comey lied about processing the wiener laptop. It appears from this report
Jim Comey apparently is covering up another massive scandal with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton
According to this reporting and Jim Comey’s FB. He knows and yet what happens he goes out and appears on an MSNBC
And they they they wave down palm fronds when he comes on
showing you we’ve reached critical mass with the FBI.
The country cannot continue forward like this
with a fully corrupt FBI covering up
for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden,
where Biden and Clinton are so confident
the FBI will continue the cover-up of the Wiener laptop,
the Clinton laptop, and the Biden $10 million bribe
that they openly laugh about it.
Newt’s had enough of this, too.
Again, not a big flamethrower.
Newt’s like, listen, man, we got to do something.
We can’t keep the FBI the way it is.
The country can’t continue like this.
Check this out.
This is a remarkable country with extraordinary people who are being crippled by their very
own government and crippled by an anti-American faction largely in the universities and to
some extent in the news media and in the corporate CEOs and in the bureaucracy.
But we have a great capacity to fight our way back and the truth does have a tendency
to come out.
You’re seeing this happen now with the FBI.
I mean, I thought that the Durham report was devastating,
followed up on the report of the Inspector General,
which was devastating.
The fact is we need a bill
to break up the Federal Bureau of Investigation
and replace it with much more reasonable
law enforcement systems
and eliminate the entire senior leadership.
I mean, it’s clearly a corrupted institution,
deeply politicized on the left,
and the evidence we have is just overwhelming.
Folks now, you know the issues gone completely mainstream again newt’s not known as a big bomb-thrower. Yes
He had the contract with America a former speaker
But now you know we you me Levin others people who pushed this issue of massive FBI reform
Who were considered fringe nuts? Oh just say the FBI is great. It’s just a few bad apples. It’s not a few bad apples
There’s already been a first strike
It’s not a few bad apples
They’ve done nothing right
It’s not misfeasance man. It’s freaking malfeasance. They’re doing it on purpose. They’re not stupid
Folks, it’s really hard to get in the FBI. I know I went through the process. It is really hard
The people over there are not stupid
They know what they’re doing
This isn’t an accident
They’re corrupt
It’s not a mistake
It’s not just an FBI problem either.
It’s obviously a media problem.
The fourth estate was always designed to be a quasi branch of the consent of the governed
people to check on the other three.
The media doesn’t do any of that anymore.
We know that.
That’s not breaking news.
That the media sucks moose nuts is not a new story.
However, it’s gotten brazen now.
Those tapes I played for you yesterday. Did I get a call from anyone in the media? Hey Dan, what about those tapes?
I know OAN picked them up. I
Know I saw them on Newsmax. Who else anyone else?
Then I didn’t see him on Fox. Did you CNN MSNBC? You may have if you saw it. Let me know
How come nobody’s asking any questions about the Biden tapes? How come nobody’s asking any questions Eric Prince about that?
The Clinton wiener laptop, where is it?
Hundreds of thousands of classified emails. Where are they?
They’re so concerned about Donald Trump showing someone a map they can’t even prove was classified yet. No one seems to care about the wiener laptop
Because we have a hack goon disgusting media. That’s why
Move on move on that’s their thing. That’s what they do joe’s role
Joe’s referring to something we bring up all the time the leftist strategy the entire time is the david brock move strategy
where you drag a story out over time, like Benghazi or something else. You never actually
get to what happened. We still don’t know what happened with Obama and Benghazi. And then if
you bring it up, they go time to move on. That’s what they’re doing now. It’s I will never move on
ever. They want you to move on from this one too. This is a conspiracy theory update block
folks. I know we haven’t done this in a while. Remember we were all called conspiracy theorists.
We were fact-checked to oblivion, suppressed on Facebook, kicked off YouTube for the mere
suggestion that the Chinese Communist Party in a lab designed to study Wuhan coronaviruses
that got gain of function money through third parties and surrogates, right? We were crazy
for even suggesting that the coronavirus may have leaked from a coronavirus lab.
Well, now the mainstream media has come around to a story you and I knew about for two years
now, that apparently the first people to get sick, this is a
shocker, fellas, Joe, you’re never going to believe this.
We’re actual lab workers in the Wuhan lab. Holy, that’s amazing.
Hot damn, hot diggity dog. We only reported this two years
ago. But here, the media listen to the media catch on
now. There. Here’s a segment from Fox last night. And good
for them showing you they’re showing you the left here. You
see Brett Baer and Britt Hume here talking about how the
the entire time. Fox did report on this in 2021, by the way. I remember. So they’re not
part of this media cabal. But here they are. It was a conspiracy theory to suggest it.
Check this out.
If you look back at the time, what was being talked about in the media about, in
fact, our reporting on the early stages of origins of COVID, this is some of that.
Take a listen.
The far right has now found its own virus conspiracy theory.
A lot of people on the right love that phrase escape from the lab because it sounds
It’s like something from a Marvel movie or a comic book.
Don’t try to spool up some of whoever
was wearing tin foil hats in your audience.
These conspiracy theorists are still
saying things that are going to be extraordinarily
dangerous for this country.
And these places are not covering the new evidence
or the story as it develops?
Well, it’s understandable on a human level
that they wouldn’t, because it makes them so many of them,
if not all of them, look so bad.
Yes, that’s the point
Joe said it right. Here’s what you do. Here’s the lefty communists in the me because they are commies
I want you to understand Trump is using the term communists in his speeches now deliberately. It’s not a mistake
The media are communist agitprop people. They are not serious people
They did this on purpose
You understand every imbecile you saw on that media clip
likely knew that the thing leaked from a lab, but they had it cover up for the Chinese Communist Party
because it was more important for them to make who the enemy. Who? Anyone know?
Donald J. Trump. You’re darn right. You mean make Donald Trump the enemy
that would give a pass to the Chinese Communist Party who would blow us up tomorrow if they
could? Yeah. Dan, that sounds like they’re evil bastards. Yeah, they knew. Want me to
the damn freaking receipts every time.
So here’s the alleged breaking news.
Tonight we have a compelling new report they noted
on the origins of COVID.
This is from News Busters, hat tip them.
You can read this in my newsletter, slash newsletter.
It details this report,
strong new evidence suggesting the virus did in fact
escape from the lab in Wuhan.
The study claims researchers who led the controversial
gain-of-function research,
which increases infectiousness of a virus,
were the first to become sick. Wow! Great! That’s great information. What’s the problem?
We always bring the damn receipts. The problem is we knew about this in 2021 while people were
getting kicked off YouTube and harassed by lefty scumbags like Joe freaking Scarborough.
Sellout loser. I can think of a few conspiracy theories about him too. Just look him up.
Look at the date on this. Thank you to Guy for highlighting it. May 23rd, 2021. Joe, is it 2023?
Or am I just kind of Marty McFly losing track of time? It is, right?
No, Marty. Yes, it’s 2023.
So this is two years later?
Two years later.
I think so.
Yeah, I had to think about that too. It’s weird because we covered this two years ago
the Wall Street Journal. Intelligence on sick staff at Wuhan lab fuels debate on COVID-19 origin.
Report says researchers went to the hospital in November of 2019 shortly before confirmed
outbreak. Ads to calls for probe of whether virus escaped lab. Yeah, Justin said it right.
Justin said, I thought no one in China got sick. It all came from a pangolin or something
like that. Now, if you listen to this show, and you go back to March of 2021 or May, excuse
me, and you find those shows, you’ll see we discussed this. Proving again, if you listen
to this show, you’re probably two years ahead of the news cycle. Breaking news. Breaking
news. It’s not breaking news. They do the move on thing. They drag it out and then
Hume said it correctly. When they faceplant and their story turns out to be bullshit, which is
exactly what it is, what happens? They just don’t cover it. They don’t cover Hillary. They don’t
cover the Wiener laptop. They don’t cover the Biden team. And then they get the Biden tapes
with Poroshenko. Ah, it’s old news. Did you ever cover it? No. The Hunter laptop, it’s old,
Oh, no, that’s yesterday’s news. You ever covered? No. That story came out in 2021.
You’re two years ahead on this show. It’s not new, man. The media knows this. They’re freaking
communists. They could have read the same story, but they didn’t. They pretended it wasn’t there.
I got another. This is a big show today. A lot of information for you. So everyone take a
great Darren Beatty at Revolver and I, you know, I don’t ask you every day to read the
newsletter a lot, but not every day, slash newsletter. Today it’s please this Revolver
piece about the January 6 bomber and what the FBI just admitted. Again, another move
on story. Oh, it’s time to move on. No, this is good. And by good, I mean bad folks.
Again, I don’t like to get out ahead of myself here, but these are pretty explosive developments
in the January 6th bomber case and a bomber I use with air quotes just because the bombs
were not functional, although it was alluded to by the FBI, they were.
In case you’re unfamiliar with the backstory, it’s very brief, very easy to explain.
On the night of January 5th into January 6th, and before the insurrection they call
right? There were two bombs, alleged bombs, found at the Democrat headquarters and the
Republican National Committee headquarters in D.C. The strange thing about these bombs is they sat
there all night and nobody seemed to find them. But when they found one of the bombs, they found
it conveniently with 20 minutes to go on a timer, a timer that couldn’t have detonated the
o’clock, alleged insurrection, they found it at 1240. The timing, it’s going to matter in a second.
But they asked the FBI something really interesting about the alleged bomber. They said,
you know, the bomber planted these bombs late at night in Washington, D.C., into the early
morning, January 6th. There’s no one else on the street. So you guys had a geofence up,
a geofence, which you can detect any cell phone in the area. We know they used it to
people on January 6th. How come you couldn’t find this guy or woman? It was the only person around
there who dropped the bombs. Ha! You’re never going to believe it. Well, you will believe it.
Here’s the revolver piece. This is worth your time. Former head of FBI, January 6th pipe bomb
investigation comes clean with a stunning admission. Notes, I don’t want any conspiracy
theories, right? So Congressman Jim Jordan and Massey, they sent a letter to the Steve
Antuno guy
He’s the FBI guy who’s in charge of this January 6 bomber case like hey if you had a cell phone geofence up
How did you miss this one guy who’s the only guy on the street?
Folks you’re all picking this up right? I mean, it’s not complicated. It’s pinging off a tower
It’d be pretty easy to find because it’s the only phone pinging I
Mean they found out of you’re telling me at a rally of thousands of people they picked
individuals apart due to a geofence on January 6th, but there was one person and they couldn’t
find them. So they asked the Antono from the FBI. They said, what about the geofence? And
they received the following shocking answer. Oh, the data was corrupted. Oh, my God,
that’s so convenient. The telecom company just by sheer coincidence happened to lose
the data for that particular place and time.
Tell me again, please, if you would.
Tell me again how we don’t live in a corruptocracy.
Tell me again.
So the next day you picked out thousands of people
with the cell phone pinging geofence,
but you couldn’t find one person a night before.
No, no, that data is corrupted.
That’s like, it’s, yeah, but it was a hammer.
Yeah, in a bleach pit.
They had a bleach pit.
Someone ran bleach pit over the hammer.
It’s like Hillary was there.
Hillary was, she was doing an internship, Joe,
at Verizon or whatever that night. Here’s the official answer in case you want to see it.
Gets even worse. This is from the FBI guy. Yeah. I can’t believe it. I guess better. He said,
yeah, we did a complete geofence. We have complete data. Well, not complete because
there’s some data that was corrupted by one of the providers. Oh, oh, oh, he notes,
not purposefully by them. Right. Right. He says, right. Like he’s asking, right. That’s
the folks that’s in the transcript. Read it on the screen right now. Guys, am I making
that up for the audio list. It’s right there. Oh, but not purposely by them, right? He says
it was just unusual circumstances that we have corrupt data from one of the providers.
I’m not sure I can’t remember which one right now. But for that day, which is awful because
we don’t have the information to search. So could it have been that provider? Yeah,
without luck, you know, with this investigation, it probably was right.
This is crap. This is crap.
This is much tier one level bullshit.
You know what kind of, wait, isn’t it Choma? It’s time to refer to the chat. You know I love you all in the chat.
Chatsters. Chatsters. Bonjito chatsters. I’m going to hold on. I’m scrolling down right now. Get to the Bonjito chat. It’s rocking today.
stuff. All right. Do you believe the FBI that the data was
accidentally corrupted? Yes, why for yes, and for no fire away in
the chat? No, you don’t believe the FBI or yes, you do. I’m
gonna guess we’re gonna get a lot of ends on us. I’m just
gonna take a step. Oh, one guy the first guy F no, there you
go. I didn’t say throw an F in there. But I get it. I’m
with your brother. I said a wire and then but an F is
No any yeses anyone guys. It’s going to anyway. No no no no hell
No, F. No hell. No no no no and and and and never no no no no no no no no no no
No, no, no, okay good. We’re all on the same sheet of music
Just accidentally got corrupted folks no sweat couldn’t find out one person
The data is correct and notice what he says which is hilarious you guys catch it. He says there were
multiple companies, I guess, AT&T, Verizon, others. And notice it was that particular company,
apparently, that was the carrier was that one that got corrupted. Just that. That’s amazing.
That’s so strange. It’s like a big freaking coincidence. I don’t the FBI all on the level,
folks. Let’s listen to John Nance. Again, FBI, FBI hack, FBI, abolish the FBI. What are you
crazy? They’re so bad. Yeah, they’re valuable for political targeting. They’re great.
If this story gets even better, I don’t know if you even know the details of this story.
So they asked the Antono, the FBI guy, if the pipe bombs actually had live explosives
or if they were decoys.
The Antono acknowledged that despite reports that the bombs were viable, yeah, leaked
reports probably from them.
He said in his estimation, they were not set to go off as the kitchen timer, kitchen
them. In a critical concession, D’Antono admitted the timer used on the pipe bomb could not have
detonated the bomb, given the time already elapsed between placement and discovery.
Austin Powers, right? That’s all right. This is Austin Powers. That’s totally it.
The Swedish penis enlarger. That’s not mine, baby. They notes this led D’Antono to join
speculation. Here’s what gets interesting. That perhaps the pipe bombs weren’t intended to go
off. We don’t know. In other words, were they a diversion? I
couldn’t detonate. It was a big diversion. In other words, not
that maybe some left this hack, possibly put these bombs there
to frame Trump supporters. No, they were a diversion from the
1pm insurrection at the Capitol. But the diversion
you gotta make a face like this yeah yeah yeah you gotta do a chop too totally you gotta be i
gotta be prepared for wow the diversion dear so you get it the most likely story here because
no one seems to want to find this person and i’m sure i’ll be i’m sure this will be considered
conspiracy theory today by the left, which means it’s definitely true, is that some probably
anti Trump hack, put these bombs out there or some weirdo totally unrelated to anything
and did it to make you believe Trump people were going to like blow up the Capitol.
And the FBI doesn’t want you to know that because the insurrection story is so much
more pronounced. You know what I’m saying, Joe? If a guy actually wanted to let detonate
bombs on the insurrection day. Yeah, both of those stories can’t be true. Let me
to my last sponsor and I’ll show you why the diversion theory is garbage. It’s a diversion
by MAGA people. There’s only in my view, and chime in in the chat if you have some other
opinion on this. I’d love to hear it. There’s only three possible scenarios to the January
6th bomber. Most likely it’s probably some leftist who put down these fake bombs,
Who wanted it was was I don’t know paid or not who wanted everyone to believe the MAGA insurrectionists
We’re trying to blow up Washington DC
I’m guessing there. I’m speculating. I’m being honest, but based on the information we have do any of the other stories make sense
The second story. It’s a MAGA nut
some MAGA crazy person who planted bombs to further the insurrection and
create a diversion so that they could storm the Capitol.
All right, possible.
I’m not willing to rule out anything,
but seems a little bit unlikely.
I’ll tell you why in a second.
The third is just some crazy person
who just by random chance dropped two bombs
in front of the RNC and DNC.
Highly unlikely in my opinion.
But folks, the revolver team notes,
the only way that diversion theory makes sense
is if the pipe bomber knew someone
would discover and report the devices
to authorities shortly before one.
One is when the action happened at the Capitol, 1pm.
He said that’s where things get weird.
As mentioned in the summary, not only was the first pipe bomb discovered near the RNC
at 1240, it was discovered with the mechanical timer stuck on the 20-minute dial.
As confirmed in the Madison Magazine piece entitled, A Madison Woman Found the RNC Pipe
Bomb in D.C.
Ladies and gentlemen, what are the chances of that?
That the FBI comes out with a theory with the Capitol police that, oh no, they stormed the
Capitol at one, so they put these bombs out there as a diversion, and some lady randomly
finds the bombs at 1240 with a timer stuck on 20 minutes, 20 minutes before.
What are the chances of that?
The chances are probably one in a million.
They’ve been sitting out there all night.
The story about the DNC bomb, that’s the RNC bomb, is even weirder.
Credible sources tell Revolver there’s video footage of the DNC bomb being found by a
particular individual, but the FBI can’t even confirm whether that individual was
even interviewed.
Sounds to me, ladies and gentlemen, like the FBI doesn’t want to know who the DNC
and RNC bombers are.
The geofence data magically gets corrupted.
And you’ve got video with the DNC bomber, no one can claim he was even interviewed or
she was interviewed.
You find a bomb with 20 minutes to go on a timer 20 minutes to one and you magically
make up a diversion theory sounds a little strange to me, right?
Anyone else in the media asking questions about these besides Julie Kelly, Darren
Beatty, Tucker and this show anyone?
Anyone else?
Probably I’d imagine Bannon and others do but nothing in the mainstream media.
I thought they were concerned about the insurrection.
By the way, I told you I’d play this the other day.
We got an election coming up, an election we can’t lose.
We cannot lose, folks.
I’m long in the United States, but only if we start turning the ship around now.
Turning the ship around takes a long time.
It’s not going to happen quick.
It doesn’t make you skid mark U-turns, okay, in the ocean.
It’s going to take a long time.
There’s going to be some debates coming up.
There is absolutely no way we should be debating on NBC.
Play this on the radio show.
Here’s the video from the audio show.
If you could do a debate in NBC and the RNC agrees to this, I’m going to be very
It makes absolutely no sense you’re gonna be debating the moderator. You’re not gonna be debating other Republicans
Yeah, watch this disaster. Where do the poor come in?
Where do they place in this party on this stage in Texas about a quarter of the people who don’t have health insurance
That’s 50 out of 50 dead last sir. It’s pretty hard to defend dead last your state has executed
234 death row inmates more than any other governor in modern times. Have you
Have you struggled to sleep at night? What do you make of that? The dynamic just
happened here. The mention of the execution of 234 people drew applause.
You’ve described the Black Lives Matter movement as a symbol of hate. What do you
say to Americans who say that kind of language from a president is
contributing to a climate of hate and racial strife? I denounce white
supremacy. What’s your next question? Do you feel, it feels sometimes you’re
Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?
No, it’s not a comic.
I talked to economic advisors who have served presidents of both parties.
They said that you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing
the deficit as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your arms really
And when the Sun Sentinel says Rubio should resign, not rip us off.
When they say Floridian sends you to Washington to do a job.
When they say you act like you hate your job.
Do you?
Do you hate your job?
Your board fired you.
I just wondered why you think we should hire you now.
Who is that from?
You remember that Caribbean or newsbusters?
What was it?
MRC, the media research center, great cut there.
They’re debating the moderator.
They’re not debating each other.
What do you think?
You put 200 people to death and the audience is applauding.
What the what kind of stupid question is that?
What do you think? I think it’s great.
I think it’s great.
That should have been here.
I don’t even support the death penalty.
That’s not the point. You’re not debating the moderator
All right. I got a couple things. I’m gonna leave you with a video today, too
It’s kind of a feel-good video. Listen, I don’t know Shaquille O’Neal at all. He’s pretty funny
I’ve seen him out there and you know, he’s got some great lines
He’s got this line you ever hear the line he gave to his kid
His kid was asking about buying all this stuff for some and he told this kid we’re not rich
I’m rich as one of my favorite lines ever. I use that with my kid now. Although I’m not nearly as rich as Shaq
I promise you but I met Shaquille O’Neal
I met him personally, but he was at a Secret Service event for a graduation down in their
training center in Maryland.
And he couldn’t have been more gracious.
He was a friend, you know, he loves law enforcement.
I think he’s a deputy, a volunteer deputy or something like that in Louisiana, something
like that.
And the guy’s son was graduating from the Secret Service Training Center.
And I’m there and I was an instructor and I’m like, what’s all the hustle and
like, dude, Shaq’s downstairs, and you know,
you can’t miss Shaq.
He’s like eight feet tall, like 300 pounds.
He’s huge, like the biggest guy you’ve ever seen.
And he couldn’t have been more gracious.
I mean, he took pictures with everybody there.
He does these nice things all the time.
I’m gonna play that video,
but I just wanna get to this story before we go,
because it’s a serious one.
Folks, listen, I’ve said this often.
I’m gonna say it loud,
and I’m gonna say it proud at this point.
If you have the capability, if you have the capability,
I know many of you don’t,
because your businesses are tied there.
You need to get out of blue states
soon as you can. Folks, this is serious now. These aren’t political fights anymore. This is
do you want to live in tyranny or freedom fights? I get it. A lot of you say, Dan, isn’t it best to
stay behind and fight? No, ladies and gentlemen, that fight unfortunately is over. These blue states
are not going to reform themselves until it gets bad enough. And it will not get bad enough
until people like you leave and let liberals live in their own muck. I’m sorry. I’ll give
example you got a guy who can’t control himself and keeps like losing it all over the bathroom
and you keep going in and cleaning it up and you’re like well he’s gonna stop eventually you don’t
want to live like a slob and every time you go in and clean it up he goes right back into the
why do you keep doing it let him live in a muck and you go to the clean bathroom
there’s nothing you can do anymore in these blue states nothing you can’t save them
Fox News Marine veteran Daniel Penny involved in that carotid restraint with Jordan Neely
was indicted yesterday, despite a clear case of not only self-defense for him, but others.
Find yourself in jail if you dare defend yourself against a guy who’s alleged to have
threatened people’s lives on the subway and said, I’m not afraid to go to jail.
Folks, self-defense is now criminal in blue states.
You want to take that chance?
You’re going to get yourself killed.
find yourself in jail. Don’t be a martyr for these people,
folks. These politicians, they’ll put you in jail
tomorrow. Here, Wall Street Journal, businesses are leaving
too. You want to be the last one left? The great COVID
business migration, who led and business out migration, Joe,
these states, they have one thing in common, this is
going to be hard. So guys, take a minute, you may need to
help Joe out. So businesses are leaving these states,
They all have one thing in common, New York, California, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.
Oh, hold on.
Hold on.
That’s hard.
And they’re going to these states, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas, and Tennessee.
I’m just going to ask you, you sensing a pattern amongst those New York, California,
Illinois states?
They’re led by?
No, they’re led by Democrats, Dan.
I’m going to write this down to fact check later.
Joe says Democrats, Illinois,
or is it New York, California?
I’m going to fact check that after the show.
And just check Florida, Texas.
Oh, they’re, I’m pretty sure they’re red, Dan.
I think you’re, I’m going to,
I’m going to sick Bill McCarthy on that later.
Here’s the chart, by the way.
Everybody’s leaving.
Don’t stay behind, folks.
I’m going to fact check that later, just to be sure.
Liberals, of course, will have some excuse.
They’re leaving for the weather you are. It’s like 7,000 degrees down here in Florida
Leaving for the weather is it not you guys came in this morning. I woke up this morning
It was like 87 and it’s not even the Sun’s not even out
Sure, I’m gonna leave you with some good news. So here’s that video Shaq he shows up in a home depot
Justin said he does this a lot and he just decides he’s gonna buy this young lady and her mom appears to be her
Maybe your sister don’t want to insult them whatever and they’re there to buy a washer and dryer
Which is you know now because of Joe Biden and their water standards are like two million dollars each and shacks like I’ll buy it for you
I thought you feel good. I don’t know Shaq. I don’t know guys politics
I don’t care, but maybe smile a little bit on a Thursday
Oh, by the way questions tomorrow, too
I don’t want to forget go to my locals account at the Bon Gino submit your questions for tomorrow’s show
We’ll take some from the chat as well and in my true social account at the Bon Gino. Here’s Shaq
Nice to meet you. We are buying a washer and dryer.
I’m from Venezuela.
Really? Oh my God!
Bless you, bless you, bless you!
Thank you.
Oh my God!
You know, yeah, man, that’s really cool.
That’s really cool.
It’s Shaq again.
I don’t know your brother, but it’s pretty solid rent.
Met you one time.
Probably didn’t even remember.
I know he remembers being at the Secret Service Center that time.
But that’s solid.
And I just, if I could add one thing without trying this, this isn’t some, I promise you,
it’s not intended to be some virtue signal or humble brag.
It’s just a note.
The greatest gift to my success, especially financially, the greatest gift, and I’ve said
this to my wife, my family, is to be able to give to other people.
It is.
I mean, when you’re struggling for money and you don’t have your own money and,
you know, it’s hard to give away money because it really hurts.
When you get to a position in your life where you can help other people and it
really hurt. It’s the greatest feeling ever. You don’t get the hurt. You know, if you give
someone $100,000 and you’re making $100,000 a year, it hurts and you really have to struggle.
A lot of people do that anyway. But if you have a lot of money and you’ve done really well,
not everything has to be some formal charity. Those are great. Don’t get me wrong. I wear the
Folds of Honor shirts all the time. But you know, leave a nice tip in a restaurant. I’m
sure you all do it. You don’t need to hear it from me. Do that kind of stuff once in a
It’s super nice. It just makes people’s days and just makes the world a better place. It’s the
greatest gift God has ever given to me. I kid you not. When people come back and go,
are you sure this is right on the bill? That’s right. Have a great day.
Thanks a lot, folks. Submit your questions for tomorrow. Love Friday Show. It’s always the
best. Questions for Dan. And please join us for the live chat 11 a.m. The show goes live
at slash Bongino. If you want to join the chat early with Justin and Guy,
10 a.m. Justin’s always there making some wise-ass remarks something like that
So join him there show starts at 11 follow us on Apple and Spotify as well. It helps us a lot
Thanks a lot folks. I’ll see you back here tomorrow

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