It’s a Sad Day for the Country

America is great for a reason. Built on principles of freedom, rugged individualism, and self-sufficiency, no country has ever accumulated more power and wealth, abused it less, or used that power more to advance the human condition. 
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Your reaction to the events of today, and I really want your reaction, as to the FBI
being uncooperative, as it relates to not only the document that Senator Grassley and
James Comer wanted, but now the new information that there are 17 tapes that an executive
from Burisma had?
So, first of all, about this whole thing that happened today, it’s actually directly
related to what I write about in the book.
What I write about in the book is that this country, the people in charge of this
country decided that we now lived in an era—this is at the end of the Cold War—where it didn’t
matter if we sent our jobs to another country, didn’t matter if we got rid of all of our
factories, that we could now make decisions on what was in the best interest of the global
economy, not the best interest of America, that it was OK to unleash this cultural
war, this hysteria, that now has infected every part of our lives.
None of this mattered anymore.
And now we’re seeing the results of it.
And so, what we should be focused on now is the fact that not only has that
happened concurrently, while those decisions helped build up China.
So China’s building spy bases.
China is going all over the world, undermining America, building up their military.
And that’s what we need to be focused on.
And instead, we have to focus on—I agree with Jake Tapper—a spectacle.
But the spectacle wasn’t Trump going to Versailles and Little Havana.
The spectacle is this prosecution.
This prosecution was a choice.
There is something called prosecutorial discretion.
The federal government uses it all the time.
It’s what they use not to deport people.
It’s what they used to release a bunch of rioters and thugs that burned down parts of
this city here in Washington, D.C.
And they had a choice to make, and they should have looked at this and said, there is no
victim here.
There’s no harm that’s been caused.
Even if everything they allege is true, which we don’t know if it is, but even
if everything they allege is true, there’s no harm to the country.
But there is certain harm now from this.
This will deeply divide in our really polarized and volatile country, doing tremendous
damage to America at a time when we should be focused on the threat from China and the
threat we face to our greatness.
We are subjected to this ridiculousness because it was a choice, a political choice by a prosecutor.
That’s why they chose to do this.
And they made other choices with Joe Biden and other choices with Hillary Clinton.
That’s correct.
It never made sense to me, Senator, that a vice president would leverage a billion
taxpayer dollars to demand that a prosecutor be fired in six hours in Ukraine until
we find out that his son was on the board of the company.
They were investigating.
They were investigating his son.
They were investigating him.
And now we learn that the FBI, in fact,
has information from a credible source
that they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to.
And they’ve been hiding it from congressional committees
and your colleague, Senator Grassley.
What does that tell you, Senator?
Well, it tells you that the choices are all one-sided here, OK?
They have a credible informant,
apparently, that came forward with this investigation, and they chose not to pursue it.
They had someone else they called a credible source, who claimed that they had a dossier
that turned out to be fake, and they chose to submit this country to three years of
an investigation that turned out to be fake.
They chose not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
They chose to only charge Sandy Berger after he stuffed classified material in a
sock and stole it, not to charge him with anything more than a misdemeanor.
On issue after issue, they choose not to move on these things, because—but when
When it comes to anything that’s Republican, and particularly Trump, they always choose
to go for the full—they’re, in essence, asking for a life sentence.
And the damage this is doing to our country is tremendous.
I imagine they’re watching this stuff in Beijing, and they’re giddy about it.
I mean, to them, this appears like America’s destroying itself.
We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing to take over the world, because
they’re doing it to themselves, and all because this is political.
This is designed to—they’ve made the choice that, no matter what damage this
causes our country, it has to be done, because we need to get this thing in place
before the 2024 elections.
It’s a sad day for the country, it’s a damaging day,
and all these giddy people on TV,
all these media hypocrites,
they’re gonna rue the day that this happened
because it’s gonna be bad for our country.
They could be presiding over the destruction
of the greatest nation in the history of the world,
and the people that are making these choices
are responsible for it.

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