John Solomon Reports

John Solomon reports
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CIA and the rest of them.
And then last hour, we teed up that the man you’ve been following closely and you’ve been
breaking a lot of news, James Comer, the Republican Oversight Chairman, is saying he’s digging
deeper on the Biden family ties.
Again, the money pouring in, Ted Cruz says there’s $10 million in Biden’s tax returns
from like 2017 that nobody’s connected to the dots on what that money really is.
And the mainstream media is not talking about Durham.
They’re not talking about Comer.
What are your thoughts this morning?
Yeah, listen, the blackout that has been there ever since Russia collusion went in reversal
and they didn’t want to admit they were wrong and that has just continued.
They protected Joe Biden on many of the bombshell revelations that James Comer has.
And keep in mind, James Comer is not making allegations.
He’s actually delivering evidence and documents and facts and bank records.
And still the majority of the mainstream media is ignoring it.
Same thing with John Durham.
Today he’ll be behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee.
Tomorrow he’ll be in public for the first time.
Most Americans will get to see him in action for the very first time four years after he
began his probe, and he’ll be testifying in public, as you said, before House Judiciary.
Here’s another story that the mainstream media, the traditional media can’t and aren’t
And that is that despite two indictments, Donald Trump is rising in the polls.
He has a larger lead over Ron DeSantis than ever before, and he’s now up six points
on Joe Biden in a general election, head to head something the media just doesn’t
want to admit.
But they helped create this dynamic.
The media’s coverage of all these fake scandals have sort of created a sympathy for Trump.
And their failure to report on the failures of the Biden administration has people pining
for the days when Donald Trump had things under control in America.
So that dynamic is another one just completely blacked out in the news media, but it’s
very real.
Donald Trump is rising and becoming a very strong candidate, not only in the primaries.
He’s now significantly ahead in the Harvard Harris poll, which is very accurate by
Mark Penn, former Clinton pollster, runs that poll.
That is a big story that no one in the mainstream media really wants to acknowledge or address.
You talk about the blackout, and then you talk about these media narratives that
they craft, these events that they create, whether it be the raid on Mar-a-Lago, the
raid on Roger Stone, all of these things that they’ve crafted directly for CNN and
other outlets.
Can I ask you real quick, who approved that raid of Mar-a-Lago?
Do you know that judge?
I do.
I do know Magistrate Reinhardt.
We’ve met intimately.
I want to mention that for everyone.
Well, she means in a legal sense, I believe.
I don’t know all of them.
She means that they haven’t argued it legally,
not intimately.
In any event, let me push forward and put up
this tweet from Travis, who likes to hold feet
to the fire in the Biden administration.
A federal judge, yes, Bruce Reinhardt,
has now ordered Donald Trump and his lawyers
not to share any details of this document
case with anyone, including social media and the news.
Reinhart issued an order muzzling the former president and his team from speaking about any details in the case.
I want to push it forward by asking, what’s Reinhart up to? Is this election interference?
The man’s running for president, wants to defend himself in public, did that Fox interview yesterday.
But also, I hear from Cash Patel and others that they may be trying to muzzle Trump because you know better than anyone, some of these documents he had.
Do you think? Do you think they’re trying to muzzle Trump? What do you think they got on these federal judges and these magistrates? Come on!
But Trump had documents on Russiagate
that they know that he declassified
that exposed the lies from the deep state.
React to this effort to muzzle him, sir.
Yeah, listen, we’ve seen this already in New York
a couple of months ago and now in the case.
It’s not uncommon when you have a high profile case
for a judge to put some form of a muzzle.
The muzzle is limited to documents
that are gonna be turned over to the president
and his lawyers as part of discovery,
but there’s nothing that prevents a president
like he did again last night, addressing his innocence and trying to show with the evidence
he already knows publicly himself that he believes he’s innocent.
And he did this last night.
He addressed the alleged Iran document that’s on this tape recording.
He said, I didn’t show him the document.
I didn’t produce the document.
There wasn’t that document.
So he is defending himself in that way.
It’s just that there will be things turned over in a classified setting during the
discovery process.
It’s not uncommon in high-profile cases for a judge to put some restrictive order.
Here’s the real question.
The first time the Justice Department leaks again, because they’ve been leaking in this
case all along, will he set the same standard for the Justice Department?
Will he admonish them?
We’ll have to wait and see.
Now, there’s some breaking news on the Trump indictment.
Just a few minutes ago, it was announced in a court filing that the case will be
moved to Fort Pierce, Florida, in central Florida, on the space coast.
That’s very favorable red territory from President Trump.
And the next big hearing will be in mid-August, so that case has now been moved in venue.
And also, we have a new court date, that’ll be the next time that Donald Trump can talk
about evidence he’s getting in discovery, he’ll be able to use that in the courtroom
and court filings and in the court proceeding.
And that’s a way that oftentimes defendants get around this gag order.
You’re not prohibited from mentioning these things in court filings.
So court filings will be another place where Donald Trump can tell his story very
Affirmatively and for the American public to see it and John to your point about some of these new developments
There’s also new reporting that I’ve seen this morning saying that the trial itself likely will be pushed back to 2025
Which seems like it would be favorable because there’s a possibility that then president Trump would be reelected by that time and be tried
While he’s in office. What are you hearing?
Well, there’s another possibility which is a Justice Department could ultimately decide that they don’t want to they want to drop the charges
Which often happens in a transition between administrations
I think a lot of people feel
there are enormous constitutional issues here.
Almost every legal expert we’ve brought on our show,
just the news, no noise every night
at six o’clock on Monday through Friday
here on Real America’s Voice.
Every one of them has said,
listen, there are so many constitutional
and appellate issues
and this is gonna go back and forth
to the appeals court, supreme court.
They would be surprised if this got to trial
by spring of 2025 at the earliest.
There are just some huge issues
including that very big ruling.
Again, another thing that the mainstream media
doesn’t wanna talk about,
But Tom Fenton talks about it, the famous Bill Clinton socks
drawer case from 2012 or 2013, where
the current judicial philosophy on presidents
is that they can decide whatever
documents they want to be their personal documents
under the Presidential Records Act,
and courts should not have a say.
If that turns out to be true and that sentiment prevails,
Donald Trump has a whole large defense
that most of the mainstream media aren’t even
talking about right now.
But those are the sort of issues
they’re gonna tie this up for well over a year.
I think 2025 is the year that most legal experts think
is the earliest that a case could begin.
Trial could begin.
I want somebody to break down the cost
to the American taxpayer
for the persecution of Donald Trump.
I wanna know what that number is.
What was it, 30, 40 million?
At least with Mueller.
Yeah, this is gonna be an incredible piece
of historical data.
And also, just would illustrate the impact
that it has on every single voter in this country.
Yeah, John, react to that,
but I wanna add one thing.
I was watching the live chat
on get her during your last answer.
And some people are saying,
do you know more about the venue change to Fort Pierce
to more central Florida?
Because some people are saying, wait a second,
there was a Trump nominated judge
who was gonna oversee the case in Miami to the South.
Are they trying to get this,
that might be a favorable jury pool in Fort Pierce,
as you said, for Donald Trump.
But are they trying to get this to a liberal judge
or maybe a less Trump friendly judge?
Your thoughts.
We don’t know yet.
Right now, Eileen Cannon still shows us
judge of record even in this order this morning. So, because Fort Pierce is in the Southern
District of Florida, it still allows the judges in that district to preside. It could have
to do with security reasons. Obviously, Miami is a very difficult courthouse to defend
where it is in the city. So, it could be for security purposes. We don’t know yet
all of the details. It’s a very short order, but we’re digging in and we’re going
to get to the bottom of it in the next few hours. Just keep an eye on just the
news and of course, Real America’s Voice will bring you the latest when we can sort
through those. Those are all the right questions to be asking. And we’ve got really smart getter
They’re right on the money, as always.
Absolutely. And Karen’s point about the cost. I mean, I remember the Mueller investigation
being what, about $40 million? And counting, when you look at all these various investigations,
we were at the courthouse in Miami. You talk about security and everything else that’s
going on, all about the persecution of Donald Trump. You’re last, Love.
Yeah. Listen, a lot of people I’ve talked to, when you add up the congressional investigations
and the Justice Department investigations and the FBI, they think the get Trump bill
to taxpayers is well over $100 million already.
We are putting together the best estimates, unfortunately, a lot of them aren’t broken
down by case, but it’s going to exceed $100 million, certainly by 2025.
And that’s a cost that is, for the most part, preventable.
Certainly the whole Russia collusion case never was.
And that’s one of the things you’re going to hear from John Durham.
There never was any evidence when they started it, when they ended it, or anytime
in between to justify that investigation.
We’ll see John Durham under oath tomorrow, 9 a.m. Eastern during our program.

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