Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduce Biden Impeachment Articles

Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduce Biden Impeachment Articles To House Floor For ‘Willful Negligence” At Southern Border

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Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduces Biden Impeachment Articles To House Floor For ‘Willful Negligence” At Southern Border
Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduces Biden Impeachment Articles To House Floor For ‘Willful Negligence” At Southern Border

We’ve got a very special guest, Congressman Boebert, and you have limited time because
you have a lot of obligations and responsibilities today. Quite controversial from yesterday.
Heads are blowing up. Some very snarky stuff is coming out to the Jake Shermans of the world
that get the inside baseball from the Democrats and from the establishment Republicans.
Is this a serious effort of Lauren Boebert to put before the House of Representatives
impeachment bill to be voted on? Steve, I think I take everything that I do very, very seriously.
I take the oath that I took to the Constitution very seriously. We have had hearings on the
southern border. We have looked into the invasion that is taking place, the sex trafficking,
the tens of thousands of children that have gone missing, and enough is enough. Every time I’m
back home in Colorado, people are demanding that someone do something. They are tired of
walking points, they are tired of messaging bills, and the failure theater that comes
out of Washington, D.C.
This is also independence, not just the people that voted for you.
That’s absolutely correct.
You’re saying it’s broader than just the MAGA constituents obviously loving and supporting.
People are ready for a change, and especially in Colorado, where we are now a border state.
We’re a sanctuary state because of our Democrat governor and the Democrat state legislature,
and we’re spending tens of millions of dollars to house illegal aliens, fentanyl
poisoning number two in the nation, Colorado, for fentanyl poisoning.
this is killing our children. And so yesterday I took action. I would love for committees
to do the work, but I haven’t seen the work be done on this particular subject. So I
drafted my articles of impeachment in a way that I could bring them to the House floor
under our House Rule 9 and force a vote on my articles of impeachment for Joe Biden.
Let’s talk about your articles of impeachment because today we’ve got people and we’re
laundering, whether it’s Ukraine or the Chinese Communist Party, today CNBC breaks that the
spying, the industrial espionage is not just a seal on actual property, the CCP is trying
to replace our companies.
You’ve got the dagger in the heart at Cuba, the military base.
You have all this going on.
Is your impeachment proposal deal with any of that?
So my articles of impeachment are strictly for the dereliction of duty by the president
United States to secure our southern border and to execute faithfully our laws that we currently
have on the books. They are willfully allowing an invasion to take place at our southern border.
I want the southern border secure. I want it shut down. I want the sex trafficking to stop,
the death of children to stop, the influx of fentanyl in our country to be put to an end.
Right now, cartel, they are loving Joe Biden’s presidency because they have full reign at our
on the House Oversight Committee, we are investigating Hunter Biden and, more importantly, Joe Biden.
But that investigation is still ongoing. We just received new documents that only the chairman
has been able to view in a skiff, more unclassified documents that are heavily redacted,
so much that I’m being told you can’t really tell what the documents are referring to. They’re
redacted so greatly. So there is still more that we are doing in that investigation.
And if, if all of this comes out to be true, we can get the audio tapes that were redacted from the first FD 1023 and, and see this connection of the $5 million bribe, maybe $10 million bribe to the big guy, Joe Biden, then that in itself is, is qualifies for impeachment.
But my articles of impeachment are for the southern border.
Ever since the afternoon of the 20th of January, 2021, when his first executive orders were
to lift all the, what Trump had done in the border, we have, this show more than anybody,
we’ve documented people from the Darien Gap, we’ve had reporters all over.
It’s without question that this was well thought through, that the Biden regime thought
this through and exacerbated it.
Yesterday we had Dave Walsh on about Texas grid going down.
There are four million new people in Texas, 80% of that is illegal aliens now in these
colonies where they’re running. How can any of your colleagues, if this is straightforward
and doesn’t get into all the things on financial that we’re getting into needs investigation,
how can your colleagues not support that? The evidence of that is quite clear. Is there
any doubt in your mind on that?
The evidence is very clear. I’ve been to the southern border. I’ve seen it myself.
Most of my colleagues have been to the southern border. They’ve certainly been
there more than Kamala Harris, the border czar, and Joe Biden himself. So they’ve
firsthand what is taking place and how this is willful negligence.
They are purposefully opening up our southern border and allowing this influx of criminal
migration into our country, and we’re seeing high crime in our cities throughout our country
because of it.
This is something that we’ve been talking about for two and a half years, but I’m
done with talking.
Let’s actually do something about it.
So I brought up my articles of impeachment to force a vote.
This force this force is a debate within the conference and then on the floor in front of the American people this will force a debate
On the sovereignty of our nation the territorial integrity of the United States of America the self-determination of the American people
Is that what you’re looking for? That is what I’m looking for now Democrats are going to try to table this motion and
I need Republicans to stick with us and not vote with them. We have the majority
This does not have to be tabled. Just like last week. We saw
Congresswoman Ana Paulina Luna’s
censure resolution be tabled.
Republicans joined with Democrats to kill that.
She’s bringing it up this week again.
She changed her language some and we do expect that to pass.
There’s still a couple of Republicans who aren’t in favor of centering Adam Schiff
for his sham impeachment that he knew was a lie.
But if we have Republicans stick together, we can have that debate about the sovereignty
of our nation and how important it is to shut the southern border down and secure
it for our people.
How can any of your, when you’re in conference, I heard it was a little heated this morning,
how can any of your colleagues seeing the evidence, I mean, hard facts, dispute this? How can they
vote to say, we don’t want to do this, we want to back the Democrats and table this motion?
There’s a lot of excuses that are made. Some want the articles of impeachment to go through
the committee process, and I’m all for that process, but it’s not happening. And what I’m
hearing is it’s not happening because the votes aren’t there to pass articles of impeachment
out of committee by Republicans.
And so this I’m hoping generates enthusiasm with the base to contact their
members of Congress and say, we want something done while you have the
majority and Joe Biden is destroying our country at every turn, every
trip of a sandbag, he, he destroys our, our sovereignty and, uh, and
our integrity a little more.
Um, so I need everyone calling their members of Congress where we’re
They’re going to be out of session here at the end of this week for a couple of weeks.
And I want them to hear from you and say, we want articles of impeachment to come up.
This won’t come up before you guys go on 4th of July, which will be this Friday is
when you take off.
My vote will come up this week.
The numbers 202-225-3121 is the main switchboard for the House.
Grace and Captain Bannon, if you can get up all of the information we put out about
individuals, make sure you go there right now.
when they call, what is the message you want delivered?
If you have been to the southern border at all,
or if you’ve seen anything on the news
and you’ve seen the sex trafficking that is taking place,
the human trafficking, the children who are unaccompanied,
who are sent over in the hands of the cartel,
you know that something needs to be done.
Joe Biden has willfully neglected his oath of office
to faithfully execute our nation’s laws.
He must be impeached for this high crime and misdemeanor of not faithfully executing his duty as president of the United States to keep our nation safe.
So I need people to call their member of Congress.
If Republicans kill this bill, these articles of impeachment this week, we will still continue to push to impeach Joe Biden.
Well, we will do that over the Fourth of July holiday.
But this week, this is a call to action now.
By the way, Eduardo Vistague, the great actor and producer from EXO, is here for the entire
second hour to talk about what topic?
The trafficking of minors from Mexico through the southern border into the United States.
It’s the biggest industry in the world.
It will shock you.
That’s the movie Sound of Freedom.
That premieres over the 4th of July weekend.
Once again, this week, 202-2253-2121 to support your bill, your resolution.
Your resolution?
My resolution.
my articles of impeachment that I am forcing a vote on this week in the House of Representatives.
And this is highly targeted.
You’re not getting into all the Biden crime family.
You’re saying very much he is commander in chief.
He’s the chief magistrate.
He’s the CEO of the United States government.
And he has willfully, he’s willfully had a thought through plan to exacerbate, initiate
and exacerbate an invasion on the southern border, essentially.
Steve, that is exactly what is going on right now.
This is intentional.
Even Secretary Mayorkas, whom also should be impeached, he knows how to have operational
security of our southern border, operational control of our southern border, and he is
choosing not to.
The boldness of what you’re doing is you’re saying, hey, Mayorkas aside, Garland aside,
I’m going to the head guy.
We need to, and the Republicans need to show you’ve had enough hearings on the
There’s been enough photo ops down there on the border.
Your point is very simple.
It’s an up or down vote.
Let’s get it out there.
And if we need to debate it on the House floor, let’s debate it on the House floor.
One hour debate on the House floor.
And make the Democrats defend it.
And so if Republicans allow this to get to the debate, we will have one hour debate
and then a straight up and down vote.
It’s time for action.
And I am taking this straight to the top to the man who is currently housed at
the White House.
And he needs to be held accountable for the tragedies that are taking place in
our nation because of his open border policies.
Does the whip, the conference chair, the majority leader in the speaker of the house support
you in this endeavor?
I have not heard of support from leadership at this time.
There was encouragement not to bring this up.
You know, that’s a frustrating thing that I experience a lot here in Washington, D.C.
in the Republican Party.
There’s a lot of go along to get along and we’ll wait.
We’ll do it next time.
We’ll do it next Congress.
I’m ready for action now.
I have left my four boys and my grandson back in Colorado to serve the American people.
And I’m not here to waste my time.
I’m not here to waste their time.
I’m here for action and we have got to take control of our country.
This is coming up this week, 202-225-3121.
The Congress has got to bounce.
We’re going to deal with this more in the next.
Once more, once more, what’s the message when they call today because they will light
them up?
What do you want them to tell them?
Do not allow your representative to kill these articles of impeachment when Democrats
call to table them. They will want this to go away, not have a debate and not have a vote.
So I need your representatives to stay strong and allow the debate and the straight up and down vote
to impeach Joe Biden for the invasion taking place at our southern border.
And this is the bold action you promised your constituents out in Colorado, correct?
And this is what you promised all of MAGA and the Republican Party when you came here?
Promises made, promises kept.
How do people get to you?
I need people to go to your social media and your site.
Where do they go?
Twitter, at Lauren Boebert, and on Facebook,
Lauren Boebert for Congress,
and then you could go to my website,
Understand something.
You gotta have her back,
because you’re about to get chewed up
for the next couple of days.
The donors and the establishment Republicans
do not want this.
They don’t want this bold action.
They wanna just, you know, talk,
they wanna have photo ops on the southern border,
talk about it, raise money off it, and do nothing.
You’re taking action.
Congressman, honored to have you in here.
Thanks so much, Steve. One more time.
Where to go on social media?
At Lauren Boebert on Twitter, Lauren Boebert for Congress on Facebook, and

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