Sean Hannity With Solomon Congress Set to Reveal IRS Whistleblower Evidence

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and Means Committee is now reportedly set to release the testimony from a whistleblower
who accused the federal government of improperly meddling in the investigation.
Here with the full report tonight, the founder, editor-in-chief, investigative reporter of, John Solomon, sir.
We know this whistleblower, because of your great reporting, is going to say that they
allowed the statute of limitations to run out on previous years involving Hunter
and taxes.
Is that correct?
That’s correct.
Gary Shapley has given that testimony.
It should be unsealed tomorrow by a voter
of the Ways and Means Committee,
led by Chairman Jason Smith.
This is a big moment.
That’s gonna be one of three blockbuster revelations
he makes in his testimony.
And then there’s another revelation.
There is a second IRS whistleblower
that backs up Gary Shapley’s story entirely.
That will get unmasked tomorrow as well.
So a very big day on just how sweet a deal
Hunter Biden got it.
People thought he got a sweet deal when they saw it Tuesday.
Wait till they see what the IRS was investigating.
Eight years of tax evasion going back to 14
and most of it gets taken away for them
because the statute of limitations is allowed to expire.
And that the IRS knew and they let it run out
and they could have gone after him.
I doubt you’d get that treatment, John Solomon.
And what else might we learn
in the days and weeks to come?
Yeah, I think the second thing you’re gonna learn
tomorrow is that the FBI never shared the emails that they had exploited from Hunter
Biden’s laptop after corroborating the laptop with the IRS, showing that he was talking
with his own colleagues, acknowledging he hadn’t paid taxes on $400,000 of income from
Ukraine and Bresma.
Remember, we were told there was nothing there with Bresma and Ukraine?
Well, Hunter Biden had emails—I’ve made them public now—that showed that he knew
that he had owed taxes, back taxes, on his briefs and money.
The IRS agents who worked that case were kept from that information, and they were kept
from one other bombshell.
You just had Congressman Comer on.
He revealed to all of us the FBI whistleblower and the informant that alleged the $10 million
The IRS agents who were looking at those very transactions did not know that the
FBI had a confidential human source providing that information since 2017.
And the IRS was blinded by the FBI and the Justice Department from serious evidence that
could have made the case against Hunter Biden much, much more serious.

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