SITREP 6.19.23 – DisInformation

SITREP 6.19.23 – Disinformation

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SITREP 6.19.23 – Disinformation

All right. Hey, welcome folks milspick ops monkey here. It’s gonna be your sit rep
It’s 1130 a.m. Central time coming to you from the great state of Texas. It is 619 20
23 and we are moving right along
So if you would make sure you hit that like subscribe bell for notification
It helps channel out quite a bit and while you’re doing that, let me jump over here to our mini board
It’s a bit of a light day. If you’re not familiar with this. It is Juneteenth
And if you’re not familiar with what that actually means
It has to do with the the freedom of slaves and the fact that when the original information got out about their freedom
many of them could not read so many of their slave owners did not tell them that they were free and
This is about the time when they started to figure out that
Hey, there’s some other folks out here walking around free and we are not so anyway
And I just kind of added to that a little bit, but you know
Why not right?
But at the end of the day, it’s kind of a sad situation and story if you really know
the history of it.
So, okay.
So let’s talk disinformation for a minute.
I got a lot of email traffic coming and going.
I’ve had other channels reaching out to me asking me to validate some of the data
that was going on out there.
And so if you saw my thumbnail, the whole disinformation two plus two equals five
and had a sheep, yeah, it’s because there’s so many sheep out there.
you see everything being published
and you just want to believe it.
And that is probably a testament
to just how trusting we are as human beings.
And that, I think, cycle is being broken, honestly,
because people just, you know,
that trust factor is just not there,
especially when it comes to our government,
when it comes to our media.
I think people are waking up rapidly
to the fact that we have been lied to
for a very long time.
So, okay, so let’s do this.
Let me go down.
I just want to show you this disinformation
that was out there over the weekend
and just kind of poke some holes in it.
Now, some of the photos that I received,
I will tell you, I had to laugh at some of it
because they were actual pictures
of equipment on trains from mid-May
that they were talking about.
It was happening right now over the weekend
that these tanks are rolling out in cities
and Osprey’s landing in California.
So we’re just gonna punch a hole in a couple.
Listen, if you can poke holes in any bit of the information,
then it is usually a disinformation campaign
and it’s just there to put fear in you
and to keep us all in a disarray.
So just do your own research
and you usually will find very quickly
that there’s a hole in that story somewhere, okay?
So this one, for example,
these tanks going down the road in Idaho. This one probably is what got everybody going, but if you were
on to the local news there, it basically says that the Idaho Army National Guard was transitioning
some equipment from one location to another, and they told everybody they were going to be doing
it. So that was the first instance that probably got a lot of people thinking, oh my god,
they’re rolling tanks out on the street. I heard about it in Philadelphia, etc. Then this one
Is the other one where they showed these Ospreys coming into California up near San Francisco landing
well, that was basically training because flashbang is
Headed that direction today. In fact when I show you the mini map here in just a second
You’ll see that he’s already
You know in the air halfway across the United States
So those are two that like I said, we didn’t go through all of the stories because
People were just starting to add to it and they were taking pictures of
You know equipment on trains etc. Now
When things do go hot like that, they will move things on train because you can’t drive a tank, you know that far
without having to put some fuel in it and
It will also destroy a street. So
It’s just data points for you
But anyway, it was all a lot of nonsense and I just wanted to put that out there because I’m still being asked
those questions this morning and just so you guys know it’s it was all just a
bunch of disinformation something that the enemy does very very well all right
okay let’s move on back to this shot here let’s get in to again right here
in the center of my screen you can see that is going to be in a it’s Air
Force one but it is in a and then we’ve got quite a few little blue and
that are kind of up flying around today. Again, it’s a federal holiday, but there are some folks
moving. We have, if we get into, let’s, in fact, let’s just pull this up while we’re,
while we’re getting ahead of ourselves a little bit. But this is where that is going because
we’re talking about the disinformation piece. This is going to be your TFR. You know who is
associated with the TFR due to the size of the TFR. That would be these big giant rings.
All right, that’s because you know, flashbang likes to trip on stage and
Doesn’t really know as you can see every time he’s on stage. He’s pointing to people trying to figure out
Where am I supposed to go?
And so when you have a president like that, you got to give him a lot more time
Thus the bigger TFR boxes. I’m surprised they don’t just
Just section off half the United States is yellow and the other half is yellow
We just know he’s either on one side or the other
based on that, but anyway
Here is the other one. This is gonna be Bob Marley moving out. That’s
Gonna be coming into Dallas. That’s for a Juneteenth thing
Now if you’re looking at these boxes and you’re like, what are those boxes and you’re not familiar with this
This is actually my radar app
These are power outages and some of the storms that came through the red areas are really a lot of power
that was out, usually associated with some front line winds or tornadoes or something
along those lines that take out power lines.
But then the lighter boxes, the blue shades are just less, so to speak.
But you can see it was quite the event as it ran all the way across the southeast
and continues to run across there.
So anyway, let’s break back away from the TFR aspect of this.
Let’s get over to our watch list.
We’ll start with that today.
And we’re going to hit it here.
Note 27, survey plane’s up right now.
We do have a couple of the Phoenix birds up,
like that one, for example, that’s out flying around.
It’s a little Learjet 35, and then there’s
another one up a little further.
But that’s going to be the Doomsday plane.
And then there’s Air Force One,
as it was just getting airborne a little while ago.
but a little G2, that’s another one of the Phoenix Airbirds,
again, agency aircraft.
And then you got some Noas,
but most of what you see on the screen right there
are going to be, well, that’s an air refueler.
The B703s are third party air refuelers,
but everything else on there,
27 of those aircraft that you see
are going to be survey planes.
And then of course,
you’ve got the Hubble Intel balloons up as always.
Same thing here, you can see in the shot,
The high-altitude stuff survey plane survey plane survey plane, but the high-altitude ones are going to be intelligence balloons
It’s not a coincidence folks that both Germany and the United States are the only ones showing the air
Intel no Intel balloons
That’s gonna be Brio 66. That’s doing a little Intel gathering
Over the region around Kaliningrad Belarus and then those are gonna be Ruskies and be the Russians
We’ll take a closer look at them in just a minute to see where they have been flying to over the weekend
but you can see one popping down there towards the Black Sea and the other looks like it was headed over towards China and
At least that general direction. All right, so let’s go to Intel aircraft
Again, this is gonna be mostly civilian stuff a couple of the mil Intel side too, but
Not the balloons that that’s Brio 68
and that one’s doing some gathering over the DC area. All right, then we go down a
little south to see if we got anything in Central or Central America, Mexico,
nothing there. And then over here to Europe you can see Brio 66 is running
routes again. This is additional, this is the last three days, so it’s
additional to what we just looked at. South of Kaliningrad, that’s Russia,
then Belarus pro-russia and then that note there’s a lot of stuff going on
here that’s Jordan Amman Jordan and stuff in that area right along the
border of Israel there’s something going on over in Amman Jordan folks I
don’t know what it is but we’ve got the Brits in there the US in there
we’ve got reports of troops being you know relocated into there so I don’t
know what it is but something is afoot and then this is gonna be your
Ruskies all right notice the one headed down kind of right along the
Ukraine border it’s the only one there and then if we get over here to Japan
you can see we do still have let me scoot down towards Taiwan and we have a
couple aircraft going back and forth from Taiwan to Singapore again those
are gonna be the Ruskies which is interesting right and then let’s get
into our three-day surveys now 176 the last three days a little lighter
But based on the the aircraft that are up this morning, I’d say that number is probably going to go back up
So they continue to do whatever it is. They’re doing now. You got it out over both Barcelona. You’ve got it over Portugal
You’ve got it up into Europe and Poland
And then you’ve got the one over Tripoli again. I don’t think that survey related but
But then you’ve got this Australia again just continues on you’ve got them in Perth Melbourne Sydney Tasmania
as you go up Brisbane and then you head a little bit further north of that we
still continue to see a lot of activity in Australia. Then we get over here to
CONUS and this is getting interesting because there’s some longer moves so
it’s almost like they’re they’re flying looking at pipelines or
something I don’t know I it could be transitioning like they were doing
before but seems to be doing a lot of transitioning lately from one
to the next so they could just be running some straight routes grabbing
some data along interstates or something along those lines but this is
interesting still very active like I said 176 over three days so it doesn’t
look like it’s letting up yet on any level all right now let’s get back over
here let’s get into the news cycle see what we’ve got going on got a couple
things happening first and foremost we’ll look at the aircraft going in
out of Central and Southern United States and Central America. These are going to be
your swift errors. Again, I do believe that they are supporting somebody like Amazon when
we see them coming into the interior of the country, probably giving people some work
do for peanuts pennies on the dollar yeah cheap labor and no benefits and
that’s you know there is a plenty of that coming across the border all right
that’s where we are today it’s actually kind of a light day compared to what we
have been seeing and then we get over here to flashbang and then this is
him headed into Slera Santa Clara County California looks like he is
remarks in 4 15 p.m. he delivers remarks on his administration’s historic action
to combat the climate crisis there’s that word again oh mercy let’s see and
create good paying clean energy jobs and to protect our environment for
future generations yes all right let’s move on now if you hadn’t seen this I
wonder I’m gonna hit mute my mic so you don’t get any feedback on this but listen
to what the flashbang has to say here yeah God save the Queen man now look if
you notice I’ll hit mute here while we watch him try to figure his way out
this is why he has large TFR circles folks see this he’s like that way no
that way which way do I go and then some guy has to come up on stage and
this way, come right this way. Oh man, what a scary scenario we have gotten
ourselves into. Anyway, God saved the Queen. The only thing I can think of is
maybe he’s firing a shot over the bow of Obama and Big Mike. That’s, you know,
these guys like to talk in code a lot and that may have been something like,
hey, don’t mess with me man. God saved the Queen and we know who the Queen
is. That’s Big Mike. All right, so let’s move on. Let’s get over to this
Now, I started the show late today because I had my, I had Gorilla Dub come in, we did
a little team bonding exercise this weekend with, you know, just kind of getting together
and figuring out strategy going forward, et cetera, right?
And so he was due to fly out yesterday and he got to the airport and went into this
perpetual delay with American Airlines.
and they just called it at around the time of death was around 2 a.m. and so
then we get back and then of course he wasn’t supposed to fly out till later
this afternoon and then we get a text message saying hey your flight leaves in
two hours make sure you’re on it so anyway what’s going on here it looks
like American Airlines has grounded a hundred and fifty airplanes due to a
pilot shortage well if you if you know anything about the fleet 150
airplanes is roughly 15 percent of their fleet. And that tells you they have got a very large
shortage of pilots. So if you’re traveling with American over the summer months with the family
or you’re on a business trip, just make sure you plan accordingly because more than likely
you could be impacted by the shortage. In fact, you could be stranded by the shortage. So
doesn’t bode well for the largest airline in the United States when they
can’t get pilots so anyway just a little data point for you but what a bunch of
nonsense there’s a reason why I just refused to fly anymore and this is one
of probably the top three so all right let’s move on let’s get over
here to this piece as you’ve got Z and Blinken holding high stakes
meetings in an effort to stabilize the US-China relations. Yeah, there’s
basically a lot of holes in the boat, folks, and there aren’t enough fingers to
plug those holes. But notice here, who is in stride and who is standing not
going anywhere with that little pterodactyl arm right there? Does that
not look like a T-Rex, man? That little hand sticking out there? It is
one, I don’t know, that’s probably the smallest hand I’ve ever seen on a
So he is basically making Blinken come to him.
But here’s the thing.
The big takeaway is the fact that I’m willing to bet that our administration doesn’t even
know that the coffin, the final nail has been put in the coffin probably about a little
over a year ago when our supply chain just crumbled between us and them.
You’re starting to see it now with shortages in medicine.
we’re seeing in shortages in other areas. It took a little longer than I expected. I thought maybe
we would go short a lot earlier, maybe within three to six months. It just goes to show you
just how embedded they were here for it to take that long to bleed down. So anyway,
is it enough to prevent us from going to war? Probably not because then we get over to this
and it says this is defense news and came out this was June 12th which was
last Monday but it says five urgent steps to prevent American military
defeat in the Pacific and the fact that that we’re actually having to talk
about these things if you’ve noticed everybody seems to be really focusing on
other things it’s not brute force anymore and in fact we’ve been
tracking the flights to know that the C-17s aren’t going to the Asian Pacific realm.
They’re indeed going to Europe, which seems to be our focus.
So it looks like we’ve pretty much left Taiwan to their own.
We decided we’re going to go replicate the super chip conductor stuff here in the United
States, which that should have told Taiwan all they needed to know.
But here are the top five.
This is a good laugh.
So, number one, enhancing the United States ability
to strike attacking Chinese forces.
Number two, strengthening Taiwan’s ability
to defend itself, which remember,
we were talking about putting nukes in Taiwan.
Don’t know if we ended up doing that or not,
but then bolstering the survivability
of forward-positioned US forces, right?
We always talk about those forward-operating bases
and yeah, anyway.
improving the ability of the United States and its partners, basically Taiwan, Japan,
Australia to all fight together. And then this one here, building a cyber resilient U.S.
infrastructure to support military mobility and economic continuity. Yeah, if that is your
strategy for going forward, we are in very, very deep kimchi because the reality is
You are sitting right off the shore of China, who has a very large army and a very large navy and with very small amounts of forces.
In fact, you’ve been taking from that force and sending it to Europe.
So you would think that they would say, let’s get all of our stuff back in there.
Let’s put in the troops.
Let’s put in our Navy and show a very robust effort, but it doesn’t look to be the strategy.
So, all right, here we go. Bitdefender cyber attacks. They’ve been on the uptick.
We’ve been watching this for over eight months now and you can see it has not changed any.
Although this line right here seems to be quite steady coming directly in to the United States.
I don’t know where that’s from. It almost looks like it’s…
Yeah, I don’t even know where that’s from. Let’s just move on.
So, all right, here is your foreflight. This is a really good little planning tool,
by the way. A lot of the pilots use it, but we use it to look at the notams, which is
a notice to airmen. And I know that’s not the new current term that they call, but that’s
what we’re going to call it. Okay. So the yellow right here is high turbulence. So
if you’re, if you’re traveling over these areas, you’re going to be bumpy ride, especially
if you’re in Canada, up here in the Northwest, across Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and then
over here in the southeast, if you got to get east to west,
that’s going to be pretty bumpy as well.
So I’ve been looking at some of the thunderstorms
in these areas and some of those supercells
are 62,000 feet up.
So you’re not getting over that with commercial traffic.
You’re going to have to go around it.
So anyway, these are going to be your no tan boxes.
Most of these are fire boxes here in Canada.
And we’ve got the usual stuff here on the west coast
and the east coast.
Of course, we already talked about Flashbang headed to California, Bob Marley headed to
Texas, and then that is your senior living center right up there.
All right, let’s jump over here to Europe and notice just north of Scotland, we still
have a pretty big box for mill exercises.
Ukraine’s completely covered up, Poland’s completely covered up.
Now keep in mind, we’ve got this exercise going on and that doesn’t wrap up until
the 22nd, I believe, it’s the biggest NATO exercise we’ve talked about already
called Air Defender 23, 10,000 personnel, and 250 aircraft.
So it’s quite a big exercise or show of force over there.
But it will run until, sorry, June, 23 June.
So we’ve got another five days or so until this is over.
All right, now here’s one.
Behind Europe’s AMO pledge to Ukraine,
some manufacturers are growing a little leery.
It’s the same situation we have here in the United States, just to sum it
up they have basically over committed and Ukraine is going through this stuff
lock stock and barrel because they’re not having to pay for any of it and so
they are just blasting through it literally and what it means is that
just like the United States Europe is basically starting to lose their
ability to fight a war themselves because they’ve given it all over to
the Ukrainians all right so anyway that’s kind of the the big takeaway
from the story. So let’s get into what’s going on at the bases. This is going to be your
camber flights. Again, a little bit of a light day. We’ve got some stuff coming out of looks
to be currently over Northern Africa. And it looks like that came out of Bahrain. And
then we’ve got this one, Olu, Olu, Olu. I’m not even going to try to pronounce
that. I don’t know where that is. But then this one here in Nuremberg. So yeah.
all right I tell you these names that people come up with I just I don’t know
whatever happened it’s almost like I stroked out or something and I just
cannot for the life of me pronounce half of these stinking words so all right
let’s get down here this can be Biggs Army Airfield or Fort Bliss is on the
other side of it there but it’s all one big giant area it looks like
We’ve just got one A319 Airbus coming in from Allegiant Air.
That’s coming in from Detroit.
And then this one here, it looks like that one’s
going to turn right around and head up to Pittsburgh
from Fort Biggs now.
I don’t know, again, if that’s troops.
The smaller aircraft typically are not.
They typically are tied to some type of an immigrant
But we’ll continue to watch and see
if it goes up or down or what the deal is.
All right, let’s get this over here too.
Where are we?
We skipped over today.
All right, we’re heading straight into Ramstein.
And it looks like we’ve got a Navy bird coming in,
one that’s gonna be the Husky 706.
That is also, that’s a C-130 usually, call sign.
And then these two reach, very light day.
And then over here on the outbound side,
we’ve got a Spar 87.
That’s gonna be one of your blue and white dignitaries
leaving Ramstein.
one camber flight six seven two hundred headed back to Baltimore and that’s probably troops maybe
a rotation and then this is Coletta Air 747 headed towards Amsterdam that’s one of your big just
giant white 747s let’s get over here to our forward operating base German Air Force coming in
that’s first one up let’s go on down see what else we have here and another German Air Force
So that’s two German Air Force birds coming in.
One British right here.
And then a Camber Flight 747-400.
Looks like that came inbound from Ramstein.
Let’s see if we got any pending.
Not seeing it.
Let’s get on up.
Very, very light at this forward operating base.
Let’s see, one German Air Force.
The Coletta looks to be headed to Seoul, Korea from there.
And then this Atlas Air also headed over to Hong Kong
from RZE. Now remember when they’re flying out of there they don’t actually
have anything on them to fly direct so if you see them leaving that location and
heading across over here they’ll go across sometimes over India then into
China like this down here to Hong Kong. China will actually let them fly
over their airspace if they don’t have any munitions or if they don’t have
any troops on board right if it’s just a cargo flight they’ll let them
do it so they’ll go that direction from RZE and then coming back they’ll actually just
keep going the same direction just on around the globe so alright let’s see what do we
have here this can be national cargo all 747s one coming out of Saib International
another from Adolfo that’s Madrid Spain another Saib and then Hong Kong so got some
going on down here in the Middle East looks like this one coming out of Hong
Kong and then these two across Europe that’s gonna be national cargo again
those guys are usually flying equipment so the fact that the offensive is
underway for Ukraine they are going through equipment my understanding was
they’ve already basically lost 15 to 20 percent of the stuff that we’ve
it in this effort and so we’re probably replenishing it if I had to guess and
all right and then this is gonna be Western Global looks like we’ve got one
coming down from Alaska again to Los Angeles and then one looks like it came
out of Australia headed over to Hawaii then over here to Omni coming out
let’s see here is that Manchester yeah Manchester England over looks like it’s
into Toronto and that’s the only one we have on the board for them and then let’s take a look at
okay it’s gonna be your NATO birds coming out of Eindhoven headed
north or level at 21,000 feet 450 miles an hour destination unknown and then last up
gonna be the Brits now this board has cycled I will tell you it had probably a dozen on it
two hours ago, but it looks like it is now kind of winding down. You’ve got one
coming out of Halifax headed back to the UK and then this one here coming out of
what looks to be Cyprus heading southbound, southeast level at
29,000 feet 600 miles an hour. That’s scooting. So don’t have any idea what
the aircraft type is for the second one, but the top one there from
Halifax is an A400, so it’s going to be a turboprop.
Okay, well listen, that is going to do it for our sit rep today.
We’ll continue to watch again.
Just keep your ear to the ground, there’s a lot of weird things going on, but most
of the time somebody is cycling some type of old information or they’re pushing
out disinformation without pulling the thread themselves to do the research.
they just throw it out in a panic and it gets legs more times than not, even though you’d
think we’d be getting wise to it, but you cry wolf enough and then when the wolf does
show up, everybody’s like, nah, it can’t be real.
So all right, listen, that’s going to be it.
You guys, I hope you have a blessed rest of the day and we will see you on Wednesday
with our sit rep, next sit rep.
That’s it.
God bless.
Monkey out.

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