THIS Hunter Biden text may be the SMOKING GUN against Joe

THIS Hunter Biden text may be the SMOKING GUN against Joe

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THIS Hunter Biden text may be the SMOKING GUN against Joe
HIS Hunter Biden text may be the SMOKING GUN against Joe
HIS Hunter Biden text may be the SMOKING GUN against Joe

now I want to talk to you about
something that happened with the IRS
whistleblowers yesterday testimony
heard at the house committee on ways and
means attesting to the Department of
Justice hamstringing the U.S attorney
David Weiss and his ability to pursue
the the hunter Biden case the
whistleblowers Gary shapley he led the
IRS investigating investigation on the
hunter Biden case the case was codenamed
I don’t know how you put him as a sport
anyway as well as one of his subordinate
agents name undisclosed
I’m going to just give you a couple of
things I’m going to give you the top 10
uh things that we we learned yesterday
um from just the news but I want to go
to where it is here it is
a WhatsApp message connected to Joe
Biden and Hunter Biden’s business deal
I don’t know why we haven’t seen this
the second the second unnamed
whistleblower said that there was a
WhatsApp message found where Hunter
Biden mentioned his father President Joe
Biden in the context of business deals
now remember
I had nothing to do I didn’t know about
my son’s business and we’ve told you
that’s impossible it is impossible and
we’ve shown you circumstantial evidence
but in the WhatsApp message
here’s what he uh um says and this the
FBI and IRS had July 30th 2017.
Biden says to Henry Zhao one of his
Chinese uh Affiliates guy who’s doing
business with Jason I want to bring you
in because your Chief researcher and
I’ve been so busy on the book I want to
make sure you that you clarify make sure
that I’m right on everything
Henry Zhao is the guy who is Communist
Party Affiliated right okay
um and this is the uh I can’t remember
the name of the company cefc yes which
was that was uh I I guess they’re kind
of like an inner energy type company
right but it’s it’s a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Chinese government
okay and uh the contact was a guy in the
Communist Party Henry Zhao and this is
what Hunter Biden wrote quote
I am sitting here with my father
and we would like to understand why the
commitment made has not been fulfilled
now it goes on but I think that’s enough
don’t you
I’m sitting here with my father not the
big guy
you know he’s become very spiritual
maybe he was talking about his father in
Heaven I am sitting here in prayer With
My Father in heaven and he’s wondering
why the commitment you know to some of
those Commandments has not yet been
fulfilled maybe that’s the explanation
he says tell the director that I would
like to resolve this now before it gets
out of hand and now means tonight
and Z if I get a call or text from
anyone involved in this other than you
Zang or the chairman I will make certain
that between the man sitting next to me
and every person he knows and my ability
to forever hold a grudge that you will
regret not following my direction I’m
sitting here waiting for the call
With My Father in heaven
or as he wrote he left the in heaven
part out I’m sitting here waiting for
the call with my father
I mean I am I was very very suspicious
of uh and I would say knew that Joe
Biden committed crimes like this and I I
this is not a surprise I am surprised
they were this blatant with it the the
I’m I am shocked that this message
actually exists this is Hunter Biden
blatantly blurting out everything we’ve
been accusing him of
it’s happening it’s it this is real
right like honestly I went back and
forth 20 times yesterday going like this
is is this is it did someone say they
saw this message did is this is it one
of those things that like it turned up
on the Internet we can’t explain why
this is real Jason right like there’s no
question about it this is not only real
but let me tell you this the FBI and
this is in the first couple pages of
this report the report is like 250 pages
and thank God for you Jason for reading
I’m always the schmuck right yeah I know
um the FBI authenticated all of this in
November 2019.
now just think about what has happened
what happened after that that’s that’s a
year before the election that’s a year
before the laptop goes out they verified
the FBI we now know verified that that
laptop was real a year before anyone
even heard the word Hunter laptop but
what did they do to social media
companies like Facebook right after this
they went to places like Facebook and
said hey um there might be some Russian
disinformation you know that might be
coming your way soon just want to put it
on your radar and that eventually led to
all of the blacklisting and you know
Banning of all that information like the
New York Post article I
unbelievable absolutely unbelievable
what what is what is truly
uh truly uh an act of treason toward uh
is the press
not raising hell over this okay this is
this is the Smoking Gun the smoke the
little smudged bullet in the wall this
is all of it this is all of it and for
them not to take this now and say
because here’s the problem only half the
country cares right and until you get
the other half to care if nothing’s
gonna happen but if ABC NBC boy that
would be horrible if people started
protesting the mouse house because ABC
only moves When anybody threatens The
Mouse House the actual Park you’re
saying I’m gonna pick it your Park they
go crazy they don’t care about their
movie or anything they care about the
uh so I’d hate to see somebody organize
a really lasting long-term uh and smart
picketing of those Parks uh to get ABC
to actually start to tell the truth
the fact that they just that this isn’t
the lead and
non-stop story
of the year yeah because it’s not only
this message you know we’ve seen the
laptop we’ve seen tons of stuff on there
that was a real problem the reason we’re
seeing this message today is because the
Whistleblower said they had these
messages and they were blocked from
trying to investigate them yes so so
listen to the whole thing listen there’s
other things Biden met cefc Chinese
business client of Hunter did you know
that he didn’t know anything about it he
meets this guy
shapely recalled Rob Walker a business
associate of Hunter describing a meeting
that Joe Biden attended with the Chinese
company Walker went on to describe an
instance in which the former vice
president showed up at a CFC meeting uh
Walker said we we were at the Four
Seasons we were having lunch and he
stopped in and he said hello to
everybody I don’t think he drank water I
think Hunter Biden said uh I may be
trying to start a company or try to do
something with these guys and could you
and I think he was like uh I mean I’m
around and he’d show up he recounted so
I don’t know exactly what that means
other than
uh I want to do business and could you
be involved but he didn’t want to say
that you know if if you’re around would
you show up from time to time is that
what you get from that uh yes does that
go on to say what he what the
conclusions that that they drew from
that meeting okay so that that goes on
even further in the testimony and the
person whoever’s asking to ask him the
most polar question says was it your
impression that all of this was
orchestrated between Joe and Hunter for
this entire for him to show up at that
time to make that presence to influence
this uh meeting was it in your
impression that this was orchestrated he
answers yes that was my impression okay
now this isn’t just some nameless
whistleblower there are those that are
afraid this is a high-ranking IRS
official that was in charge of this
investigation and as you will find out
in a few minutes
he is blowing the whistle not only on
what they found but what they were not
allowed to do all the stuff that this
was oh no we stayed out of it he’s is an
absolute lie and we now have the FBI
stating it and we have the FB and we
have the IRS stating it all of the
agents that were involved in the actual
and at the IRS the guy who was in charge
of the agents who are doing the work can
I point out also as we’ve been kind of
critical on the FBI as we should I think
in a lot of things but this was very
very remarkable in this testimony
because the rank and file FBI agents
were just as pissed off as this
whistleblower was in the Sesame way it’s
clear that something was happened at the
higher level but the rank of FBI agents
were like let us investigate let us ask
these questions I would love to see if
they really cared they really cared I
mean I got to tell you any of these guys
lose their job and you are really coming
out and blowing the whistle and you have
the hard facts I think this audience
would raise millions of dollars to make
sure your family was taken care of you
know what I mean you’ve got to do your
patriotic Duty you’ve got to speak out
anyway let me come back to there’s more
shocking stuff okay so now the FBI
whistleblower and again not Rank and
file guy this was the guy in charge of
the investigation the S IRA press
whistleblower describes in detail
yesterday how Hunter Biden evaded paying
taxes on his burisma income
Biden’s appointed attorneys allowed the
statute of limitation to run out okay
listen to this
here’s the quote and so the way the
money worked
is there’s a document in which the
contract between barisma and Hunter
Biden those are the two parties it was
for one million dollars per year of
course this was 2014 and it was
negotiated in April so the payments in
that year were reduced by the months so
it was not shockingly 666 666 thousand
eighty three thousand dollars a month he
was receiving what Hunter by what Hunter
Biden did I’m quoting the testimony
is that he told berezma to send that
income to Rosemont Seneca bohi which was
his company and then when the money came
back to him he booked it as a loan
there so there’s all this mechanization
of nonsense happening over here in the
nominee structure oh this is complex
this is complex and well it’s not
complex because this is taxable events
as soon as the income came from berezma
to Hunter Biden whatever he did with it
after that was just a scheme to evade
taxes for that year to add to that is
Rosemont seneca’s hope bohi and Archer
when the money came back to Biden they
booked it as an expense on their books
so even the two parties didn’t treat it
the same way then Eric schwenneren
realized this looked into it and he even
told Hunter on multiple occasions
multiple Communications you need to
amend your 2014 return to include the
barisma income he never did
but they never let the FBI never let
them investigate that in time they kept
asking we have this we have this we have
this well I’m not sure let’s not go
there yet let’s until it expired
and now statute of limitations but they
intentionally blocked it until it
listen to this
I had alluded to pharah and some other
things here but some of these people
here chairman Yi gone win dong Zhao are
believed to be kinetic connected to the
Chinese Communist party okay so could
there be National Security implications
with Communications with those officials
the testimony is that is correct and was
that sentiment also shared by the FBI
answer yes and despite those concerns
that the FBI had and the rest of the
team had he was not looked into is that
correct the prosecutors said don’t do it
when we asked for location GPS location
on some of these documents they said no
we’re not going to do that and if FBI
did something at some level I’m not
privy to it
they block them even the what WhatsApp
if I’m not mistaken Jason even the
WhatsApp message they wanted to
geolocate where that message came from
to make sure he was in the house and dad
was in the house
they wouldn’t do it
now why in an honest investigation would
you not do that why wouldn’t you
exonerate the president
be very easy to do

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