As the Housing Market Collapses, a Housing Conflict is Announced

As the Housing Market Collapses, a Housing Conflict is Announced

The Economic Ninja

For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S., clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ.
This is an honest, in-depth account of Satan’s activities today.

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As the Housing Market Collapses, a Housing Conflict is Announced

Transcribed Notes

hey everybody economic ninja here I hope
you are doing great we’re gonna start
with the housing market we’re gonna talk
about a housing Clash what Clash I
thought you meant crash well I actually
do but right now there has to be a clash
before the crash and we’ve got three or
four different stories for you and then
I’m going to explain uh just some really
basic fundamentals of why I can tell you
with all certainty with total certainty
that the housing market is crashing and
is going to get way bigger and way worse
in the coming months uh we’re going to
see things this fall and in this winter
they’re going to blow your mind but it
will not be time to buy yet I cannot
stress that enough let me give an
example I just bought a car the other
day twenty five thousand dollars under
the asking price why is because they
couldn’t sell any cars yes I get it
there’s all these cars and they’re super
expensive and it doesn’t seem like the
prices have gone down too much but the
fact is there are some dealers that are
willing to deal because they know if
they don’t sell that car at a lower
price right now they’re going to be
taking it in the shorts on all their
their inventory and homes are no
different so before I get into these
stories just check this out I just did a
quick search went on to lennar’s website
right and uh and you can look
at it it’s happening all around the
country now this is just California and
California is going to be hit the
hardest first along with certain parts
of Florida and Texas because they boomed
the most but that crash that’s happening
right now in California is going to
extend out through the country I know
it’s hard to believe it happened during
the Great Recession no matter what Dave
Ramsey tells you it actually did even
though there was just a few places in
this country that didn’t see prices dip
or sales uh stop back in 2008 by and
large around the country there were
deals right but the question was were
you ready for it type one if you were
ready for the crash of 2008 type two if
you were not I’m just curious I sold 95
of my homes but I wasn’t ready to take
advantage of the amazing deals even
though I saw it ahead of time I saw the
crash well Mrs ninja was pretty much
burnt out on buying homes I gotta be
honest with you but with that being said
um there was a place that I wanted to
buy for two and a half million dollars
and it was a massive massive Winery and
today it’s sitting here like 38 million
um but easily at that point if I would
have been able to put together the two
and a half million I would have easily
walked into a five to six million dollar
uh production and facility and a tasting
room right big big property with three
homes on it I really wanted that that
day I said it will never happen again I
will be ready for this next crash and
that’s why I taught the real estate
crash course how to take actionable
steps easy no-brainer actionable steps
right now to prepare for this crash and
how to identify the different parts of
these Cycles I’ll throw some more of
those 80 off links if it doesn’t cost

means the links are gone I’ll throw
those down in the description below all
right now check this out going on to
Lennar Homes literally now these are
expensive homes 1.5 million but you
could see fifty thousand dollars off
thirty thousand dollars off
um this one right here uh thirty five
thousand dollars off now that’s cool and
um but check this out I scrolled down
here and I found this one let me see if
I can find it we’re live so it’s always
um oh yeah here we go um this one move
in ready it’s it’s it just says Loft
right here right instead of where it
said 35 000 or 50 000 off but look at
these prices I know it’s backwards

nineteen thousand
um this one right here was four hundred
and thirty four thousand it’s now 399.
they don’t like advertising it but the
truth is they are having to Mark these
houses down so much it’s insane
um now this is around the country we’re
seeing these price drops
I have a buddy that works for uh Lennar
Homes and he says they are panicking
right now they’re trying their hardest
to try and figure out different ways of
making the building these homes cheaper
because they have to lower the price
because they are competing with the
mortgage companies that are raising the
rates because the FED they’re having to
compete with the insurance companies
that are raising their rates they’re
having to compete with the counties and
cities that are charging higher taxes
based off of new prices but what’s crazy
to me is that most people have no
concept of how basically simple this is
and the fact the matter is yes there are
some blow-off tops these Peaks and
prices right they are literally not the
norm the velocity of transactions is
gone there is no velocity we’re talking
what used to be hundreds of transactions
a month in a town you’re now seeing five
to ten maybe 20 transactions and yeah
those ones the prices are spiking but
there’s a couple of idiots born every
day and that’s called the dumb money
that’s moving in you have got to look at
some of these people and go no no
honestly this is what this is how crazy
it is
back in 2004 2005 or in 2004 I’m like
these people don’t can’t afford this
home but what was happening is these uh
negative amortization loans ninja loans
and stuff like that were like oh don’t
worry you don’t have to uh you don’t
have to pay you know a fixed rate you
don’t have to even pay an adjustment
rate shoot let’s do this let’s give you
a pay option arm and you could decide
and if you want to choose the lowest
payment we’ll just stack the the
principal and interest on the back end
of the loan you just do whatever you
want it’s because Banks needed so
desperately to give out loans because
they were losing so much money because
the FED had raised rates back then right
from 2003 to 2005. now we have the exact
same thing you see your neighbor and
you’re like that house is a 700 000
house how can these young this young
couple afford it they’re insane there’s
no way no it is there is a way you say
they didn’t need 20 as a matter of fact
the government said if you have 20 down
we’re gonna find you we’re going to
charge you fees we want to encourage
people that don’t have enough money to
buy a house to buy a house that’s what
they did back then see George Bush said
we’re going to make home ownership a
reality for all Americans what they
wanted what they were really telling
about the scenes we wanted to get a
bunch of idiots to buy homes so we could
take it from them and make tons of money
as we foreclose on them and repossess
the home
um and that is happening again you don’t
even need 20 shoot you don’t even need
three percent to qualify for a Fannie
and Freddie government-backed
conventional loan rocket mortgage says
you could put down just one percent well
Scott we’ll take we’ll pay the other two
percent don’t worry about it that is
happening again so let’s dive into these
stories thank you so much guys again I’m
going to put some more of those uh 80
off links if it is not 199 the course um
there’s like 28 lessons on there and
this month we’re filming I have four
slated to film four more lessons I’m
just gonna keep putting lessons on there
to guide you and show you when to buy
when to sell how to buy with conviction
and how to sell with conviction a lot of
people don’t know that even real estate
agents I love it when I see meet you
real estate agents that are going oh my
gosh I never saw this before I love it
why because not only was I a real estate
agent known real a couple real estate
brokerages I was an investor first so I
look at real estate totally different
than agents do or uh Brokers all right
here we go first story we’re going to go
over Fortune now you got to look at read
between the lines and and their their
rhetoric they’re trying their
cheerleaders right they got to get you
to keep buying real estate or selling
real estate so that they can make money
a fight erupts in the U.S housing market
as deteriorated affordability
clashes with the lock in effect
it says in a clash of opposite forces
the U.S housing market finds itself
embroiled in a fierce battle on one side
deteriorated affordability resulting
from a spike in mortgage rates from
three percent to over six percent in

surged by more than 40 percent during
the pandemic housing boom guys we’ve
honestly never seen a boom like this in
history this makes what happened in the
early 2000s look like Child’s Play and
back then in my home a town in
California we saw our home prices
deteriorate over 45 just a little about

this time you’ve seen a surge in a very
short order of 40 which means the crash
is going to be even bigger it’s going to
be exciting and I want you prepared for
um it says here on the other side I feel
like a fight commenter on the other side
the scarcity of existing inventory
exacerbated by the lock-in effect as
many homeowners are reluctant to sell
and buy new Oh by Anew fearing the
trade-off from a two percent or three
percent mortgage rate to one in the six
or seven percent range is exerting
upward pressure on home prices you know
what’s funny the commentator of this
story or the obvious story couldn’t even
tell you the whole truth you want to
talk about a lock-in effect this is
what’s happening
homeowners aren’t scared about
necessarily getting losing their three
percent mortgage going to a six or seven
percent mortgage that’s only part of the
game principal and interest is just part
of what you pay in the acronym known as
p-i-t-i if I had an editor right now
there’d be the p-i-t-i with uh with
explosions point is this principal
interest taxes Insurance well guess what
all of it’s going up baby you got State
Farm and farmers and big insurance
companies pulling out of some of the
most expensive locations in the country
right where the biggest booms happen why
multiple reasons not only a disaster is
affecting uh premiums but also the cost
of rebuilding it’s it’s not even like a
lumber shortage you got a labor shortage
you’ve got all kinds of headaches right
so insurance is going up then you’ve got
taxes going up and what really sucks is
because the velocity of transactions
have collapsed so fast and so hard
the home prices and it’s just like a
stock remember this when you look at a
price a share of Tesla or Apple or
Google right and you go and look at it
and it says it’s up
three percent and it’s this price let’s
say it’s 58 dollars a share that 58
dollars a share was predicated on the
last share that was traded it’s only
worth what the last shares traded value
at right so whether it be an order for
one share for sale and it sold for 58 or
if it’s a million shares traded at that
amount that’s the price and if the next
trade closes at fifty nine dollars or
sixty dollars even if it’s one share or
a million that’s the value of that stock
and then you see that percentage up or
down right well the housing market and
the taxation on that housing market is
the exact same thing
your house is valued based off of comp
uh comps uh comparative sales right and
the tax collector are looks in the
assessor they look and they go okay your
home is this me square feet on this size
lot and we deem the lot to be worth X
and then we deem the improvements on the
lot to be y so X Plus y equals a and the
Y is the most important because half of
your guys are on uh why are you doing
this why are you screwing us why are you
taxing us well it’s because that’s what
they do they’re Tax Collectors uh
they’re thieves in my opinion but my
point being is that the thieves I mean
the tax collectors are basing your why
the value of your home based off of the
last handful of cells now whether it be
a hundred comps or just three comps
because there’s no transactions no
velocity that is where you’re left with
right so if the locket effect is not
just mortgage rates I want people to
understand you have literally a time and
this exact same phenomenon happened in

in effect lasted a year now this one is
going to last a little bit longer now I
explained these kind of things in the
real estate crash course because once
you start to see these basic
fundamentals of you know like economics
or real estate uh Cycles like supply and
um different uh tiers or different
effects that affect housing prices and
housing market confidence or lack
thereof you start to see oh my gosh how
easy this is and you go oh yeah this
isn’t time to buy right foreclosures to
start picking up a little bit but we
have something that has not happened
ever in history since 1918 which was a
flu that shut down the economy and then
not only that a stimulus similar to what
happened in the 20s which led to the
Roaring 20s which then led to the crash
of 29 and the Great Depression
you can actually put the cycle that
happened in 2008 and this one together
very easily like the depression 1920.
and the crash of 29 and the subsequent
Great Depression and so what is
happening right now is is similar to
what happened in the 20s but unlike any
time in history why because the entire
money supply was doubled and also you
have Banks and hedge funds vying to take
your home from you and they’re excited
and they’re foaming at the mouth and the
reason why we know this is true is
because BlackRock has the largest ever
uh down literally quote unquote real
estate downturn Fund in history and I
think as of what a month and a half ago
two months ago they had 30 billion
dollars sitting aside waiting to buy
your home this isn’t a joke these are
the days we live in so we have to come
up with a plan to strike and strike back
to be able to take back the wealth that
the banks are trying to take from you
and they want you to become a renter I
do not believe that is going to be
possible with Ninja Nation standing by
being prepared and not scared so it says
here housing economists say neither
Force should be ignored I completely
agree with that the surge in mortgage
rates in 2022 caught many prospective
buyers off guard not if you’re watching
this channel right you guys remember
when I started talking about this in
January of

December of 2020 came out and said what
they were going to start doing with
inflation they’re going to start raising
rates and I’ve told you before and I’m
going to say it again we’re going to see
double digit
mortgage rates I know it sounds crazy
I’m putting my neck on the line but it’s
okay I’ve been here before seen it done
it we’re ready to repeat and I’m getting
very very excited it’s not that we’ve
seen double-digit rates since I mean
literally what the 90s I think maybe we
touched maybe in the 90s for sure the
um my point being is that uh history is
going to repeat itself and they’re going
to have to make very big raises in uh
the raids to curb inflation and to bring
value to the dollar which if you haven’t
paid attention if you look at the chart
of the dxy it’s falling around what 12
bring value to our currency as well so
that on the international stage other
countries will want to hold dollars the
only reason you give there’s only two
reasons that a country will hold a
currency that is outside of their own
and a rate of return and a story right
and right now the US dollar is giving
all the countries around the world
nothing all right here we go
um so let’s move on to the next story
this one is out of the and it’s
entitled four things to know about the
rapidly changing housing market and to
say it is rapidly changing is an
understatement uh if you’ve been
following this uh story for literally a
couple of years it seems like it’s
happening overnight but for people that
are just waking up and starting to
realize what a real estate cycle is or a
business cycle or an economic cycle
period they start to think that this is
taking forever all right when will it
get over right but just like I gave the
analogy earlier today about the car
buying the car undervalued because all I
had to do was find the person that knew
the true reality and goes if I don’t
sell this car
I’m not gonna be able to make my rent
and my dealership closes down so that’s
the same thing you want to be able to
find the perfect person in a line to
sell you their home thank you TJ Lewis
so much for the Super Chat all right
here we go out of the a home
with a sold sign is shown Sunday May 2nd
now this story actually is just recent
right but they’re talking about
something that happened in the past in
Surfside Florida average long-term U.S
mortgage rates ticked down modestly this
week after six straight weeks of gains
pushed rates to Heights not seen more
than a decade if type one if you’ve been
following the mortgage uh rates lately
okay and and I’m just gonna go on on a
limb here they’ve been talking about how
mortgage rates ticked down yeah they
haven’t done crap they’ve went down
Point like maybe 0.1 percent that’s
nothing zilch nada nothing but the
mainstream that’s all they got and
they’re Eternal cheerleaders like bye
bye bye you know then please like please
buy like the economy is collapsing
they’re not gonna tell you that but
they’re they’re trying to encourage you
it’s like mortgage rates went down no
they didn’t they went down like nothing
so they’re they’re stating the obvious
mortgage rates went down copy uh how
much they change your payment
um 25 bucks
do I hear 40 bucks yep nope nothing not
enough to change anything all right but
it says here
mortgage buyer Freddie Mac reported
Thursday October 6 2022 that the average
on a third let’s see if let’s see if I’m
screwed up I did not read you remember
the ninja never reads these stories
ahead of time
but now that I’m seeing the number this
is a very interesting number
I just said 0.1 percent
on October 6 20 22nd that the average on
the key 30-year rate dipped to
well that’s less than one percent now
this is really interesting
check this out we’re gonna go back this
story is really messed up and this is
what I want to show you and how people
are really screwed up now it’s going to
be backwards I’m gonna show it to you in
real time I’m live right so what the
ninja does so it’s out of the hill right
right yep four things you
should do now it says you see the date
the story right here the date of the
story is 7 17 2023.
steer a day right I don’t even know
what’s a I don’t even know what the date
is what’s the date guys put it in the
comment section below what I mean is
this new story right and it talks about
it references this photo this photo
right here you see this right here photo
um with a sold sign shown on Sunday May
that was a long time ago then they’re
talking about how mortgage rates tilted
down right and they’re saying here that
mortgage buyer Freddie Mac reported on
Thursday October 6 2022
which is like
I mean that was a long time ago right I
was like
eight nine months ago that the average
on a key 30-year rate dipped to 6.66 you
know the devil’s number from 0.67 6.7
sorry last week
it doesn’t make any sense
do you see see what I’m saying
it doesn’t make any sense the dates
aren’t lining up nothing’s working here
but yet
people read these stories and they skim
through them and they don’t even see how
stink and messed up they are
says here we’re gonna go ahead and start
a little more home prices are ticking up
amid a sustained housing shortage making
it even more difficult for people to
enter the market now I gotta be honest
with you at this point I’m going all
right you’re pretty jacked
pretty moronic I get that and copy your
mainstream media uh
you just said that home prices are
ticking up were you talking about Sunday
May 2nd 2021 are you talking about
October 6 2022 or the date that Adam
Barnes wrote this article a couple days
ago I don’t know
Adam you don’t make any sense
probably gonna lose your job sorry
mortgage rates remain well above recent
historic lows and even
with new homes coming on the market soon
according to recent data experts don’t
expect first-time buyers to see lower
prices right away
see if you’re after falling during the
second half of 2022 amid the federal
reserve’s bout with inflation home
prices are rising again and nearing
their Peak now this is I’m going to
uncover something that the meat is doing
to to really screw you guys up
um and this is information according to
Black Knight firming prices have now
fully eased the pullback we tracked
through the last half of 2022 and lifted
the seasonally adjusted Black Knight
uh home price index to a new record high
in May there’s another date
what’s going on with this this story
came out two days ago right on the 17th
I don’t even see what’s the date today
hold on let me just do this I’m going to
turn off the phone turn it on oh crap
today is the 17th so this story just
came out yet we’ve ordered a referenced
four different dates and false data
about the housing market
I hope you guys are seeing what I’m
going like how I’m catching this okay
check I don’t even know how to explain
this even more clearly
in 2005 there was so much convoluted
data and information in the mainstream
press I couldn’t explain to my family
and friends how and why the real estate
market was collapsing they all laughed
at me I was literally laughed out of
parties as a matter of fact one party I
was kicked out while they were screaming
at me that the housing Market’s not
imploding I’m crazy and I’m just jealous
because they had two rentals
trust me they had no idea
what I owned
I tried my hardest
here’s a story from the hill
talking about four things to know about
the rapidly changing housing market
and the story literally sits between a
year and a half old
or as old as last May
but they changed the date and they
pushed it out today
this isn’t even current information
let me know say I have in the comment
section if you have witnessed lately
regurgitated news that’s trying to show
you why house prices are going to stay
strong and elevated for a while so you
might as well just buy them like like
let me know see there are people that
have seen this this is happening right
now like crazy and these are one of the
signposts the pillars of information
when it comes to buying a home and
buying it right that you need to have to
be able to go all right the media is
literally lying to me but it’s it’s
crazy they’re not even making stuff up
they’re regurgitating stuff from like a
year and a half ago and they’re just
serving it to you on a silver platter
and there are morons out there and I’m
saying a and I’m or an idiot or a
fool to try and hopefully wake a couple
people up more than likely it can’t uh
wake up don’t listen to your real estate
agents are saying if you can’t afford if
you can’t if you don’t buy now you’re
gonna probably miss out
their morons
if your lender is telling you oh oh and
just you know if you don’t buy they’re
gonna miss out on commission if your
lender is telling you if you don’t lock
in now it’s probably gonna go up well
they’re actually probably telling the
truth because they’re watching the ninja
because yeah rates are going to keep
going up but if if they’re trying to
scare you into acting now
that’s probably not the lender you want
matter of fact one of the things I teach
in the real estate crash course is how
to interview the people the property
managers the real estate uh agents the
lenders and one of the questions I used
to ask everybody I still do what’s your
home like I’d love to see what their
house looks like because I want to see
what kind of condition they keep it in
and then how many rentals do you own and
then not only that out of those which
ones are airbnbs that tells me a lot
about their understanding and knowledge
of the markets and then I sit there and
go oh and how long have you owned
rentals I don’t care how long you’ve
been a real estate agent I’m a brand new
real estate agent I got treated like an
idiot by all my peers they had no idea
that I owned a brokerage right down
they never ask me any questions real
estate agents don’t tend to ask a ton of
questions and let me ask you this also
put down in the comments and not all
real estate agents like this there is
one percent of really awesome incredible
real estate agents I know a lot of them
um trust me but but also let me ask you
this how many uh real estate agents uh
ask you a couple questions of what you’d
like and then they send you the total
opposite uh
type the number eight if that has
happened to you you go yeah I’d like a
three bedroom two bath think oh here’s a
two bedroom one bath
um okay I’d love a place out in the
country well here’s a place in the city
it’s almost like it’s like are you are
you listening to me anyway point being
is and I even I even put that in the
real estate crash course just a little
couple lessons for agents like you may
want to do this things this way and
you’re gonna have some amazing sales
all right so check this out next story
inflation eases but the FED can’t
conquer housing prices now I want you to
understand this the Federal Reserve they
want a couple different things they want
you out of a job fired scared and
helpless oh wait that’s two things
um uh because they want you to take
their digital currency and then they
want to take your house not gonna lie it
really is a plan and uh I don’t want
that to happen that’s why once you
prepared not scared I want you getting
out of debt money on the side
um and yeah unlike some other YouTubers
that want to hide hide in their bunkers
and go oh my gosh the world’s coming
down yeah it’s going to come down but we
might as well have some fun and make a
lot of money while we’re doing it uh
because the sun will come out tomorrow
and to all the YouTubers that know who
I’m talking to it’s more than a nanny
okay nothing new Under the Sun after the
Great Depression came something big
after the black plague came the
Renaissance I don’t know how to tell you
but I’m gonna shove a little Berea
where it needs to go right now and that
is The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow we are
going to see the mother of all crashes
trust me the Federal Reserve wants it
and a lot of elitists want it but there
is a way to fight it and there’s a way
to make money from it okay all right
here we go you inflation eases but the
FED can’t conquer housing prices says as
the Biden Administration cheers signs
that price Rises across the economy have
started to cool homeownership remains
Out Of Reach for many first-time buyers
if you’re a first-time buyer I’m not
joking wait like just cool the Jets I
get it you’re ready to get married you
want to populate the world I’m all for
that but you gotta gotta just
keeper keeper
settle down there big trucker
we’re gonna make you some money Consumer
Price inflation is easing sparking hopes
that the U.S may be turning the corner
on the war
yet the single biggest component of the
Consumer Price Index housing costs
continue to be the main driver of
inflation Rising twice as fast as
anything else hey guys if any of you are
real estate lenders out there let the
people know what’s going on with the
now first off I want you to understand
that you are going to save a couple of
bucks you’re gonna your payments are
gonna be extended over 40 years you’re
going to be a debt slave for 10 years
more literally 33 percent longer
becoming a slave to the lender and in
most likeliness you’re not going to pay
it off in just 40 years but You’re Gonna
Save 250 books so a lot of people are
diving into that which is only
exacerbating the problem but when I say
a lot of people remember velocity has
collapsed they’re less home selling
because there are a lot of smart people
I literally can’t afford to leave I’m
locked down that’s
sorry um so velocity’s collapsed so the
few people are going in and biting on
the Biden administration’s new little
newly got you
um so just just understand that the
dynamic let the people know in the
comment section what’s going on with 40
year fixed rate mortgages those are not
good okay no bueno it’s going to keep
prices elevated for just a little bit in
certain sub sectors and certain um
mental capacities of certain people bars
if you know what I mean
um but that is not going to last very
long the government reported Wednesday
oh this is gonna be great uh that
overall inflation Rose three percent on
an annual basis in June the lowest level
since March of 2021
hey uh buy a show of hands right now
give me an emoji of uh are any of you
guys celebrating that inflation only
Rose just three percent
I don’t see any emojis all right give me
your best emoji of what you think of
government official numbers just put it
down in the comment section just go
crazy just let me know what you think of
government official numbers
um but it says but the cost of Shelter
soared by 7.8 percent in a reflection of
post-pandemic rent spikes
now that’s rent part of the trend that
has defied the federal reserve’s
aggressive interest rate hikes over the
past year so even as the Biden
Administration cheers signs that price
Rises across the economy have started to
cool homeownership remains Out Of Reach
for many first-time buyers who have
already who are already facing a severe
lack of Supply housing driven inflation
may also be a key reason that President
Jeff Borgen of his approval numbers on
the economy have been so low
but but you know who really likes uh his
diaper companies
so uh even as the Biden Administration
chairs we get that for younger voters so
this comes down to voting whoa this is
out of Politico that makes sense we just
turned House housing prices into a
political thing well that’s just great
would you look at that just look at that
handling of the economy according to a
real clear politics average of polls
conducted over the last month under 39
percent approval I approve of you guys
on approving for younger voters who are
seeking to move out of rentals to find
an affordable first home close to work
that can be close to Impossible minus a
down payment from a wealthier parent no
it’s okay Biden’s fixing this see he’s
lowering the amount you got to put down
he’s finding all the people that got
money and got a good credit score he’s
taking care of you guys if you want to
make an ill like a bad decision and buy
a house right now super high high
mortgage high taxes High everything and
you want to do that if you’re if you’re
nuts enough to do that the Biden
Administration is here to help they are
here to just literally serve you a
horrible financial decision on a platter
but hey guys I’m not a financial advisor
and per government rules I have to tell
you that I’m just to do with rohawk and
a dream I’m just an investor okay I’m
just a goofy dude trying to help people
make good decisions and the good thing
you could do right now is sit back get
out of debt get some popcorn don’t spend
too much on popcorn because I need to
put money in the savings account and
then get ready to enjoy the foreclosures
foreclosures are ramping up last year we
um what 66
nation uh oh that was a year before
sorry a year before last year 2022 we
saw 88 000.
um the average amount of foreclosures in
a normal environment as you guys know
and this information is coming out of uh we’re looking around 240
we are nowhere near the 2018 number of
I have a feeling uh within three years
you were going to see that number
explode over 350 400
That’s not including short sales
um which is a form of foreclosure and
then uh companies like Lennar and Toll
Brothers slashing prices literally just
please give yeah we got to get rid of
this and that is the reason why I said
it before and I’ll say it again you have
to be prepared guys I hope you got
something out of this I’ll throw some 80
off links down below uh in the
description uh if they’re gone they’re
gone don’t pay full price that class I
hope you got something out of this I’m
going to be filming four new lessons in
the month of July should have them all
done hope so and uh we’re gonna keep
going 28 lessons so far we’re just gonna
keep crushing it for you guys hope you
have a great day the economic Ninja
is out

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