Biden Gets Busted Again, Again, and Again

Corrupt Biden Gets Busted Again (Ep. 2047) – 07/14/2023

The Dan Bongino Show

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Transcribed Notes:

Talk about Biden just did some more tyrannical bullshit. He’s always trying to pull
I mean this whole student law that he just basically flipped the middle finger to Supreme Court was like hey
We’re just gonna forgive student loans. Yeah, but they just told you you couldn’t yeah, but we’re gonna do it
Anyway, because that’s what they do in tyrannies. We’ll talk about that
I’m gonna tie it all together for the Clintons the Bidens the crime family
It’s gonna be a kind of a short segment
But it involves me and something that happened to me a long time ago what they’re hiding and I haven’t really addressed this
But I’m gonna now because I think this was kind of stupid yesterday
What was Geraldo doing on the view the hell was out about?
There’s like a way you kind of do these things in a way you don’t think given that me and him have been tied together
I feel like I’m kind of entitled to an opinion here
No big loaded show for you got your questions at the end of the show today folks as we head through this summer
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Now Joe is not here today
He is doing something but Joe Armacost was kind enough to join us by phone because it is Friday
So Joseph, thank you for taking the time
even though you’re kind of on a work vacation,
semi-break kind of thing.
So Joe, if you would get us started today, sir.
Thank you, my good friend.
Enjoy your thingy that you’re doing
that we both know about the audience loves you.
Thanks pal.
See you man, take it easy.
Joe is actually working today too, just so you know.
He’s working, but there’s a lot going on with the show.
We got a lot of surprises to head.
So I just didn’t want you guys to miss out
on this Friday.
I know you missed the bell.
man that chat is bouncing today gosh crazy for a Friday we love you guys so good to have you all
here so I haven’t spoken much about this I’m trying to get to the top of the chat there’s
just so many of them all right folks this Geraldo things got me a little annoyed now you know me
and Geraldo used to argue all the time on Fox I’m gonna try to stay out of the whole like
you know other component of this thing but he went on a view yesterday okay that’s the first
place you go I mean think about it right like regardless of anybody’s feelings about Fox
right? You know, they give Geraldo a shot for the last 10 years or so. He says a bunch of crazy
stuff on the air. Guy calls me a son of a bitch on the air, turns around a camera, you know, starts
like throwing things at the camera. The guy said the most vile things to me already. I listen,
I don’t care. It’s part of the business. I actually enjoyed the fighter, but he leaves Fox.
They give him this nice send off. I send them a nice tweet, which he never responds to,
by the way, like, hey man, good luck
in the rest of your career.
Enjoyed our time together, didn’t even respond to it
or not that I saw at least.
And he runs over to The View, Geraldo.
He runs over to The View like griping and moaning.
Listen, you got a beef with Fox, fine.
I mean, I’m sure there’s a lot of people
that have legitimate gripes and are very upset
about what happened with Tucker and other stuff.
Perfectly fine.
I’ve spoken about it at length.
You probably heard tons of it.
You don’t even need to have been,
people are tired of this story at this point.
But here’s Geraldo yesterday on The View, and I’m not even mad about him running to
The View after Fox with all the liberal kooky nuts over there.
I’m not even mad about that.
I’m upset that this guy goes over there and starts opining on new media, you know, basically
the rumble, Twitter, kind of Twitch space out there now, this new media stuff, podcasts,
and he goes out, he doesn’t even understand it, and he starts opining about how Tucker
Carlson is now somehow gonna be irrelevant
because he’s not on Fox.
This is just stupid, man.
Take a listen.
What are your thoughts on Tucker Carlson’s
new Twitter show?
And do you think the fact that his viewership
is plummeting and that it shows
kind of his influence is waning?
Well, I hope so.
And I, you know, Twitter is a fine outlet.
I don’t even know how to get on thread
or some of these other, I have to ask my 17-year-old,
soon to be 18-year-old daughter how to do it, it’s old.
I think that he is an excellent writer.
I think that he was very charismatic in his presentation.
He was number one for a reason.
It was a pretty good show.
Then he drifted into this murky area,
swampy area where these conspiracy theories,
and it’s not just January 6th,
whole bunch of different monkey kind of conspiracies.
Will he still have that influence? Fox is a tremendous platform. And once you lose that
platform, you’re kind of screaming in the wilderness and competing with a lot of other
people who have podcasts and so forth.
This is just, again, folks, as a guy who’s an investor in the tech space here and
the new media ecosystem, this is an asinine opinion. He’s gonna be screaming in the
wilderness competing with podcasts, folks, I’m asking you something right now.
This is a common sense question.
The day is how long?
Corraldo, what does he think?
27 hours, 24 hours.
You can either watch Fox, OAN, Newsmax or podcasts, which say that I don’t know what
the average American has time wise.
What do you guys think?
To dedicate towards edutainment, educational entertainment, what I call like news.
That’s what it is.
I call it edutainment.
Like the old BDP album, if you’re an old fan of 1980s New York rap, right?
Three hours, maybe four hours if you’re lucky people got kids right Justin shake in his head sounds about right
You know Justin’s in school. You’re studying three, maybe four if you’re lucky
Maybe from like five to nine. You’re watching some stuff. I mean, that’s a lot maybe five to eight. I don’t know
They were already competing with new media
What does that mean like because you left Fox now all of a sudden you’re in competition with other people
That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard
Folks, listen, Fox, OAN, and Newsmax are valuable, despite everyone’s beef and everyone has a beef
with each one of these places for various reasons. Other people’s. Put that aside for a second.
We need a healthy ecosystem of conservative content on cable. Cable news is going through
cord cutting, no doubt, but it’s still vitally important. Fox, OAN, Newsmax. I hope what
happens with Fox, they can settle this, get their heads on straight, move forward.
I like Newsmax. I’ve been enjoying a lot of their programs. You may see me pop on there sometime soon
OAN I haven’t seen much because it’s I don’t think it’s on my network here, but I’ve seen them do some good work
We’ve actually cited some of the work recently. We need a healthy cable ecosystem
But her all those point to take a cheap shot at Tucker is ridiculous Tucker’s gonna be just fine
Tucker’s doing his stuff on Twitter now and I’m guessing her although probably doesn’t understand Tucker’s contract
I’m guessing I’ve not seen Tucker’s contract
but the reason you’re only seeing him on Twitter is probably because of some contract stipulation
he had with Fox. He’s still under contract there. The guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I
mean, this is just like epic Geraldo, like opining on stuff. He has very little subject
matter expertise. Like when I used to get into fights with him about law enforcement stuff
and taking a cheap shot at delving into the conspiracy theories, like what? Asking questions.
And then of course he goes to the view to whine about his beef with Greg Gutfeld
Oh my guys Greg did like me. Well overall. I thought you were like this great epic newsman
Like why do you need Greg go get your own show? Oh, you don’t want to do it
I mean not really man
I’ve been nice to this guy for a long time despite his bullshit and to run to the view to complain to the ladies
Over there about everybody over there. Oh look at that film Tucker. I mean dude. I’m sorry man grow a pair of balls
That’s really petty. He was Gutfeld last night smiling about a little bit of humor on his show
addressing Geraldo on The View. Check this out.
Let’s go to The View, where I’d like to report a murder.
I was fired from The Five. I had a very toxic relationship with another of the cast members.
Which one?
I may get there. I may get there.
If you really think you can check the internet.
Also, I thought that it was very unfair
that I was not judged objectively in our disputes,
but rather he was always favored.
No, no, no, no, no, poor thing.
In lieu of flowers, we set up a GoFundMe page
to get him a barber.
But I credit the view for finally finding a guest
with a bigger mustache than their panelists.
Yeah, they’re a hairy bunch.
Dude, the guy can dish it, Geraldo, but I don’t think he can take it.
I’ll tell you what, Geraldo, I’ll put this out there for you right now.
Here’s my open challenge.
Come on my radio show and we can debate some stuff because you really, you seem to
be able to dish a lot, but you don’t seem to be able to take it out or take it at
I mean, despite all the bullshit you pulled on me on the air screaming and yelling
like a lunatic. I was always you don’t even deny it. You saw me in green rooms at Fox.
You know it. I was always classy with you took the high road every single time. I dare
you to say otherwise. And you go running like a little kid over to the view to start
screaming and griping about people you know Tucker and Gutfeld. What a whiner man.
Freaking pathetic. Really. You don’t understand the new media landscape at all by the way.
You better get with the program Tucker’s gonna lose his influence. Tucker will be just fine
There’s word out there. He’s trying to start a new media company
I mean just here’s just a few stories just from the last few days to show you how the media landscape is completely changing
And heraldo’s stuck on yesterday
Lol daily caller disney’s collapse is escalating to where they’re now open to selling portions of espn abc and other tv networks
Disney go woke get broke here washington times the media landscape folks is a seismic shift
Tapping under your feet right now.
Box Office Triumph,
Small Studios Sound of Freedom
hauls in $40 million, brothers and sisters, $40 million.
By the way, reading the chat,
someone in there, Rumbler or whatever said,
“‘Can you please stop making references to Moose Dutz?’
No, sir, ma’am, I cannot.
Welcome to the chat.
I’m really sorry.
The show is irreverent and does what,
I do what I wanna do.
I’m really sorry.
If it’s not for you, it’s not for you,
but it’s my show
and this is how I conduct my show.
And cutesy time for me is over.
So thank you for being here.
I’m honored, I deeply appreciate it,
but no, I will not be changing anything on the show.
I’m really sorry, I’m too old for that.
So the media landscape’s changing
and people like Geraldo are gonna be left behind.
All right, enough on that.
I only wanna spend a few minutes.
I already wasted too much time.
Guy’s in the other room.
I can see it right now.
Just so you know, folks, Justin,
give him a shout out in the chat,
is running the show by himself today.
So, no pressure, but if there’s a technical meltdown, just know it’s only Justin’s fault.
Guy is trying to train Justin to be like the guy now.
So Justin’s running this whole thing by himself.
Guy’s in the other room, sunning his loins or I don’t know what the hell he’s doing
in there.
I mean, he’s making, I don’t know, the meatloaf, the meatloaf, but what’s he doing
I have no idea, but Guy’s doing nothing today and getting paid.
Paula, stop paying this guy.
he’s doing absolutely zero today and he’s trying to pretend it’s training for Justin. I know he just
wants a day off so I’m kidding these guys are great I’m messing with you quick but Justin is
really running the show today by himself so this is he’s doing a good job everybody give a shout
out to Justin in the chat. Having said that he I know he’s in the other room saying all
right move on but this Geraldo thing just got under my skin. It probably was a mistake to
lead the show off with it so but I’ve never addressed that ever you know that okay moving
on really done this time. So I don’t want to beat this up
either because I spoke about it yesterday. But a lot of people
picked up the story. Media Research Center being one of
them former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino calls
bullshit on claims Secret Service has no leads in the
White House cocaine case. Folks, listen, you heard it
yesterday. You heard it on the radio. You heard it before
the podcast. I love the Secret Service. I worked there with
some of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. I am
who brought that cocaine in the White House. I want to just bring up some quick points and move
on to the big story today. This Biden scandal that is just exploding. I’m going to tie it to the
Clinton scandal. You’re going to love this. I’m getting from a couple of people that there may,
in fact, have been fingerprints found on that cocaine baggie or whatever it was.
Now, here’s what I find deeply disturbing. You ready? You’re not going to hear this anywhere
else. The Secret Service is as a very, very good, what they
call latent fingerprint lab, you know, fingerprints on a
thing. Hey, you put that I have to take these pills from my
thyroid after the chemo thing, you close the box, you’re
going to leave a fingerprint oils and stuff on there. The
Secret Service because we deal in counterfeit, counterfeit
money. It’s really hard to lift prints off off porous
substances, not impossible, but hard. So the Secret Service
is really really good at pulling latent prints. Now if as alleged it was a plastic baggie,
a plastic baggie is non-porous. The chances of a fingerprint being on there, unless it was wiped
down, which I doubt, if you’re going to leave a cocaine bag accidentally behind, you think you’re
going to remember to wipe it down, you would just take it with you. The fact that they have
this skilled latent print lab and couldn’t pull a fingerprint, I think you’re going to
this anywhere else. Sounds to me like some bullshit. I ain’t buying it. And another thing
I said to you yesterday, and it turns out now I was correct. What did I say to you?
There’s probably less than a thousand people that that the traverse the West Wing during
the weekend when no one’s around. Once you eliminate Secret Service people who come
in and out, because it’s not them, they’re drug tested, and high level staffers who
drug tested to, you’re probably down to about 200 people. That was reported today in a number
of outlets that they they they whittled the list down to just a couple hundred people
or roughly that, as I told you yesterday. Why? Because folks, there’s a ton of people
who tore the East Wing. It’s a bigger portion of the White House. The West Wing is tiny.
It’s the work area. They don’t like anyone in there. You can’t even go in there
if you’re a Secret Service agent without a White House pass.
What do you mean?
Every agent doesn’t have a White House pass?
No, they don’t.
Only the ones on the detail that need to be there
have a White House pass, that’s it.
You’re not even supposed to be there on non-work days
even if you have a White House pass.
It’s super exclusive.
Folks, you’re telling me now
they couldn’t find a fingerprint
and out of those say 200 or less suspects,
maybe say 300 or less, doesn’t even matter.
They couldn’t narrow this thing down?
They know who this person was does this story annoy you by the way put a yes in the chat
Why if it annoys, you know if it doesn’t I’m genuinely curious. I want to know I’m gonna wrap it up in a second
But I’m just begging the Secret Service again an agency. I love I love to work for I’ve got a lot of friends here
I’m telling you a lot of retired guys are reaching out to me and are really pissed off about this story
I’m begging you not to do this. It’s clear as day. You guys can do some more investigative work
Alright tired of the story. Yes means you tired a lot. It’s a lot of yeses. So we’ll move on to this
It shows all about you. Please don’t do this though. Do not go down the road of the FBI
Do not destroy this agency, man, please retired guys are reaching out to me left and right. They are furious about this story
There’s no way you guys don’t know who this was. Absolutely. No way
Alright moving on this scandal is not gonna go away cocaine gate
but the more important scandal right now
is we’ve got a dude in the White House,
a kid sniffing, a kid licking,
it looks like at this point, which is disgusting.
I’ll play that for you in a minute too.
Did you guys get a better video of that by the way?
Okay, a little bit.
This guy’s disgusting in the White House,
a rotting bag of oatmeal by the name of Joe Biden,
who unbelievably is now involved even deeper
in this bribery scandal.
the emails keep piling in and there’s no way out. The least of this guy’s problems is the cocaine
story. He should keep this thing in the news to distract from what I’m about to talk about. This
is big. I think I found something here and you’re going to like it. Let me just take a quick
break. Let me get to my first sponsor and we’ll get back to the story. I appreciate your
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I feel the rage.
We really appreciate it.
Folks, the scandal’s not going away.
As predicted right now, the Democrats are getting ready to dump Biden.
Did we not, Guy, we need to take a note for Joe because he’s not here today doing
his thing.
Take a note to unflag it. I had him flag it. Did you guys remember the flag the other day?
What did I say flag it? I said the Democrats are getting ready to dump Biden once they do
It’s gonna be game on they are gonna crush this guy because he sucks and the media is about one thing
Protecting Democrats. No, the media is about protecting liberalism
And if they think Biden’s gonna hurt their cause they’re gonna give him the double-barreled to
Fox News, seeing the slow pace of the campaign, top Democrats prepping in quiet to replace
Ding, ding, ding, ding.
Guy, note, unflag it, unflag it.
We called it, unflagged that.
So Joe’s flag list, Joe, you’re listening right now, I know.
So give me the double, send me a text.
We got to get that unflagged.
I know Jim’s going to unflag it later.
Okay, thank you.
I told you they are getting ready to dump this guy.
Now this is not a good thing because the rotting bag of oatmeal is such a pathetic sad sack that
I’m not sure it’s a good thing that this guy for us
I mean, I mean it’s great for the country to get rid of this guy
But I think Gavin Newsom would be a far more formidable opponent
Even though he leads the failing state of California as the governor now having run for office
I’m gonna give you some inside baseball. You may say to yourself fairly enough right now, right?
You may say well Dan, you know Biden’s not gonna leave his ego’s too big
Um, you’re right. His ego is too big. But ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t matter
You know what matters in politics and it pains me man
It pains me to say this this sucks to have to tell you this so bad
You know what matters in politics the only thing that matters in politics
money, baby
cash cheese
Cheddar whatever the hell you want to call it
That’s all that matters
If you can’t run ads if you can’t pay staff we think they’re gonna knock on doors for free for this guy
What are you crazy?
field organizers
Facebook ads
media advertising
Travel who’s gonna pay for the travel? Oh Dan the president he can travel every once no he can’t
He’s only allowed to use Air Force one for official business now
Sometimes they do this shady stuff where they go say oh
going to do an event at a factory touting the inflation reduction act and a fundraiser after
that. That only works for so long. The guy needs money, folks. Donors are drying up. They’re sick
of this guy. And it’s because of what I said a few weeks ago when we flagged it that they were
going to push this guy out. The Democrats don’t know what else is out there. Well, here’s
what else is out there. By the way, before we get to that, this stuff is getting ridiculous,
too. Look at this video yesterday of the sniffer in chief. What the hell is he doing here is play
that video for me, Justin. Is he licking someone? Take a look at this trip overseas, just leaving
Finland a short time ago on his way back from the United States. More analysis on his performance
on the world stage. What the hell is he doing? Is he licking that kid? This guy is disgusting.
What is that? The sniffing, the licking, the whispering, the touching, the fondling,
the shoulder grabbing. The guy is a freaky deaky Jew, man. What is with this freaking video?
The Democrats know this guy is damaged goods, bro. Here’s what popped yesterday.
Exclusive, Daily Caller. Hunter Biden worked to secure a U.S. visa for a Ukrainian oligarch
allegedly involved in a suspected bribery scheme. Let me just make this really simple for you.
Hunter Biden’s working for this natural gas company in Ukraine while Biden’s the point man
for Ukraine. He’s getting paid a ridiculous amount of money. The head of the natural gas
company Hunter Biden’s working for is under investigation by a prosecutor in Ukraine.
They pay Hunter Biden allegedly to make the prosecutor go away.
Biden conveniently has the prosecutor fired. Sounds like a bribery scheme to me. Now we find
out not only they try to get the prosecutor fired and get bribed to do it, but Hunter Biden worked
to secure a visa for the guy who was under investigation to get him into the United States
email, according to emails reviewed by the Daily Caller. The emails in Hunter Biden’s
abandoned laptop show a coordinated attempt to obtain a visa for Zlochevsky. That’s the
of the Burisma, who was under investigation, while he was being investigated by Ukrainian
authorities for corruption. Folks, you think it can get worse? It has.
Zlochevsky, they report. This is by Diana Globova and James Lynch, hat tip.
Zlochevsky is the foreign national involved in an alleged bribery scheme with Biden
and Hunter Biden. Marjorie Taylor Greene confirmed to the Daily Caller.
They viewed a redacted version of a form that described how Zlochevsky spoke to the Bidens
about making a $10 million bribe to the Bidens.
Christopher Wray tried to redact it, but Marjorie Taylor Greene found out that it
was Zlochevsky who’s alleged to have paid the bribes, and apparently there’s recordings.
Folks, it is all tied together, all of this.
Zlochevsky is apparently bribing the Biden family to make the investigation into him
go away while Biden is the freaking vice president, man.
Now, they all know each other.
I want you to listen to this 2020 clip from John Solomon.
This is 2020, it’s three years ago.
How this all of this is tied together, it’s all in my book, Follow the Money,
by the way.
Again, I’m not trying to sell your book, folks.
I hate that stuff.
If you don’t want to buy it now, fine.
You get it from the library.
I don’t really care borrow from a friend. My book follow the money describes this whole scheme
Right. I wrote about this four or five years ago
The embassy over in Ukraine led by Marie Yovanovitch knew about this stuff
They knew about this whole thing. There were emails
They knew about this Biden scam to get the prosecutor fired while they were trying to get a visa
To get the guy being investigated into the United States this corrupt a crack
This is from 2020. Listen to this. It’s important.
John, while Ambassador Yovanovitch, ambassador to the Ukraine, claimed otherwise, you, well,
she claimed this. You’ve uncovered that she knew more about Burisma and Hunter Biden
than she let on. Tell us.
Yeah, absolutely. Because of Congressman Zeldin’s good questioning, this is what we know.
She testified everything she knew about Burisma and Hunter Biden came from a briefing
before she went before the Senate to be confirmed and from press reports. And Congressman
Zeldin kept repressing. You only knew about press reports. She said, yeah, that’s
I remember. It turns out she had meetings directly with Burisma representatives. She received letters,
detailed letters from Burisma representatives detailing their efforts to get out from under
a criminal investigation before Donald Trump became president. She didn’t mention any of those,
and there’s only two good options here, right? One is she falsely testified knowing that she
had these contacts. The second is she didn’t review her documents before she testified,
and it was a proceeding where we were removing the president of the United States possibly.
Uh, not a good situation for the hero of the, of the hearings.
Folks, our ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovich, knew about all this stuff.
Here’s the book, my book, Follow the Money.
I get sad.
I don’t care.
Get it from the library.
Do whatever you need to do.
It’s all in there.
They knew about the whole thing.
Our ambassador knew everything that was going on with this barisma thing.
Well, I shouldn’t say everything, but clearly knew there was a problem with barisma.
It’s all tied together.
Now, here’s where the story gets super extra freaky deaky do.
Look at this.
I reported on this back in September of 2020.
Actually, I take that back earlier than September in the summer of 2020.
Look at his press release from September of 2020 by Judicial Watch.
State Department records show the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine was monitoring conservative personalities
in potential violation of federal law.
We were being monitored?
Who was on that list?
The documents list the targeted persons as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, who you
just saw, Rudy Giuliani, oh look, and Dan Bongino and more.
They were watching us.
Now, they were watching what was public, our social media and stuff I put out on the air.
But were they using government assets to monitor that stuff for political reasons,
not for business reasons?
Why were we being monitored?
Folks, the answer is because we live in a freaking police state.
That’s why.
We live in a police state.
The Bidens knew I was on to them.
Yovanovitch and George Kent over there in Ukraine knew I was on to them.
They knew what was going on with Burisma or they knew there was something shady going on with Burisma to be precise
It’s clear through the communications that something was up
Hunter Biden and the Biden family were being bribed to make an investigation go away and
The Biden team needed insurance because they didn’t want anyone to figure this out. So they started monitoring people like me
But here’s where the story gets even crazier
Petro Poroshenko is the Ukrainian president.
At the time, a lot of this is going on when the prosecutors getting fired.
This is Pryzalinsky.
Now you see why I’m skeptical about what we’re up to in Ukraine until they come
Here’s another judicial watch revelation here from December of 2020.
New State Department emails show Ukraine Prosecutor General, the new one after the
campaign. They were pitched high-level access by a lobbying firm working with the company
hired by Hunter Biden. You see what the Bidens were up to? They were trying to basically
give people and work with people and get people to get friendly with the Clinton
campaign in case Hillary Clinton was elected president to make sure the DOJ made this
all go away. Folks, this is deep, man. These Bidens, they thought this thing through.
And notice who arranged the reach out on this one, BPPMP, which was Petro Poroshenko’s Solidarity
So just to be clear, Biden’s on a recording talking to Ukrainian president, getting a
prosecutor fired for looking into his son, right?
Prosecutor gets fired, a member of that party reaches out to the Clinton team to
try to arrange like a looky-loo thing, so the Biden team will be secure in case
Hillary Clinton’s elected president
while they’re monitoring people like me and Hannity
for exposing it?
You wanna talk about some hardcore BS here, man?
Here’s a recording again for like the fifth time
of Biden on the phone with Ukrainian president
Petro Poroshenko talking about getting the prosecutor
fired, looking into his son while they’re getting paid
millions, allegedly 10 million to make this go away.
And Poroshenko, a little hard to understand,
He’s like, listen, I fired him, but I want to be clear the guy didn’t do anything wrong.
Take a listen.
I should ask him to resign.
Congratulations on installing the new Prosecutor General.
It’s going to be critical for him to work quickly
to repair the damage Shokin did.
I’m a man of my word and that now
that the new Prosecutor General is in place,
we’re ready to move forward
in signing that new $1 billion loan guarantee.
There’s nobody playing these tapes.
How is nobody playing these tapes?
How is nobody playing these tapes but us?
That tip, by the way, OAN, is actually theirs.
How come this isn’t all over the media?
Why are nobody playing these tapes?
He’s on tape, talking about fired a guy
and now I’ll show up with a billion dollars.
What else you need to hear, bro?
Justin tells me that the chat,
gotta see that, I’m seeing it for myself.
The chat wants to confirm I am not suicidal.
For the record, everyone recorded,
Dan Bongino is a happy man.
He is definitely not suicidal.
So thank you, Chad, for bringing that up.
I really appreciate it.
You know, I love you all.
Add a few welcomes.
If you’re new to the chat, let us know.
We’ll try to give some shout outs here.
It’s right there, folks.
Right in front of you.
All right.
I got more coming up, including the Thogocracy, John Kerry, Getting Absolutely Tooled, Questions
for Dan, Big Show, a lot coming up.
Don’t go anywhere.
Appreciate your patience.
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But ladies and gentlemen,
the thugocracy out of the White House continues.
We got to harp on these scandals
to make sure that even if it’s not Biden,
We make sure the public knows that there is one party. That’s the party of the thug ocracy
socialism top-down rule
Dictatorship fascism the word they ironically use against us and that is in fact the libs and the clown Democrats up on Capitol
Hill this pop yesterday. Did you see this story?
If this wasn’t a kick in the nads, I don’t know what is it’s they’re not again when I when I tell you they’re
hiding it anymore that they don’t really care what you think anymore about you know what justin cue
up that fox story for the next one about the student loans just so we can throw a curveball
at look at justin man moving around this is nice first red state nicarama biden ftc effort to
go after elon musk twitter exposed elon and gop demanding answers look at what these scumbags
did this is freaking bananas so here’s the long and short of it with the ftc and the
state piece. Is there a screenshot from that or not? I wouldn’t.
Elon buys Twitter. You obviously heard the story. So the Biden administration, they’re making some
allegations of like, hey, Twitter’s got security problems. So they tell the FTC, you got to look
into this, right? The FTC goes to Ernst & Young, this kind of auditing company, right? And
basically demands, quote, that you will basically find something it says, quote, this is
Absolutely what you will do the thugocracy is here folks. We live in a freaking police state, man
You got the FTC the FTC Federal Trade Commission
Run by the insane Lena con who keeps getting crushed in federal court
Trying to smoke companies all around the country. The woman is crazy
They they went to a and they actually
documented this went to Ernst and Young and said, Hey, basically
screw Twitter over quote, this is absolutely what you will do.
Then you see this right before we get on the air, Greg Norman
at Fox business, Biden administration forgives 39
billion student loan debt to more than 800,000 bars. Now,
if you’re sitting there, like, you’re kicking your
feedback on the desk, you’re like, why didn’t the Supreme
Court just just flagged this and say, yo, you can’t do
that? That’s exactly what they said. So how can they do that? They can. They just did it
Oh, here’s that screenshot. Thank you, Justin. This is the FCC was so adamant when Ernst
and Young conveying, conveying, this is absolutely what you will do. And this is going to
occur and you’ll produce a report at the end of the day, a report that would be negative
about Twitter. Folks, does this sound like some North Korean stuff here or what?
You’ve got the Biden administration just ignoring the Supreme Court going full dictator.
They’re the real fascists right here.
You got their FTC demanding that a private company now, Twitter, get attacked and quote
it’s absolutely what you will do and you will produce a report.
You’re not worried yet, but you think somehow, you know, a police state’s a week off,
a year off, then folks, you’re living with a blindfold.
We’re living in the police state right now, man.
It is here.
It is here.
I’m sorry to report that, but it’s here.
Again, I want to harp on something I’ve been harping on all week.
I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on this, moving on a bit.
Folks, it’s time for you to be prepared.
The government knows something that they’re not telling you.
I don’t know if it involves the gravity of the situation with Russian nuclear weapons
in Ukraine.
Has it involved Chinese technology that’s been discovered that could potentially smoke
our military?
I’m not sure, but it is absolutely clear, and I’ve reported on it over a couple of
weeks now, that they know something about the geopolitical situation that they are
deeply concerned about.
Yesterday I covered the story of Dong Jingwei, Robert Mueller, the scientist, and his posited
theory that the Chinese Communist Party may be working on a twofold attack in the United
States, a biological virus attack along with a computer attack. Kind of weird. He spoke
with the Chinese Communist Party defector and then wrote a big op-ed in the Wall Street
Journal about it. And then we see this story. You’re seeing these all the time now. China
crafts weapon to alter brain function. The report says the tech is meant to influence
government leaders. It’s apparently called some neuro
strike weapon. China is developing high tech weapons
designed to disrupt brain function and influence
government leaders or entire populations. Maybe that
explains this whole like mocha jet who the hell knows
according to a report by three open source intelligence
analysts. Then of course, we see this daily mail, they know
something, something is up. China has something a weapon a
man, something that’s freaking people out. Daily Mail, US military report for Congress
says UFO sightings by Navy pilots could be alien or hypersonic technology from Russia
or China. Not a secret government project. Folks, I’m just asking you to put these
pieces together, man. Something is definitely going on. That also explains a lot of these
cryptic leaks coming out about UFO stuff. I think the government’s preparing us with
UFO nonsense leaks. I think they’re not UFO. I think it’s a way for prepping us that there’s
technology out there. In the words of Congressman Tim Burchett, we can’t handle. And then this comes
out. Put it all together, man. I’m delivering these pieces on a silver platter. You’re smarter
than me. You can put it together. Post-millennial. Breaking. Biden calls up U.S. military reserve
unit to deploy active duty in Europe and Operation Atlantic
Resolve, it’s right there.
It’s got to open your eyes, man.
It’s something they ain’t telling us.
Time to get ready today.
Don’t wait.
All right, on a lighter note, this happened yesterday up
up on Capitol Hill.
Michael Waltz, congressman from, I think, District 6
down here in Florida, who’s Green Beret, a decent guy.
I don’t agree with him on everything,
kind of a bit of an adventurous than Ukraine stuff.
But it’s all right.
I mean, you know, he’s a good guy.
met him in person, served the country. But he was up there yesterday on Capitol Hill.
This is fantastic. He’s talking to John Kerry. What did Rush Limbaugh call him? Mashed potato
face or something? So he’s up there with Lurch. He’s up there with John Kerry. You
know John Kerry. John Kerry is married to a billionaire, whatever, flies around the
world on private jets. And Waltz just drills this guy, Mr. Climate Czar, phony fraud,
absolute frauds these guys. They think of you like the peasants and the great
unwashed and Alinsky’s rules, right? It’s all Alinsky’s rules. Hold your political
opponents to the standards they hold everyone else to. John
Kerry, you got to dump admission, stop flying on
private jets. Not me. Here’s Michael Waltz doing a great job
just drilling the city. You check this out.
Mr. Secretary, in exchange with Mr. Mills, you just testified
under oath that you never owned a private jet. Mr.
Chairman, I’d like to enter into the record article here
from February 15th of 2023. The John Kerry family private
jet was sold shortly after accusations of climate hypocrisy. Mr. Secretary, do you
stand by that testimony that you’ve now owned or your family, by your family?
Personally, yes. My wife owned a plane and sold the plane. That’s been not in a number
of years, but I have flown on it, sure.
This article is not then inaccurate that your family owned a plane. You flew on
a plane.
Here’s the issue.
This isn’t some kind of partisan gotcha.
When we are asking Americans to make serious sacrifices as we transition for the common
good and your family and or yourself are flying around on private jets, that smacks
of hypocrisy.
It actually hurts your cause.
Dude, you know, what would have been epic if you ever see bodybuilding?
What is this? What’s this post cause? Well, if you know in the channel, is this the most muscular when they do?
I think they call it most muscular
It would have been great if if Michael waltz if he got up and struck the moat ripped his shirt off and hit the
Most muscular sure Pashad right there nail and lurch this idiot. No, my wife on a private plane. Not me
I just fly around the world spewing emissions. What a phony. What a fake. You know, who else is a fake?
oatmeal rotting bag of oatmeal brain in the White House, Joe Biden. Remember he told you
the deficit, he’s the biggest deficit cutter ever cut the deficit by 1.7 trillion despite
being fact checked on it by even liberals like a thousand times here from NPR. You
know, NPR, that bastion of right wing values. Just kidding. It’s NPR. NPR, the federal
deficit nearly tripled, raising concerns about the country’s finances. I thought
I thought he cut the I thought he cut the deficit by I thought he I thought he cut that what happened
This is that a mistake. Is that a typo? Yeah
Sounds like Biden’s full of it as always. All right, we got some good ones this week time for questions for Dan
Justin man, even remember to hit the line. This guy’s pretty good. Gee you’re fired. I don’t need you
Save some money Justin. He’s our new guy. Sorry, buddy. Nice knowing you though. Thanks for coming around
I can’t we love Gia be lost without him. He does more than just this. Hey, Dan, how did you pick?
How do you pick which stories to cover calm strong 777 taken from rumble? Uh, it’s hard because
what interests me doesn’t always interest you. I personally, I love economic stories like that
last one. Honest to God, folks, if it was my show, it would be 90% economics, because I’m
nothing. I’m also fascinated by the cocaine story, but as evidence from the chat, it wears
out its welcome after a while. You got to cover it and move on. I could have spent another
20 minutes breaking down security at the White House. How many people are lying about this?
But people want the overview and they want to move on. So it’s always a balance.
I’m not going to tell you we get it right every time. You can tell. Our episodes,
some episodes will get 550,000, some will get a million. And it depends on the content.
People just like stuff and not so it’s tough, but do the process of trial and error
I think we’re right on what stories are right for the show about 80% of the time
Some 20% you kind of a mess where the majority of people like I could do it out that story
So it’s always a guessing game always and that’s what makes a good show good and a bad show bad
Some people got better intuition than others. So hey Dan from and Moe 306 from locals
Good morning. What would happen if Trump gets blocked from the polls?
But we still vote for him.
When you say block for the polls, we picked this question because I’m not really sure
what you mean.
President Trump meets the qualifications to run for president of the United States.
If they put him in jail or not, it sucks for him would make it hard for him to campaign,
but he can run.
There’s nothing in the Constitution that prevents him from running for president if
he’s in jail.
So, you know, I was a little, but I put it in because I’m sure a lot of people are asking
a question and maybe you’re a little bit confused.
They can lock him up.
He can be the president and he’d be in jail.
Sounds kind of weird.
But it’s true.
Hey, Dan, when you were a New York City cop and a Secret Service agent, which
position was more stressful on you and why Reagan Trump for life from our locals
account and why?
Definitely being a cop, folks.
That you it might sound crazy because you know, you know, you see these movies about the Secret Service
They take a blood oath give your life for the president
Yeah, but you got to understand like there’s no blood oath number one, but you don’t really obviously
I mean, I think you’ll get that kind of stupid even mention it
But you don’t really think about it. The only time I really felt like
I knew I was in danger a lot
But the only time I felt like I was in danger in the Secret Service want to be clear
There are only two times I should say one time in Kingston, Jamaica with jenna bush
When we got surrounded by a bunch of people with machetes and stuff, they didn’t know
who she was.
They weren’t like trying to attack us or anything, but they were clearly getting hostile quick.
That was with 2020.
That was actually on TV.
We were a little freaked out about that.
One of my guys had to deploy the MP5, not shoot obviously, but we had to take it
out of the bag, the Heckler and Koch machine pistol.
And then in Afghanistan, when we couldn’t get out quickly enough from Bagram Air
days, and the lights were on Air Force One, I thought, man, they’re going to hit us with
a mortar or something. But the NYPD was so much more unpredictable, man. I mean, I can’t
tell you how many times you turn a corner and step in some shit. I mean that figuratively.
And you’re like, what the hell? And you’re going for your gun or a baton or something
and it would just like hit you when you turn the corner. I mean, I was walking
Give me a quick start walking around two o’clock in the morning. I think it was Halloween. I don’t know 2000 whatever
No, it couldn’t be 2000 maybe 98 or something. I was gone by then
I’m walking with this woman Laura this police officer on a footpost like 132 in the morning
And it’s like bullet whizzes by our head. It wasn’t shooting at us this guy
He was just shooting just didn’t see us because it was so dark
And we get into a foot pursuit with this guy you go from keep in mind. It’s 130 in the morning
I’m tired. I’d worked out earlier. I ate like garbage. I felt terrible now
in a full blown foot pursuit with like five pounds of gear on in the middle of the winter
getting ready to rip a hamstring that was the kind of job it was like stuff could break bad
really fast you’re back now he’s working again he’s just here for water he’s just here he’s
only here for water folks he’s not actually here to do anything hey dan tom terrific on rumble when
the lovely paul is upset that she cursed in english or spanish definitely english definitely
English on that one. No question about it. I haven’t got the Spanish cursing yet. Maybe
I haven’t made her bad enough yet. Not trying. Hey Dan, Haven O’Connell, 78 on Rumble.
How do you keep up the faith? I struggle with staying positive. Some days are harder
than others. Folks, Haven, you answered your own question. I struggle. That’s how I
keep the faith. What do you mean? Life was designed to be a struggle.
Read the words of Bernard Malamud in a great book, The Natural, probably seen in a movie,
but read the book.
This line’s in the movie too, but where Roy Hobbs’ old girlfriend says, we all live two
lives, the one we learn from and the one we live after that.
That the path to true happiness is through pain and struggle.
Haven, you have to understand that you wouldn’t know what happiness was if you
were happy all the time, right?
It would just be it.
You wouldn’t know it was any different.
The reason happiness and joy when you see your kid hit a single in a softball game for
the first time feels so that sense of elation and joy is because life is a struggle and
life is hard.
There’s hunger.
There’s thirst.
There’s work.
There’s toil.
There’s sweat.
There’s heat.
There’s cold.
There’s pain.
There’s emotional pain.
There’s getting dumped.
There’s love.
There’s loss of love.
You know, life is a struggle.
You have to learn to look at the struggle like a tool.
That’s why I wrote this book The Gift of Failure. Listen, I’m not your philosopher or your preacher,
man. I’m just telling you as a 48-year-old guy who has failed more than he’s succeeded,
the difference is qualitatively the failures I got up and quantitatively these successes
led to far more prosperity in my life, even though there were more failures,
because each time I got up, I built on it. It’s like losing a dollar and gaining 100.
You can lose a dollar a million times and gain a hundred, a hundred thousand times and
you’re better off, even though you lost technically more, not the amount, but a number of times.
Worship the struggle.
That’s where the joy comes from.
Hey, Dan, at Dianne K.A., the local’s, what would you say is your most liberal position?
Well, I don’t like to find positions liberal or conservative because some of them cross
the cross the spectrum. You know, like people say taxes that
liberal conservative, well, it depends. You know, I mean, it
depends what you’re talking about. We’re talking about
amounts and but I would say the one tell me in a chat, I’m
gonna get some if you guys hate me after this, just let me
know in the chat. Yes, I hate you. Why? No, I don’t.
Seriously, why? Yes, we hate damn budget. You don’t know
we don’t. This is one I always get beat up on because
so many people disagree with me. It’s my personal opinion. I
respect you if you feel otherwise. I don’t believe in the death penalty. I don’t. I don’t.
I believe, and let me clarify because I’m not a simplistic guy. If we have an option,
in other words, to imprison someone and hope one day for redemption without a threat
to the public, assuming they don’t break out, which is small, but not a non-existent
chance, I don’t believe in the death penalty. I don’t support it. I never have. A lot
my conservative friends out there think it’s crazy, I respect you, man.
I totally respect where you’re coming from.
I just feel like if Jesus Christ could forgive someone on the cross right next to him, moments
from their death, and said, I will see you in heaven, that we should do everything we
can to hold out hope as long as everyone can stay safe.
I mean, if you’re in, you know, if it’s Armageddon and there’s a guy who’s killing
people in your area and there’s no way to jail him, that’s different.
But I don’t know call me crazy. Well, thank you
You don’t think it’s a liberal I don’t I don’t think so either and I
Will be
Yeah, exactly. Like it’s another good point. He makes like there’s always the potential for a mistake, especially with the government
It’s rare, but it happens. But I just I don’t know
I always believe in the power of redemption and if that sounds, you know weak, that’s okay
I get it, but I just want you to know I know I spent a lot of time in this question
I’m sorry, but I deeply respect your opinion and I don’t judge you as being I I get why you would say otherwise
I just I just don’t believe in it. So my opinion. Hey Dan at chirpin McGroin
I just read the names part of the McGroin family’s chirping in pun intended
While on vacation in Alaska visiting the Bears that across your mind that if things broke bad, you only had to outrun Paula
Oh my gosh chirping. What a horrible question. No, of course, I didn’t know I know I would not
but that is the old joke right you ever run into a bear you don’t have to outrun the bear just have
to outrun you not paula i’m definitely faster than paula i would run and attack that bear
even though i saw the claws on it would be the end of me in just seconds but funny question
chirpin miguel alright good because i gotta run i said that’s it good because the radio show
begins in exactly uh what four minutes or three minutes and 30 seconds folks you’re awesome
thanks again for tuning in you know i love you please join us for the chat how many people
We got here, let’s check in.
67,400 on a Friday.
You all are rocking it.
Love to have you here.
Download the Rumble app, join the chat.
The account setup is free.
It’s easy.
Love to have you here.
Thanks to all the new members.
I saw you in there today. slash Bongino.
Chat starts at 10 a.m.
with Justin and Guy.
Show starts at 11.
We love to have you.
I will see you back here on Monday
and on the radio show later.
See you on Monday.

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