Biden Prepares Reserve Troops

DANGEROUS MOVE? Biden prepares reserve troops amid Ukraine war

Glenn Beck

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DANGEROUS MOVE? Biden prepares reserve troops amid Ukraine war

Transcribe Notes:

well I don’t know about you but I’m very
very excited uh yesterday we had the
uh call up our select reserve and ready
Reserve to head on over to Europe for
operation Atlantic resolve which is very
exciting uh sounds to me like uh we’re
going to war and maybe that’s just me
but I have a feeling we’ll be hearing
about that uh from the stage today and
all of the Republican candidates uh Stu
is here with me back at the studio is uh
Pat and Jeffy we’re I mean we’re down to
that we’re down to that very exciting
wow that hurt
that really hurt well it wasn’t you Pat
I’m not talking about you all right
uh so I there’s a couple of things that
are in the news today that I think are
are a little disturbing is anybody
bothered by
operation Atlantic resolve now this is
something when it when did we go into
this operation
uh let’s see April 30th

goes back this is the Ukraine situation
going back a ways it’s funded under the
European deterrence initiative which I
know you’re a huge fan of you have that
bumper sticker on your car oh my God I’m
a huge fan of the European returns
internships initiative uh I mean we we
like to call it the EDI yeah
um but uh yeah big fan of that big fan
of that uh so this is revolving around
Ukraine it’s another step closer to war
we not only have that but did you see
the news that uh and Pat you’re going to
be excited because I know you are very
excited whenever America is number one
yes but we are now we are now number one
on our uh our debt interest payments
yeah good job team yeah yeah now we’re
at 900 billion dollars a year uh that’s
up quite a bit uh in fact uh that is up
um 10 in the last 12 months
uh no I’m sorry where our revenue is
down 10 percent
our interest rate is uh up as of the end
of uh June we’re now paying 2.7
however they believe that by the end of
the year our interest rate could be at
four percent
uh and uh that uh but in the next three
months they say we will be at 1.3
trillion dollars a year which will
surpass that a trillion dollars you
um all other budgets in the United
States government you are bigger than
Social Security just the interest on our
so we got that goal yes
three trillion no that’s not as much as
he’s lowered the deficit right now oh
you’re right
yeah yeah yeah so we I mean think of the
money we’re saving Jeffy thank you for
bringing that up I apologize for saying
that you’re a waste of skin on this
program because you’re clearly why are
and a lot of skin I mean we could have
made 14 people out of you
but the Lord decided to make just one I
already said it hurt by the way on the
spending uh on interest yeah so in we’re
scheduled in 2027 to surpass uh let’s
see uh defense spending
uh with just our interest not a problem
uh in 2029 a non-defense discretionary
spending will be exceeded by interest uh
it goes to 2045 when interest passes the
entire cost of Medicare
and then in 2050 it exceeds Social
Security no no now this is of course
without all the new crappy programs
they’re going to add in the interim no
stew it’s just projection for right now
this is projected by what the CBO uh
yeah 1.3 trillion how big is social
security because the article I read
today said that
um in by the end of the year or uh in 18
months we will be bigger than Social
Security the debt will be bigger than
social the interest will be bigger
incredible yeah our spending is up 15
since June of last year and that’s the
realistic thing right like they keep
adding these programs and adding all the
spending no the FED is also raising
rates every time the FED raises rates
remember we’re looking at a blended
interest rate they say in the next three
months that means that we have some debt
that hasn’t been refinanced yet so we
were paying a blended interest rate of
about 1.8 percent we’re now at two point
seven percent and they say we’ll be at
four percent but that’s still Blended
when we get into the six and seven
percent which will happen in the next 18
months your debt skyrockets yeah and
here’s the stat on this which is uh if
right now they are projecting it’s going
to be 3.3 percent all this borrowing
um and then four percent over the next

additional one percent costs Washington
three trillion dollars per decade and 30
trillion dollars over 30 years
so so is that is that good can we ask
any of the candidates okay yeah we’ll
ask some of the candidates um you know
it’s um I was looking at some of the
research today we did some surveys uh on and
uh we wanted to know what people what
what the most important question is
for each presidential candidate to
answer and the number one question by
what will you do to fight against
massive government spending that’s 63
percent of our audience says spending
number one

Ukraine if so in what form and then 11
will you hold China accountable for the
covid pandemic
each one of these
specifically show uh we’re not really
we’re not really for Biden
well yeah we’re kind of going the
opposite direction anyone butt Biden uh
yeah yeah all the candidates here
qualify for that by the way each one of
them is not Joe Biden and I think that’s
a really important qualification for
almost anyone running for president at
this time
other other questions do you think the
U.S is at risk at entering into a wider
war with Russia
you and I have been doing this for
decades now
do you remember what are they calling
this thing a call-up of the uh
selective reserve and ready Reserve do
you do you remember that
I remember that in the the lead up to uh
didn’t they do that in the Gulf War both
of those uh I think I think they started
doing call-ups around that time but in a
time where we weren’t at war with
anybody I don’t remember it
here’s what’s truly frightening I don’t
know if you guys have seen the um uh the
the uh
uh what do you call it the presidential
dictate here from uh from the White
House but this is how it’s worded by the
authority vested in Me by as president
by the Constitution and the laws of the
United States including sections 121 one
uh two three zero four of title 10
United States code
the president doesn’t care what he’s
saying is I have this is like before
it’s like I can you know I can just
spend money I can just uh resolve to let
everybody go you know on their debt this
one he’s specifically saying don’t screw
with me
um I hereby determine that it is
necessary to augment the active armed
forces of the United States for the
effective conduct of operation Atlantic
resolve in and around the United States
European command’s area of
responsibility in furtherance of this
operation under a stated Authority I
hear boy hereby authorize the Secretary
of Defense and the Secretary of Homeland
with respect to the Coast Guard when
it’s not operating as a service in the
Navy under their respective
jurisdictions to order the active duty
any units any individual members not
assigned to a unit organized to serve as
a unit of the selected Reserve or any
member of the individual ready Reserve
mobilization category and designated as
essential under regulations blah blah
not to exceed 3 000 members at any one
time of whom not more than 450 may be
members of the individual ready Reserve
as they deem necessary so he has the
right to do this for
I think he can call them up for 350 or

why is he doing that

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