Ep 2052, Is this the end?

Is It All Over? (Ep. 2052) – 07/21/2023

The Dan Bongino Show

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Transcribe Notes:

Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with
your host, Dan Bongino.
That’s so crazy, 10,000 in the chat before the show even started as bananas.
What are you guys talking about in the chat before the show?
First in a game, man, tearing it up in there.
I joined a few minutes early today.
Some of you may have seen me in there.
I don’t know if you know my own screen yet.
What are they doing?
What are they doing?
What do they doing?
Man, the meatloaf.
What are they doing?
You all are awesome, 10,000 people.
Hey, so great to have you on this Friday.
Listen, I am still long on America.
I am.
I am.
I’m a skeptic of everything going on right now.
The GOP’s been largely been out all-thackless.
I think they’re getting their act together a little bit.
But I’m still long on America.
I’m going to end the show on a positive note today.
But the beginning of the show, let me warn you now, especially new people in the chat.
I just welcome with a bunch of you, saw a bunch of first-timers, welcome, love having you.
The beginning of the show is not going to be easy to take.
It’s not.
It’s going to end good.
And I’m going to back it up with evidence that there’s a bright tomorrow waiting for
us if we can just get through this rotting bag of oatmeal in the White House now.
But I am still long on this place, even though the beginning of the show is going to be tough
to take.
So long and short of it, I read an article this morning about just another of a thousand
different episodes of corruption.
And I’m thinking to myself, this is why I titled the show, I’m thinking, is it all over?
I hope not.
Because we’re just swimming in it now.
It’s not just the Hunter Biden stuff.
It’s the LGBTQIA, BIO, PC, sexual identity, racial politics trying to divide everyone.
The court system falling apart, the FBI totally corrupt.
But we’re going to have to get through that before we come out on the other side.
So just take a ride, grab your coffee, join us in the chat and get ready for a big, bold,
crazy Friday show.
It’s a good one.
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Joseph feeling a little better today.
It is Friday, my friend, so if you can muster the verbal she like energy to let the audience
know what day it is, we would deeply appreciate some deep breaths, buddy, and get it out.
Well, Dan, it’s Friday.
You see that folks?
This guy’s a freaking trooper.
I told him to take the day off yesterday, you don’t want to do it, but you’re feeling
a little better today, right?
Because you had his phone very bad.
Oh, yeah.
A lot better.
He was like, oh, hey, we got to get to chat before the show and everybody was like, how’s
So not Joe’s.
Oh, hey, thank you.
They love it.
Joe, we got to get to chat people.
Yes or no?
You want Joe in the chat two or what?
They’re dying for Joe.
Why for yes?
And there you go.
Yes, dude.
Oh, it’s overwhelming.
I tell you it is already.
Oh, there you go.
All right.
That’s your win.
Yeah, baby.
Someone asked someone as if he was still alive.
Yeah, there’s no big deal.
That stuff happens all the time.
I don’t even mind when we get honest and gee noses.
Screwups in a live show happen all the time, whether it was Fox or here.
I mean, you can have a billion dollar enterprise.
It’s not that the only problem I have when we miss some is it as you can see.
Oh, yeah.
Joe, everybody wants you in the chest.
Not even a no.
Thank you.
There you go.
Is the only problem is it ruins my flow a little bit.
And when I, when I have a show in my head, remember, there’s no teleprompter here for
I just read headlines.
So just so you have a little behind the scenes.
When I have a, I have a show in my head and I have it in like a certain way.
It’s got to be that way.
That’s the only reason.
But now it was no big deal.
So listen, I’m still long on America, but it’s getting harder and harder.
It’s going to take a lot of work to fix the mess we’re in right now a lot.
The government is now fully corrupt.
The government as we know it now, as we know it now is not salvageable.
As we know it now.
What I’m saying is if we change our government, which in a constitutional republic, we do
through elections, yeah, and even they’re screwed up to, I get that.
The government as it’s constituted now is not salvageable.
The courts, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the SEC, the FCC, the FTC, it’s just, it’s
a mess, folks.
I read an article yesterday, this isn’t even in my, this isn’t even in my presentation
about how corrupt this really is in the beginning.
I read an article yesterday about how the BLM, though not Black Lives Matter, the Bureau
of Land Management that manages all this federal land, even they’ve gone fully corrupt.
We’re now making up new rules to basically kick energy producers and hunters off federal
Everything is corrupt now, everything.
The government is not salvageable as currently constituted.
It is salvageable if we can win this election and start the process.
It is fully corrupted, but this is no time for half measures.
If you have a candidate, you’re supporting on the Republican side, who you even with
a little shred of doubt, think they’re going to be a half measures guy, scrap them.
We don’t need them.
Here’s my evidence.
I’m going to make the case to you that we are now fully corrupted.
There is no turning back now.
I was reading this this morning and I’m like, Oh my gosh, another one, Trump trial in DC
can guarantee a conviction.
So the gist of this story, as I’m reading through, which made me think this is crazy.
We’re actually having this conversation in the Washington Times about how special
tyrant prosecutor Jack Smith is going to prosecute Trump in DC over this fake insurrection
nonsense stuff only because he knows Trump will be subjected to a DC jury pool that
will vote Trump guilty despite the fact that Trump did nothing wrong and there’s not even
evidence of a crime.
He told people to mark peacefully, March peacefully in patriarchy.
So I’m thinking about this and I realize at least right now, as the government is currently
constituted, ladies and gentlemen, it’s over.
We no longer live in a blind justice constitutional republic.
They’re basically admitting now that they had no legal case except in Washington DC where
people just hate Trump and it’s not about the law, but it’s about emotions.
If you’re saying to yourself, shit, man, that’s the kind of stuff that happens in
like the third world, yeah, Bingo, you’d be correct.
That’s the point at the beginning of the show.
We’re living in the third world right now.
At least government wise, what we’re no different than these 10 pot dictatorships right now.
Like I said, the BLM story, the land matters that didn’t even make the show here.
The evidence is everywhere, folks.
We are living right now in the third world, tyrants, despots, grifters, blackmail artists,
people taking bribes.
The president of the United States took a $10 million bribe.
The FBI has evidence of it.
And what are they doing?
They’re doing shit.
Here’s, yes, third world activity on the field, 15 yards on the offense.
What’s the FBI doing, Joe?
Here’s the thing.
The FBI, they have collective asses, right?
Here it is, right?
The president of the United States, according to a credible confidential human source, took
a $10 million bribe.
I don’t even want to get to that yet because that gets me too like pissed off.
Here’s another one I read yesterday.
Keep in mind, these stories are just from the last few days.
So there’s a department of labor nominee.
Have you heard this story?
Julie Sue, Julie Sue has no chance of getting the position of department of labor secretary
in the cabinet.
She is a radical lunatic behind some of the worst anti prosperity projects on the left
in human history.
She’s the AB five person that got all the Uber drivers reclassified.
So none of them could work the same way anymore.
Julie Sue is a nightmare for business and productivity.
So they have no chance of pushing her through the Senate.
Now, as you all know, on the show, the way it works, the president nominates someone
for the cabinet.
They have to be confirmed by the Senate.
Joe Manchin’s already said, forget it, not doing it.
She’s finished.
You know what the White House said, fellas, take a stab at it.
Well you can see in the screenshot, they said this double barrel middle finger, they said
that doesn’t matter.
Julie Sue can lead the department even if the Senate won’t confirm her.
That’s, um, so you have this thing in the app.
What are you?
Yes, they’re there.
I have this Constitution app.
I’m pretty sure it’s in the constitutional.
Oh, well, they can’t do that, yeah, but they did, yeah, but they can’t do that.
But they did.
As I told you, it’s over with this government.
I’m still long in the United States.
It is over.
We are now living in a tyranny.
All right, Dan, it’s BLM story, Trumpy and prosecuted in DC because they can get a tainted
jury pool, not because they didn’t do it the law.
A Biden cabinet nominee just throwing the Constitution out.
Then I saw this one.
I get up this morning early and I see Michael Leahy.
I think I know this guy.
I’m pretty sure we’ve spoken before and it turns out Michael Leahy is a reporter who
was trying to get ahold of the, remember the, the Nashville, the trans shooter who shot
up the school?
You guys remember that story?
It seems they’ve disappeared once we found out the identity of the shooter.
Remember she wrote a manifesto and it’s interesting because if it was a manifesto,
describing how someone wanted to target racial minorities, you would have seen it
five seconds after it came out, but we still haven’t seen that manifesto.
Matter of fact, we haven’t seen it so long.
I’ll be candid with you.
I almost forgot about the story.
So what happens in a third world banana republic?
Well, of course, you have corrupt law enforcement everywhere, even in red states like Tennessee
and no one wants to release this manifesto.
So it’s Michael Leahy, who’s a really good reporter, he’s like, listen, I want this and
tried to get it.
Someone sent him a threatening email.
I’ll come to your studio and end you.
Nobody will miss you, Mikey.
This is the world we live in now that if you’re the death of many people can take on a political
narrative dependence benefits to left, the information will be sent out to everyone to
advertise all across the fruit and plain.
But when it’s an inconvenient narrative about a trans shooter in a Christian Catholic
school, Catholic school, I should say, everything kind of changes and everybody just hide stuff
kind of like what kind of like the third world sounds kind of North Korea is to me.
These stories are just from the last few days.
Here’s another gym Atlanta law enforcement readies for a possible Trump indictment.
What is this indictment?
Now, the liberals are like, yeah, guys, been indicted multiple times.
And I’m always like from the princess bride.
That doesn’t mean what you think it means, libs.
Trump’s going to be indicted for what for questioning the results of an election in Georgia.
You mean like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and every prominent Democrat is done for every
presidential election they’ve lost in the last 7,000 years?
Hold on.
I got to write that down.
Good point.
Rarely agree.
He says something great.
He doesn’t talk a lot.
That was your best point ever.
Joe, he’s like, Dan, isn’t Stacy Abrams from Georgia?
You know, the one who said she was the governor and never lost the election even now.
That’s such a good point.
I’m sure she’ll be indicted next key.
I’m sure.
Of course she won’t because Stacy Abrams, a member of a protected class, the Democrats,
justice is blind in the United States.
The Democrats, that’s what they do.
Stacy Abrams says, still not admitted.
She lost the gubernatorial election.
Stacy Abrams is going to find herself in jail.
Hell no.
Again, these are stories from just the last few days, ABC News, US Secret Service ends
investigation into cocaine founded White House without identifying a suspect.
Now, we’ve beat this story up pretty good.
You’re telling me a guy or a woman walked in the White House with Coke in a baggie or
a container, dropped it in a box, turned the key with her fingers, the thumb and the index
figure, pushed it close and nobody could find a fingerprint.
My gosh, that’s crazy.
I worked at this illustrious agency once.
The fall’s been dramatic.
I’m sorry to say that.
I had just stories from the last few days.
You see this gem KJZZ from Arizona, Arizona transgender athlete law blocked by a federal
judge, Arizona law.
This is the law.
I didn’t know judges made laws.
I was, I was totally unaware of this.
A federal judge on Thursday blocked Arizona from excluding two transgender girls from
playing on girls sports teams.
In other words, boys, US judge Jennifer zips.
Oh man, is that a, that’s a perfect name because this person is a total zero rejected
arguments by state schools that it would be unfair to allow trans girls IE boys to compete
in female sports.
Just get a load of this fellas.
The judge said evidence horn presented claiming that prepubescent trans girls IE boys are stronger
that’s not hold up under scrutiny.
Do you have a penis Arizona passed a law and a federal judge said, no, no, I’m going to
pass a new law, but federal judges don’t pass state laws.
Doesn’t matter folks, Department of Labor secretaries don’t get to be the secretary
unless they’re confirmed by the Senate either.
That don’t matter either.
That don’t matter either.
People don’t get prosecuted and indicted in a system without probable cause.
They committed a crime and yet Trump’s on indictment number 72.
Tell me again, how it’s not all over.
As I said, I’m long in the United States.
I’m convinced we can fix this, but folks, we got a long way to go, man.
And everyone’s going to have to go everyone.
If you partook in this in any way, shape, form or fashion, you need to find yourself
out of a job on election day.
Now of course, this is all of these stories just happened in the last few days.
And yesterday, I mean another nuclear political bomb drops, the 1023, in other words, the source
information and FBI source told the FBI about the Biden bribe was made public.
And folks, it’s just another piece of astonishing information that rotting oatmeal brain in
the White House is the most corrupt, stench-filled, grotesque human being to ever plant his ass
in the seat at the USS Resolute in the Oval Office.
This guy is disgusting at the Resolute, the desk.
This guy is gross.
He is a disgusting, kid-sniffing, naked, showering, flasher in the White House.
The man is disgusting.
And now we know that he is a corrupted crowd as well who took millions and broads.
New York Post, you want to read these articles?
As always, they’re in the newsletter, bongino.com slash newsletter, Biden’s $10 million
bride files released.
Do you believe we’re having this freaking conversation?
You believe this shit Biden $10 million, there’s a $10 million bribe file on Joe Biden.
Burisma Chief said he was coerced to pay Joe and stupid hunter.
That’s their words.
Although I agree with him in bombshell allegations.
Here’s what we are.
The tweet from Sean Davis, one of my favorite guys out there at the federalist, you should
follow him by the way.
That’s Sean MDAV, he’s on truth and Twitter folks, Joe Biden’s name he notes is all over
this document, which explains why Democrats number one were desperate to impeach Trump.
Now do you see why I’ve been talking about this the whole time?
They were desperate to impeach Donald Trump because he started asking questions about
Biden being human scum and taking bribes.
He notes number two, the FBI and DOJ hit the document from investigators in Congress.
Totally completely corrupt, completely corrupt.
Everyone at the FBI involved with this.
If you still have jobs after the twenty twenty four election when we win, I’m going to, I’m
going to ask President Trump personally to be the FBI director to fire all of you.
I’ll quit after that.
I’m going to say, can I be the FBI director, just a fire, everyone who knew about this,
everyone, and didn’t have the balls to say something.
Number three, the FBI and DOJ obstructed the investigation in a hunter Biden, third world
man, third world.
Number four, why the corrupt plea deal with Hunter Biden was struck.
Now we know why he took a plea because no one wanted to interview Hunter Biden on the
$10 million bribe, so they let him take a plea on B.S.
And now we know why Joe Biden is willing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to
protect the current regime in Ukraine, no matter what.
Sean Davis sums it up.
I want to add to that before I take a break here, folks, Obama knew there is no way there
is zero chance Barack Obama did not know about these millions of dollars in bribes.
Ladies and gentlemen, remember, it was Obama who said never underestimate Joe Biden’s
ability to F things up and he used the word Obama knew and he let this happen.
Biden is the most corrupt president in US history, but the most corrupt enabler in US
history is one Barack Obama.
There is zero chance this bribe went down without the intel community and the FBI haven’t
informed him Barack Obama, zero chance Obama knew the whole time.
All right.
Let me get to my next sponsor.
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All right.
Back to the show.
Corrupt president in the White House disintegration of institutions corrupt FBI corrupt DOJ corrupt
judicial system corrupt locals trying to hide and manifest those.
It’s everywhere.
But the worst part about this whole thing is our disgusting again gross media that’s
covered up this entire astonishing whistleblower case that Biden took bribes.
I want you to remember how bad these people are.
Let’s go back to 2020.
Here is Hackoon Glenn Kessler, a total life loser and embarrassment to humankind.
He’s the alleged fact checker at the Washington Post.
Now he had the chance in 2020 to be a decent human being and not a human scumbag like he
is Glenn Kessler.
And what did he do when he got a hold of the laptop?
He put out an explainer, Joe, which means a piece of horseshit.
That’s what that means.
Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop.
He should have said this is all horseshit, but he says an explainer.
His explainers meant to do one thing.
Cover up corruption because Glenn scum.
Glenn’s a garbage person and always has been and he knows it.
Glenn is nothing but an ass kissing loser.
I can’t stand this guy.
There isn’t a single guy I’d revile more than this idiot.
You know why I revile?
Because he’s a smart guy.
He’s a smart guy and he knows what he’s doing.
This isn’t an accident.
So this article was used forever by liberal goons who were too stupid to do their own
homework to repeat the falsehood that the laptop had questions behind it when everybody
knew it was in fact Hunter’s laptop.
We figured that out yesterday.
Here is him.
Fully corrupt.
Wait, go back.
Go back to that.
The screenshot from that.
Here’s the media covering up the deal with Victor Shokin, the deal to fire the prosecutor.
We now know that’s what the bribe was for.
As of yesterday, I’ll show you the 1023 in a minute.
The FBI is known forever that Biden took a bribe to fire a prosecutor looking into his
son’s company.
He was working with the new credit.
The guy’s name was Shokin.
Here’s scum Glenn Kessler covering this whole thing up back in 2020.
More broadly, the New York Post repeats the falsehood advanced by Trump that the elder
Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating
a company.
Human scumbag, Glenn Kessler, piece of garbage is saying it’s a false.
Oh, that’s interesting, Glenn, because if you would have done some reporting, which
you’re too freaking stupid to do a whole, you would have realized that the FBI already
had a trusted confidential human source already admitting quote, quote, that they had
paid Biden presumably to quote, deal with Shokin, dipshit.
So freaking stupid.
This country’s going to hell in a handbast because of assholes like this guy.
Sorry, we’re getting a little dark mode tonight.
They could have shut this down years ago.
Now we’ve got the most corrupt human being in human history sitting in the White House
because of these a holes in the media.
Glenn Kessler knew this wasn’t false the whole time, or he didn’t know anything and didn’t
do his homework.
Here it is right here, FBI confidential human source reporting document.
The barisma guy responded that he appreciated the source’s advice, but it’s too late to
change the decision.
The source understood this to mean that’s low, Chesky had already paid the Biden’s presumably
to deal with Shokin dumbass, the freaking Washington Post.
You need a reminder, by the way, of how deep the cover up was Biden was on tape, man, talking
about Shokin and firing him.
He’s on tape.
You want to see it again and pay particular attention to the end where he talks about
Michael Carpenter.
Don’t miss the end of this.
It’ll make sense in a second.
Check this out.
There’s another billion dollar loan guarantee.
And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from yachts and yuk that they would take
action against the state prosecutor and they didn’t.
So they said they had, they were walking out to press and I said, nah, I said, I’m not
going to, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars.
They said, you have no authority.
You’re not the president.
The president said, I said, call him.
I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars.
I said, you’re not getting the billion.
I’m going to be leaving here.
And I think it was what?
Six hours.
I looked at it.
I said, I’m leaving the six hours.
If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money.
Well, son of a bitch got fired and they put in place someone who was solid at the time.
Well, they’re still there.
So they made some genuine substantial changes, institutionally and with people.
But one of the three institutions, there’s now some backsliding, the courts, and they
had made that commitment that they wouldn’t do that.
And so when we left, the first thing I spent a lot of time as did Mike, because this was
his territory, is Mike.
Because this was his territory is people like Charlie Cupchin and Victoria anyway.
Want to see this dumbass Glenn Kessler again?
Biden’s on stage admitting he fired the prosecutor that the source alleges he was paid
$10 million to fire or $5 million each.
And he says, oh, and by the way, this is Michael’s territory.
The guy he’s talking about on stage, if you’re watching live, is Michael Carpenter, who was
his guy in the area, Biden’s guy.
Here’s dumbass Glenn Kessler again in the Washington Post, same article, talking about
a meeting which set up via email with Biden and team members from Burisma, the company
Hunter worked for.
Who do they cite that this meeting never happened?
Oh, Michael Carpenter.
I was with the vice president.
All these meetings on Ukraine said Michael Carpenter, he never met with this guy, the
Burisma guy.
Oh, Glenn, you weren’t smart enough to figure out that Michael Carpenter
may be part of this whole cover up yet dumbass.
I thought you were a journalist, you stupid.
But yet liberal side of this, no, no, no, Biden never met with 100 Biden’s, Joe never
met with 100 Biden’s Burisma business partners.
Michael Carpenter said so, oh, the guy on stage, the guy on stage when Biden was bragging
about firing Shoken, who’s Biden’s guy?
Oh, that guy.
Oh, you mean the same guy who ran the Penn Biden Center yet a Penn Biden Center?
Go to that CNN piece, if you could quick, the same guy, Michael Carpenter ran the Penn
Biden Center where they found a bunch of classified documents, Biden illegally held.
Oh, according to CNN related to Ukraine.
Oh, man.
Don’t worry, Glenn, Michael Carpenter said so what a dumbass.
What a stupid dumbass this guy is.
Where’d you go to reporting school?
The inspector gadget school?
You moron dumb.
We got to do it.
We got to do an unfiltered show for the unfiltered show because I’m ready to say more.
You got a bunch of people claiming to be true tellers and journalists that are either the
stupidest SOBs you’ve ever seen in your life who can’t do basic reporting.
We just did or even worse, their tyrannical propagandists for a corrupt regime.
The latter is probably more correct.
You didn’t know Glenn that Carpenter was involved in this corrupt firing with Biden.
He’s on stage, you idiot.
You go and ask the co-conspirator potentially in this massive alleged crime.
You go and ask him for a statement, holy shit, are you stupid?
Of course it gets worse because we’ve got the tape.
I’m going to play the tape for you again a minute and I’m going to leave you with this
before we get by and take a quick break here.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most important part of the show.
The time to impeach Joe Biden is right now.
You know I’m very careful about this.
We’re going to have a tough time in the Senate.
I don’t dispute that.
I don’t call for impeachment lightly.
I haven’t in the past.
It’s actually aggravated some of my audience.
The time to impeach Joe Biden is right now.
This guy is disgusting, human garbage and I have no doubt he’s a criminal.
Zero doubt.
All right, I’ll get back to that in a second.
I got a lot more to talk about here.
I’m going to play that video for you.
I got this another FBI just, the FBI just finished.
They’re done.
They got to go.
The FBI just has to go.
The graceful organization right now.
I mean, they have just humiliated America.
Folks, you know who’s reading your email, cyber criminals, tech companies, even the
I’ve talked about this before and I’ll say it again, it’s time to take back your privacy,
but start mail, start like start, finish, start.
Start mail is private email services, a safe alternative to services like Gmail and it’s
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And then using it myself, it’s a service you can trust with start mail.
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All right.
Back to the show.
I’m going to play this for you again, folks.
In case again, you had any doubt that the FBI is known about this massive bribery scheme.
Hundreds of dollars went to the Biden family to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investing investigating
Biden’s the son’s company unless you have any doubt.
Here is the audio tape.
No one disputes the authenticity of it of Biden and Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president
at the time talking about firing the prosecutor and Poroshenko saying, Hey, man, he didn’t
do anything wrong and in Biden saying, now I’ll give you the billion dollars.
The most disgusting corrupt president in US history.
This guy is garbage.
Listen for yourself.
Jimmy, that there is a new government and a new prosecutor general.
I am prepared to do a public signing of the commitment for the billion dollars.
Despite the fact that we didn’t have any corruption charges, we don’t have any information
about this.
He’s doing something wrong.
I especially asked him, no, it was dating for you.
I especially asked him to desire.
Congratulations on installing the new prosecutor general.
It’s going to be critical for him to work quickly and every pair of the damaged show
I’m a man of my word.
I am.
And that now that new prosecutor general’s in place, we’re ready to move forward in signing
that new $1 billion loan guarantee flaming pile of human garbage in the White House.
He most corrupt vile human being to ever plant his ass at the Resolute.
This guy’s disgusting, folks.
And you know who’s even more gross because I expected more of them.
The upper management of the FBI and any agent involved in this debacle too.
So remember the FBI, the laptop, the Hunter Biden laptop that they’ve had for years now?
Well during the election, the FBI had the laptop.
Well as it turns out, the FBI knew because they told Twitter that the Hunter Biden was
laptop on the day, the Washington, excuse me, the New York Post, by the way, had to have
New York Post for that video.
The day the New York Post wrote the story about the Hunter Biden laptop, the FBI knew
it was real.
So what did the FBI do?
They did squat.
They covered it up because the FBI is part of our new North Korea style of justice.
And they must be disbanded or completely, completely remodeled.
This organization is finished.
America is done with them.
Nobody trusts them.
The left doesn’t trust them.
The right doesn’t trust them.
It is only hacked Democrats that see them as bouncers and bars.
Here is the New York Post reporter who was part of the breaking news about the Hunter
Biden laptop at the time describing exactly what the garbage people at the top of the
FBI did to hide this laptop from the public and steal an American election.
Listen yourself.
No one denies that the laptop is real, that the origin story is exactly what I told you
it was in the first place.
This elaborate censorship conspiracy wasn’t because the information being reported on
was false.
It was because it was true and it was a threat to the power centers in this country.
So the FBI sat on its ass while 51 fake swamp rat degenerate losers wrote a memo,
suggesting that it was Russian disinformation, this laptop, and they sat on the rass even
though they knew it was real.
A disgusting organization at this point that needs to be broken up gross, gross to the good
men and women there doing your jobs.
You have my respect.
If you know something to blow the whistle on, please do it.
We’re running out of time.
Some of them just don’t know folks.
They don’t all touch all these investigation.
Here’s Emma Joe Morris again on how these social media companies are now working with
the FBI to kick you in the balls and censor you all the time and how they become fed central
retirement plans.
Listen to this journalist, Michael Schalenberger reported based on documents he obtained from
Musk that during all of 2020, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies repeatedly primed
Twitter executives to dismiss reports of Hunter Biden’s laptop as a Russian hack and leak
Feds arranged for top secret security clearances to be granted to Twitter management and even
had encrypted messaging networks set up, which they dubbed a virtual war room.
To this day, hundreds of people from the intelligence community work at social media companies.
Over the last few years, my reporting has been confirmed by virtually every mainstream news
outlet from the Washington Post to the New York Times to Politico when the stakes were
nothing, by the way, two years later.
No one denies that the laptop is real, that the origin story is exactly what I told you
it was in the first place.
This elaborate censorship conspiracy wasn’t because the information being reported on
was false.
It was because it was true and it was a threat to the power centers in this country.
What this relationship between the US government officials and American corporations represent
is an unprecedented push to undermine the First Amendment, the right to think, right,
read, say, whatever we want, and how we respond will determine whether we see a free
press as inalienable or as optional.
Folks, it’s fully corrupted now.
I’m scared, man, I’m a little scared.
I am.
I’m long in the United States, but I’m a little scared right now.
It’s insane that I’m actually worried about the FBI or someone else knocking on my door.
That’s crazy.
That’s just crazy.
There’s a former federal agent myself, although I know I’ve committed no crime, none.
I’m absolutely sure that because it’s me that I’m actually worried about the FBI knocking
on my door.
It’s the craziest thing, folks.
We live in the third world now.
Now, it’s the last piece of bad news before I get to the goodness because the turnaround
is near and it is Friday.
But a turnaround be near for us Friday or not.
This is be prepared warning.
I’m going to keep tracking this from now on number 4,573.
I keep telling you China and its little trio of death, I ran in North Korea, China is preparing
to attack Taiwan, maybe within months and definitely before Biden leaves off.
Every day there’s a new sign out there I’m going to continue to warn you about because
you’re going to be the most prepared people with emergency food, water, supplies.
You all are waiting to defend yourself.
You’re going to be prepared.
Everyone else who doesn’t listen is listen to the dopey mainstream media is going to
be sitting on their hands when this breaks bad because it’s going to break bad soon.
Here’s a press release from Congressman Mike Turner.
China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are investing in ways to nuke us talking about missile
This is from May.
Why does that matter?
Why ran China and North Korea are the trio of death?
They’re working together right now.
So I’m telling you China’s getting ready to invade Taiwan and I believe the Iranians
and North Koreans know about it.
Oh, look at this.
Just yesterday, Chinese hackers breached the US ambassador to China’s email account.
Gosh, that’s strange.
It’s almost like they’re turning up the heat.
Even CNN got in on the mix and how to start talking about this.
Here’s CNN yesterday talking about this breach conveniently right before the ambassador
went over there so they know how to answer all the questions because they’re playing
us and getting ready for an invasion.
Take a listen to this.
Two top state department officials whose email accounts were accessed as part of this hack
that was related to hackers based in China.
And this, the key thing here is the timing, Jake, because according to Microsoft, this
was a hack into US government systems on the unclassified side.
We should know that occurred sometime in mid May and it was on June 16th that there was
actually customers who came to Microsoft and said that there were these anomalies.
They began investigating it.
June 16th is also the date that the secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, was traveling to
And we reported last week that US officials believed that because of this hack, China
was able to gain insights into the planning for that trip.
Now, of course, the fact that these two top state department officials were targeted as
part of this hack is obviously telling us why they felt that that was the case.
CNN put the freaking story together, man.
Oh, look, North Korea is threatening a nuclear response after US sub deployment.
Hosh, how could that be, Joe?
So crazy.
It’s like they’re talking to China and they all know what’s going on.
It’s so weird.
So strange.
I like the signs are over.
Oh, look at this.
US sending Marines and more warships to the Middle East over Iranian threats.
Oh my gosh.
It’s almost like the signs are everywhere.
So crazy here in a little bit.
Oh, here’s another one.
This is just nuts.
China poses an alarming threat to the US grid.
Lawmakers told, oh, you mean like that article in the Wall Street Journal from Richard Mueller
talking about a biological virus attack and a computer attack on the grid?
The same guy who is a court of the reports by Jennifer Van Lars spoke to a Chinese Communist
Party defector.
So strange.
Again, it’s like the signs are like everywhere coming from the left, coming from the right,
coming from below, coming from above, be prepared, warning 4,573.
All right, I want to get some good news now because I do believe number one, I think China
is going to fail.
I think China is a Potemkin village.
I think it’s going to be an ugly war.
It may be a longer war than we anticipate, but I think they’re going to fail.
And I think when they do fail, there’s going to be significant change in China.
I may be an optimist, but folks, you know what?
It’s a Friday and I feel good, but I believe it.
I don’t believe the Chinese people want to be in prison.
Nobody does.
And you know, Imperial Japan turned into Democratic Japan after the leadership was defeated.
Things can change fast.
No, not like Rocky Force though.
You can change.
We all can change.
No, I don’t mean this in a utopian way.
I really believe it.
I don’t believe the Chinese people who are very entrepreneurial want to be under the
boot of communism.
I believe they’re going to fail.
On another note, Democrats, some Democrats, some, but I’ll take some over and on or starting
to wake up that we’re staring tyranny in the face.
I’ve seen reporters, liberal reporters like Glenn Greenwald and others wait, you know,
Glenn has been waking people up left and right telling people about the threat of the tyranny
we’re staring in the face right now.
And you saw it yesterday.
The Democrats aren’t hiding anymore and more people are seeing their tyranny.
He was a shocking moment at the censorship, literally a hearing up on Capitol Hill on
online censorship.
When communist Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a full-blown communist, by the way, Kami Wasserman
Schultz, right, tries to censor Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate
at a censorship hearing.
Watch this.
He’s trying to censor a Democrat at a hearing on censorship by Democrats.
Nobody saw the irony in this?
We need to go behind closed doors.
We can’t let this man speak.
So of course, she defamed him and lied about him, calling him an anti-Semite and other
things, obscene, absurd charges.
Listen, I’m not a Democrat, I’ve never voted for RFK Jr. in a million years, nor should
But the man deserves to speak.
So good for him.
Here’s RFK responding about a study he was citing about the effect of these vaccines on
different racial and ethnic groups.
Take a listen.
You’re misstating.
No, no, no.
You are.
I quoted what you said earlier, and it is directly what you said.
So just ask me-
No, I was describing an NIH-funded study-
No, no, no.
You didn’t cite it.
I was describing an NIH-funded study by Cleveland Clinic-
Reclaiming my time.
Reclaiming my time.
You did not reference it.
Republican, USC medical, which is one-
The time is mine.
I’m reclaiming it.
Please ask the witness to stop talking.
You asked me a question.
Allow me to ask my question.
Mr. Chairman, I’d like about ten seconds back.
This is the time to time to launch.
You are slandering me-
Time to launch it-
Time to launch it-
Time to launch it-
Time to launch it-
Time to launch it-
I need a gentleman.
I’m an officer myself.
I’m good for you, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Defending yourself.
Like I said, I’ll never vote for you, and neither should you.
Neither should you.
But good for you for defending yourself.
Oh, and by the way, great Congressman Tom Massey, who I love.
Tom Massey’s fantastic, who’s an actual Republican.
May Debbie Wasserman Schultz look like an absolute imbecile, but of course he had the
receipts ready of the actual study.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed didn’t exist that Robert F. Kennedy was referring to.
What’s this?
This is great.
The gentleman from Kentucky is recognized for UC.
I asked unanimous consent to introduce him to the record to study that Mr. Kennedy just
referenced new insights into genetics, susceptibility of COVID-19.
The main body said that they investigated genetics susceptibility to COVID-19 by examining
DNA polymorphism and ACE2 and TMPRS-S2.
Those are receptors for COVID in 81,000 human genomes, and they found unique genetic susceptibility
across different populations.
Have another document that I’d like to ask your name is consent.
Without objection.
To submit, and this is from the FDA review of efficacy and safety, a Pfizer-BioNTech
COVID-19 vaccine.
This is dated December 10th, 2020.
And it shows that the Pfizer trial and the USDA broke down the effectiveness of the
vaccine into seven different racial categories, because this was also a concern of theirs.
And it would frankly be delinquent not to study the effects across the country.
That hurt, that hurt, that one hurt, that one, you better dust that one off, get some
tussing in there.
That one hurt.
So there was this study he was referring to, and by the way, it was associated with a number
of scientific journals and government entities that’s so strange.
That’s so strange.
How of a Democrat who doesn’t subscribe and tell the Democrat line mentions it all of
the sudden he’s an anti-Semite.
So weird.
That’s actually a real study.
Communist Debbie Wasserman Schultz, censorship queen, of course didn’t want anyone to know
about that.
All right, this story is a good one.
Last story of the week.
Folks, you know, I love economics.
Don’t, don’t, don’t tune out yet.
We’re at 70,000 wonders.
I better not see this trap.
I’ll be very upset.
I promised this story is cool.
He loved it.
He loved this story.
Listen, a lot of lefties want you to believe the world is going to melt down in 12 years.
Forget that’s just stupid.
But lefties do say some things that even if you’re a really smart person, you may say,
well, that makes sense.
If you don’t understand economics and resource allocation, when lefties say things like
well, listen, eventually we’re going to run out of resources, oil and gold and silver
and all this stuff and copper for wires.
We’re going to run out of this stuff.
Most of you are probably thinking to yourselves, you know, intelligently enough.
Yeah, I mean, Dan, everything’s scarce, right?
Eventually we’re going to run out of this stuff, of course, right?
And yeah, that would make sense.
If a resource was what we thought a resource was and we didn’t know what new resources
are, listen, here’s what I’m getting at.
There is a prosperous tomorrow ahead of us because God made us different.
God made us different.
Listen to me.
Be men, man.
Be me in Scotty right now, not up, but in God made us different.
Every single other creature in the insect and animal kingdom lives the exact same damn
way they did millions of years ago.
They hunt food.
They eat it.
They sleep.
They hunt food.
They eat it.
They sleep.
Even if they sleep.
That’s it.
They’re not on computers.
They didn’t invent penicillin.
They don’t understand quantum physics.
They don’t understand, you know, they don’t understand artificial intelligence, material
They don’t know what calculus is zero, but not us, not us.
God gave us the ability to recombine older ideas into new ideas and make new and better
Other animals don’t do that.
We do.
We are different.
We are special.
We have always been special.
So these malthusian population bomb nut bags telling you we’re going to run out of lithium
for batteries.
You’re going to run out of gas.
We’re going to run out of oil in the ground and petroleum are full of.
They don’t know what they’re talking about.
They have a, they have factored out our God given special superpower of creativity.
This Wall Street Journal piece is a banger.
You got to read it headline.
We will never run out of resources ever because human knowledge and creativity are limitless.
Folks we’re just going to find something new.
I, this is the irony.
This is what attracted me to this piece.
This piece.
I used to give speeches on economics where I would talk about how whale blubber was used
in candles and lighting.
We used to have to burn whale blubber.
It was the only way to keep a light on in your house hundreds of years ago.
Whale blubber.
Folks, we don’t use it anymore.
We have this crazy thing called electricity.
The piece notes innovation creates opportunities for substitution.
For centuries a waxy substance founds in the heads of sperm whales was used to make candles
that provided light.
Long before the whales would have run out, we switched to electricity.
Now everybody’s worried, oh my gosh, we’re going to run out of lithium to power those
electric vehicles on the road.
Oh really?
The piece notes quick charging sodium ion batteries are already on the horizon.
There’s far more sodium than lithium on or near the surface of the earth.
Folks, we don’t even know what a resource is for those students of history.
The black stuff coming out of the ground used to be a waste product on land.
It’s not one of the most valuable substance on earth, it’s oil.
And you know what?
One day when we figure out fusion oil may be worthless too, just like whale blubber.
One more thing, everybody thinks in these lefties, oh my gosh, human beings are becoming
so wasteful.
We use all this stuff right now, are we?
Because let me tell you something, just on the home screen of my phone, right?
I can take the place of a watch.
I can take the place of a camera, a typewriter, a computer, a video camera, a security system,
a monitor for my heart rate, all of that’s on the home screen of my phone I’m looking
at right now.
Yet those were all different devices in the past.
You had to have a set of encyclopedias, a wall full of dictionaries, maps, calendars,
paper to type on metal and plastic for cords and radios and cameras and telephones and
stereos and alarm clocks and more.
And you don’t have any of that anymore.
You have one little piece, very resourceful, unbelievable Joe.
It’s almost like God gave us a gift to do that.
I was going to say, what the hell happened?
It’s so crazy.
The journal notes were living in an area of not an era of not material nature, but dematerialization.
Not long ago, every hotel room in the US was equipped with a thick blue copper cable
to connect the guests to the internet.
Nowadays they use Wi-Fi.
No cables necessary.
Likewise, a smartphone is minimized if not eliminated.
The need for everything I just mentioned, calendars, maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias,
metal and plastic radios, cameras, telephones, stereos, alarm clocks and more folks will
never run out of resources.
And if we were to run out, we would find a way to get them from asteroids.
When we run out of those asteroids, we’ll find a way for interstellar travel.
And always gives us a way out.
Today is the anniversary.
That’s convenient.
The moon landing.
There you go.
Great job.
That’s Joe.
Joe, what do they call those in radio business?
Kickers, right?
Little like little sheets of cheat notes and stuff, right?
Geeze like the kicker for the show.
I want to bring up one last point before I go.
M. Scott Peck, who was a famous Harvard psychiatrist who wrote a number of best-selling books,
wrote in the book The Road Less Travel.
It’s not a coincidence that human beings are some of the only creatures on this rocky
collar where their tendency is towards more order, not less.
You’ve had a bunch of bushes grow, they’re going to grow chaotically.
You drop oil and water, it spreads around chaotically, not humans.
The tendency is not towards entropy, it’s towards more order.
God made us special.
Don’t believe this left this population bomb nonsense.
There’s a brighter future ahead, I promise you.
Folks, thanks again for tuning in.
I so deeply appreciate it.
It was a lot of Friday’s show, a little hot in the beginning, sorry about the language.
Sometimes it just pops out of me, it’s the New Yorker in me, I’m trying, trying my best.
I really appreciate it.
Please give us a follow rumble.com slash bongino.
Join us every day, 11 o’clock a.m. Eastern time for the live show, 10 a.m.
The chat starts, we had 10,000 people chatting away, the bongino army, we so deeply appreciate
Love you all.
I will see you actually back here on Tuesday.
I got to take Monday off for something, I’ll tell you about it on Tuesday, it’ll be
a lot of fun.
Good day, sir.
You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.

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