Glenn: I’m DONE Warning People

Glenn: I’m DONE Warning People | Ep 287

Glenn Beck

With his trademark humor, Beck lampoons the resurgence of this bankrupt leftist philosophy with thousands of stories, facts, and arguments for anyone who is willing to ask the hard questions. He shows that this new, shiny socialism is just the same as the old one: a costly and dangerous failure that leaves desperation, poverty, and bodies in its wake. Get it Today!

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Glenn: I’m DONE Warning People | Ep 287
First Landing 1607 Project’s event, “The Declaration of Covenant.” Glenn talks about the Lord's tasks he gave him and how it is changing.
First Landing 1607 Project’s event, “The Declaration of Covenant.” Glenn talks about the Lord’s tasks he gave him and how it is changing.

Transcribed Notes

in April of this year the first landing
was asked to go you’re going to see I
just got off a plane I didn’t even comb
my hair because I traveled with men so
nobody said
um but what I said off the cuff that
night we have wanted to share with you
for a while
put up with the video of me looking
horrible and listened to what was said
what is happening is not an American
this should be and I’m so glad it’s
being translated in so many different
languages this is a message to the world
what media is not showing you is
this is happening all over the world the
people are rising up and it’s it’s not
right and left
it is really truly Elites versus the
people right we can sit in our own
communities and we all talk like this we
all say it this isn’t that hard to fix
we all know what the problems are it
wouldn’t take many of us very long to
fix this thing okay because all you have
to do is return to principles but
everything is being changed it is a
fundamental transformation I really
truly believe Satan thinks he’s going to
he’s convinced he’s got everything
cornered and everything’s going to
he is in for a real surprise
so everything we talk about here
everything that you guys have done this
needs to go to the entire world they’re
all looking for an answer but America is
currently the only place that that has
enough God in us still that there’s a
Remnant that remembers
I talked to somebody who had um she was
over at a friend of mine’s house she was
she escaped communist China she was in a
prison camp
and uh she came over to my friend’s
house and it was Christmas time
and they were going to decorate the tree
and he said to her hear this job this
job this job and why don’t you untangle
the lights
before long she was sitting uh on the
ground with the lights and she was just
sobbing and he said are you okay and she
said yes
while I was in prison in China
for believing in Christ
these were the lights I was making
and she said to me do you know what we
pray for the faithful in China
and I said no and she says that America
will fall
and I said
wait why
she said because then and only then
you’ll remember who you are you’ll be
humble again and you will listen to the
I know this to be true in my own life I
am an alcoholic
I by the time I was 30 I was completely
out of control I was somebody that was
at 13 I got into radio and I have been
doing it and you know I started to buy
my own
because thinking I’m just the greatest
guy ever and uh I wasn’t and I made
every possible mistake you could
possibly make by the time I was 30. uh
I just I was completely out of control I
lost my family I lost my career I lost
and the only thing
only thing that I begged the Lord for
and only when you get to this point to
where you are on your knees because you
can no longer stand
the only thing I wanted back besides my
was my integrity
I just wanted to let my yes be yes and
my know me know and people would believe
me and I begged him I will do anything
Lord I have screwed everything up and I
white-knuckled it for about four years
and when I finally stood in the waters
of baptism
because I knew that God ceases to be God
if he doesn’t keep his part of the
and I knew that he said he will take my
sins he will take my burdens and he will
relieve me of all of that I can start
all over again
all I have to do is live by the things
he says to do
and I stood in the water and I I urge
you to consider everything that you’re
doing today
I was foolish enough I was desperate so
that I challenged him he proved me now
and so I said to him in my head as just
before I’m about to go under the water I
you cease to be God if you break your
don’t ever say this
I will not break my side
how arrogant even in my humility I was
I will tell you I don’t know why the
Lord even is my friend he is a loving
I I changed I fundamentally changed on
that day and I really feel bad I would I
would I tell my kids don’t do what I did
but I kind of feel bad for people who
don’t need the atonement as badly as I
did because when you really need it you
understand what a powerful miracle that
is there was no way out for me
everything I did
he suddenly with just one commitment
took everything that I did that was
horrible that I was hiding that I was
ashamed of and he turned it into a tool
for his good
it’s miraculous how that happens
it is true I first want to Bear My
Testimony to you that God knows you he
knows our situation he knows the people
who are currently so deceived that they
are standing against him they are his
children too and he wants all of us back
I made a promise to him after my baptism
and my life changed literally overnight
I couldn’t find a job for two years I
was looking for a job trying to do talk
radio nobody would hire me I was a top

work with me because I was
extraordinarily arrogant and
um the day after my baptism the largest
uh agent in radio called me
and said hey I was talking to somebody
they said that uh you’re really talented
and that you’re trying to change your
you need an agent I’m like oh yeah
yeah and he said I’ll call you back in a
couple of days I want to check out on
and I’m thinking the guy won’t take 10
of my money
um and he called me back two days later
it was on a Wednesday and he said I’ve
checked you out you seem to be sincere
and I said to him really so you wouldn’t
have taken me
and he said in talk radio people know
that you can’t you cannot be on the air
for three hours every day without people
figuring you out eventually and he said
I don’t want somebody who’s a fraud
and uh I said great and then he talked
to me about we got to get you in touch
with so and so do you know so and so and
I said I don’t and he said well we got
to figure out a way to get you in touch
with him because he can really place you
in the right place as he was saying this
God’s God is my witness
my call waiting went off and it was that
guy he was talking about
and he offered me a job
first time in talk radio
my career went like this almost straight
line up
in two years I had a prompting my first
or Stu is so grateful I had a prompting
when I was on the air the very first
time just trying talk radio I finished
my first 10 minutes and I took off my
headphones and I said
we’re going to replace Dr Laura and he
went why don’t we finish our first show
and I said yeah yeah I don’t this sounds
crazy but I know I’ve only done this for

I was doing talk radio for two years
and uh I went from worst
to even worse than that
to suddenly rocketing to number one and
a commanding lead and uh Premiere Radio
the biggest talks indicator in the world
called me and said these words
we’re looking for a replacement for Dr
okay that’s like that’s like four years
had passed and
I get the call I’m supposed to start in
January 2002 we sign a contract with him
January or September 11th happens now
I’m doing a comedy show
and uh I know nothing I’m a recovering
alcoholic DJ
I’m not the guy to talk to the Nation
about anything serious and uh I get a
call from the company and they said why
aren’t you on the air nationally today
and I went uh I think that’s your
and he said we need to get you on the
air now nationally
so three days after 9 11 I did my first
national talk show
and uh the first thing I said to the
nation was
I I I I don’t have any answers
I don’t have any answers this is not the
time I was prepared for
but I promise you
I will look for the answers
and I I I’m just going to look like
we’re all looking for answers and I’ll
do my best and I promise you I will tell
you the truth
um I begged those three days waiting for
that show I begged the Lord you got the
wrong guy
have the wrong guy I don’t know any of
and I was overwhelmed with a feeling I
I gotcha
you will be obedient because you just
challenged me
leave me God wins every time
hey let me ask you about your dogs if
you have a dog do they eat mine would
not eat anything
and he’s a German shepherd and their
hips always go and everything else I uh
I happen to know naturopathic doctor
Dennis black and he’s the guy who came
up with rough greens and he was telling
me about you know the health of the dog
and blah blah blah blah blah and while I
am concerned about that I just wanted my
dog to eat he would never eat
so I tried rough greens he wolfs it down
but not only that I think it has
actually given Uno maybe an extra year
of life I have nothing to back that up
other than my other German Shepherds did
not act as young as he’s acting now and
my other German Shepherds never got
rough greens would you just try a free
bag of rough greens right now they’ll
send you the first one free you just pay
for shipping go to Beck Beck
in 2008
he starts 2004 actually he starts
downloading things and this I’m on Fox
in 2008 and as I see as he shows me
these things it was like it was a flat
wall there is no time I didn’t realize
this at the time there is no time where
God is it’s he just showed me everything
that was coming at once and I was very
freaked out because it felt like it’s on
top of us
and that’s why I always say I’m really
bad at timing because I don’t know his
time he has just shown me a few things
to warn people my calling has been to
just warn I have begged him for answers
I have begged him please Lord let me let
me I don’t want to be hated by half the
country I I please can it can you give
me one solution that I can
give to the people and he’s been very
clear that is not your calling your
calling is to warn the people wow
so I have tried to be faithful
and it sucks
but it’s
been good to be in his service
I will tell you that about three weeks
I was praying
and um I could hear it almost like it
was Audible
everything’s about to change your life
is about to change I need you with me
every day for the next two weeks
so I went and I carved out time every
for two solid weeks just to pray and to
study and be with him
and I will tell you that um
two weeks into it I didn’t get anything
and I was like
was this a test you tested me just to
see if I would show up every day
because he wants to know
this is a this is an honest question
Thomas Jefferson said question with
boldness even the very existence of God
for if there be a God he must surely
rather honest questions
over blindfolded fear
okay what a great life
that changed my life
and it will change your life too if you
understand the difference between
questions and honest questions an honest
question is one that if I answer it
and it goes against everything that you
believe but you’re like oh crap that
makes sense
will you apply it to your life
okay honest questions only come from
people who are saying you could change
my mind
I’m open I want to know the truth
whatever it is
and I will change my life that’s very
frightening for people to do
when I accepted God I had to change
everything in my life everything my
whole friend structure everything turned
upside down I did more things and I’m
like oh come on I don’t want to do that
too really
can I have any fun
his answer to me then was no I realize
now it’s much more fun to live under his
so the reason why I’m telling you this
story is because
two weeks ago just ended last Friday and
I’m not sure yet because while I knew I
had to show up
and he got a little
mushy with me and it’s like you figure
it out
um and I think what he’s telling me
is something that I’ve prayed for for a
long time
I think he’s releasing me from my
my calling to warn
there’s a new calling coming
and it is Hope
yes all those that could hear the
have heard the warning
it’s time now to join with people and
he wins I don’t know what that means for
us but he wins
he he has us the one thing I got in all
those last two weeks is I know you I got
you I got you let it go you know when
when Satan you know comes up to uh the
lord it’s not like the Lord is like oh
I’m gonna meet Satan again today you
you’re dismissed yeah yeah you’re
dismissed get out of you that’s all he
has to say
we have to say because we’re not God In
The Name of Jesus Christ
get out okay and we need to do that more
because that’s what we’re fighting we
are not fighting Republicans Or
democrats right we are not fighting our
friends and our neighbors even the
people who are trying to destroy us
that’s not who we’re fighting we are
fighting the spirit of the Antichrist we
are fighting evil and that’s the only
answer I can come up with when you
actually look at what’s happening to our
country and how hypnotized people are I
never understood how light wouldn’t
understand dark that the two sides
wouldn’t understand each other that
you’d be so separated that you could not
truly understand the other side well
we’re here and the reason why is because
Satan is chaos and confusion the Lord is
causes confusion and Chaos this world is
confused and in chaos
yep depart in the name of Jesus Christ
you know to save our country one of the
things we have to do is have a parallel
um and that means not doing business
with people that are just stabbing the
constitution in the back all the time
um but doing business with people who
hold the same values are working to the
same goals and have at least the same
service if not better and will save you
money you can do that that’s not you
know guaranteeing your or pledging your
life fortune and sacred honor that’s
just doing the smart thing
this is the easiest way to be able to
help our country and that is switch to
Patriot mobile they are the only
Christian conservative uh provider for
cell service in the country they support
Free Speech religious freedom sanctity
of Life all of that and they fight for
it so please switch today they make it
really easy keep your own phone and
phone number everything else BEC
back 878 Patriot you know Martin Luther
King was not the first choice for
anybody in the Civil Rights Movement he
was like number eight
because there’s a lot of preachers just
like there’s a lot of preachers today
that are too afraid to offend or to lose
their their church or to lose their
position or God forbid people won’t give
so I won’t be able to make the bills
where do you find that in Scripture
leave do not worry about your next meal
your clothes or your money leave and do
it the Lord is asking you and everyone
here and everyone watching
because he’s gone to the people the
elites he’s gone to all the people that
said no no I got this oh you should come
to me and go to my church and I will
tell you what’s going on
those people won’t do it and so he’s
coming to us who are like really
me yeah I mean if anybody has been
called on by the Lord lately and if you
haven’t you will be
if you hear the Lord
your first reaction I’m guessing is
you’ve got to be kidding me you’re down
to me
uh yeah
because you may you know
never understood this scripture
the Lord will use the foolish to
confound the wise
we’re watching it in real time
no one more foolish than me
and they cannot figure us out
evil does not understand evil is
and I fear
I’ll speak about me
that I
am too arrogant
that I
I believe you know
that I’ve done great things or anything
I know what I create I know what I do I
have a whole 30-year record of what I’m
capable of
these last 30 years are what the Lord is
capable of and
he he just can use anyone
who is humble and knows
your his
you’re his child he loves you
there is nothing he what doesn’t want to
give us there is no power that he
doesn’t want us to share with him
he is the best father and the best
friend you’ll ever have
and he is just saying
are you willing to come with me
one of the things that I I remember in
the first I think it’s Lord of the Rings
or one of those
Gandalf said Frodo says to Gandalf
I just wish none of this would be
happening in my time
and Gandalf says something that I heard
once and it has stuck with me for 25
we all wish that
all people that live in times like this
wish it would happen in another time but
that is not our decision to make our
is to decide what we’re going to do with
that time
our decision and it is such an honor
it is such an honor
he has not only asked you but he is
qualifying you to work in his service on
one of the greatest most miraculous
things that has ever happened and that
is prepare the way for the second coming
this is
losing not our freedom
his freedom that he gave to us
and said governments are established
among men
to protect those rights right we
established we establish this government
to protect those rights and we have been
so fat and sassy and lazy and and we are
so arrogant with all the things that we
have we think we can rule the world we
actually are now living in a time we
think we can change the weather
haha how arrogant yeah
and we have stopped looking and just
thanking him
start there
if our country was just grateful
I’m I’m telling you
if you’re living a life right now and
you just change it
in a few years
you’re going to see the Lord has taken
and turned it into something amazing
he is truly amazing
we just have to be grateful and humble
and do what he asks
here’s how you know he’s talking to you
if he’s asking you to do something
you’re like oh come on
yeah I know I no I don’t want to do that
that’s the Lord
that’s the Lord he’s never like you know
I’m going to call you to go on vacation
for a few weeks don’t think about me or
anything else that ain’t God
God is calling and qualifying all of us
in 2008
um I got a yeah
all I heard in my prayers was clay pots
and I’m like what does that mean like
Lord you created me you know I’m not
that smart what does that mean
and I didn’t know and for six months
every night every morning I would pray
I’d hear clay pots
so you know I don’t know am I supposed
to go to like Pottery Barn and look for
some clay I have no idea
and it was six months into it and I said
the spirit of the people that we are
that are trying to take our country
hate this country they hate it
and they will if they win
and this was a quote I said just spewing
words if they win
our sacred American scripture
the Declaration of Independence the Bill
of Rights the Constitution the thing
that all of our Founders said was the
Finger of God writing that
they will destroy it all
and that’s when I remembered
clay pots when people were coming to
destroy the scripture that hadn’t fallen
into the Canon
a small community
took all the scriptures they could find
and put them in clay pots and pushed
them into the back of the cave all right
that’s when David and I started really
doubling uh our efforts David has been
collecting American uh history forever
we now have between him and me and
Mercury one my charity we now have uh
more documents on the American founding
and we go back now to like the 1500s
even uh we have we’re only beaten by the
national archives in the Library of
and we have our goal is to not only
preserve it if we have to find clay pots
in a cave or whatever that is
these documents Will Survive okay that
we will not be erased we are doing the
erasing ourselves by standing by
but it will not be lost it was God’s
we’ve screwed God’s work up many times
but if we just turn back to him
he’ll make it all right
the other thing on clay pots because I
just he never gave me a clear never gave
me a clear answer and I swear I’ve got
to get up to heaven and he’s going to go
that clay pots thing I mean I was just
thinking about clay pots and you happen
to tap in I mean it was cool what you
did but that was you
but the other way I’ve interpreted it
because I want to be faithful to him was
our children are our clay pots
I don’t see a lot of young people here
our children are living at a time
I I would never want to be them I don’t
know as a parent my kids come to me and
I’m like
I don’t know I don’t know what to do how
do I you know I’m like well let me think
about that I’m going to think about that
and I you know I got some good advice
for you
soon and then I walk into the other room
and I tell my wife and she’s like you’re
looking at me for an answer I don’t know
what I don’t know that they’re doing
things now that seem insane
anyone who has not
has not gotten off the path of God okay
God provides us the truth and it is
unchangeable there are some things that
we can discover
you know like the microwave oven but
there are other things that are just
eternally true period
men are men women are winter women
gender is specific and ordained by God
and we have because we’re a very
tolerant people
we have gone you know what good for you
good for you because we didn’t think we
were dealing with evil but when you can
say love wins that’s why you know who
are you to say these two people
shouldn’t be together because love wins
that works for a lot of people
but if you know the true agenda behind
it that’s right you don’t you realize
there’s no love involved in this okay
this is not love this is evil because
they take that
you want to be tolerant
now in in Minnesota I think you know
this Michelle in Minnesota they are
changing the Democrats and explain this
to me the Democrats are changing the
Civil Rights Code to delete the phrase
of you know everybody is a special group
it says pedophilia and pedophiles are
not a protected class
the Democrats are removing that line by
a legislative act
we are sacrificing our children to the
god of the Old Testament but all and
moloch it is happening again we don’t
know it yeah yeah but we are repeating
the same thing over and over again
and I I loved what a speaker said when I
just got here what was his name Alex
I loved what you said about
and we still send our kids to school yes
because we don’t know what to do and we
don’t feel qualified because we’ve been
raised in a time when the experts tell
us what to do
stop listening to The Experts there is
one expert one
wow this is horrible video of me I mean
I look really bad here but wow
uh okay anyway let me talk to you about
uh the title to your home why because a
lot of people are becoming victims of
home title theft it’s the fastest
growing crime according to the FBI it is
uh well that in the people of January 6
but somehow or another Dan uh Donald
Trump is behind the the horrible crime
wave that is going on right now home
title lock make sure that you have not
uh lost your most valuable asset your
home they put a shield around your
home’s title it is unbelievably easy to
steal it and you won’t know until
Bank starts sending you notices and
eventually the sheriff shows up to your
door because you don’t own your home
anymore find out right now about your
own house and sign up for protection
promo code back home
that’s home and I want to
talk to you about something that
I thought about on the plane here and
I’ve been thinking about this for years
and I’ve tried
to prepare my audience and if you’ve
listened to me for a long time there
were probably many times in the last 15
years where you’re like I got it why are
you even talking about this
because he told me to talk about it when
it didn’t make any sense
I have to reiterate this
you know where the first transgender
surgery happened the first trans man
so uh man wanted to become a woman
and the surgeons you know took care of
business and even stuffed a uterus in
this guy okay
he died do you know where that happened

Germany 1920 the Weimar Republic did
everything that is happening in America
right now okay
absolutely everything that we are doing
was happening in the Weimar Republic
you know who stopped it
Hitler yeah okay that’s not good
no what’s your message there
okay here’s my message
the Weimar Republic became so vile and
violated everything that good decent
people knew was right and wrong it
became so ugly and distorted
that people
were willing to say
he’ll stop it yeah okay and it only took
a third of them
I don’t know if you know this but the
churches under Hitler within six months
they were seriously talking about
getting rid of the Old Testament because
it was a little too jewy
did you know that six months
it has a lot of Jewish stuff in it oh
yeah like Jesus also was a Jew
okay they folded like that within a year
they had taken Christ off of the altars
and replaced it with a picture of Adolf
Hitler yes
what God are we worshiping right now
what God are our children worshiping
right now you will become that which you
gaze upon you will become
when you are gazing what are people
their phones yeah
and our kids are becoming just like
phones completely detached robotic
there’s no there’s nothing there and
they’re zombies and I contend
that we are actually worshiping that
I do two things like this
well gain my phone
and praying
we are praying to our God
what happens when a society goes off the
rails this much
and there is no true
prong leadership for God
people start to become angry and twisted
and the righteous
feel I have righteous indignation
and yeah
get them
the people that went to the
concentration camps the first ones were
not Jewish
the first ones were anyone who disagreed
with the government
and lesbians and transgenders
okay because everybody was sick of all
of that stuff and so let’s get rid of
the Satan does not destroy things he
perverts them yes this country is the
greatest tool for good or evil in the
history of the world I said in 2008 if
we don’t change our ways and reconnect
with the things that are true we are
going to make the Nazis look like
and we will
we are not fighting for our freedom we
are fighting
we’re fighting Madness and evil and we
must stand
but you will not survive if you don’t
make a covenant with him
I know this
I know this all too well
it is easy to go through your day
and just do the things that you know you
think you’re doing the Lord and yeah
yeah I got it I got it I’m doing it
but if you are not with him
if the spirit does not dwell in your
home with your family inside of you if
you’re not getting constant feedback
from the Holy Spirit
you’re not going to make it
there is coming a time where the spirit
will say stop
turn around go the other way you will be
convinced you’re doing something and the
spirit will tell you uh-uh don’t do that
okay and you must be so attuned to the
spirit that you hear it and Obey it
honest questioning God is asking you an
honest question
if I give you this information
will you do it yes your answer must be
yes yes
if you want to sit on the sidelines
you’re going to end up on the wrong side
there is no one there is no one uh that
is not going to be in this this fight
but we must fight differently
they as I said in that that clip they so
desperately want us to strike out
we don’t have a Gandhi yet we don’t have
a Martin Luther King
I sat with Billy Graham and I said Billy
where where’s the next you
where is somebody that can call all of
us together and we can we can gird our
loins and lock arms and stand peacefully
and with love and face evil
he said to me Glenn it ain’t gonna
happen that way this time
he said I think the Lord is so sick of
people like me getting credit for all of
his work
that he’s going to go to the people
that are just regular people wow and
he’s going to talk to them and they’re
going to say but I don’t I I don’t I
mean what is good is that going to do I
don’t have any power I don’t have the
tools how many times you say that to
yourself I say that to myself all the
time I can’t do that
that’s beyond me
he’s not asking you to complete the
whole puzzle he’s asking for your peace
to be put down on the table yes you just
obey and put the peace down on the table
and come what may Billy told me Glenn
think of it this way
the Lord is planning an incredible
surprise party for Satan
Satan anyway he’s coming in through the
door and he turns on the light and the
Lord is like surprise
and we will all see the Mosaic of all of
the little people the foolish
the foolish who have just been obedient
in their little ways in their circle of
influence and it will be a mosaic that
will cover the Earth
and only
the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob could
do that and the world will know God is
with us amen
I I am so honored
that you would ask me to be here and
please let me be your Aaron to your
Moses anything that I can do to help
hold your hands up it is people like you
that are going to change the world it
truly is and I want you to know that you
inspired me
you kicked my butt
and reminded me God is serious
the reason why you’re doing it is
must have been too arrogant and didn’t
listen to him saying after we planned it
and it was canceled because of kovid we
just didn’t come back to it
and so he found somebody else
and he will always find somebody else if
you don’t do it he’s got other options
he will not be thwarted
so I want you to know that in the next
couple of days I’m going to be
announcing that we are going to make a
national Covenant and
it’s impressive views
I have been saying to myself every time
I think of this I think well we’ve got
to invite all these people we’ve got to
get a big crowd there where are we going
to hold it and stuff and then I was on
the air just the other day thinking
about you and I thought
why would I try to get 50 000 people
together when I’ve got 12 million
listening why not get the entire world
in on this yeah
everything you do
everything you do good or bad not only
is the Lord watching
but he is also amplifying all of the
good your small movement that you think
maybe is meaningless I have no purpose
in life believe me you were sent to this
country at this time for a reason you
may think it’s very small but it will
start pushing things it’s dominoes he’s
just asking you to do this to your
please do this to your Domino when he
tells you
pray to him with a sincere heart Lord I
will Covenant with you I know you saved
me from the wretch that I was I know
everything I have comes from you
I will do what you ask me and I know you
it’s going to be stuff I don’t want to
do and I know that in advance but it is
an honor to live at this time
to live here
and to be in his service

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