Great Reset’s TERRIFYING Next Phase

Glenn provides a behind-the-scenes look at how all these technological advancements will transform the Great Reset into a horrifying dystopian Great Narrative of centralized control, widespread surveillance, and a lack of independence and freedom we have never experienced in this episode.

Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s TERRIFYING Next Phase | Ep 288

Glenn Beck
Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s TERRIFYING Next Phase

At important meetings in 2021 and 2022, powerful leaders from government, finance, media, and business who support the World Economic Forum’s plan for a Great Reset of capitalism launched a new “call to action” titled the “Great Narrative.”

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Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s TERRIFYING Next Phase | Ep 288

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Transcribe Notes:

-like virus which has infected hundreds
in China
reached the United States thousand
people have been told to self quarantine
most the country are looking more like
ghost towns the great shutdown of 2020
is underway
now to a dire warning about climate
change experts say that we have until
U.N has founded the alarm about
criminals released early putting you and
your family in danger Seattle is the
only city in the state of Washington
where it will soon be legal to use hard
drugs in public
meanwhile Signature Bank marks the third
largest bank failure in U.S history this
morning the government is deploying
emergency measures to stop a potential
banking crisis prices continue just to
Skyrocket here at home inflation sticker
shock is hitting millions of Americans
hard you never want a serious crisis to
go to waste I warned you America I’ve
been calling out the great reset now for
over a year the threat that it poses is
incomparable to anything I have seen I
warned you I showed you exactly what
they were doing the Sinister plan and
the excuses that they gave us along the
way to enact their blueprint for total
control is the need for Action I see the
need for a great Visa
the great reset was just their starting
point a launching pad for Global Elites
to achieve their great narrative we’re
in phase two now with a world changing
faster than we’ve ever seen before
change fueled by a digital Revolution
and those global Elites the politicians
the business Executives the world
economic Forum
sociopaths are working in overdrive to
make a plan for the uncertain future
they’re making a plan for your life
without your consent and that plan is
more dystopian than you could ever
imagine last year I warned you so this
year I will show you I will show you
what’s in store for all of us if the
great reset Phase 2 is successful I’ll
show you what’s next for your life if
you don’t take a stand now tonight
your dark future
uncovering the great reset’s terrifying
next phase
hello America and welcome to the program
I know it’s meme territory at this point
to say this but we Face possibly the
most consequential election in modern
history not just for America but the
world the globalist designed to
completely restructure Human Society
began a massive escalation after Joe
Biden was elected president and people
like you and me and those that value
things like Freedom opportunity the Bill
of Rights lose in this new Society the
content of tonight’s program has been
deemed Dangerous by the mainstream media
Silicon Valley and those members of the
world economic Forum believe it or not
before this broadcast we spoke to our
YouTube representative and they told us
that this special will very likely
become demonetized if not erased
demonetized only means we will not make
any money on this and these are very
expensive expensive specials but
this information
is worth every dime we might lose it’s
worth the gamble I’ve sat down recently
with world leaders and they have said
this next phase there’s three of them
this next phase
is the phase that if we don’t
not just stop the bad guys if we don’t
educate our neighbors if people do not
wake up and choose a different path
freedom and opportunity will be lost the
world over
if your Blaze TV subscriber thank you
you allow us to get the truth out there
even when big Tech tries to stop us so
if for any reason we do get a strike on
our Channel lose this and you lose this
special you can find the Blaze TV
content you use the promo code will not
be censored for 30 bucks off an annual
subscription to Blaze TV all right
as you saw in the opening I
I’ve been warning about the great reset
for years now three four years I wrote
this book and
well they’re going to do it anyway I’m
not supposed to say the name of it
believe it or not that’s one of the
rules of being kicked off of YouTube by
saying the name the great reset
I wrote this as an explainer about what
was being pushed I didn’t know if anyone
would read it honestly
and I really truly believe this is not
me saying this
um I think this was Time Magazine
uh that said it was me and what’s the
guy uh the funny hippie dude from
England yeah Russell Brand that it was
Russell Brand and Glenn Beck that made
ESG untouchable
oh we’re that only true
but that’s pretty much it
and you you are key to making sure this
information gets out so I printed this
telling you about all of the national
leaders that were involved from Justin
Trudeau to Joe Biden even the corporate
corporations and the banks and big
Finance showed you all of this and while
people like me and a few others were
trying to raise warning we were
bombarded with things like this
what is the great reset and how did it
get hijacked by conspiracy theories
the mainstream media ran cover even
moderated the world economic Forum
it was unbelievable
I put I don’t even know 50 pages of
footnotes maybe 25 pages of footnotes a
lot of footnotes in the back because
there are a lot of things that are being
said that are not true it’s
disinformation but I wanted to make sure
that you could go to the source and look
it up yourself and not from my point of
view but from their own words
we tried to cut through all the
misdirection and provide an easy to
understand description of what our
leaders were starting to organize and
prepare for
well their preparations are now complete
they are now moving toward a secondary
the final stage maybe we might have
we I might have more to come but it’s in
a very short period of time the
advancements in technology
are the only things they are waiting for
and it’s coming Fast and Furious once
they do arrive so does our dark future
dark future is the name of the follow-up
book that has been released this week if
the great reset was the explainer book
dark future is the warning
you don’t have to read one to get the
other but
it would maybe help but if you know the
basics of ESG this tells you exactly the
policies that are being pushed by the
governments all over the world as well
as the technological advancements that
are being pursued to ensure this
dystopian Society is designed the way
these Global Elites want it to be now
consider what I just said
advancements in technology are coming
out right now
that will either benefit humans or
enslave them I am a huge fan of
Technology I’ve been reading Ray
Kurzweil since the 1990s I have been
reading futurists and marveling at the
technology I remember my producer said
to me once it was like 96 or 97. I said
there’s not going to be a must-see
Thursday night TV on NBC NBC won’t
really exist the way we think of it now
there will just be a download time and
day for your shows and you’ll be able to
watch them at any time
he looked at me like I was insane
I also said by 2030
there is coming a time where we will
have to question everything including
the meaning of life and death
well we haven’t started
and now others are making the decisions
for us where we sit right now Darth
Vader and Palpatine are the only ones
trying to figure out how to design
Society from it have you felt like
everything’s in chaos like nothing
really works
well that’s because the world is
changing but unlike ever before
don’t worry all these changes that
Palpatine is suggesting they’ll be to
your benefit of course as Palpatine said
for a safe and secure Society
my book dark future is an attempt to get
these conversations going you first have
to be informed on what is coming we have
we have a a lot more information this is
the second book but there’s also about a
hundred pages I think of footnotes there
isn’t one word in this book that hasn’t
been checked and rechecked and sourced
to the original source so you decide
who’s telling you the truth and who’s
there is one heck of an operation a
global operation to make sure that we
stay in the dark they do not they’re
buying time at this point they know you
are kind of on it they know that they’re
running out of time but so are we all
they’re doing is stalling like we’re
going to take away your gas stoves
because it’s bad for your children what
we don’t want our gas stove that’s a
conspiracy theory who said that nobody’s
taking away your gas stoves to now in
their own brochures they tell us that
gas stoves are going away everything
will be electric
electricity is the new thing
we don’t have the infrastructure we
don’t have the power lines to run that
much electricity through it but nobody’s
talking about that they’re only talking
about conspiracy theories
so why would they destroy everything
well they’re not
they’re just going to impoverish you
they don’t want you to know what is
coming because they know at least in
America if they design the future and
you don’t understand it
you’ll take it if you do understand it
you will stand up
and I think America’s alone in the fight
but it’s happening all over the world
have you seen the recent attacks on Ron
DeSantis after he announced his run for
president they called his message a
campaign run on Fringe issues this
article called it quote online campaign
message they said his message focused
and I quote on Fringe topics only those
deep in the internet trenches seem to
care about and if they you know would go
on to list these things you know that
are online and Fringe issues they say
and I quote Central Bank digital
they go on to say the gripe is that
cbdcs might pose a privacy concern and
that could be used as a form of control
well it kind of seems like a big deal
and seeing that I have the treasury and
the fed and their reports and their
statements saying we’re moving to cbdc
and it’s happening already around the
world it doesn’t seem like a conspiracy
theory and it kind of seems like a big
does it to you
Now isn’t it odd that the media is
trying to downplay these concerns next
they list ESG as one of those Fringe
if you happen to read the great reset my
last book you know that ESG is a giant
reinforcement mechanism it was described
to me when I was over in Great Britain
uh by a scholar over there as Glenn
it’s China
do you want to live like the Chinese
I do not if you want to change us to a
Chinese system then let’s have that
conversation openly
all ESG is is a mechanism to coerce
companies and then have the companies
and the governments and all of the
radicals coerce you the private citizen
into compliance
the metrics of ESG can be changed at any
time and on any whim it is pulling the
government and big business into a
partnership that is best described as
forget about the Holocaust for now when
I say fascism what is the definition of
public private partnership the
government working with industry
dictating how things will go you can own
until you disagree with the government
then they’ll put you out you’ll be
canceled and someone else will fill your
role that’s the way it works in China
that’s not a fringe issue but they go on
gain of function research and mRNA
translation big Pharma and the Unholy
alliance with the government you cannot
question it just do what you’re told
after all they are the experts
they are the scientists if they say lock
down wear a mask take your Soma do it
comply and shut up you’ll understand why
that’s so important in the next few
minutes and the last issue they mention
as a fringe element is the woke military
don’t ask questions it’s the most
powerful military in the world that has
always answered to the Constitution
it has never that I know of in America
been used as a political force
it’s the most powerful thing that’s ever
existed in the world and now it is a
political arm of the radical left comply
and shut up do any of these issues I
don’t care who you voted for do they
concern you if you happen to be a
liberal and Donald Trump was doing this
you’d have a problem right
they they are Fringe for your family and
who’s telling you the truth and who is
not because those don’t sound like
Fringe issues you know that they are
important if they’re true you see how
they can become very bad if they’re true
despite the global attempt to try to
sweep everything under the rug and keep
you in the dark you like me are
concerned and aware
you have to know what is coming you can
a lot more in detail in dark future
became available yesterday you can order
it on Amazon anywhere else you get your
books but remember
just like everything I’m going to show
you tonight
unless you own the hard Mountain I I
don’t really care in fact I make more
money if you buy the audio and the audio
version is very funny and good
because somebody genius did it anyway
um uh I make more money if you buy the
book okay or I mean I’m sorry buy the
audio only
you can buy that that’s great
get a hard bound I don’t care if it’s
hard bound or soft cover have it
yourself remember you don’t own what you
buy on the internet in a digital fashion
that can be removed at any time you will
see the reality of that by the end of
the program the rest of tonight’s show
is a quick preview of what is in the
book that I think you need to know it’s
a warning of the future that is
currently been designed and now being
what are we really looking at we are
looking at Major societal change and
societal change that is about to take
place the likes of which we have seen
only three times in the past 300 years
it’s an industrial revolution but so
much more the first Industrial
Revolution came we were all pretty much
Farmers you know we stayed local in our
own little communities you know if you
wanted to go make a pilgrimage
you know you could go to the next town
if you wanted there was no Mass anything
until in England they discovered the
steam engine
steam engine changed the entire world
and not only did Society completely flip
upside down but a new country arose in
America and a government fell in Europe
after a bloody French Revolution
this Industrial Revolution
changed the world
but it took a long time before it really
felt all of its effects just because
they invented the steam engine in 1760.
it wasn’t like a lot of people were
losing their jobs in 1762 or 1770 okay
it took time but then nobody had to plow
with a horse
nobody had to go pick the cotton because
you had the cotton gin you had a world
that was completely different and more
importantly you started to have
industrial centers in cities people
would go to work in giant factories that
didn’t happen before the steam engine
was invented but that took about 120
years to get to that point the Second
Industrial Revolution began in the 19th
century this is where we really changed
things again new tech technology that
provided for mass production the
distribution of oil electricity and
we didn’t have any skyscrapers we didn’t
have buildings that were 12 stories tall
until we changed steel we made steel and
we could make it in Great numbers and
you got to invent the the elevator
Society again flipped upside down
this was a completely different era than
so first second now a lot of people will
say the third Revolution uh third
Industrial Revolution ushered in the
digital era and maybe they’d put it in
the 1990s but
how did Germany round up all of the Jews
so quickly how could they go out on one
night and make sure they got every
address of of every possible Jew they
could round up
don’t believe me read IBM Holocaust and
IBM or IBM in the Holocaust well
documented it was the punch card they
were freaks about making sure they
dotted every eye and crossed every T
they were freaks about information and
IBM gave them that ability to change the
world quickly then right after that you
have the digital era because you’re
you’re sending satellites up into space
in the 1950s you have television all of
a sudden we’re in this information age
that changes everything yet
it’s not that different
than really I mean yes yes your life was
more complex in in 19 or in 1880 than it
was or more difficult than it was in
electricity in in 1910 by the time 1930
came a lot of people more than half of
America had electricity by the time we
hit 1940 pretty much everybody has
so you have the first
the second
and I think this second one kind of goes
into here maybe someplace here into the
uh that that uh brought us personal
computers the Internet and smartphones
our life in 1990 was not the same as it
uh let’s say in 2001 but it was still
so you have this
the next change starts really here with
the iPhone
but it’s only one thing
the iPhone changed everything one
changed everything
no more record stores
no more beepers everyone has one you can
watch television in completely different
way all of this all of this one
invention change that we are now here
and we are at the doorstep if you will
of the fourth Industrial Revolution the
fourth one
the world economic Forum stated that the
fourth Industrial Revolution quote
represents a fundamental change in the
way we live work and relate to one
another it is a new chapter in human
development enabled by extraordinary
technological advances
commensurate with those of the first
second and third industrial revolutions
so what does that mean
what does that mean
that means that all of the change
from here
to here
I don’t want to live in the 1950s let
alone the 1760s all of this change
is coming
right there
all of this combined in the next
seven years
now they don’t want to talk about this
because you’ll freak out
I believe the American people are a
little stronger than that we are the
people that
won the second world war we we are
amazing when we set our mind to it they
don’t want us asking questions they are
the only ones making preparations while
the design how we live our lives in this
Brave New World I was just in England
and I really understood things so
clearly there
you don’t have forget about freedom
because what does that word mean anymore
people over in England think they’re
free but they don’t think they have the
opportunities that you have why
well I walk around the White House and I
see it you know and TV and I’m like hey
son someday you can live there okay
I don’t no British person has ever said
you know what someday you could be in
Buckingham Palace unless you’re a
servant you can’t reach that the
opportunities are gone what they’re
doing is putting select people in
and making you and me a serf
they will own it
you will just be in their world don’t
get in the way
so what is the design actually look like
well I’ll show you when we come back
I want to show you a clip from MSNBC
that is either an example of ignorance
on a scale that even MSNBC should be
embarrassed about or misdirection and
misinformation that the old Soviet KGB
would have been jealous of watch if you
were to listen to Ron desantis’s watch
with Elon Musk on Twitter which a lot of
you couldn’t but if you could find a way
to get on there you would hear nothing
but just like weird acronyms BSG Dei
cbdc’s do you even know what the cbdc is
that one I don’t know all right John the
other two exactly so that’s a
a digital currency thing that they think
is going to be like arrival to bitcoin
first of all none of you should be on TV
if that’s what you think and if you
don’t know what it is you shouldn’t be
on TV you are not qualified to talk
about the things that are happening if
you don’t even know what a cbdc is the
average American sure not you on TV
if this is just ignorance and
incompetence it’s staggering the claim
they have no clue as to what a central
bank digital currency is the single
attempt of an explanation was it’s a
rival of Bitcoin
no it’s not that’s the problem with cbdc
there would be no Bitcoin Bitcoin offers
a path outside of the Federal Reserve
and its manipulation of currency a
currency outside of the financial
surveillance okay that’s Bitcoin
cbdc eliminates all of that and puts the
FED in control of everything all
information all of your money buying and
selling manipulating it telling you what
value what you can and cannot buy
now I don’t I don’t buy that no one at
that desk knew what a cbdc was if so if
that’s the truth
God America we’re in trouble
I think they know exactly what it is and
that it is going to be used in the
future here’s another example of the
world that they advocate for
Canadian truckers they rose up in
historic numbers to protest vaccine
mandates they stood up to their
authoritarian government and donations
began flooding in to keep them going
but dissent cannot be tolerated in this
new world order
you can March and burn down cities
but the Canadian government Froze all of
the funding
for being peaceful
do you think anyone at that MSNBC table
has a problem with any of this
the people pushing build back better ESG
and definitely the great reset with its
cbdc don’t have a problem with this
digital Bank Central Bank digital
currency makes that easy
because they already have control they
don’t even have to go through the banks
they just do it
I go through all of the dangers of a
cbdc in my book dark future but it
doesn’t stop there it is educated as you
can on this do not take a word of this
as gospel until you look the footnotes
up and judge for yourself
you have to become an expert our country
is at stake
Our lives our fortunes our sacred honor
our precious time that we have we must
use it to educate ourself and others
we are way behind on the power curve
there’s a poll from the Cato Institute
it shows that 72 percent of those polled
were not familiar at all with what a
cbdc would allow the FED to do 70
percent of our nation
we cannot survive if we’re this
but when they were presented with what a
Fed controlled digital currency could do
they opposed it nearly everywhere across
the board
about a year ago I told you about the
cbdc initiative that was being conducted
by the Boston fed and MIT called project
Hamilton that’s been complete now it was
considered a huge success
check out this from their report quote
after the white paper and code were
released project Hamilton researchers
added functionality to open cbdc for
instance programmability and audit
capabilities well what does that mean
well that means you can program your
money to Sunset
you can program your money to not buy
certain products you want to subscribe
to the blaze if the only currency is
and the government decides we’re a place
of disinformation you will not be able
to send your money to us which puts us
completely out of business you can want
it all you want
but you cannot use your money
do you want to support a Canadian
trucker do you want to buy a gun do you
want to invest in fossil fuels do you
want to fill your tank
well that can all be turned off now
audit capabilities
that means spying on what you use your
money on now normally I would say I
don’t care because I’m not buying
anything illegal
but what does that mean anymore it’s not
you’re not speaking out you’re following
the Constitution but you will be
canceled and your life will be destroyed
for following the Constitution
think about it this way gas prices go up
they need to control inflation well
that’s too many dollars chasing too few
products so there’s there’s there’s not
enough gas how do you solve the
inflation you just say you people can no
longer buy gas
you’re buying too much gas so you know
what you’re not essential you don’t buy
gas so you don’t have a car no did you
just buy a gas stove or did you did you
use too much electricity just turn off
their money until they learn their place
this is what is coming and over half the
country doesn’t even know what a cbdc is
I would bet that over half of the GOP
knows even less
there are a few Republicans that are
trying to introduce bills to stop this
but others have introduced a bill that
would allow a government contractor to
run a digital currency
are you serious have you not learned
your lesson from the Fed
are these Republicans ignorant or are
they agents of Davos because this is
exactly how the great reset operates it
how it’s How It skirts the Constitution
by creating public-private Partnerships
enabling a 21st century fascism
let me show you what is happening right
now this is our story this is how we got
here okay all of the technological
change this is our story but have you
notice that our story is being erased
the American story
well don’t worry because there’s a new
story coming it’s called the Great
narrative it’s their Narrative of what
life happened did you know that during
the French Revolution one of the first
things they did was get rid of all the
did you know they declared that year of
the revolution of the Revolution as year
nothing happened before the Revolution
they were going to rewrite everything
and move forward okay that’s what’s
Happening Here
all the things that you thought you knew
lies okay they’ve reimagined it now
they’re giving you the new narrative so
let me show you the plan or their design
the Elites in Davos the governments all
over the world Envision a future where
big government and big corporations
control everything everything
from the farmer who is involved in food
production to the guy who picks it up in
his truck to the guy who takes it to the
Cannery to The Cannery itself to the
next Trucking agency to take it to your
grocery store to the grocery store
everything in food production and I am
quoting them from seed to Fork
so they control food production food
consumption you will eat what they say
is okay to eat
uh the uh the products you need you can
get those the services and the products
you need this one kills me
because uh
wait a minute what is what do you mean
by the products we need and we’re a
country of wants and that’s so bad but
you know who created that Woodrow
freaking Wilson with uh Edward Bernays
Edward Bernays his quote is during the
Wilson Administration the problem with
this country is we’re a country of needs
and not a country of wants we need
advertising to make us a country of
wants well you got your wish isn’t this
great now without talking to us at all
you’re just going to shut things off
by the way
in England
the transportation industry shipping
will be at zero zero by 2050.
that goes into products that you need
travel cars you’re not going to own a
car it’ll be a fleet I guarantee you and
who do I get that from
eight years ago from the head the head
of uh which was at Ford I think
the Ford Motor Company the the chairman
of the board told me that cars aren’t
going to be like anything you think of
in 2030 we’re going to be banking fleets
and you just call a car
your energy your air travel do you know
that they’re they’re now starting to uh
tell people which airports are going to
be closed there will only be two
airports in Great Britain they’re ahead
of us two they’re just eliminating the
other ones but I guarantee you they are
not eliminating the private airports uh
Energy Services things that you rent
your daycare you you’re not going to
have a say in any of this education
and private property all of that is the
now here’s how they do it it’s control
over every aspect of your life they
identify all of the roadblocks for their
full takeover things like paper money
privately held Farm and Ranch Land home
ownership private business and cheap
reliable energy so what do they do well
the next step is they call for trillions
of dollars in government-run social
economic and Welfare programs now this
this is crazy do you remember when Bill
Clinton said their big government is
over he was right
the era of huge government is now here
they are forming public-private
Partnerships between governments and big
giant corporations to change the social
norms the things we want the things that
we believe the things that we say or do
and they do it through Dei diversity
equity and inclusion and ESG through
energy production consumption food
production through the green New Deal
and build back better
that’s what’s happening now you think
you Obamacare you know there is a little
thing in there that I pointed out in
about 2008 or nine uh the complete live
system where you’re going to get help
from medicine you know when you’re Prime
you know between 16 and 40. once you hit
really nothing and before 16 if you’re a
baby you get nothing
that only kicks in this was their
argument Glenn Peck is such a conspiracy
theory that only kicks in if there’s
oh well in America we’ll never have
except we now do
I’ve this was coercion but I I want to
talk to you about something that I said
uh when we were here
Cass sunstein he wrote the book nudge
nudge was to just push you a little bit
put the french fries out of your sight
so you’d have to ask for it and think
about it okay that’s a nudge
the next thing is shove we’re about the
end of that where they’ve shoved you
around and shoved you around and
silenced as many people as they possibly
can there’s still more left in this but
not a lot of gas in that tank the next
one is round them up put them in jail or
shoot them
that’s just historically speaking I’m
sure it’s completely different all over
the world now this time so this is ESG
the whole cancel culture weaponized
and family against family how many
families are turning on each other
people neighbors the thing that made
America truly remarkable was our kind of
Innocence we trusted people and maybe we
shouldn’t have but we did we trusted
people Nobody Does that in Europe
because they’ve had the KGB and
everything like it they’ve been turning
people in their neighbors in over and
over again don’t trust people
that’s about to change in America and
it’s not a good change finally they
begin prepping and building our new
Society based on the technology that
most of us don’t even know about Central
Bank digital currency is just one of the
emerging technological advances that
they have big plans for they will
control what you buy they will monitor
your activity when you get to Quantum
once we hit
a certain number of qubits and they keep
changing the number of qubits
you will not have any codes nothing will
be secure it’s almost like in the Bible
where it talks about there will be no
secrets everything will be screened from
the the rooftops yeah it’s coming with
Quantum Computing the end of death
not because
let me give you this
I just went I’ve been reading about it
for about four years I was just in
England and I saw a show with my family
called the Abba experience
uh don’t hate me but I love Abba and so
does every member of the family so we
went and uh it’s a show with Abba except
they’re not there okay they’re Holograms
I’m a lover of technology I love new
tech I’ve been watching hologram
technology for quite a while
um wildly expensive and difficult and
pretty good
then I went to see the Abba experience
you won’t find real real videos deeply
about this because they want you to
experience it yourself I will tell you
my daughter who did not know they
weren’t real when Mom said Cheyenne do
you think they look real she said what
are you talking about she said do they
look real she said
what do you mean
she said they’re Holograms
she had no idea and I can it’s one of
the best experiences I’ve ever had in a
and my son who is now 18 said to me dad
this is both
and terrifying at the same time
it is the collapse of reality it’s the
collapse of death they recorded it in
their 80 year old selves
and it took them five months to do it
the computer de-aged them put them in
singing their songs based on the tracks
and you wouldn’t know
all of these things the metaverse
a i
none of this
is in and of itself bad
none of this in and of itself is a
conspiracy theory in fact we had to stop
talking about conspiracy theories it’s
it is an open conspiracy it’s just a
bunch of people getting together
thinking we know what’s best let’s just
get it done people are going to get in
our way
for years the world economic Forum wrote
about how they were designing our future
you know it was just at the London
School of Economics which is the home
ground of George Soros
they have a a world a globe as in the
center Court of the university and it’s
upside down
they openly talk about redesigning and
turning everything upside down they’re
open about it
they have shown Us in great detail what
our dark future will look like
and I’m going to show you exactly what
it looks like in their own words as well
as the technology that has already
arrived to make all of it possible
profound change is coming you must be
aware educate yourself and your family
by the way
um thank you to blaze supporters for
making this commercial free possible
everything that I’m about to show you is
not science fiction it is all part of a
design for our future by the way AI is
getting so scary what is everybody
saying the government needs to regulate
who’s going to write that regulation
because these boobs in Washington have
no idea no idea about technology
let alone the United Nations you know
who’s doing it
places like the world economic Forum in
line with places like Google
they’re the ones writing it do you think
it has power against them or for them
and do you think it joins the two or
makes that less likely as I said earlier
Palpatine and Darth Vader are the only
ones talking about this stuff and
they’re about a decade ahead of us
let me show you an article that was
written in 2016. welcome to 2030. I own
nothing I have no privacy and life has
never been better
it was written by a young Global leader
of the world economic Forum just before
their annual World economic Forum
I find the date that it was published
kind of hilarious actually it came out
in Forbes on November 10 2016. it must
have been written
weeks before the hubris of the world
economic Forum uh and what makes it so
funny is
they’re serious and they think you’ll
the 2015 Paris agreement was marching
toward Hillary Clinton it was all
guaranteed she was going to get us back
into the Accords she was going to be
elected but two days before this was
published Donald Trump became president
the Republicans grabbed both the house
and the Senate their dystopian design
for our future was delayed but I don’t
think Donald Trump or anybody else at
the time I didn’t knew about any of this
stuff and it seemed crazy
but we saw the Paris Accords when we got
out of the Paris Accords how they went
crazy they squealed like stuck pigs and
you’re like what is the deal it’s not
that big of a deal is it oh yes it is
but it would take coronavirus to put
them back on track I go through this
article in more detail in the book dark
future but I want to show you some of
the highlights quote welcome to the year
our city because I don’t own anything I
don’t own a car I don’t own a house I
don’t own any appliances or any clothing
now let me ask you something when you
see government-provided housing is that
the place that you think of where
everybody who doesn’t own anything in
that takes really super great care of it
or does it mean nothing because they
have nothing in it
I’m sure they figured all that out what
the author is talking about is the wef
design for how people like you and me
will live and they’re called smart
cities and the world economic forum is
gathering a smart City Alliance to make
this transformation all over the world
in 2021 the wef transitioned from the
great reset to something called the
Great narrative and they made the
announcement in Dubai
Schwab was like this weird little bald
Nazi that’s Giddy and happy all the time
it’s like this is fabulous the United
Arab Emirates they’re the champion of
what’s to come have you ever been to the
UAE I mean sure it’s nice if you like
um but
using that as the example doesn’t seem
like something where people love
opportunity and freedom would be
modeling you always hear these people
talk about democracy democracy our
democracy is at stake
the UAE must be a poster child for
democracy right
yeah not so much Freedom House rates the
UAE officially not free it is an
authoritarian centrally planned
and that is exactly why the wef loves it
so much it is the perfect launch point
for their Unholy alliance between big
Tech and government because the people
don’t have any say Dubai is probably the
most centrally planned city in the world
they’re incorporating advancements in
artificial intelligence in blockchain in
robotics to design the smart city of the
future and that’s great
unless it curbs opportunity for
in 2020 at the World Expo it was held in
Dubai it was the first time this had
happened in an Arab country the location
of the Expo remains to this day and it
has been testing ground for what you
might have heard called a 15-minute City
watch this the business Community will
enjoy especially curated ecosystem
boasting 5G and iot Technologies Expo
city is going to be a smart city right
or so it’s like a major playground for
different AI related Technologies
including computer vision natural
language processing machine learning you
know human in human computer interaction
all these Technologies can be used in a
smart City scenario
or so that’s why in a lot of uh highly
Advanced technological companies are
going to be based at the expert City to
collaborate with the expert City and
contribute to the development those who
choose to make Expo Village their home
will get to live and work in the UA’s
first 15-minute City with neighborhoods
linked by pedestrian walkways and
autonomous vehicle routes hmm
that’s fantastic everything you need
within 15 minutes why go any further you
know this is kind of what Walt Disney
was trying to do with Epcot when it was
just an idea of an experimental
prototype city of tomorrow except what
did he do
he was going to partner with Ford and
all of the big companies
but he demanded that the government was
held at bay that’s what Ron DeSantis
just canceled all of these special deals
where they didn’t even did you know up
until recently they didn’t have to have
a inspector come in and inspect any
building any ride ah just trust him with
it okay that’s because Walt Disney was
going to do that but he did not want the
government involved at all
this is being designed by governments
it’s so great that even cop 28 is being
held right there in this 15-minute City
I was just in a 15-minute City in
it’s a whole new world all of the
biggest leaders in the world will be in
Dubai and they are the only ones
discussing these things we haven’t even
now are these Fringe or online only
issues for you
they are examining things like AI 5G
digital currencies robotic uh automation
to change in their words the way
everyone lives
what are we doing
are we having an in-depth discussion on
whether to send Ukraine more weapons no
we can’t even do that
re-engaging in independent an intense
debate on the debt ceiling or taxes or
anything no we’re not even doing that
we’re calling each other names While
others are planning your children and
your future meanwhile the world economic
Forum pulling in all of the leaders of
the world and scooping up quote Top
thinkers from a variety of geographies
and disciplines including futurists
scientists and philosophers perfect
to completely upend society and we
haven’t even begun
we’re starting to see what the author of
that Forbes article called our city
China’s already doing it neighborhoods
are separated by walls
the resident to leave their District
they have to have their face scanned and
logged if you’re not approved you’re not
leaving your little 15-minute City
checkpoints are at every gate
if it’s working there why do you think
anyone who is so crazy with power that
they would deny all of this and not
include you is going to open the gates
we’re not going to have Gates here
if you’re an undesirable maybe you’ve
logged on line and you’ve you’ve even
read a social media post you know or
you’ve been too close with somebody with
a virus you don’t get out
there’s no way any of this could happen
no way
isn’t that what we said
when they said 15 min 15 days to flatten
the curve well they’ll never I mean I
can’t imagine that they’re never America
won’t put up with it really
we taught them an incredible lesson I
contend we’re already seeing this happen
and not only is hardly anyone doing
anything no one will even talk about it
do you know a few weeks ago there was a
story about Amazon
uh they had the whole Smart House okay
everything was controlled by Amazon by
the way you don’t own any of that crap
they own you so everything’s going on
guy comes from Amazon delivery to
deliver a package ding dong they have
the smart uh doorbell has a camera
records everything and can even answer
this guy had it uh programmed to say
uh how can I help you
the driver
assign only the best intentions the
has headphones in he thinks he hears the
person speaking which is a robot
calling him a racial slur so he gets off
the porch and goes to his truck he calls
Amazon and complains this person at this
address just called me Amazon shuts down
the person’s smart house completely cuts
it off
for a week
for a week
it took that long for the homeowner to
get a hold of someone at Amazon and to
say if you’ll look at the video
none of that stuff happened
did you even hear that story
for all of this to make an appearance on
Main Street USA
they only need a few things
and one of them at the top of the list
is you not talking about it or knowing
about it or knowing
not this part of the book
but this part the footnotes knowing the
actual facts
for them
they need us just to remain stupid
and they need just a few more
advancements in technology things like
AI 5G cbdc
second there would need to be a deep
public-private partnership between
governments and corporations and third
there would need to be corresponding
policies from Washington DC to make all
of this come together
if you look at that list
there are check marks on all three
all three of those things either already
happened happened or are currently
happening right now and I’ll show you
when we come back
I want to go back to that article from
the world economic Forum quote I don’t
own anything I don’t own a car I don’t
own a house I don’t own any appliances
or any clothes
have you tried to buy a house recently
home ownership for new buyers especially
younger buyers harder than ever before
home affordability is worse now than at
any point during the lead up to the 2008
housing bubble
let me just point out something we had
over built in 2008. and then everybody
got a bailout
and then those same people decided not
to build so when we got back on our feet
we wanted to buy houses everything went
through the roof remember what I said
earlier on
what is needed to usher in this Brave
New World new tech private Public
Partnerships and corresponding policies
interest rates continue to rise
and yet the government’s spending all
the money but the interest rates are
rising to suck your money back into the
system but they’re spending far more
than they can suck in okay well so
that’s not doing anything
except pushing you further into debt
this means mortgage payments are way too
high for most buyers
that’s policy
but I did say most buyers
because let’s look at the public private
Partnerships the Blackstone Group is an
investment firm with ties to the world
economic Forum they have been buying up
residential homes like candy they’re
still doing it they made a 6 billion
dollar investment to buy up homes in
were just going into whole neighborhoods
and trying to buy new neighborhood built
we’ll buy all of it
and the local people are like wait I
don’t I what
and they would pay more
why would they do that
another near six billion dollars of
purchases happened with apartments in
purchase even more homes just late
August of last year echoing the world
economic Forum article more people are
renting today than any point in the last
half a century they say that like we
want to rent
no most people don’t
three million households that make over
one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a
year are also choosing to rent over
why is ownership so important well maybe
in other countries it’s not but private
property and ownership is what the
United States of America was built on
you cannot you know again I’ll go back
to Windsor Castle I’m standing there and
I’m like you can’t get this kind of
wealth there’s nothing I could create or
do that would have this kind of wealth
and power Bezos doesn’t have that kind
of wealth and power
when we first started the country they
surfs don’t own land unless you’re given
that Land by the king
ownership how do you create wealth home
ownership that’s the economic engine for
your for your family for your children
for yourself the article mentions not
owning a car it says quote we could call
a driverless vehicle autonomous driving
services are beginning to launch in
cities around the country Lyft the
competitor to Uber is one of them
another waymo launched in Los Angeles
earlier this year while this technology
sounds really exciting nobody is talking
about the economic power households will
lose when they no longer own their own
Vehicles they don’t talk about the
massive job loss Business Insider
projects four million jobs could be
wiped out and this is before 2030.
but they also add in quote
but a new report says the upside will
easily be worth it
okay have the experts ever been wrong
the U.S has nearly 2 million truck
drivers will it be easily worth it for
and what about the over 1 million
delivery truck drivers the 366
London they’re introducing self-driving
buses in the next year or two
I even mentioned the taxi and chauffeur
drivers how are they going to make a
living well the chauffeurs will be able
to take them to the private Airport
back to the wbf article when they say
you will own nothing they mean nothing
quote I don’t own any appliances or
clothes the necessary kitchen equipment
is delivered at my door when I need it
wow that’s fabulous
sound ridiculous electronics and
Appliance rental has gradually been
increasing since around 2005 but it’s
skyrocketed after the pandemic more
people are choosing more than ever to
rent things now rather than to own
and remember how this works policy
decisions will come down from the top
kind of like this New York recently
began the first state to ban gas stoves
but remember that’s a conspiracy theory
right then after the policies are handed
down from the government their private
Partners suddenly emerge with all of the
answers earlier I showed you that graph
of electronics and Appliance rental
companies booming uh I wonder which team
they play for
as of 2021
Rent-A-Center began issuing the annual
sustainability report complete with a
fully developed and implemented ESG
I bet they have an amazing ESG score
in our dark future everything you once
considered a product that you would own
will now be a service and there is
something to ownership again I go back
to the book please I make more money if
you buy the digital book
buy the paper book please you own this
digital they can take away at any time
you don’t own it
everything will be a service even
clothing as they mentioned in the
article clothing rental sites are
popping up all over the internet all of
these developments seem benign when you
look at them as disconnected and when
you look at them with well things are
always going to be like this but when
you consider the design that’s being
prepared all of it looks rather dark
toward the end of the world economic
Forum article things start to take a bit
of a turn kind of like this quote when
Ai and robots took over so much of our
work we suddenly had time to eat well
sleep well and spend time with other
people I point out uh if you’re in
within walking distance in a 15-minute
City then you can go visit those people
Yuval Harari who’s one of the big gurus
uh for the world economic forum and
loved by all politicians apparently
in his book about the future he talks
about and you can find it online too uh
on YouTube he talks about in 2030 there
will be millions millions of useless
what do we do with them well probably
gonna have to drug them and keep them
well that sounds like a very bright
they actually tried to put a people spin
suddenly out of out of work as you’re
going to have more time you’re going to
be great
I doubt it this reality is almost here a
recent report found that artificial
intelligence will replace the equivalent
of 300 million jobs chat GPT is already
here and it’s growing stronger and more
efficient every day check out the jobs
that it will soon destroy coders
computer programmers software Engineers
your kids going for anything to learn
code it’s not an option anymore media
jobs advertising technical writing and
journalism you think the media is biased
AI is learning to think from the
radicals in Silicon Valley
we haven’t seen anything yet
paralegals and legal assistance market
research analysts teachers finance jobs
stock Traders graphic designers
accountants customer service agents
what will be left
how are we supposed to rent all of our
cool new 15 minutes 15-minute City Homes
all of our appliances and our clothes if
you don’t have a job well don’t worry
that’s where Modern monetary
Theory comes in you just print more
let’s go back to the article this one is
the biggest doozies yet quote once in a
while I get annoyed about the fact that
I have no real privacy nowhere I can go
and not be registered I know that
somewhere everything I do everything I
think and dream is recorded
I just hope nobody will use it against
in this case hope is a step is a just a
step away from despair
that doesn’t sound like something you
should be hopeful about you should
pretty much guarantee that is this the
world you want to live in does it sound
like a world designed to set you free to
pursue opportunities
or does it sound more like a world that
if you play by the rules their rules
that can change at any time
and you’re in the right group of people
you can maybe Excel to some level but
not really ever up there
does it sound like a a freedom situation
or an enslavement camp
that world is almost here the choice is
being made today by our Silence by our
ignorance technology like the metaverse
will one day be your sole method of
ordering things online consuming
Entertainment News everything
Apple’s new Vision Pro just took
dramatic step towards this technology
and it makes Facebook’s meta look like a
kid’s toy
are these things being built with our
safety and privacy in mind
no once you put that headset on it
watches your eyes because it has to
adjust things as you’re looking it has
to adjust okay
as it’s watching your eyes it’s tracking
your eyes
if you’re looking at a movie or anything
else where you look first you might not
even know but a hot girl comes on the
screen where on her body do your eyes
naturally go
where do they go with food where do they
go with anything
that will all be tracked monitored and
crunched into Data they will know you
better than you know you
you trust these companies that one day
will control so much of your information
in your daily lives that you trust them
to be Boy Scouts with it
Facebook owned Instagram recently busted
housing a vast pedophile Network on
their platform
now maybe it’s just me but
that doesn’t seem like safety and
privacy are really their top priorities
they want us consuming and addicted to
their products
that’s it
all the while our houses become Smart
and big brother is listening
and if you think you have nothing to
hide that’s because today
you may not be saying things that are
Politically Incorrect
but tomorrow
they may change
I told you about the man Amazon get into
his house shut down for a week after a
delivery driver said he heard a racist
slur through the ring doorbell that is
your future
now consider what happens if your
personal ESG score drops too low
or maybe you use too much electricity a
month too much water
buy a gun these are things they can
already do but companies who are
partnered with the government are also
the ones working on technology in ways
to stop you from doing the things they
don’t want you to do and make personal
privacy a thing of the past Quantum
Computing has the ability to render all
encryption obsolete the moment it comes
Quantum Computing with AI
will become a new God
and so many will bow down to worship
this God
when you combine
the algorithms and Quantum computing
There Is No Escape
No Escape
you better hope that it’s benevolent
everything can be run on a quantum
computer every answer could be found but
not by you
because you’re not big enough to ask a
big enough question to Warrant any time
on that quantum computer this isn’t
something that everyone will have
it’ll be the thing that maybe the
universities have if they come up with
it or the government has if they come up
with it or Google has and they may rent
out space but do you think you’re going
to have space on the quantum Computing
one one
algorithm that is run on a quantum
computer can hack every online financial
transaction that has been written
since 1994.
they’ve been able to write this
in 1994
they wrote it they’re just waiting
they call it cue day and the product
leader for Quantum Computing at
Microsoft said quote we are looking at
years and not decades for this level of
innovation similar to the wef article
I’ve been talking to you about tonight
they also released a video in infamously
claiming you will own nothing and be
this is how it should have gone
this is the technology and the reality
I’m going to say something that I
probably shouldn’t say
um I’m not saying this technology and
what this is
uh the things that we have read about
Millennia in scriptures
and the mark of the beast and all of
that stuff I have no idea
but it certainly sounds like exactly the
kind of stuff that will be used
this is reality the people pushing the
great reset are just waiting for these
things they’re designing our future
based on that technology
and the average person doesn’t know
about it isn’t talking about it this is
just a glimpse you can find all of this
and so much more in much more detail in
the latest book called Dark future pick
it up today wherever you buy your books
get a paper copy
the audio version is fantastic it’s
really funny and this isn’t really that
funny but I did it
Buy It Now
good night

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