Important Information to Gather Immediately (While It Is Legal)

City Prepping: Gather Important Information Immediately While It’s Legal! Store information into a Micro SD Card – Your Key to Survival with small device, small solar panel, and information similar to Wiki-like Resources.

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Critical Information to Get ASAP (While It’s Legal)

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there are so many conveniences that we
take for granted on a daily basis we can
flip a switch and we can get power on
demand we turn on our faucet and we get
clean drinking water we flush our
toilets and we have waste removed but as
our modern society becomes more digital
we take for granted having access to
information at our fingertips for some
the assumption is that the vassal array
of information we’ve gotten so used to
can be referenced at any time but what
happens if the grid were to go down and
our access to the internet gets cut off
especially for a prolonged period of
Time how will we access Vital
Information what if I were to tell you
that there’s a way to download a large
amount of useful information now and
here’s a kicker it’s easy to do and more
importantly it’s completely free
if you’re new to this channel my name is
Chris and on this channel we discuss
emergency preparedness AKA prepping in
this video I’m going to show you a way
that you can download valuable
information for free that can be viewed
on your PC your Mac your cell phone
whether that’s iPhone or Android and
even an iPad and here’s the point of the
video everything you can download now
can be viewed offline if there is no
internet you’re going to have a full
backup copy of valuable information you
can fit all this information on
something as small as this micro SD card
that’s barely the size of my thumbnail
now before we jump in the question will
come up well how will you power your
devices if the grid were to go down I’ll
talk about that more at the end of the
video so what information am I
discussing most of you are probably
familiar with Wikipedia essentially it’s
an online encyclopedia that’s Community
Driven and it’s free to access you may
have researched a certain subject and
this website will typically come up
first in your search results you can
actually download the entirety of it for
free and use a tool to view all that
information offline if the internet were
to go down you will have all of it
already backed up and easily accessible
I’m also going to show you other
valuable resources that you can download
in addition to Wikipedia such as books
how-to guides Fix-It guides and so much
more now before we jump into the details
let me give you just a quick high level
overview of what we’re about to discuss
I’m purposefully going to make those
videos non-technical as possible there
are three things that we’re going to
cover in this video we’re going to
discuss downloading files in this case
we’re going to look at downloading
Wikipedia and other valuable resources
you may want and again this is all for
free and secondly we’re going to talk
about storage this is where we’ll
download the files to this can be your
computer maybe your phone something like
a you know a USB thumb drive or even
this small little one here or you know
something as small as a Micro SD card
and again this micro SD card this is 256
gigabytes which is pretty substantial
and it only costs 18 but you don’t need
my micro SD cards you’ll need thumb
drives everything that I’m about to show
you and explain to you it can actually
be done on your computer and you don’t
have to buy any of these additional
items and the third thing that we’ll
cover is a software that allows you to
read the files that we’re going to
download it’s very easy to install and
it’s free so what I’ll do now is I’ll
show you the process of downloading the
files and then we’ll look at how we view
that information from a reader that will
download I’ll start you off with a PC
and then I’ll show you how to do this on
a phone I’ll provide links to everything
in the description and comment section
so just follow along with the video and
you can go back and click on those links
later additionally if you do have
something like a Mac the process is the
same which I’ll mention here in just a
moment so let’s go over to my PC and
I’ll walk you through this so now I’m
over here on my PC what I’m going to do
is show you how to download the files
we’ll look at installing the app and
then we’ll connect the app to the files
that we just downloaded so to begin with
the software that we’re using is called
qix and you don’t have to pay attention
to that for now I just want to bring
that point up but what we want to do is
focus on this right here this directory
and again I’ll post a link to this
directory what you’ll find in here is a
lot of folders with a lot of different
files that you may be interested in for
example there’s a folder called iFixit
if you were to Google iFixit what you’ll
do is come across this website that
shows you how to repair pretty much
everything Electronics household items
you name it the next one is something
like wikiHow if we come down here to
wikiHow very similar concept there’s a
lot of how-to information
resources that you can download there’s
things like Wiki books these are free
public books that are in the public
domain that you can actually download
and read for free and then there’s
things like Wiki University a lot of
useful information in here so if you can
as you can see very quickly you’ve got a
ton of resources at your fingertips it’s
really up to you how much and what you
want to download what we’re going to
focus on here is Wikipedia so if you
look at this folder right here this is
Wikipedia when you go in you’re going to
see a lot of files a lot of links that
you can download and let me tell you
really quickly what this is you’ll see
the first name Wikipedia which is the
directory we’re in the next set of
letters as in this case AST atj these
are different languages what we’re
looking for at least my audience mostly
is en which is English so if you scroll
down you’re going to see en now the next
set of characters baseball chemistry
climate change these are all different
subjects that are broken down if you
want to just grab a certain subject you
can but what we’re interested in is the
all section now the next one that we’re
looking for is again all so we’ve
scrolled down to here in the next set of
values is Maxi mini and no pick I’m just
going to highlight these six for you
what this does is the Maxi mini in
Notepad Maxi is maximum mini is the
minimum and then no pick has everything
that the maximum file has but without
pictures so as you can see the file size
is a little smaller minimum is just less
information with no picture so it’s a
very reduced and smaller file size so as
you can see these files are pretty large
the maximum is 94. the minimum is 13 and
the no pick is 50. what I would say I’m
honing in on for this video is right
here this one is done in May of this
year it was uploaded they took Wikipedia
they can press it and they upload it in
May of this year if you come back in the
future and you watch this video this
date will probably have changed
significantly depending on when you come
so this is a file that we’re looking for
it has everything that Wikipedia had in
it as of last month so what I can do is
I can either click on it it’ll start the
download process to my computer or I can
right click and go to save link ads now
if you’re on a Mac this is the same
principle you’ll just do a right click
and there’s going to be an option for
Save Target link as and so what I’ll do
is I’ll save link as and what will
happen is this Moto window will pop up
and with this box here this dialog box
and we’ll come over to I’ve got an
external thumb drive that I plugged into
my computer it’s a Samsung USB and if I
click here I can say download it to this
folder to this file to this thumb drive
now if you look here you can see that
I’ve already downloaded this file as of
yesterday right here it’s very large so
it took about eight hours to download it
so expect once you start the process
it’ll take a while I’ve got a fast
internet connection but you’re limited
to the speed of the server so once you
define where you want to download it it
can be to your downloads folder it
doesn’t matter you click save and I’m
not going to do it because I’ve already
downloaded it yesterday so that’s it you
now download it to your computer so what
I’ll do now is I’ll hop over to the
explaining how to install the reader to
access that information okay so now that
you’re downloading the files or you’ve
already downloaded them what we’re going
to need to do now is go over to the app
store for Microsoft I’m on a PC now if
you’re on a Mac it’s the same principle
you’ll just go into the app store for
the Mac what you’ll do is you’ll then go
in to the App Store and by the way if
you’re like well how do I get to the App
Store you can click on the start button
and just scroll down to Microsoft store
or if you want to go down to the search
bar here same thing you can just type in
Microsoft store and this is the first
one that shows up okay so I’ve already
got it loaded here on my screen now as
you can see here what I’ll do is I’ll
type in keywix this is the name of the
software the particular one that we’re
interested in is key Wix JS so you’ll
see it right here in the search results
I’ll go ahead and click on it and there
it is it’s right ready available to
download so I’ll go ahead and hit
install and this can take a second or
two I think right around five to ten
seconds and once it installs what we’ll
do is we’ll configure it to connect to
the actual file that we’re downloading
to our thumb drive or to our computer so
now that the software is installed we’ll
go ahead and click open
and immediately this app will load up
now what we’re interested in is this
tool icon right here if you click on
settings you’re going to see that it
will allow you to Define and pull that
file that we downloaded so again
remember we’re downloading the phone now
we just need to go and grab the file and
import it into the software well how do
we do that we click on select storage
and then we go to select file okay so
this dialog box pops up and what you’re
going to do is you’re going to navigate
over to where you just downloaded your
files in my case I downloaded it to this
small thumb drive and I’ve got this
right here on my screen and so as you
can see I’ve got a maxi and a mini I the
mini is just again a compressed version
but what we’re interested is the maximum
this is the one that we are downloading
that has all the information so go ahead
and click on it and voila there is
Wikipedia fully downloaded on my
computer if I click around on in the
links it’s got images everything is in
here the most newest version of
Wikipedia as of I believe May of this
year when I uh what we saw in the
directory structure so that’s it if I
were to turn my internet off it doesn’t
matter I can still access all of these
files so I would encourage you to click
around just get familiar with it how
it’s set up and it’s structured and
again it’s the same process if you’re on
a Mac you just go into the Mac App Store
load up keywix download the files to
your computer computer and then select
where the folder is where the files are
at click on it and then you’ll pull it
right in I’ll show you really quickly
how to do this on your phone just simply
come over to the App Store
load this up and then we’ll go to the
search bar here and we’ll type in keywix
all right here is the app right here and
we’ll go ahead and click on the download
so now we have it downloaded we’ll go
ahead and click open
and what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and
grab the files so you can either
download files to your phone or to your
thumb drive and then connect your thumb
drive to your computer or microSD card
however you want to do it again you can
download the files so I’ve already
downloaded a file okay from the website
for Ray Charles it’s just a very small
file talking about the life of Ray
Charles and it allows you to quickly
test this to see if it’s working and
we’ll go ahead and click open here
and what you’ll see is it now loads this
up here at the top and when we click on
it you’re going to see all the
information is offline essentially it’s
downloaded this whole set of information
just like you would do at Wikipedia they
have this on the server to allow you to
do these quick tests because it’s such a
small file you’ll take the same approach
you will download the Wikipedia The Maxi
file or whatever the size file you want
and then you just simply pull it into
the app and there you have it so how
would you access all the information if
the grid were to go down I’ve done a lot
of videos on solar generators and I’ll
link to a playlist where I go through
and explain all the different options I
recently did a comparison video showing
all the different options on the market
so that might be a great starting point
also there’s gas generators internal
combustion engine propane diesel all
these will allow you to power devices
now the most affordable option is to get
something like a small solar panel you
can get these for around 50 or 60
dollars that you can plug into your cell
phone and it will power it so you
already if you have a cell phone all you
need is a that small solar panel and
again I’ll link to an option down below
now it might be a good idea if you have
an old phone that you’re not using a lot
of times we upgrade phones and if you
were to clear it off the memory and
download the software that we talked
about and again I’ll put links to it
below you can actually load all that
information up here and then put it in
something like an EMP proof bag if there
were some type of an event that damages
Electronics you would have this already
backed up also if you have all this
information stored on the thumb drives
you could use some type of reader or a
lot of phones have a micro SD slot where
you can slide this in on the side so
there’s a lot of options for you to have
this backed up in a secure location I’ll
tell you up front I barely scratched the
surface on this particular software I’m
not sponsored by them but it’s a very
Advanced software that can allow you to
do a lot of things and there’s a lot of
resources online that you can pull down
for free but remember you just need to
download the files you want you install
the reader on whatever device you are
going to be using and you’re set again
I’ll post links to everything that we
cover below if there’s anything you feel
that I missed feel free to post the
feedback that you have in the comments
section below as always stay safe out

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