Loser Democrats Hilariously Faceplant During Hearing

Loser Democrats Hilariously Faceplant in Hearing (Ep. 2051) – 07/20/2023

The Dan Bongino Show

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Transcribe Notes:

Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with
your host Dan Bongino.
Yeah, that was me in the chat.
That’s me.
I think it’s, what is it?
Dan Bongino Show.
I’m going to type something in there now for you in the chat.
It’s going to say, hello.
Let’s see what it is.
Dan Bongino Show.
That’s me right under Rod Streep there.
So, um, yeah, man, I just figured I’d join the chat too.
What the hell?
I mean, I get up here early.
These guys are like Bogart in my chat between 10 and 11 Eastern time,
Guy and Justin. So I’m like, what the hell is that? I’m going to comment myself.
So yeah, good morning there, Ginger. Good to see you all. Big, big show today.
Something happened right before I came on the air.
I read a bullshitico piece about Biden and the stairs.
It’s, it’s not what you, well, it isn’t not what you think,
but they’re hiding something. I’m going to cover that by the end of today’s show.
But yesterday, I always wait with these hearings, I give it a day, because so much happens.
I’m not doing you justice if I rush through it.
Absolutely epic hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill.
You know a lot of these things flame out.
They’re hyped up and they become just a waste of time.
I get it.
Not yesterday.
Those IRS witnesses came in prepared.
They were total pros, and they just eviscerated the Democrats.
Big show.
Lot to talk about.
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Thanks blackout coffee. All right, Joseph. Let’s go
I said, get that funk out my face.
Joe, listen, Joe is, this guy’s good, folks.
Joe has not missed a day of work.
I mean, for illness, of course, last week
it was something involving work.
Joe has not missed a day of work here in eight years,
which is unbelievable,
because even I missed a couple of days
with the whole cancer thing, not Joe.
So Joe’s not feeling that great this morning.
But I said to him, just like he’d do to show,
and he’s like, no, I like doing this, I enjoy it.
So Joe, from me and the audience, give him a shout out in the chat.
This guy’s a freaking trooper. I told him he don’t have to show up.
I mean, really, he can do it. But nope, he wants to be here.
So he keeps his Cal Ripken-like streak with the Dan Bongino show going.
So good to see you. But if you don’t talk too much today,
I think the audience will understand. But shout out to Joe.
You got it, brother. Thanks for showing up.
All right, let’s get to the show.
Listen, a lot of these hearings up on Capitol Hill flame out.
Oh, I got to take a note on this so I don’t forget to bring it up on the radio show.
You know, one of my favorite books, what is called Revolt Against the Masses.
It’s a really amazing book by Siegel who passed recently, I believe.
And the book is about how liberals pretend to be about the middle class and the working
But they’re really about giving you the double-barreled middle finger, an amazing
Andrew Wilkow loves it too.
And one of the premises of the book is the Democrats have mastered marketing narratives,
fake news basically, by using this triad, the media, congressional committees, and activist
The long and short of it, to sum it up quickly, is this guy’s like the way the
liberals screw up in the middle class is through messaging, and the way they master
messaging is they’ll hold a congressional hearing, they’ll let the media know in
what the narrative is and a group of activist groups will then go out and spend a bunch of liberal sorrows type money basically to go and
Promote the agenda i.e. The world is going to end in 12 years polar bears are dying and there’s no polar icecaps anymore
People on the left believe this stuff
It’s not true, but people believe it because of liberal activists in the media liberal activist groups and congressional committees
He calls it the Triad Segal now
Why are congressional committees so important?
Well, they’re important because Republicans
are now getting the message,
and we’re using our own triad.
Conservative media, conservative activist groups,
and congressional committees, like we saw yesterday.
Some Republicans, the good ones,
are finally getting the hint that these committees
and what we saw yesterday
with the whistleblower hearing are powerful.
Why are they powerful?
because folks, cable news, at least Fox and Newsmax,
not the other goofballs,
cable news will take these things,
what they call wall to wall.
You’ll see the whole thing.
So if a witness screw something up, you’ll see it.
If a witness is gangbusters like these IRS whistleblowers,
basically the entire cable news ecosystem
is forced to cover it now.
Finally, the Republicans are getting this down.
I’m not gonna tell you every hearing
has been gangbusters for them.
The Benghazi hearings turned out to be a disaster.
They let Hillary Clinton steamroll them.
What difference does it make?
What they should have responded back to?
What difference does it make?
Four people died.
It makes a shit ton of difference.
But no, they got steamrolled.
Not yesterday.
The Democrats got wrecked.
And let me tell you something.
It was glorious.
I know shouting fraud’s not a great thing,
celebrating people’s failures.
But it is in this case.
I enjoyed every single second.
So I took it all in.
I watched probably 90% of it, not the breaks and some of the other speeches and stuff,
but I got through the whole thing and I think I have the best presentation for you here.
So let’s start it up.
The Democrats got absolutely destroyed yesterday.
Now I want you to do me a favor because you are the warriors in this new guerrilla
army for advancing our ideology in free speech.
You’re the warriors out there in the skirmishes for free speech.
I want you to triage the messages that matter from yesterday.
A lot of stuff’s going out.
This one said this, this one said that.
This one, this is the single most damaging moment.
This is the one you should be promoting the most on your social media and elsewhere because
you’re the soldiers in this fight for free speech and this fight against the left.
This takeaway was by far the most damaging.
I got to tell you, man, this guy may soon overtake AOC as the dumbest member of
Dan Goldman is one of the dumbest human beings ever elected to Congress.
This guy can’t get out of his own way.
Every time he moves, he steps on a rake and he just continues to showboat as if he’s not
the moron he think that everyone knows he is.
Here’s Dan Goldman, liberal congressman from New York.
He’s talking to the whistleblower, IRS agent, was it Gary Strapley, who’s a total professional
And he’s trying to make the point that even though Hunter Biden met with his dad, Joe Biden,
about business dealings that Joe Biden claimed never to have discussed with his son,
he’s trying to make the point that somehow that wasn’t real business. What he winds up
doing inadvertently is getting a sworn statement on the record from a government whistleblower,
special agent, that Biden did in fact talk to his son about business. I’m like,
What is this guy, what could he possibly have been thinking?
And watch when he gets caught, how he tries to rescue himself, Goldman.
This is the takeaway.
Listen to this.
Describe a lunch, what we talked about earlier, where Joe Biden came to say hello at the
Four Seasons Hotel to lunch that he was having with CEFC executives, right?
That’s correct.
But what you didn’t talk about is what Rob Walker said
the origination of that lunch was.
And you testified that he said to,
that Hunter told his dad, according to Rob Walker,
quote, I may be trying to start a company
or try to do something with these guys.
Now, let me ask you something.
That doesn’t sound much like Joe Biden was involved
in whatever Hunter Biden was doing with the CEFC
if Hunter Biden is telling him that he’s trying to do business
with them, does it?
No, but it does show that he said he told his father he was
trying to do business and he was talking to his father about the business.
Well, that is true.
Hunter Biden does try to do business.
That’s correct.
Bro, the greatest.
Come on.
What was he thinking?
Number one, does he not know Joe Biden has repeatedly denied
ever discussing business?
deals with his son. So Dan Goldman brings up a business
deal with his son he spoke about, and suggests that’s not
evidence of him knowing about his son’s business deals. If
you’re trying to figure this out, does anyone in the chat
have an explanation? We got a lot of muttlies in the show.
This may be time this way. Wait, wait. Oh, no, you can’t
you can’t get ahead. You got now throw the money. Wait,
come on. All right. He got even got ahead of you that we
Muttley’s all over the chat. That even Muttley even can’t take it. Muttley’s even fallen
down. I’m sorry, Joe’s sick. I shouldn’t be demanding Muttley’s. That is at least…
Understand, just to be clear, Joe Biden has repeatedly said, I’ve never discussed these
suspicious business dealings with my son. So Dan Goldman brings up a business deal with his
that his son emailed him about as as evidence of of what and then he gets
totally wrecked and she’s like oh my god yeah hunter Biden did this guy he
doesn’t know what to do folks this is the clip that should be everywhere
Democrats exposing Biden lying about speaking about business with his son you
did you not just hear it give this geek put this on the clips
channel Democrat proves the case Biden discussed business with his son a
Democrat did it. You just heard it. You just heard him acknowledge it.
I don’t remember Biden saying that he never spoken to spoke to his son about business.
Okay, I’m here to help. Let’s show you three clips of Biden saying exactly that. Here
is Joe Biden number one saying quote, I have never spoken to my son about business.
Dan Goldman says otherwise. Check this out, Mr. Vice President, there’s been questions
about conflicts of interest with him as well as your brother. Can you describe what
sort of mechanisms you’re gonna put in place
to avoid conflicts of interest,
whether you knew your brother who’s been accused
of, let’s say, trying to use your campaign
to further his business interests,
you knew anything about that and-
Well, first of all, I have never discussed
with my son or my brother or anyone else
anything having to do with their businesses, period.
And what I will do is the same thing we did
in our administration, it will be an absolute wall
between personal and private and the government. There wasn’t
any hidden scandal at all when we were there. And I’ll impose
the same kind of strict, strict rules. That’s why I never
talked with my, my son or my my brother or anyone else, even
distant family about their business interests.
Again, why would a Democrat ask a question under oath to an
impeachable, decorated special agent about Biden discussing business with his son and
acknowledge it’s true.
Because here’s the answer, because Dan Goldman is a freaking idiot.
That’s why.
Here’s another one.
Here’s Peter Doocy.
In case you think it was just one, you know, a slip of the tongue.
Here’s Peter Doocy from Fox asking Biden the same question.
Watch Biden pivot to Ukraine right away and the impeachment thing because why?
Biden knew at the time they had to impeach Trump or someone was gonna discover
He was taking money from Ukraine in business deals
He claims he never spoke to his son about but Dan Goldman knows he did here. It is again
I know. I know Trump deserves to be investigated.
He is violating every basic norm of a president.
You should be asking him the question,
why is he on the phone with a foreign leader,
trying to intimidate a foreign leader,
if that’s what happened. That appears what happened.
You should be looking at Trump.
Trump’s doing this because he knows I’ll beat him
like a drum, and he’s using the abuse of power
and every element of the presidency
to try to do something to smear me everybody looked at this and everybody’s looked at it said
there’s nothing there ask the right question depending on what the what the house finds
you could be in peace but I’m not making that judgment now the house should investigate it
this is again another hard example of the Democrats always accusing you of what they’re
Russian collusion. Yet it was Hillary Clinton taking information from a Russian to collude
to steal an election. None of this is in dispute. Accusing Trump of a quid pro quo with Ukraine,
when it was Biden taking money from Ukraine, Ukraine in a quid pro quo.
This is what they do. And the suck ass moron media with their lips attached to the ass of
stuff continues. Here it is a third time. Here is Biden again, denying having any ever
spoken to his kid about business, despite the fact that Dan Goldman just acknowledged
it in a sworn statement with the IRS whistleblower. Here it is a third time. You don’t have
it? The debate? Would you lose it? Oh, come on. You’re killing my mojo. Oh, fine.
You already blow it. Did you not hear the rundown? I don’t wait when I put that in there. All right now
I’m mad folks. I don’t like when they blow this stuff. You got to clean that up. We’re live with our audience now
You have this stuff ready to go. It’s snappy. All right
Here’s the tweet because I got a cover for these guys
Jonathan Turley in a tweet Dan Goldman prompted a sworn statement from the investigator that Biden didn’t he discuss his son’s business deal in doing
So Goldman may have delivered one of the most damaging moments in the hearing for the Bidens
Jonathan Turley is not even a freaking conservative,
but he is a lawyer.
He just prompted a sworn under oath statement
on the congressional record that Biden is lying
and did discuss the business deals with my son.
What with his son?
God forbid he was my son.
What kind of freaking dipshit is this guy?
The answer is a stupid one.
I don’t want it, that’s too late.
All right, moving on.
This is the second dumbest moment from yesterday’s
And that’s saying a lot because the front, but I need you to triage is because messaging
wise with the Democrats get done better than anyone is they get a message.
They put it at the tip of the spear and they drive it through the armor and they use the
media to do it.
Stick with that Goldman one.
Once the Goldman ones worn out, then hit this one up.
Here’s congressman other Democrat zero Raja Krishnamoorthy is a close second for
the biggest face plant yesterday’s here.
one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen,
where the charge against Biden and the DOJ
is that the swamp DOJ,
it doesn’t matter if it was the Trump administration.
That’s the point.
They were trying to take Trump out,
even from the inside.
The Trump FBI, air quotes, and DOJ,
were still trying to take out Trump.
This is the point
that they were trying to get Biden elected.
This must, wait, does this make sense?
Joe, are you getting this?
like Krishnamurti doesn’t seem to understand that the narrative that that’s the truth is that Trump
was a victim of swampies on the inside trying to get rid of Trump. He actually makes the case here
and doesn’t even realize it. He’s like, hey, all of this stuff trying to cover up for Biden’s
business deals. He wasn’t even the president. He was only a Democrat candidate for president.
No shit, Sherlock. That’s the point that they would he doesn’t even realize he made
just like Goldman doesn’t realize he got this guy on a record, Biden Lion. Here, watch this. This is great.
Sir, finally, Mr. Shapley, you said that warrants were ready as soon as April 2020 to begin searching
for records, but actions weren’t taken with regard to those warrants. Again, Joe Biden was
not the president in April 2020, was he? So I’m confused by your line of questioning. We’re
about an election to which now President Biden was a part of. So he didn’t have to be the president
to have election meddling. No, but the question is this, was he the president at that time in
April 2020? It’s been asked and answered. It doesn’t matter. This guy just made the point
that these swamps, swamp rats on the inside of the DOJ and the FBI considered Trump such a
candidate Biden, this idiot doesn’t even realize he made the point.
Quick break from that for another story, then I want to get to my sponsor and I’ll get back
to this in a second.
I’ll do it on Leo Getsmo.
Okay, okay, okay.
We’ll get back to it in a second.
There’s a couple more, but I got a lot to get to.
This is one quick story I just want to get to before the break.
Very important one, by the way.
The garbage in the White House, how this guy is screwing us over, potentially, permanently,
I have a story in the newsletter today.
Newsletter is great today.
Bungino.com slash newsletter, a lot of important articles.
this one, there’s one on China coming up again. Another huge sign
we are headed for World War Three in this unheard article.
But read this, you know, the strategic petroleum oil reserve?
You’ve heard of it, you guys, right? We keep all the the
petroleum, the extra petroleum, it was it was done
after the oil crisis in the 80s. So I didn’t know this,
but they’re built out of salt caverns. So Biden decided to
be a good idea to drain a good portion of the oil
reserves to try to keep gas prices down so we could get
reelected, even though it’s there for an emergency. So
this PJ article says, well, Biden screwed us forever on another damn thing. Apparently,
as noted in this piece, these oil reserves are made of they’re carved out of salt caverns,
and they’re made of well, salt. And according to a former project manager who spoke to Bloomberg,
they note, they were built in the 70s with the idea they’d last 25 years. They were
also designed to be withdrawn and refilled just five times or else the salt caverns
simply dissolve.
As one former official put it, the caverns were not intended for daily ATM type operations.
We may not be able to fill these things up anymore.
Meaning what?
Meaning we may not have a strategic petroleum oil reserve.
Because of who?
Dark Brandon?
Rotting oatmeal brain.
That’s who.
All right.
I’ll get back to the hearing image.
You see what Marjorie Taylor Greene did yesterday?
You guys catch that?
That’s great.
It was like, you know what I mean?
If you know, you know.
We’ll get back to that in a second.
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All right quickly back to the hearing and we’re gonna move on this happened yesterday, too
I wouldn’t worry about this so much for messaging
I would focus on Goldman first. Be strategic. Be tactical. Do what the left does. Remember the triad.
Congressional committees, the media and activist groups. Use it. You’re the activists out there.
Goldman everywhere. The narrative is, because it’s true, Goldman proves Biden lied. Send it
everywhere. Raja Krishnamoorthy, forgive me if I’m not saying her name wrong intentionally,
proves they have interfered in the election to get Trump out. Both Democrats.
This is more just for fun.
Did you see this yesterday?
Marjorie Taylor Greene is interviewing these special agents from the IRS.
And it turns out Hunter Biden had some very suspect, call them suspect fellas, suspect
business expenses, let’s say, for some club memberships, if you know what I mean.
Leave it up to MTG here to humiliate this guy.
This is perfect.
Take a look.
Uh, you referred to one of the assistants as West Coast assistant.
I believe this is the West Coast assistant.
Could you agree with that?
So I can tell you that there were deductions for what we believe to be escorts.
And then that $10,000 golf club membership, yes, that was not a golf club membership.
That was for a sex club payment.
That was for a sex club payment.
What is now I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t know I’m not an accountant
I have very I took an accounting class in my MBA course and stuff. Look at you. What the school?
I don’t care. I took an accounting class wasn’t my favorite class tea tables and stuff. Not my bag of doughnuts
But Joe call me crazy. I’m reasonably confident that sex clubs are not a viable business expense
You could take a deduction on I’m willing to take a flyer on that
Yeah, Joe’s not even feeling it.
Joe’s like, you know what?
My brain may not be right all there.
I’m not at rotting oatmeal brain status,
but I’m functioning okay.
And I’m reasonably confident that is not gonna do.
Here’s the second one.
By the way, Marjorie Taylor Greene,
in case you’re listening on audio only
and you’re not watching us on the live stream,
which you should, we’d love to have you here.
Rumble.com slash bungee, you know,
every day at 11 a.m.
We love you here.
Live stream is my favorite thing to do.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is showing pictures
of if you know what I mean like Hunter doing that now you know sometimes you drop a curse here and
there and some you know like it’s just you know trying whatever uh that I’m not going to mention
what he’s doing but the pictures are quite interesting of what Hunter’s up to with the
assistant let’s just say it’s not um dictation and they’re not doing uh tea tables but here
comes Marjorie Taylor Greene top robes from the top robes Randy Macho Man style you ever
Macho Man from the top ropes. Here’s MTG from the top ropes. Watch the chaos break out when she
whips out a picture, pun intended, of Hunter Biden’s whipped out, doing the, with women and
check this out. Of Hunter Biden making, excuse me, this is my time, making pornography.
Should we be displaying this, Mr. Chairman, in the committee?
The gentlelady’s time has expired and went two and a half minutes over.
If Mr. Bufume wants two and a half minutes, he can have it if he wants to yield some to
Mr. Ocasio-Cortez.
Chuckie O in the chat, Joe says maybe that was dictation.
Good call, Chuckie.
Good call.
That was sharp.
Chuckie, you get a, you know what we need to do?
What do you guys think of this?
I think what we need to do is like a chat, a live chat over the day.
Maybe we give away a signed book.
What do you think of that?
And I think we should do something like that.
I’m gonna try to institute something like that
because some of your chat comments
are absolutely fantastic.
We even got Motley’s, we can’t do,
we gotta be careful with the Motley’s.
But you can put the Motley’s in the chat all you want.
That’s why we have a gif for that.
Top robes, baby, top robes.
That was fantastic.
All right, I got a lot more here.
So that, those are, I listened to the whole hearing,
my humble opinion so I don’t deluge you with information
like drinking from a fire hose.
Those are the two big takeaways.
Goldman, Chris and Amorthy, and just for fun, MTG from the top ropes at the end.
The rest of it, honestly, you can watch it, but a lot of it was kind of repetitive. But those
moments are the moments that are going to change this debate. Each day, you remember,
you’re chipping away. For those of you out there who think, oh, this stuff’s a waste of time,
it is not. It is not. Oh, excuse me, I forget who said it yesterday. I was either
on Newsmax or Fox. I was flipping back and forth. But somebody said, and it was a
maker, that we are going to make sure going into this next election, unlike 2020, that
every single voter in America knows who Joe Biden is.
If they still vote for him, then we’re just picking a horrible, awful corrupt people,
but they’re going to know.
Not like last time.
And I agree 100%.
Ship away.
Ship away.
By the way, Jamie Raskin, Clown Democrat, after the display by Marjorie Taylor Greene,
hilariously said, and I quote, that that was an assault on the dignity of the committee.
Dignity of the committee.
My kid was in kindergarten, they had more dignity on that committee. The committee decided they
should get rid of red crayons than these idiots do on Capitol Hill. The assault of the dignity
of the committee. You can take that right up the caboose, okay? Because there’s no dignity
in those committees. You want to play cutesy time, that ended years ago when he decided
spy on President Trump. All right. Switching gears a bit. This is some of the most fantastic
video you’re going to see. I pulled this off the Bongino Report rumble feed. We do clips,
Dan Bongino Show Clips channel. We have stuff all over the place. It’s all on rumble. Just
subscribe to all the Bongino channels. Does Bongino Report have a separate channel?
It does. Bongino Report, we have my channel, you’re on here. And then we have the Dan
Bongino Clips channel, which Guy manages. Check those all out. Follow them all because
there’s some really good stuff. And I don’t, I’m not the editor
on Bon Genie Report, Matt Palumbo is. Sometimes I go there
and I find stuff I haven’t seen before. So there was this guest
and he goes on this with this liberal host, right? And he
wants to debate this trans ideology stuff for kids. The
debate on this specific appearance is about men in
women’s sports, which is obviously unfair. You know,
men in women’s playing women’s sports. So this guy came
totally prepared and the liberal host
was just absolutely not ready at all.
So the guest walks into the interview
and this is, I’m gonna cut it into two pieces,
it’s not that long, it’s only about two minutes.
This is how the interview starts.
This is great stuff, check this out.
We are joined by Scott Nugent.
Scott, I just wanna jump right in.
You have been speaking out against medical transitioning
for minors.
You are somebody who has experienced that yourself.
However, one thing that we haven’t been able
to figure out is why you are opposed
to banning trans women in sports.
Why do you not want trans women to compete in sports?
Well, in 1973, we had the law passed that basically, you know, women could compete against other
And we did that so that, you know, self-esteem of women could be lifted.
And we kind of excluded males from that category.
Now, trans women are biological males who create an illusion of a woman.
They are not women.
So, they shouldn’t be in sports.
So you’re saying that trans women don’t exist, that they are not… trans women
Should not have any rights. Is that what you’re saying? What I’m saying is that
Biological women should be able to compete with other biological women in in a competition that makes it fair
Transwomen are men as that’s what I’m saying trans women are biological men
Doesn’t know what to do totally unprepared now the host watch the talking point here the talking point for the left
Which is a perfect example of the Thomas soul axiomatic truth that the left always starts the story in the middle
The host goes to the left’s talking point that well if you don’t let these kids
That boys become girls girls become boys. They’re gonna kill themselves, which number one is pseudo science
It’s made up as this guest is about to point out but second notice how they start the story in the middle
Well, there’s an assumption here that every trans person or who thinks they’re trans person
or is suicidal.
No one starts a chapter one Joe and goes, why?
Why is that?
You notice how the story started?
That’s assuming the talking points even true, which it’s not.
This does not end well for the host who gets out of this interview.
As soon as she realizes, Oh snap, I don’t have my hands around the data like this
What about a boy who believes that he is born in the wrong body?
Do you want him to commit suicide?
Would you rather have a son commit suicide or have a daughter that lives?
Why are you opposed to this type of medication and medical practice that can help stave
off suicide for so many young people?
Well, that was a big mouthful, wasn’t it?
Well, let’s start here.
A no child is born in the wrong body, first of all.
and bettering a live daughter than a dead son is actually wrong.
There’s only one long-term study that has ever held up the test of time, seven that
said it was beneficial for kids.
All of those studies have been either retracted or modified with oops, doesn’t help anything,
or not enough time, not enough participants.
The one long-term study that has lasted the test of time from 1973 to 2003 done
in Sweden followed 326 transgender adults found that these kids are going to be more
suicidal after.
So my question is, why are you okay with taking kids that are
so you’re not done with children committing suicide done?
No, what I’m saying is that I’m not okay with these kids
committing suicide, but these kids will be more suicidal after
the medical transition because you are spreading things that
are not true.
And that’s it the interview is because the woman quickly
realizes, I don’t know what to do. Because I just made
this up. Someone told me to say it in a focus group. Would you rather have a dead son or
a live girl? Whatever. That’s their talking point. There is no data to back that up. She
started the story in the middle and the guest was absolutely prepared to fight back.
You see what happens every time you confront the left with facts and data. They run
away like the little kids they are every single time. That’s why we support free speech
and they don’t because free speech looks great for us every time and looks horrible
for them like you just saw right there.
Wrecked, got absolutely smoked right there
and it was freaking glorious.
By the way, I’m gonna get to RFK
and what happened today in the hearing today
but like I said, I wanna watch the whole thing.
Having said that, RFK is up in front of the house
right now.
His opening statement earlier today at about 9.30
on censorship was a banger.
Now, RFK is a liberal, he’s not with us on guns,
not with us on abortion and other stuff.
Wanna be clear, but his opening statement today
It was a banger.
We’ll have all of that tomorrow.
Don’t miss tomorrow’s show.
Here’s what I got coming up next.
Be prepared on the China story.
I’m gonna show you more hard evidence
that we are like five minutes away
on the doom clock from World War III.
You ain’t hearing this stuff anywhere else.
Just hang with us.
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Something wrong with it
These lights are bright though folks. You think they’re too bright. Let me know your pay seriously in the chat
Yeah, why if yes and if no you think the lighting is too bright cuz you know, you’re a grease flare
You don’t have a grease flare anything. You look good, but I was on news man
Joe, I’m glad you think so, but I was on Newsmax the other day and maybe they had it turned up, but my gosh
I was so like washed out
No, no. All right. Good. See the chat’s all that matters. They say Joe says no the chat says no
He predicted it Joe. All right. This is I wrote this down be prepared update number
4572 I don’t care. I don’t if you guys and ladies are like
We’re getting tired of hearing about it from you dan be prepared
We get it then I know I’m doing my job because I’m so worried about you the audience. I am I’m prepared
I got my stuff like I’m ready to rock and roll. I’m worried about you. I’m dead serious
I really am because I don’t want to see people struggle and where I’m telling you were five minutes away on the doomsday
Clock from World War three signs are everywhere that China is preparing to start World War three
Maybe within months I would say almost assuredly before rotting oatmeal brain leaves office. They don’t want to deal with Trump
Here’s this article. This is in the newsletter. Go to the newsletter right now,
banjito.com slash newsletter. Subscribe, follow up, it’s free. Click on this article. Unheard,
Edward Lutwack. The clue, China’s preparing for war. Xi is laying the groundwork while the West
looks away. Not you, not us, but he’s right. Everyone else is like whistling past the graveyard
talking about, you know, the latest scandal about whatever who killed JR in Dallas or
whatever. This guy love wax, he writes this piece about how China is pushing everyone
to start planting cereals and grains on the land. So they can feed themselves. Well, why
China can import all that stuff? Exactly. Because if it goes to war, it’s not going
to be able to import it. Here’s the piece. Screenshot one at present. China relies on
colossal imports of soybeans, corn, wheat and other cereals to feed its pigs, cattle,
chickens and ducks, more than 120 million metric tons a year.
These are supplied, listen to this,
by the daily arrival of bulk carriers into Chinese ports
from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.
If war were to break out,
these imports would quickly dry up.
This is why China and Xi are telling the farmers
you better start producing more cereals.
Because they want a bowl of Lucky Charms?
No, dude, because they’re getting ready to go to war.
Sign number 4572. Here. Here’s a second screenshot from the
piece. Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, he gave this riceball
group of speeches on June 21. When he claimed quote, it was
imperative to prepare. I’m sorry, it was imperative to
prepare for quote, extreme circumstances. Joe, how many?
Really? How many more warnings are we gonna have to
But having previously warned, by the way, on May 6th, that China must be prepared for
quote, worst case and extreme scenarios to survive high winds, choppy waters and even
dangerous storms.
He’s not talking about hurricanes in China.
Hell no.
These are all transparent code words, the author writes, for the danger of war.
Xi returned to the topic again on July 6th on a visit to Eastern Theater Command,
whose jurisdiction includes the Strait of Taiwan,
where he’s about to start World War III,
where he called for increased, quote,
training under real combat conditions
to raise the capability to fight and win.
Even Guy, who I’m like, ready to kill right now.
Even Guy isn’t right.
Guy’s like, listen, some people would call this a clue.
Some people would call this a clue
that prepare for extreme circumstances.
Get ready for war.
Prepare for real combat conditions and get ready for high winds, choppy waters, and even
dangerous storms.
Guy has it right.
In some limited circles, we call this a clue.
But don’t worry, folks, Biden’s all over it, right?
It’s not like Biden’s taking millions of dollars from China, and China probably has
a blackmail file, you know, five, six feet deep on Biden, right?
Oh, wait, they do.
Back to the hearing yesterday.
Here was Byron Donnell’s excellent congressman from Florida’s west coast near Naples.
Here he is questioning one of the whistleblower guests yesterday up on the hill about how
many millions of dollars China’s paid off to Biden.
Now keep in mind, this isn’t the threat you think it is.
You probably say, I don’t mean it in a good way for Biden, I mean it in a bad way.
I’ll tell you what I mean here.
A lot of you may say, even in the chat, you may say, all right, so Biden took millions
from China.
But, of course, it’s not going to prevent him from making a decision to defend the United
It’s not the millions, folks.
It’s the fact that with those millions, China knows all the details of these payments.
And if the Chinese Communist Party were to go public with the information they have,
or it would be devastating to Biden, I’m suggesting to you that the president of
the United States, and listen, I choose my words very carefully, listen to what
I’m about to tell you.
There may be a blackmail file on the President of the United States right now.
It is impossible to know, given his dealings with China, if what he’s doing, he’s doing
because it’s best for the United States, or because it’s best for Biden.
Listen to this.
Through your investigation, how much money did you uncover was coming from Ukraine,
Romania, and China?
17.3 million, approximately.
So 17.3 million through your investigation, and you are you and Mr.
Shapley, you are the guys that investigate criminal tax evasion on an
international scale. Is that correct? That is correct. Okay. A question for
the chairman, Mr. Chairman, through the investigation of the oversight
committee about how much money have we seen come from Ukraine, Romania and
China? Over 10 million. Okay, so we have two separate investigations, one
done by the investigative branch of the IRS that is charged with doing these
types of investigations. These are the people you want doing them and an
independent investigation by the Oversight Committee. And we’re coming up
with the same amount of money, give or take a couple million going through
the same person and Hunter Biden and his investigation is slow walks. And
we’re supposed to sit here and think that Joe Biden knows nothing. If this
action is allowed to occur and investigations are slow walk with this
level of detail to Saint Donald Trump y’all. These are facts. I yield back.
Uh, yeah. Understand what I’m telling you. It’s not just that Biden and his family are
alleged to have taken maybe tens of millions of dollars from the Communist Party. Do you
understand it’s at the Communist Party knows? That’s the problem. That’s the problem.
Is someone bribing Biden right now? If you’re not asking these questions in the media,
you’re not a journalist. You’re an activist. I’m sorry. That’s the question. The money’s
bad enough, but forget that a second. The Chinese Communist Party knows about the money.
They paid it. So does Biden. And Biden wants nothing more than to get reelected.
Nothing more. Don’t be surprised if this guy’s not the nominee and he steps aside,
not even a little bit. All right. I got a quick election 2024 update. And this story I saw this
morning right before I came on the air, guys, don’t let me forget this. All right. This
political story about Biden and the stairs. I’m going to give you some analysis and I can
hear it. Something big going on with this Air Force One. Biden’s in real trouble. No,
I mean upstairs. The oatmeal brain is decaying at a rapid rate now.
This is like the half-life’s gone up
But a quick election 2024 update
Listen, it’s getting brutal this primary between DeSantis and Trump
I’m just gonna say this again for the probably the tenth time and you guys take it for and ladies take it for what?
It’s worth. Oh, by the way speaking of ladies before I get to that
We were the 14th most popular podcast in the country with women this Edison research just came out. So ladies, thank you
Thank you very much. We love you ladies. You’re always welcome here. I was actually kind of flattered
I put the picture up on my Twitter account
and my true social account.
So I’m kind of flattered.
So ladies in the chat, let’s go.
Thank you, ladies.
You’re the best.
Love having you in the chat too.
Join us every day at 10 o’clock.
Ladies, I said that to my wife.
She’s like, well, Ben Shapiro is a spot ahead of you.
I said, ah, no, maybe she give him a call.
I don’t know.
She didn’t like that one.
Didn’t go over well.
Getting back to my election 2024 update.
I can’t, she didn’t get it.
Listen, the attacks on Trump and the Santa supporters, the back and forth, is getting
just beyond ridiculous.
I’m not here to lecture anyone, okay?
I’m just a guy.
I’m a passionate believer, but I ran myself.
Folks, primaries are good things.
I’ve said it a thousand times.
They keep candidates frosty.
Every single quality candidate we’ve gotten elected at the local level has probably
been through a brutal primary that tightened them up.
But the attacks back and forth are getting really personal.
You know, Jenna Ellis, who fought pretty hard for Donald Trump, she got just getting attacked
just brutally.
Someone dropped the C word on her and stuff.
This is a lot.
Like everybody just dial it down.
I’ve got a lot of friends in this movement.
She’s done a lot for me.
So have a lot of other people on both sides of this.
And it’s not just that.
It’s that they’re all going to fight passionately for who they believe in, but I need you
to remember some battle tactics.
And I mean this because I’ve run.
You’re going to need these people after the election. We can’t win without 95 plus percent
Republican support. Us going after each other is just silly. I’m not lecturing anyone,
you know, guys. I’m not. It’s not my job. I just want to win. And this is not the way to do it.
It’s just it’s not going to help. Speaking of which, the Democrats are panicking about this
No Labels group. This No Labels group, which could run in a third party, there’s a
as a matter of pure math.
This no labels group is gonna hurt the Democrats far more.
There’s zero doubt in my mind.
About 30% of Democrats identify themselves as moderate.
But here’s the kicker.
Only about 22% of Republicans do.
Why does that matter?
Because moderates are more likely to align
with a third party than people who declare themselves
really aligned with the movement.
Strong conservatives aren’t gonna vote third party.
The Democrats have more of those.
So there’s no labels group running as a third party would do far more damage to Democrats
I’ve been getting a lot of that and also this Wall Street Journal article mission number one
Whoever wins in 2024 the FBI loses the public if we win in 2024. I don’t care who it is Trump DeSantis
I mean, I care who it is
But you get the point like whoever it is has to support this you have got to reestablish our faith in institutions folks
I’ve traveled a lot in my life a lot
I’ve been to 36 plus countries, probably 50 plus cities, multiple cities in these countries.
The way we have it in the United States, there’s a natural assumption that’s the way it is
around the world.
It is not private property, things like contract law, things that you’re safe walking
down the street, relatively speaking.
That is not how it rolls in other countries.
It isn’t.
It isn’t.
It’s not unique to us, but this place is special.
The FBI, as the Stan Henniger piece points out, people are losing faith in institutions
The left wants the police defunded.
People on the right are now fairly skeptical, the FBI too.
If we do not reestablish faith in institutions, ladies and gentlemen, it is absolutely over.
There’s going to be nothing left.
All right, we’re going to have to hold the rest of these stories for tomorrow.
But I do want to get to this political piece.
Skip to that one at the end.
This popped right before I came on to you this morning.
This is important because this is another one of those stories where the media is writing
it to cover for Biden.
But folks, I have never seen anything like this.
I think Biden, and I’ve got the good authority here, I think Biden is in even worse mental
physical condition than we’ve been led on.
You’re probably thinking, I didn’t think it could get any worse.
After reading this story, I’m convinced this guy’s in real cognitive trouble.
Let me just describe something to you, okay?
When you’re in the Secret Service doing it in advance,
there’s an airport at every site,
every site you go to, outside of DC,
because the president flies everywhere, right?
I mean, not hard to figure out.
The president’s not gonna walk to Pennsylvania.
He’s not gonna take a helicopter to Pennsylvania.
He flies.
So every flight we go to,
every stop we go to, there’s an airport.
The new guy usually does the airport,
because the airport’s easy.
The hardest part about airports securing them,
because they’re usually pretty easy,
they’ve been done a thousand times,
The hardest part is counter sniper.
Because the president at every site
gets off the front of Air Force One.
You’ve seen the scene a thousand times.
He gets off, he waves.
You know what?
I should have put this picture in the show.
It’s stupid.
I got a picture of me actually doing it.
You’ll see George Bush waving
at the top of the stair truck.
It’s a high stair truck.
It’s about 25 plus steps, right?
That’s a truck.
It’s called a stair truck because that’s what it is.
It’s a truck with stairs on the back.
every airport has them and they drive it up to Air Force One.
Now, the reason the president gets off the front
of the plane is simple.
Number one, the picture is majestic.
Height is might with pictures, right?
You don’t take a picture below people,
you take a picture above them.
It looks better, it gives you status, correct?
Everybody knows that, right?
Joe, you’re a photographer, you know?
Yeah, absolutely.
Oh, what, you got one?
Oh, good, see?
Let’s say, now you’re back.
The audience is very upset, I was like,
I’m not really mad at Keith. I love Gabe. We’re messing with him. He’s fine. The guy does a great job
Now I’m not I’m not folks. I’m just kidding. I love G. It’s a joke. These guys are great
I’ll do my team the stuff happens. It’s so big deal. Thank you redeemed yourself for it
So there you see the picture
So he always gets off the front of the plane because the pictures better and number two
Because his quarters are at the front of the plane. His door is right there
He’s not gonna walk to the back of the plane by the press to get off the back steps
So I read this story this morning in Politico, it’s in the newsletter, about Biden using the
back steps, which are short, and they drive there, you don’t need a stair truck, they drop down.
It’s part of the plane. They’re tiny, they’re only 14 of them. Folks, I was in the Secret
Service a long time. I spent almost five years on the president’s detail.
I have never seen the president use the back steps, unless there was a security problem.
And now, when we went to Afghanistan with Obama and I did the advance, we used the back
Because getting off the front, height is might, makes a great picture, but height, like I
said before, is really good for a sniper.
A sniper wants to, yeah, it’s a great, you’re damn right it’s a great target because there’s
no obstructions on the ground.
You want to shoot a guy behind a car or you want to shoot a guy at height where
there’s nothing else around.
Sadly, they’re going to want to kill the guy because it’s an easier target.
So you don’t want the president up high. So in a security situation, if we can’t control it,
we’ll use the back steps. It is rarely done. Apparently, a couple of press people picked up
on the fact that Biden’s using the retractable steps a whole lot now on the back, even though
his quarters are in the front, and that almost never happens. Why? Because they’re afraid he’s
going to fall. Biden, they know, boarded the shorter step, he’s on the short steps now, Joe,
of retractable stairs that fold into the belly of the plane. The routine, they note, began a few
months ago, with the president increasingly avoiding the grander, more traditional doorway
near the front of the aircraft on the main passenger level, higher above the tarmac.
Here’s the screenshot number two. Here’s Karine Jean-Pierre trying to hide what’s
going on. He’s very prudent because he’s going to fall. He says, Karine Jean-Pierre,
she, excuse me, says, I don’t have any decision process to walk through. I’m sure
there’s a protocol that’s used for Air Force One.
I just don’t have one.
There is a protocol.
I just told you what it is.
The stair truck drives up,
the president comes out of his quarters right there,
waves and walks down the damn stairs.
Listen to me, I’m gonna end this here.
This guy is in serious cognitive trouble.
There isn’t a chance in hell
they are giving up the grand picture
and all of this stuff and decades of protocol
on how we walk the president off a plane.
There’s not a chance they’re doing it
unless they are deathly afraid
that this guy’s deteriorating by the second
and probably, probably can’t even make it up
14 steps without falling.
You know,
Justin wants to know
how long till a cherry picker comes out?
This is,
er, er, er, er, er,
and they, you know what it is,
and they roll him out on a gurney,
er, er, and anyway,
how long, I don’t know,
Probably soon. We’re laughing now. It’s probably only gonna be a few minutes till that happens. This guy is clearly messed up
You know, I wait wait just before we go
I know I says anymore number one questions for tomorrow if you want to submit a question for I want to do a question
All right. Yeah, we’re gonna skip a week folks. We’re gonna cuz some people didn’t like we’re gonna go back to it next week
So we’re gonna do questions for tomorrow. It will be back
I promise you but it does take away from the show a little bit sometimes
I want to play the last video Trump with Caviezel and Tim Ballard. You got that one?
Just before we go
Trump did a special screening of the unbelievable incredible movie sound of freedom that has now crossed an astonishing hundred million dollars folks
We are winning these culture wars. You should be so proud of yourself
This movie is amazing buy a ticket for everyone buy a ticket for yourself buy a ticket for your family members
They had a screening Donald Trump was there last night and a bystander took this video and it’s really cool him
congratulating star Jim Caviezel and the real star, Tim Ballard, the agent who
rescued a lot of these kids. Take a look.
Thank you all very much. It was incredible, Jim. That was unbelievable.
You made this the hottest movie anywhere in the world.
So I think maybe becoming the president of Mexico by comparison,
right? So I just want to thank you all.
That was unbelievable.
I think Tim, what a job you did.
Folks, look at this headline, Washington Examiner.
Sound of freedom breaks a hundred million dollars in box office sales.
You should be damn proud of yourself today.
I’m so glad President Trump did that.
Thank you to Tim Ballard, most important of all, the hero rescued those kids.
To Jim Caviezel and the courage to put the play take this role on who’s a great guy
You all are amazing. Go see the movie buy a ticket for a friend
This is the front in the culture wars. Ladies and gentlemen
We are winning and it’s time to bud light CMT to the country music channel after what they did to Jason Aldean
Let’s bud light him show him who’s really in charge
It’s all changing folks. Be proud of yourself man. Remember the wise words of Anais a
Victor is not victorious.
Victor is not victorious until the vanquished considers himself so.
You do not consider yourself vanquished.
Fight on then.
I’ll do it with you.
Join us for the chat every day.
You know we love having you here 11 a.m. rumble.com slash Bongino.
Chat starts at 10.
I’m going to start coming up maybe a little earlier.
I’ll join you in the chat.
I’m Dan Bongino.
Show there at 10 a.m.
Eastern time rumble.com slash Bongino rumble.com slash Bongino.
Click give us a follow.
Really appreciate it.
I’ll see you back here tomorrow.
You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.

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