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Fox News recently covered a development story with Karl Rove, involving a critical informant: a Hunter Biden business partner. This informant is set to speak with the Oversight Committee about then Vice President Joe Biden and their dealings within the Obama White House. The news sparked curiosity and speculation as people wondered what might be going through their minds when examining all the evidence that continues to come to light, day after day. With each revelation, the puzzle becomes more intricate, and the public awaits further insights into the complex web of connections and events surrounding these individuals and their past actions. As the situation unfolds, it captures the attention of many, generating discussions and debates about the implications of the unfolding evidence.

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Transcribe Notes:

through people’s minds when they look at all of this evidence that continues to come out
day after day is well we’ve seen this before and nothing happens and there are some calls
for a special counsel. I know the oversight committee wants to handle this themselves
at least for now but they can’t you know how much teeth does their investigation actually
have to do anything here? Well they can the the Devon Archer interview is going to be
incredibly revealing because as you said he’s at the center of all this remember he goes on the
brism aboard in January and in March gets his business partner and close personal friend
the son of the vice president go on the board now why did these two men go on the board of a
company an energy company in Ukraine as members of the board of directors when they have no
experience in Ukraine no experience in energy and nothing to ever do with corporate governance
and they’re two reasons why Devon Archer is the longtime associate of the then secretary of
state John Kerry a political bagman for him and and Hunter Biden is the is the son of the
city and vice president of the United States that I spent some time in central Europe the old
Soviet empire if you had trouble in Warsaw or Prague or Kiev with the central government you hired
an American because you wanted to send a signal don’t screw with me I’ve got muscle in Washington
DC and what better muscle than the long time aid to the city and secretary of state and the son
of the vice president so what about the politics of this car there was a moment in the hearings
with the two whistleblowers from the IRS last week where dangled and dangled and kind of went
down a road he’s New York member of congress you might remember him everybody at home he was also
one of the lead attorneys in the Trump impeachment trial and he kind of you know he opened
himself up to criticism here with the suggestion that he makes it sound like yes he understands
that there is connection in these business dealings between the president of the vice president
then and Hunter Biden watch this hunter told his dad according to rob walker quote I may be trying
to start a company or try to do something with these guys now let me ask you something that doesn’t
sound much like Joe Biden was involved in whatever hunter Biden was doing with the cfc no what it does
show that he said he told his father he was trying to do business and he okay well that is true
oh boy how damaging was that moment Carl yeah well look we don’t even need that all we
need to know is this do you think the Obama White House was unaware of the problem presented by
Hunter Biden and Devon archer going on the board it became an item in the fall of 2015 I think it
was when the vice president went over to lecture the Ukrainians about about corruption the real
interesting question is did anybody on the Obama White House staff particularly saying
the national security adviser Susan Rice were they sent to talk to the vice president say this
is creating an image problem for us you’re in charge of fighting corruption in Ukraine encouraging
them to do it and your son is part of a corrupt company that I cannot imagine that that didn’t
happen that somebody inside the White House didn’t have words with the vice president about how
sleazy this looked and it is sleazy yeah there were suggestions that they were sort of hands off
at that point in time because bo Biden had just died and that they didn’t want to upset the
vice president but that there were concerned about it before let you go Carl real quick if you
can this RFK junior a sound bite that we played a little while ago where he says yeah there absolutely
has to be an investigation how does this play out on the Democrat presidential side well
look it’s going to it’s going to cause some kerfluffle here for a day or so but but but somebody
more significant than RFK junior has got to come out and say this for this to create angst inside
the White House but it they should be concerned this is causing a lot of Democrats to say
and what kind of problems are we going to have as this as this investigation goes forward yeah
Carl thank you always good

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