Problems at Chase Bank

Developing Issues at Chase Bank (Take Your Money Out of the Bank). As soon as customers withdraw money from the bank, the chase bank provides warnings, and the chase bank suffers significant losses from credit cards, the chase bank and chase banking may change. What does Jamie Dimon, a Chase banker, think about this.

Chase Bank Problems Brewing ( Get Your Money Out Of The Bank )

The Economic Ninja

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Chase Bank Problems Brewing ( Get Your Money Out Of The Bank )

Transcribed Notes

you can do this ninja you could do this
I know it’s what the headlines say but
there’s something going on behind it
just have faith in yourself
okay all right let’s do this
hey everybody economic ninja here I hope
you’re doing great I am at our local
Chase Bank and where there is smoke
there is usually fire in Smoke we are
going to be talking about today that’s
right not the smoke that’s being smoked
blown up your tailpipe by a bunch of
people on the MSN I mean CNBC I mean Jim
Cramer we’re gonna talk about four I
believe I’ve got four stories that have
to do with JPMorgan Chase or something
that Jamie Diamond has said and you
start to put together the facts
and you start to really look behind the
narrative that they’re talking about and
you start to see you know what I think
there’s a little bit more than smoke
there may be some fire Fuego muy Fuego
all right here we go that’s enough of
the Ninja Spanish lesson for you first
story is coming out of the daily huddle
now this one is entitled 200 billion
dollars exits JP Morgan Chase in one
year as customers withdraw cash amid U.S
banking concerns now a lot of you have
been following the channel and know that
I was warning about this banking crisis
uh this time last year actually a little
a little bit uh sooner than that
um or later than that sorry but um
when it happened in the spring we saw
Banks like JP Morgan benefit from all
these uh withdrawals coming from
Regional banks around the country and
going into large Banks like JPMorgan
Chase Wells Fargo Bank of America and so
on okay but again I’m gonna do four
different stories start to see like read
the smoke and see what’s going on here
and then let I will let you come up with
your own conclusions but my conclusion
is that all of the banks including JP
Morgan are in trouble and straight up
Jamie Diamond actually tells you that in
one of these stories
so it says customers have withdrawn 200
billion dollars worth of deposits from
American banking giant JP Morgan in the
last year as the bank deals with a long
list of fines losses and Scandals JP
Morgan’s latest earnings predict uh
presentation for Q2
of this year’s shows that excluding
deposits from the First Republic Bank
which the bank acquired last year
deposits were down year on year to 2.3
trillion compared to 2.5 trillion
says here the dip in deposits comes amid
the release of a Gallup poll which
echoed similar surveys from 2008 before
the great financial crisis you got it
you gotta love that we’re seeing all of
these numbers haven’t seen it this bad
since the GFC we haven’t seen it this
bad since the height of the pandemic oh
we’re even seeing numbers we haven’t
seen so bad since the depression of

analytics coming out showing that the
banking system is in very very serious
and imagine imagine when this happens
it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of
when right when this happens because
these banking Cycles happen all the time
there’s no stopping them it’s based off
of human emotion
what it’s going to be like to go out and
get a loan can you imagine that what is
it like do you remember what it was like
after the great financial crisis had
really came out in the open in September
of 2008 okay yeah you got us we’re
screwed we uh did a bunch of stupid
things we shouldn’t have which the banks
always do right it just takes a while
for the public to figure it out then
they go okay we can’t give out these
loans anymore which means they’re barely
giving out loans so anything that was
propped up by debt
I.E cars homes things like that they
collapsed in price so you can only
imagine if you believe that this crash
is going to be bigger than the great
financial crisis type one if you do not
believe it’s going to be bigger type 2
then watch everybody’s responses right
and the reason why it’s so important
because yeah sure this is just the
economic ninja channel right there’s
other people out there but these are
intelligent people that you’re watching
vote right these are people with money
regardless of how much they have actual
money these are people that are prepared
they’re not scared they’re getting out
of debt or they’re out of debt they’re
either working their tails off with
multiple side hustles that’s the kind of
people that that this channel attracts
I’ll just make that extremely clear
successful people right they’re either
busting their butt with multiple streams
of income getting out of debt uh side
hustling or they’re retired and they
have a pension and they’ve they’ve paid
off debt right these are successful
people so when the successful people run
for the exits or they’re all telling you
yeah we’re in trouble and we’re getting
ready to take advantage of it should
probably listen and I’m just talking
right now to the people that have never
seen this Channel all right
um hey if you’ve never seen this channel
do me a favor and say
I haven’t been here before because I
love I love reading that stuff now it
says the dips dip in deposits comes amid
the release of the Gallup poll which
echoed similar surveys from 2008 but
they said this after several recent
high-profile bank failures in the U.S
about half of the Americans are
concerned about the safety of the money
they have in Banks or other financial
institutions this is on par with the
level of worry measured during the
financial crisis of 2008. when financial
institutions previously believed to be
too big to fail to collapse this is what
I want to explain to you right now and
this is what is extremely important and
to the 191 people that have already hit
the thumbs up to support this channel
thank you so much
we’re talking about
an insecurity in the banking system by
the American public
that hasn’t been seen since after
everything came out in 2008.
back then we didn’t have a president
just straight up lying to you and
changing the definition of a recession
we didn’t have uh a worldwide shutdown
of the supply system and a breakdown of
the supply system we didn’t have the
reality that world governments around
the world were trying to silence you
hurt you and eventually
kill you
crazy huh my heart goes out to everybody
that that that believed everything but
this is the exciting part now now you
get to wake up and go I see this was a
con I see what they were doing to us and
now I’m gonna act differently all right
we had none of that back in 2008. yet we
have the same sentiment right now about
the banking system as we did after
everything crashed in 2008
and it hasn’t crashed yet right it is
crashing but what I mean is the public
the general public it’s not all over the
newspapers reporters aren’t crying on
CNBC Jim Cramer is not having a little
meltdown like a child
only to cash a fat check for doing so if
you know what I mean if you guys
remember that program all right this is
real stuff happening right now
in JPM uh JP Morgan’s earnings report
CEO Jamie Diamond a staunch critic of
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency you know that
thing it keeps going up over time just
saying just saying
um said that one potential risk that the
bank was facing was that customers are
burning away their cash buffers amid
soaring inflation and much higher
interest rates well you didn’t have to
listen to that to Jamie dimon about that
I’ve been talking about that for
literally about a year now year and a
half all right so let’s dive in now
that’s the daily huddle 200 billion
dollars exiting uh JP Morgan over the
last year okay and they’re the giant
these guys they’re the big boys on the
all right now let’s dive into some more
stories out of Market Insider Jamie
dimon predicts consumers will exhaust
their pandemic savings by Christmas and
warns of much greater threats uh than
recession let me ask you this type uh
the number eight if you believe that
Jamie Diamond is one of the smartest
guys in the room
type nine if you don’t you think he’s
just making stuff up and what I mean
making stuff up because this is a
warning so so let me know type eight if
you think he’s the smartest guy in the
room if Jamie Diamond being the CEO of
the I think now it is the largest bank
in America has access is privy to act
that most people are not
and the reason why it’s important for
you to visualize this let me take a look
at it a lot of people think that he’s
just making this stuff up that he’s just
warning okay that’s good to know because
I believe
the the first I believe that Jamie
Diamond is one of the smartest guys in
the room that he sees all this and the
reason why he puts out a warnings like
this is because he wants to be known as
Mr right all right late who who would
you listen to after a crash and this is
what’s really scary the Sheep will
always follow the herd that’s what
they’re doing they’re just looking at
the butt of the sheep right in front of
them where am I going I’m just going
well there’s a butt right there I’ll
just go follow that one and the thing is
is after a while you know the shepherd’s
like hey hey guys uh there’s a cliff
over there hang on I don’t see a cliff
there’s just I see butt and I see grass
and we’re just moving see button grass
grass and butt that’s all I see and the
Shepherds I got just letting you know
there’s a cliff over there it’s just I
see a cliff on Yonder Horizon he knows
that none of the sheep are going to
listen and then when some of the sheep
fall off and the other sheep look up and
go what the heck just happened because I
told you and like oh man that Shepherd
which that’s why we’re with this
Shepherd and uh it’s probably a bad
analogy but if you hopefully you catch
my drift um these guys like to go back
and go then these are the only High
highlight reels they’re going to show
you see I was right and then what
happens is people tend to put their
money in that person’s bank that’s how
it works
So Jamie dimon predicts consumers will
exhaust their pandemic savings by
Christmas I believe that as well it’s
actually a pretty easy number to follow
because we’re seeing the savings rate
Jamie Diamond is actually privy to that
information he gets to see how much
money you have in your savings account
and how often you dip into it he also
gets to see what you have in other Banks
it’s there’s no secrets between these
guys see they all the big six owns the
Federal Reserve neither Federal nor has
any reserves it is a private bank it’s a
private banking institution that snuck
its way in twice to our country only to
get kicked out and then the third time
was the term back in the early 1900s
ironically a flu attacked us right after
that and a depression weird
anyway here we go many people are
fretting about a possible recession but
Jamie dimon is far more worried about
other Global threats he told the
economist in an interview released on
Tuesday oh and just you know The
Economist magazine it’s a propaganda
piece for them telling you what your
future is about the digital currency
about a worldwide shutdown all kinds of
stuff the JP Morgan CEO uh predicted
American households would exhaust their
pandemic savings around the end of this
year Paving the way for a slump in
consumer spending and an economic
slowdown but he asserted that increases
in wages home values and stock prices
over the past 15 years would lessen the
pain caused by the downturn even if we
go into recession consumers in great the
consumers in great shape now this this I
believe is the the thing we’re going to
keep going into the story but this is
where I think the propaganda is at
because most people they only read the
couple first couple of paragraphs of a
so he says even if we go into recession
which I believe we’re in right now
consumers are in great shape Diamond
said adding it was broadly true for
businesses too the billionaire defend
the billionaire Banker defended his
warning last spring that storm clouds
were gathering on the horizon
it says here uh inflation surged to a
historic High the stock market tumbled
and the IPO Market effectively closed
last year he noted the American economy
could still hit a major bump he added
before noting he has bigger concerns I’m
much more worried about some of these
other serious things getting worse he
said the war in Ukraine spreading out
nuclear blackmail
food doesn’t get delivered starvation in
Africa I’m far more worried about that
now think about this because I believe
those things are absolutely true
nuclear blackmail
these countries that are threatening
each other we have to understand and
realize one thing our government is
defending Ukraine and fighting a
proximate war with Russia because
they’re trying to defend the servers
that are kept over there
that have all the blackmail
for our government over there this is
very very serious stuff people need to
realize that they need to wake up Google
Democratic servers in Ukraine start
reading it’s very important I need to
spread that information as much as you
can because then you start to see oh
first off it should be an act of war
that we’d even allow one of our or any
of our parties to keep sensitive
stuff that should be top secret
technically in another country
but then you’d realize the only reason
they do that is because there’s really
bad stuff on there and we would have to
someone would have to declare war
so that’s what Russia did
guys you need to realize this stuff and
and I’m going to be honest with you at
this point views are so down right now
and I know why because I started
speaking some truth some very serious
truth exposing some stuff on some prayer
that previous videos and I’m okay with
it you want to know why because I’m not
judged by you I’m judged by God my goal
is to warn you guys and then wake
everyone up ladies and gentlemen around
the country around the world to get
ready for this and I don’t want to do
this all by myself it’s one thing to go
buy twenty thousands 100 houses during
this crash and be like look at me look
at my fancy car it’s another thing to be
going like let’s let’s go make a million
people wealthy that’s what I want to do
that’s the only way we could take back
power these people have the power to
control money and print money to
literally make it out of thin air
because they’ve used sorcery to get you
to believe that it has value end of
story and right now it’s Fallen like 13
the US dollar over the last year if you
look at the dxy right
um yeah you you we need to take the
power away from them and the only way we
do that is two ways through knowledge
and not needing debt all right you can
use debt to make money don’t get me
wrong but the proper debt type of debt
in the proper
um company formats right the proper
entity structures
says here the bank chief also listed uh
disruption to Global energy supplies
severe economic woes in several
countries inflation surging again and
the unknown impact of quantitative
tightening so so right there he’s told
you the two things that I told you is
coming in the future we’re going to have
hyperinflation in this country in energy
and in food okay he’s talked about
starvation food shortages and he’s
talked about energy inflation all right
energy supplies very very very important
that is the end game to scare you into
getting a digital currency a digital
currency that actually launches in
America this week okay this is happening
is it going to change your life this
week no are a bunch of people gonna go
well the news just said it was starting
this week I didn’t see any problem well
those aren’t very bright people they
don’t understand cause and effect they
don’t understand uh how uh the time lag
works with anything in life okay
your life’s changed I told my fire
department uh in January of of 2020 and
I’m not joking I got pretty dang
emotional I said your lives are about to
change forever wake up and none of them
woke up about five of them listened
that’s it and guess what in the story
their lives all change forever they
don’t even know what they’re walking
around with right now
and and most of them don’t even want to
talk about it because they know
something’s bad and their lives have
changed forever now they’re turning
around still going to the lake and
partying they’re all still doing stuff
cool then the life change forever now I
said now another one’s coming next year
get ready for that your lives are going
to change forever digital currency’s
coming guess what your lives are about
to change forever but most people they
just go ah
I don’t know what the Ninja’s talking
about he’s sort of a
kind of guy
all right cool
I I don’t know what to tell you cool
thing is I get to hang out with you guys
amazing human beings from all over the
and I get to meet you too so there’s one
story okay Jamie diamonds out there
putting out the stories the the warnings
and there’s two major warnings
starvation food food crisis and an
energy crisis all right all right that’s
why you need to have uh food all right
all right here we go out of JPMorgan Chase
announces layoffs why would JP Morgan
need to do layoffs honestly hey guys
real quick to the 592 people hit the
thumbs up thank you so much
put down the comment section why
JPMorgan needs to do layoffs I’m gonna
tell you anyway
it’s because they don’t have so much
money coming in this is the biggest bank
in the country right they had all this
money coming in now what they’re gonna
announce is to you not going to seem
like a lot
but I want I want to tell you the ball
the snowball starts small and as it
rolls down the hill it gets larger and
larger and larger and one thing is for
sure in business there are two
industries that are extremely extremely
tied or are flexible that’s Banking and
real estate those two industries
employees can Surge and get you know we
could swell and get a ton of employees
in one company and then they could just
all get purged out and laid off
very very susceptible to economic uh
declines and increases so here we go
JPMorgan Chase announces layoffs
says the plan layoffs are scheduled to
occur in September according to the
notice remember I told you September end
of September is when everybody’s going
to see this collapse happening
um according to notice as the biggest
U.S lender JP Morgan’s Workforce totaled

marking an eight percent year-on-year
increase that’s pretty cool like we were
talking about swelling right and as fast
as it swells we’re like oh we’re gonna
crap out a couple we’re going to get rid
of something JP Morgan commented that
the layoffs affect only a minor
proportion of local workers and efforts
are underway to relocate these employees
our approach remains unchanged and we
manage the company with the goal of
investing across various Cycles hey
there’s no fire don’t worry yeah it
smells Smoky uh it’s a little hazy but
don’t worry there’s no fire that’s what
they’re telling you right now they’re
preparing you for what they’re going to
announce in September and you’re going
to go I saw the ninja talking about this
how they were playing it down and then
it wasn’t played down by the end of
September check people let’s keep going
we’re building for the long term and
will persistently invest in recruitment
training and Technology the bank further
added that the 63 layoffs only 63 and
you’re going ninja why are you telling
me this because I’m setting a base a bed
Stone we’re putting down the uh the rock
the foundation of this entire narrative
and I’m going to show you how they come
out with these little things why would
they even announce 63 layoffs let me
honestly think about this why would the
largest bank in the country go hey we
need to put out a press release we’re
going to lay off 63 employees that would
just be you’d think a human resource is
actually like hey we gotta lay you off
sorry your your division’s not doing
well we just got laid off we don’t need
to go put out a a press release we’re
like the largest bank in the country why
would it make a big deal it’s nothing
right 63 employees out of 296

release because what they’re doing is he
is showing you they are showing you the
truth before it happens and the Ninja’s
here to tell you by September it ain’t
going to be 63.
I think you’re going to see tens of
thousands I know that sounds crazy and
I’m probably one of the only people on
YouTube actually doing this I’m putting
my neck on the line right I’m cool with
it I’ve done it before and I’ll do it
again and I’ve got a pretty darn good
track record right now and that’s not
bragging it’s the truth and you need a
baseline of Truth you need to be able to
go Judge Me based off of the videos I
made in the past all right here we go
but hey guys I didn’t go to college for
this kind of stuff uh it says so so 63
is 63 is where we’re at I gotta go find
my spot 500

vacancies in New Jersey and is striving
to relocate the employees right the bank
employs 12 000 Personnel in New Jersey
and so they see a big deficit they’re
trying to get them over there
um it says here in May the bank
considered laying off 500 employees
across different departments
additionally it terminated nearly 1 000
positions at the First Republic Bank
after acquiring the struggling
institution isn’t that pretty sweet they
get all of their assets for paintings on
the dollar like ah thousand people ah
get out of here and so but we’re gonna
put out a
a press release on 63 layoffs
let’s go to the next story this is out
of the daily huddle JP Morgan Chase
suffers 1.1 billion dollar loss as six
U.S banks execute massive write-offs now
this one’s very interesting says here
the largest banks in the U.S are
reportedly taking big hits to their
bottom line as borrowers defaults on
billions of dollars worth of loans now
we know that the commercial real estate
uh is literally imploding around the
country I was the first one to talk
about on the internet about two and a
half years ago no it was June two years
ago two years one month ago
nobody’s talking about it back then
right that’s why I started the real
estate uh crash course started saying
let’s get ready for this guys you need
to start taking actionable steps right
now to prepare for this prepare for your
credit score your your your balance
sheet your everything right get ready
for this because there’s gonna be a time
to jump and you do not want to be not
ready for this learn the lessons that I
learned you know I sold most of my
properties in o6 but I still didn’t have
the capital to go by that Winery I
missed out on a literally a 28 million
dollar Winery I could have picked up for
two and a half million dollars
um that I knew everybody involved in
that deal and I didn’t have the scratch
to be able to literally scratch together
to make it happen and I told myself back
then that I would never ever ever let
that happen again and so I committed 10
years of my life to studying intensely
uh Capital markets real estate Cycles
economic Cycles all these things to get
ready for this event and this is going
to be a doozy
so these banks are taking massive write
Downs right and like I said before I’ll
say it again by the Fall when Q3 numbers
come out
it’s going to be quite devastating all
right because you’re going to see the
facts they’re already starting to do the
write Downs these Bank losses but it
will be in your face by the quarter
three earnings reports citing data
compiled by Bloomberg in the financial
times says that JPMorgan Chase Bank of
America Citigroup Wells Fargo Goldman
Sachs and Morgan Stanley appear to have
written off a combined five billion
dollars worth of loans in Quarter Two
just Quarter Two of this year as
consumers feel the negative impacts on
inflation and higher interest rates the
write-offs essentially mean the banks
have decided to officially reorganize uh
or sorry recognize major losses in the
value of assets on their balance sheets
the banking Giants point to credit card
debt as the primary source of their
multi-billion dollar write-offs that
means the consumer is so tapped they are
not paying those credit card debts now
we know that credit card debt in and
then in the nation are at all time eyes
we know that student loan debt is at
all-time highs Mortgage Debt all-time
highs now we are seeing massive write
downs from the credit card sector that
is huge
when we start to see those numbers tick
up even more in the uh the Auto industry
and they are they are ticking up and
when we start seeing in the headlines
it’s going to get very worrisome
JPMorgan Chase alone absorbed losses of

quarter an increase of over 66 percent
year over year
type three type the number three if you
believe that you have friends that are
not telling you that they are literally
not making their credit card bills type
or if you don’t care
or you don’t know but type three if you
if you believe there are people in your
life that you know or have credited our
debt they live a life of luxury they’ve
got fancy cars fancy handbags nice
watches all this stuff and they’re Laden
in debt and there’s you keep looking at
them and you’re like there is no way
that they’ve got
this based off their paycheck there’s no
way they’ve got to be totally in credit
card debt and then how are they even
making those payments
says here meanwhile Bank of America’s
Credit Card loans accounted for around

says another pain point for the six
Banks is the struggling commercial real
estate sector like I was saying which is
witnessing a significant decline in
demand as with as large swaths of the
workforce telecommute
um and need no longer need the buildings
point being is this
the banks are going through
the point where they are now telling you
because they have to through their
quarter of the earnings
how bad it is the write Downs are
credit card debt has choked the American
spending is literally
going bye-bye right now we are seeing it
in all different types of sectors people
are slowing or stopping their rate of
burn just like I did that story
yesterday got very little uh coverage
but ConAgra Foods CEO came out and
talked about how people are literally
stopping their purchasing of foods like
they are just eating less they’re
they’re shocked these are things that we
haven’t seen uh anytime in recent
history and for sure we have not seen
things like this decelerate so fast
before the Great Recession I’ve said it
before I’ll say it again this will be
worse than the GFC the great financial
crisis this will make that look like a
party and the exciting part is once you
realize that you can take actionable
steps now to get ready for it and take
advantage of it because you can’t
convince your friends that are Laden in
credit card debt that are trying to
outdo you or make you look like crap
while you’re saving money or working
hard that that they’re living the high
life you can’t convince all of them so
at least you can buy their assets from
the banks
I know that sounds crazy and sounds
harsh sometimes but it’s just a fact
I’ve tried warning tons of people before
the great financial crisis nobody cared
and so my goal was to go out and buy up
as many assets as I could it’s not like
you’re going and buying it from them
trust me they won’t sell it to you you
go to the bank and do it point being is
this is the time to act this is the time
to get ready right and then we’re gonna
pounce and when we pounce it’s gonna be
like a lion you’re not going to see it
coming or like a shark you’re not going
to see it coming and that’s when we do
it and I want it to be so impactful that
the banks don’t see it coming all right
guys that being said I hope you have a
great day the economic Ninja
is out

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