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Prepare Today, They Are Hiding Something (Ep. 2046) – 07/13/2023

The Dan Bongino Show

Follow the Money exposes the labyrinth of connections between D.C.’s slimiest swamp creatures – Democrat operatives, lying informants, desperate, and destructive FBI agents, Obama power brokers, CIA renegade John Brennan, George Soros, and more – who conspired to attack Trump by manufacturing one bogus scandal after another. Order it Today!

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Transcribe Notes:

Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with
your host Dan Bongino.
So breaking just before we came on the air, the Secret Service has put out a statement
saying they cannot find out, cannot possibly find the suspect in the cocaine at the White
House case.
Listen, man, I worked there a long time.
I’m telling you, a lot of good people there, 80-20 rule, 80% good guys, 20% bad.
It’s kind of reverse 80-20 rule if you know what the 80-20 rule is, but I’m not buying
I’m gonna get into that the FBI hearing yesterday. What a total mess Christopher Ray humiliating himself in the country
But I want to start with the greatest rivalry in sports in the beginning Dan. You never do sports. Yeah, I’m not doing it today either
Well, you just said the greatest rivalries, but stay tuned stay tuned. You’ll see what I mean. You guys are right over there
By the way, it was like 10,000 people waiting in the chat before we even got on today, which is awesome
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All right, Joseph, let’s go.
Thank you
Yeah, where is the Kenny Bell? Hold on. Hold on Kenny Bell time. We haven’t used the Kenny Bell in a long time
Something’s not going on with Joe. Nothing bad. It’s good stuff
So Joe’s about for the next couple days, but he’s listening Joe’s there
Send me a text Joe when a text and an emoji comes up
So just before I get to the show and the greatest rivalry in sports so that we don’t do sports on the show
The Secret Service is now saying just pop before the show way before we went live
that they don’t have any suspects in the cocaine in the West Wing case. Folks, I’m sorry,
I worked there for a long time. I just don’t buy it. They have suspects. I just don’t think
they want to tell you who the suspects are. I mean, folks, they know who comes in and out
of the West Wing. There’s an extensive camera network there. If you come into the White House
for a tour, you had to check in at a checkpoint, go through what they call waves,
the White House access and visitor entry system. So they know who was in the White
between that Friday and that Sunday. I don’t know if they just don’t want to interview people.
They don’t have the assets to interview people. They have suspects. They just don’t want to tell
you who they are. And I don’t know why that is. I suspect strongly, and I think this is going
to come out in the wash as time goes on, that it was a friend of Hunter Biden’s or Hunter Biden
himself. Those are my suspicions. It’s my opinion based on who has access to the West
and who’s got a history of doing this?
That just happened.
I’m gonna get to the FBI hearing in a minute.
Someone asked in the chat what day I was speaking
at Turning Point this weekend.
I think it’s Sunday, I’m pretty sure.
I’ll try to confirm by tomorrow.
And before I forget, questions for tomorrow’s show?
The posts are already up, and Locals of Truth,
you wanna submit a question, go to my Locals account
or true social, Matt D. Bungino, submit a question.
The greatest rivalry in sports is what?
You’re like, oh, definitely Cowboys Redskins,
Yankees, Red Sox, maybe Yankees, Mets, Islanders, Rangers, you’d be wrong.
The greatest rivalry in sports. What is it? Anybody know is Biden versus the teleprompter
and the teleprompter remains undefeated. Ladies and gentlemen, this happened yesterday,
continuing to humiliate us in front of the entire world. Joe Biden, the teleprompter.
Soon data will be the 32nd freestanding have free 30 free 32 freestanding members
standing together to defend our people and our territory.
Helicopter 19 in the chat. Yes, this is the Breitling today. Thank you for asking. I know
a lot. He watched it. I love my watch guy too. Biden is the prompter remains undefeated. Joe
is zero for 176.5 against a prompter.
And I know I don’t usually start with lighthearted stuff
because it is a heavy news day with everything happening,
but I just need you to laugh a little bit.
It’s Thursday, tomorrow’s a big day, Friday,
celebrating Paula’s birthday,
even though it’s not tomorrow
because we’re busy the coming weekends.
So tomorrow night’s probably gonna be a little crazy
with me and her, so I’m all excited for the weekend.
It reminded me of something.
There’s only one other rivalry in teleprompter sports
that rivals the Biden teleprompter rivalry.
And that is Al Sharpton versus the teleprompter.
No one has lost to the teleprompter more than Sharpton.
Even Biden, no, no, not even Biden.
Biden has nothing on Al Sharpton.
This is one of seriously,
probably a hundred videos on the internet
of Al Sharpton versus the teleprompter.
Listen to this.
We all know I’ve had my share of prompter issues.
And here’s the president meeting with a co-locute.
Republicans, Grinch’s launching fist full of coal.
Copies of the new issue of Charlie Hovda.
He also goes by the name Michael Zihabibab.
26-year-old Nina, phone.
Ray Muramano, honor David Letterman.
He died of accidental asphema.
Al-Qaeda in Yemen.
The start of school has been postponed several times.
Massive manhood is underway.
Who spoke at a white supremacist convention.
You look at the hand you dealt, there are not 60 Republicans.
After a historic, a historic, when you hear of ISIS now waterboating,
all over the map on immigration.
Did the New England Patriots cheat to get into the big game?
NFL analyst and Hall of Fame player Troy Aikens, the writer slamming President Obama for talking
with used to celebrities. What’s the latest tonight in Iowa? Well, in Ottawa.
What’s the latest in Iowa? I don’t know. I’m in Ottawa. You’re not even in the right country
who I have no idea. Thanks for all the happy birthdays to Paula Wild Viking. Welcome to the
chat. So you’re there, folks. Sorry, I had to start out a little lighter stuff. You know,
rarely if ever do that. I just, I can’t with the Democrats. They’re such a hapless bunch of buffoons.
Sometimes you got to highlight the stupidity. Why? Because we play by Alinsky’s rules here, too.
The rules work. You may not like them because they may be vicious, but Alinsky was onto
something. And what’s the most powerful weapon? Anybody know? The most powerful weapon in politics
is ridicule. I’m sorry. It’s immoral and unethical sometimes, but sometimes you got to
just hit back and you got to hit back and trench warfare politics-wise any way you can,
Especially when they weaponize the government these people are idiots. They deserve everything coming their way. All right
Let’s get to the serious stuff. So the curious case of one Ray Epps gets even curi-uri-uri or sir
We were to quote Al Sharpton getting even weirder as of yesterday
Ray Epps is now saying now for those of you don’t know Ray Epps forgive me
I shouldn’t assume everyone here knows Ray Epps was a gentleman caught on video
during January 6 during the protests and the rally and what happened afterwards at the Capitol
Ray Epps was caught on video saying a lot of damning things about going to the Capitol,
going inside the Capitol. And the strange thing about Ray Epps is as of today, as far as we know,
Ray Epps has not been arrested or prosecuted despite the fact that the FBI and the DOJ have
put out basically blanket threats to anyone who was there that day, geofencing and all that
stuff. And a lot of people find themselves in the DC gulag. So it’s really strange that
Ray Epps, who is literally on video,
engaged in some suspect behavior,
would be suing Fox News for defamation.
But as you can see from the hapless Jeremy Barr
and Will Summer at the Washington Post, that is happening.
Fox News sued for defamation
by a man linked to January 6th conspiracy theory.
So if you’re scratching your melon right now,
going, well, this doesn’t make sense.
The media has told us about the insurrection,
worse than Pearl Harbor, it’s like the Civil War all over again.
And then you got this guy on video who appears to be part of an effort to storm the Capitol,
at least from the video we’ve seen, you would think the media would be like,
get him, prosecute him, he’s part of the insurrection.
But it’s really strange, the media seems to be protecting Ray Epps.
It’s super weird.
Nobody can figure out what’s going on.
Matter of fact, the narrative on Ray Epps is changing in the media.
Hot tip to Jack Posobak for this, by the way. I’ll get to that in a second. But yesterday,
Congressman Nels, who I really like, he was up on Capitol Hill, he’s a Republican, talking to the
completely hopeless director of the FBI, Tyrant Chris Wray, a joke of a human being.
Chris Wray’s up there, and Nels asked him some pretty common sense questions about Rae Epps.
You put a lot of people in jail for far lesser behavior than what appears to be seen
on tape here, if this was an insurrection,
like what’s up with Ray Epps?
By the way, we won’t be intimidated
because you’re not gonna sue us for defamation
by playing videos of you.
I don’t know how you’re gonna do that.
By the way, discovery on that’s gonna be great.
Discovery on that’s gonna be amazing.
Here’s Nels asking a fair question.
Why is Epps not been arrested?
Now, wait, one more thing.
In his defamation lawsuit,
Epps appears to indicate that he may be prosecuted.
So this may change.
This may change.
Here, take a look at this.
We need to go into the Capitol!
Into the Capitol?
Into the Capitol!
We are going to the Capitol!
Where our prophets are!
It’s that direction!
Please spread the word!
Alright, no David, one more thing.
Sir, can we go up there?
When we go in?
Are we going to get arrested if we go up there?
We don’t need to get shot.
There he is, breaching the line, going in at the first breach into the Capitol, into
the Capitol grounds, a restricted area.
Mr. Ray, you have arrested hundreds of people related to January 6th, and there have been
people arrested for breaching Capitol grounds.
Cooey Griffin is an example.
Rachel Genco is an example.
And then we go to Mr. Brandon Streka.
Brandon was arrested for disorderly and disruptive conduct, which included yelling,
I quote, go, go, go, as rioters tried to empty the Capitol.
These three never went into the Capitol.
They never assaulted anyone.
So let’s be honest with each other.
There is very little difference between the actions of Ray Epps and Brandon Stryka that day,
but yet Stryka was arrested and Epps wasn’t.
All right, please explain, please explain to me to all the reasonable, rational people out here,
rational people, welcome to the chat, love you all, be in here and everything.
Tell me in the chat, like, why would Ray Epps be not subjected to the same legal process as
everyone else, including arrest and prosecution? Now, again, that may change according to Epps
himself and his lawsuit, but it seems awfully strange.
And it’s a fair question to ask
based on the media premise alone.
If the media is saying,
and I’m not saying I agree with the premise,
if the media premises,
this is the worst insurrection in modern American history
and our government was at risk,
then why would you not be curious as the FBI director
about a guy on video you just saw
suggesting people go into the Capitol,
which is believed to be one of the physical acts
Associated with said insurrection folks. I’m just asking everyone, you know, even though the liberal morons out there. Just use your brain
Why is this guy not being subjected to the same process as everyone else? Maybe there’s a fair reason
Mean he sat on 60 minutes what he didn’t go in or something. All right, I’m open to hearing anything
Here’s Christopher Ray with the answer by the way after some comments by Nels and this is why
Absolutely no one who’s serious up on Capitol Hill
to eliminate most Democrats.
Nobody trusts this guy.
Every answer is slimy, it’s sleazy, it’s cagey.
He bails every single one.
Listen to this.
Are you going to arrest Mr. Epps, yes or no?
I’m not going to engage here in a discussion
about individual people who are
or are not going to be prosecuted.
Can I get a commitment?
Yeah, just watch the video.
I’m an old law dog.
I understand a little bit about probable cause he did very little there was very little difference what he did and mr
Strecker you can see him. He’s encouraging. I almost think he’s inciting a riot
He’s encouraging people the night prior to go into the Capitol the day of go into the Capitol
And he was at the first breach and he breached the restricted area
Again folks
I’m not going to speculate because I don’t know what’s going on with this guy because I can’t get in the FBI’s
However, I’m going to tell you this, again, having actually been a federal agent myself,
it is awfully suspicious that you claim to be combating an insurrection by prosecuting
people involved.
You have a guy on video who appears to be, again, incentivizing people to enter the
Capitol and you’re not curious.
Now here’s what has my antenna, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, going up big time
right now.
Jack Pasobic notices, hat tip to him.
Look at how the media now in these screenshots has all of a sudden, once the Epps lawsuit
went down against Fox, has all of a sudden changed the narrative.
Whenever they write articles about Epps, you’ll see they call it one of the, Ray
Epps, this is the Washington Post, attended the pro-Trump rallies?
I thought it was an insurrection.
Notice the dates on these pieces too, July, 2023.
Here’s the New York Times referring to it as a demonstration.
I thought it was an insurrection.
Now it’s a demonstration.
And all of these articles, they’re talking about ebbs.
Here’s Bloomberg.
A former Marine who voted for Trump and joined the protests sued Fox.
You see how all of this, this is, do we have the, do we have the, the grapefruits
We need, you gotta get them on, but the, the grapefruits are, I need them delivered
to me.
Here’s Rolling Stone. Again, Ray Epps talking about protests. Folks, these people are hapless
goons in the media. It’s so pathetic. You got Adam Kinzinger and others defending this guy.
It’s so strange that conservatives like me and others are like, hey, if something happened that
day in violation of the law, and Epps was associated with it, then Epps should be subjected
into the same system of justice as everyone else.
And it’s the media, everything’s on its head.
The media’s like, no, no, no,
it’s no longer an insurrection, EPS is okay.
What the hell is going on?
Now, let me just make sense of it all before I move on.
I got more to cover with this FBI.
There’s a lot, a lot of stuff in the FBI.
Can you guys explain where I’m at?
You guys know where I’m gonna go with this.
This all makes sense if you subscribe
to the anti-anti-communist theory by David Horowitz, okay?
They are for what we’re against, the liberals, because we’re an obstacle to their communists
seeking a power, and they’re against whatever we’re for.
So if we have questions about Ray Epps, was there some kind of relationship with some
entity we don’t know about with Epps, we have questions, the media stance, no matter
what Epps did or didn’t do, the media stances, Epps is a good guy.
If we were, however, to switch the story tomorrow and start celebrating Ray Epps,
Do you guys disagree? The media narrative would be what?
Ray Epps led an insurrection, 100%!
They’d write-
Thank you. Justin said it right.
They would run the exact same video with no shame at all.
We’d just play and be like, this guy led an insurrection.
It is crazy. How is this guy not in jail?
Remember the anti-anti-communist theory.
We’re the anti-communists, the liberals are the anti-anti-communists.
They are for what we’re against, against what we’re for.
doesn’t there’s no principles involved in this at all because we are an obstacle to their power
unfreaking believable it didn’t end there yesterday the ray humiliation christopher ray continued up
on capitol hill ladies and gentlemen what an embarrassment you know let me just get to my
next bottom and get this he was totally unapologetic yesterday and just at least
according to fbi whistleblowers i’ve spoken to just absolutely lied up on capitol hill
yesterday about a number of episodes of malfeasance the FBI was involved in, and then get to the
easiest one, and a guy I trust who called him out, Steve Friend, a former FBI agent,
the director just needs to resign immediately.
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All right, back to the show.
Here is again, the hapless lying Christopher Ray,
telling, at least according to whistleblowers
in the FBI, an absolute fib,
being completely unapologetic
when questioned about targeting parents,
the FBI and DOJ, targeting parents
who showed up to complain at school boards.
We know there was a threat tag assigned.
We know investigations happened
because I know the guy, the FBI guy,
who was involved in the investigations.
Take a listen to this loser.
Check this out.
Do you believe that the attorney general
should apologize to parents
who are the subject of that memory?
I’m not gonna speak to that.
Will you apologize for the FBI’s own role?
I think the FBI conducted itself the way it should here, which is that we’ve considered
to continue to follow our longstanding rules and have not changed anything in response
to that memo.
Now small problem here, the small problem that they haven’t changed anything and didn’t
move people around or do whatever and did not conduct surveillance on people in school
boards is directly contradicted by get a load of this shit by the agent who actually
Conducted the surveillance of parents at school boards. That sounds to me like a freaking problem
Here is a tweet by Steve friend. He’s at real Steve friend. This guy is awesome
He is a former FBI agent. He is a whistleblower and an American patriot as a book out. It’s fantastic
He says quote the FBI director told the House Judiciary that special agents did not
Conduct surveillance of school boards. He lied he lied
The Joint Terrorism Task Force in Friend’s office did it.
Friend testified under oath about the details in May.
One of these guys is full of shit, and one isn’t.
Who do you trust?
The guy who gave up a career in the FBI to do the right thing, Steve Friend, or hack
goon Christopher Wray, who has lied repeatedly to anyone and everyone who asked him a question
about anything of significance involving the FBI?
Who do you believe?
Here’s Steve Friend on Fox last night talking about how he not only lied about reassignments
of agents onto school board investigations and other things, but reassignments of agents
onto January 6 investigations too.
Take a listen.
I’m hoping that there’s going to be some sort of perjury investigation.
Tell us what you think he perjured himself with.
Well, he told the committee that no agents were moved off of child pornography investigations
to work on domestic terrorism in January 6.
that happened to me in the fall of 2021.
That’s exactly what happened to me.
Folks, again, who do you trust?
You trust this BSer running the FBI
who can’t stop stepping on his own crank?
Or do you trust the guy, the whistleblower,
who gave up everything?
A pension, health benefits, and a great job.
It’s a good job.
Pays really well if you know what you’re doing
and you make a lot of arrests.
Who do you trust?
Folks, the FBI just got spanked, by the way, just got spanked in this Missouri versus Biden
case I’ve been talking about.
This case is so important.
I hate when I mentioned this versus this unless it’s Biden versus the teleprompter
because whenever you mention a legal case in my experience in radio, TV, and podcasting,
people eventually, a lot of folks do now because they don’t want to hear about legal
mumbo jumbo.
The Missouri versus Biden case, throw all that out.
You need to understand this.
This is the most critical First Amendment case
in modern American history.
The attorney general in Missouri
sued the Biden administration very simply
because they colluded with Twitter and Facebook
and other companies to pull content off
violating people’s First Amendment rights.
They took a huge kick in the balls on this on July 4th
when the judge in the case ruled
the government is a complete injunction
against free speech violations like that.
Not national security stuff, but free speech stuff.
The FBI was part and parcel of that.
Remember this email I showed yesterday?
This is critical.
This is the FBI’s foreign influence task force
emailing another agent in San Francisco
who had a liaison role with Twitter,
saying, Elvis, I basically have Twitter refer this
and have them take action, it would greatly appreciate it.
Elvis sends it on to this lady, Stacia,
Elvis from the FBI, Elvis Chan,
and this Twitter lady, Stacia,
she says, take whatever action if you deem appropriate,
It then responds back to him that it’s been taken down.
This isn’t hard, folks.
We know the FBI.
That’s one of hundreds of examples of the FBI banging on social media’s door, telling
him in violation of the First Amendment, take this stuff down because we don’t like
And yet Harriet Hagerman, who’s fantastic, Congresswoman from Wyoming, who beat the
dreadful Liz Cheney by like 7,000 points, Harriet Hagerman asks Ray this question.
And Ray appears to be completely oblivious about what happened in this case.
So he’s either an idiot and he shouldn’t be the FBI director or he’s a liar and he shouldn’t
be the FBI director.
There’s no in between here.
Watch what happened.
Does the FBI intend to continue to have such meetings leading up to the 2024 election
to please election related speech?
Well, we’re not going to be policing.
That’s what you did.
That’s what you previously did.
That’s not.
I do not agree with that description.
I would say this committee has learned that the FBI acted to, quote, discredit leaked information
about Hunter Biden before and after it was published. That, quote, Twitter’s contact with
the FBI was constant and pervasive as if it were a subsidiary. And that, quote, a surprisingly
high number are requests by the FBI for Twitter to take action on election misinformation,
and even involving joke tweets from low follower accounts.
Are you aware that that has been reported?
I am aware of some of what the committee has found
in its report.
But I will add that I’m not sure I agree with the findings.
But that’s what we found.
Folks, this is why this guy has to go.
Hageman’s like, listen man,
you guys colluded with social media companies
to make a true Hunter Biden story
about his laptop go away.
What the hell else do you need to hear?
And what is this clowns response you all heard it?
Put a why in the chat if you trust this guy and then if you don’t Christopher a seriously
Yes, if you trust Christopher a know if you don’t I’m dying to see the answer on this
There’s anybody trust this guy other than Chris Christie
Twinkies jr. There. There’s anybody trust this guy
He says I don’t agree with your characterization. What’s it? Okay. There you go. It’s pretty unanimity. Yes is fine
I don’t see anything. All I see is a bunch of notes. What is there not to agree with?
The courts already made a ruling in the case. The evidence has been made public. The Twitter
files have been made public. The FBI and the federal government wanted information
taken down that applied to Hunter Biden’s laptop. It’s that simple. I don’t agree
with the characterization. Dude, nobody gives a shit about your characterization. All we
Look at this, the only people who trust the FBI now appears to be Democrats anymore.
This is unbelievable, independents, Republicans, that’s a good poll there.
Nobody trusts these people but the Democrats because, and it’s still no, this is hilarious,
because they’re acting like the police state bouncers and forces for the Democrat Party.
Of course the Democrats are going to love them.
The guy, that is crazy.
The guy is obviously part and parcel to a massive police state scheme to interfere
free speech they embrace it now do you see why by the way i waited a day to do all this stuff
so we can correctly evaluate this stuff and bring all the elements and receipts here
this was the highlight however of the day for me yesterday i don’t know about you if you saw it
let me know in the chat how you feel about this but matt gates was on fire yesterday gates
just blew ray up he is not a fan of ray i think he’s one of the few guys up on the hill who
stands, the clear and present danger, the current management of the FBI is to the country.
Here’s Matt Gaetz questioning Ray again about the FBI illegally doing searches on American
citizens with a computer.
Gee, you thought you needed a warrant for that stuff?
You thought wrong.
Well, what about the Constitution, Dan?
They wiped their asses with that.
They’ve done it for a long time, okay?
Here’s Matt Gaetz asking him, hey, how many illegal searches exactly have been
Watch Ray play stupid again.
So if he’s playing dumb in that case, if he’s playing dumb, he doesn’t believe you shouldn’t
be the FBI director.
And if he’s lying, he shouldn’t be the FBI director.
Listen for yourself.
How many illegal FISA queries have occurred under your leadership of the FBI?
Well, there are reports that have come out with different numbers about compliance
More than a million illegal ones, because that’s what the inspector general said.
The inspector general said that in the 3.4 million of these queries, more than a million
were in error.
Do you have any basis to disagree with that assessment by the inspector general?
I’m not sure.
Actually, that’s a correct characterization of the inspector general’s findings on that.
The internet will remind you of that in moments, but let’s now go to what the court
The court said it was over 200,000 that have occurred on your watch.
Do you have any basis to disagree with that assessment?
Again, I don’t have the numbers I sit here right now.
What I can say-
Seems like a number you should know.
How many times the FBI is breaking the law under your watch?
Folks, the guy is the FBI director.
He has no idea how many people were conducting illegal unconstitutional searches on American
Listen, I’m not here to lionize another agency like the Secret Service or anything
else, especially after today, which seems kind of odd, this cocaine probe thing.
It’s just disgusting. I’ll discuss that in the beginning of the show.
I’ll talk about it more on the radio show and probably more tomorrow when it starts to filter out.
But when the Secret Service got spanked in court because we set up a bunch of protest zones,
which were clearly a violation of the First Amendment.
They’ve been doing it for years.
When that got thrown out in court the next day,
I will never forget emails went out.
Supervisors were told absolutely no protest zones.
It’s not going to happen.
You’re telling me these guys have been violating the Fourth Amendment repeatedly over and over and over again and
Nobody seems to know anything about it inside the FBI or even seems remotely concerned about it
They’re giving you the double-barreled middle finger because they don’t care. It’s a rogue agency
By the way hat tip to Matt Gaetz. Here’s the inspector general for the DOJ Michael Horowitz guy
I don’t really trust anyway, but here’s Michael Horowitz himself
He’s like the internal affairs for the government saying,
well, we got a lot of evidence in the FBI
conducting six-figure illegal searches.
Number, a six-figure number of illegal searches
on American citizens.
Watch yourself.
I wanna get into the middle of the fact
for a search for something statement.
It’s obviously very concerning that there’s a valid
volume of searches, and particularly concerning
with the terror raid that was reported on
in the last two years in the public report.
In that area, it was what I believe
it was around in 30%.
I think the total numbers, I think it’s around 30%.
By the way, for that idea, I’m a lawyer,
I’m an mathematician with 3.4 billion, about 30%.
You’re talking about seven figures of error.
That’s a whole lot of error, folks.
That’s a lot of errors.
you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of searches
on American citizens that were illegal
or unconstitutional or both.
Who the hell is this guy leading the FBI?
Why would anybody trust this guy?
I got more and then I got folks,
I got another Be Prepared segment.
By the way, these things,
a lot of people been, not you all,
please don’t take this,
you guys and ladies out there are the awesome P1 fans.
We love you, love having you to chat,
love having you in the radio show.
But I’ve been doing these get prepared segments because I’m telling you the government knows
something about China and Russia that they’re not telling people because they don’t want to panic.
Trust me, I’m telling you they know something. People have been stealing my content and
putting it on TikTok and it’s been going nuclear. Dan Bongino is warning us again.
I mean, I don’t approve of it. But I got another one of these be prepared segments coming
up and I got the evidence to back it up. They know something. Quick break, got that coming
up and also Christopher Ray just getting worked on the Joe Biden crime family case. Folks,
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Thanks, Patriot Mobile.
Here’s the last thing from the FBI briefing yesterday, I got Kyle Serfin coming up on a
radio show later today to talk about a two FBI whistleblower.
Christopher Wray was asked straight up about the WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden saying
I’m sitting here next to my father, you better make good on this deal.
I mean, clear indicated the FBI has had this thing for I believe four years.
And of course, what does Ray do? Again, gives a sleazy, slimy, cagey, flip the script,
double barrel middle finger answer and he wonders why nobody trusts him. Take a listen.
I’m sitting here with my father. I will make certain that between the man sitting next to
me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret
not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.
Sounds like a shakedown, doesn’t it, Director?
I’m not going to get into commenting on that.
You seem deeply uncurious about it, don’t you?
Almost suspiciously uncurious.
Are you protecting the Bidens?
Absolutely not.
The FBI does not and has no interest in protecting anyone politically.
You won’t answer the question about whether or not that’s a shakedown and everybody
knows why you won’t answer it.
Because to the millions of people who will see this, they know it is.
and your inability to acknowledge that is deeply revealing.
Yeah, of course it’s deeply revealing. Of course this guy’s involved in a shakedown.
What kind of idiot reads a text like that in a WhatsApp message
and doesn’t know what is going on? Come on, man.
And Joe Biden, come on, man. Folks, Ray’s got to go.
Ray’s got to go, man. They know exactly what’s going on.
They are hiding the biggest political scandal in human history.
Joe Biden taking bribes to influence policymaking decisions,
probably as far back as when he was a senator.
This guy is a goon, he is a train wreck.
The only reason he was rescued
from the political garbage heap of history by Obama
is because the Obamas thought he was a goofball
and he wouldn’t steal the limelight
from a young senator who just became president,
Barack Obama, who wanted all the light on him.
And then what did they do?
Obama created and resurrected this corruptocrat
who is now in the process of destroying the country.
Faster than Obama.
Blame Obama for all of this. All right. This is the most important part of the show
The only reason I didn’t do it in the beginning is because it’s heavy. I want to make sure you’re all here
We got almost 70,000 people you all need to hear this spread this around
Folks listen the government knows something. Well, they know a lot of things. We don’t know it’s kind of total logical
I don’t say stupid thing. Let’s just say this specifically. They know something about China and Russia
China and Russia that they’re not telling us
It’s pretty clear when you put together the pieces that they have some information about
a pending national international emergency, and they’re not telling us because they don’t
want people to panic.
I’m going to add to this story in a second, what some new detail because you may have
heard this the other day on the show, but I’m going to repeat it again.
I want you to tie all these stories together and you tell me what the government knows.
Red State, Jennifer Van Lars, fantastic.
Remember the defector, Dong Jingwei, from China, upper-level, high-level Chinese Communist
Party defector?
He comes to the United States.
Well, Van La reported in Red State, the Chinese defector comes over and he’s talking to these
two scientists.
Now, he’s now being debriefed by our intelligence agencies, which is a good thing, right?
We want to know what’s up with the Communist Chinese Party.
But as Van La reported, I’ll go to the next screenshot, that he spoke with two scientists.
Why he spoke with these two scientists, I’m not sure. But the two scientists that this Chinese
Communist Party high level defector spoke to are Stephen Quay, who we know, he’s been on my show,
and a physics professor, Richard Mueller. Why he spoke to this guy, Mueller, I have no idea.
I don’t know what the connection is and I don’t understand it. But as I covered the other day,
why is it that the same Richard Mueller, who’s alleged to have spoken to the Chinese
Communist Party defector, then writes a piece in the Wall Street Journal about World War
Three being fought with a massive computer virus and an actual biological virus by the
Chinese Communist Party.
My question is, if the government doesn’t know this, then how does Richard Mueller
… Am I explaining that well?
Mueller clearly knows something.
It says in the piece, if it’s accurate, that he was talking to the Chinese Communist
Party defector.
Is there a plan in the works right now to hit us with another massive virus and then
hit us with a computer virus attack as well to shut down our hospitals when it’s happening?
Folks, I ask you that, well, why are you repeating this story for the other day?
Because I’m telling you, I mean, how many signs do you need?
Here from yesterday, US government emails hacked and suspected Chinese espionage campaign.
The new penetration has prompted alarm amongst officials and security researchers, part of
an espionage campaign compromising valuable information belonging to the U.S. government.
Ladies and gentlemen, if there’s going to be a two-fold attack and Mueller’s on
to something, the same Mueller who allegedly spoke to Dong Jingwei, the Chinese Communist
Party spy, speaking to us, has the Chinese Communist Party been inside our systems for
long time. You understand what that means? That means they may
have a map of all of our IT critical infrastructure getting
ready to snap and shut us down the minute they launch a
biological virus attack. Call me a conspiracy theorist. I
want the guys of physics Professor Mueller, he wrote
the piece not me. It’s not Wall Street Journal by Dan
Bongino. I’m just putting the pieces together as a crazy
investigator. Look, there’s a piece right there. World War
before with viruses by Richard Mueller it’s not my piece folks just put the pieces together the
government knows something they’re not telling us here here’s another one put up that fox news
piece fox congressman has a grim take after access to ufo footage oh you have no no forget
the ufo thing for a minute he says we can’t handle it this republican congressman the guy’s
Democrat, Tim Burchett, said during a podcast appearance about possible alien tech, quote,
we can’t handle it. We couldn’t fight them off if we wanted to. That’s why I don’t think they’re
a threat to us, or they would have already been. Why am I tying this into the Chinese
Communist Party story? Because folks, there’s this assumption this is alien tech.
I don’t believe that. I just don’t. I believe it’s Chinese Communist Party tech.
Occam’s razor, man, apply the explanation that requires the least amount of assumptions.
Is it space aliens who we haven’t even figured out how they could fly faster than the speed
of light?
Or is it the Chinese Communist Party that’s figured out some technology we just don’t
Folks, the government is not telling us something, man.
That’s why I can’t emphasize enough, you need to get your butts prepared today.
emergency food, emergency supply of water,
water filtration, some bleach for some cleaning,
learn how to use it.
You can get yourself some GPS, two-way communicators.
I know Garmin is a good one so you can talk to people
in an emergency, doesn’t require a cell tower,
use a satellite, then get it.
Get yourself some charcoal, way to start a fire,
some seeds if you can.
You call me crazy, oh, you want liberals?
I give zero shits about that.
They know something.
This guy didn’t write this piece in the Wall Street Journal for no reason
It doesn’t make any sense. It only makes sense if you put the pieces together
Thank you, but folks the biggest skeptic on planet Earth is
Gee Gee doesn’t believe anything until you
Gee is like doubting Thomas like you got to like stand right in front of Gee and deliver it to him on a silver
Platter even Gee just said it he’s like I didn’t buy any of this shit till I started working here now
I’m like, you know what, the guy’s not crazy.
I’m just telling you what other people are saying.
Guy talks to Chinese Communist Party defector,
writes an article about a biological computer attack.
The government admits our computers were attacked.
And then they’re saying,
there’s technology out there we can’t handle.
Oh shit, I don’t know.
Maybe we should ignore it.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, exact worst case scenario,
you spent a couple thousand dollars
on survival equipment you throw out one day.
I know it’s a lot of money.
Believe me, I don’t underestimate that.
But you know what’s even worse?
dying, and it violates the first rule of the Dan Bongino show, which is don’t get
dead. Here, here’s a pretty serious guy. You know, Rubio and I don’t agree on
everything. He’s my senator down here in Florida, one of them. We don’t agree on
everything. I don’t like a lot of his, you know, tax stuff plans, but that’s
fine. I met him. He’s been a nice guy to be. No one says he’s not a serious
guy. Here’s Rubio on the Hannity show talking about the UFO thing too,
like, yeah, probably pretty serious. Either we got crazy people in the
or this is real?
Take a listen.
You’re in the foreign affairs committee
and you’re really involved in foreign affairs.
There’ve been a lot of articles lately about UFOs.
I know this question’s a little out there.
Is there any truth to any of this?
Well, we don’t know.
All I’ve said is we have people
that have very high clearances,
both today and in the past,
who did really important work for our government
or continue to do important work for the government,
who have come forward with some claims
about the U.S. having in the past
recovered exotic materials
and then we reverse engineered those materials to make advances in our own defenses and technologies.
That’s the claim they make.
Now, I don’t know if those claims are true or not.
What I do know is that one of two things is happening here.
Either we, either they’re telling the truth,
and that is something that obviously would be the biggest story in human history,
or we have people in really important positions of government who are crazy
and who are out there making up stories and who are still in positions of importance.
Either one is a big problem.
So we’ve got to figure out which one of these two it is
because the second one in particular would be very troubling.
Listen, all I’m asking of you in the audience,
because I know there’s some pro and anti-Rubio guys,
just forget that for a second.
Don’t pencil yourself into what is Gutfeld called it,
like the two, whatever, something binary.
It’s something binary. I don’t even know what it is.
But it’s a good point he makes.
Don’t pencil you into good guy, bad guy.
I don’t like Rubio, so I’m going to disregard all that.
What he’s saying there makes perfect sense
Either people in the government have opened this up to the biggest scandal in human history
That there’s tech out there. We can’t handle forget if it’s alien or not. It doesn’t matter
All that matters is we can’t handle it. It’s a threat. Is it aliens or china? Who cares?
All that matters is quote tim birchett congressman. We can’t handle it
There’s crazy people in the government, which is a big problem, too
Now, how do I know, too, that something’s up?
I’m just reading the signs all over that the government is not telling us something about
an increasingly perilous situation.
Here’s an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, which, believe me, was probably incentivized
by some sincere government concern right now about what’s going on with Russia’s
6,000 nuclear weapons.
Wall Street Journal, David Gomper, Russia’s nukes after Putin.
You’re probably thinking like, oh, Russia’s got this big, long chain of command like we
do to launch nukes.
The president does this, notifies SecDef, notifies the general who notifies the people
operating the nukes.
Well, that’s the US system.
This Wall Street Journal piece was fascinating.
That’s not the Soviet system, excuse me, the Russian system.
The Russian general staff, the general staff can initiate a mission launch without the
permission of political authorities?
That sounds to me like a problem.
Because if you read the news for a living like I do, and you see the signs on the wall,
and you see the government’s not telling us something, this is why I worry about
World War Three, and then I read an article like this.
So Russian generals can do it without people in the political chain interfering?
And then you read an article in The Guardian that says, Russian general says he’s been
fired for telling the truth about Ukraine problems.
I’m like, oh shit sounds like we have a problem
What if one of these disgruntled generals gets one of these people to launch a nuke? That’s not gonna happen. Why?
Why is that not gonna happen?
Because they wouldn’t do that. Why?
You think of a Russian general
Some you know warmonger Russian general on the verge of being beheaded by Putin’s cronies
You don’t think he could start World War three by having one of his people launch a nuke
I don’t know about you. I’m not willing to take that chance. I
the news for a reason, man. It scares the hell out of me. I’m telling you, get prepared today.
Get prepared today. Don’t wait another minute. All right, a couple more things to get through. It’s
a busy show today. I really appreciate you being here. Again, if you want to join the live chat
every day, it starts at 10 a.m. The chat, Guy and Justin are in there. You can come in anytime.
I come on at 11, slash Bongino. Really appreciate it. You know, again, I don’t
you wasting your time here ever, you matter to me, and I feel like if I’m going to, you know,
feed you a story, it has to feed into a larger narrative or else I’m just reading the news.
I’ve told you repeatedly about how liberalism is destined to die on its current trajectory.
The Democrat Party wouldn’t. If they would embrace the policies of JFK and Bill Clinton,
respect for the working man, you know, free but fair trade. I don’t agree with their social
You know be but abortion being rare, but legal again
I don’t agree with that, but that was more the Clinton era approach the Democrat Party would be a force in American politics
I’ve told you repeatedly the current Democrat Party of AOC Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders. It’s insane
There’s no way the intersectional Democrat Party this point moving forward what we have now can persist
Because the problem is this theory they have of intersectionality that every minority
minority group shares this one thing in common, and the liberals are going to defend them,
assumes that every minority group out there has the same interest, and they don’t. And I’ve said
to you over and over that what’s going to happen is liberals are going to pit groups against each
other as they defend one over the other. You’re seeing it in the affirmative action case right
now, where minority Asians are like, wait, why am I being kept out of college for a black
student with a lesser score.
And liberals are like, because you’re white adjacent.
And Asians are like, we’re what?
So I told you they’re going to eat each other alive
because they’re fighting for spoils.
It doesn’t work.
They’re not fighting for freedom.
They’re fighting for scraps.
Here we go, as if on cue.
Red state, Biden slashing United Auto Worker union
wages to appease the green energy cult.
Becky Noble, it’s in the newsletter, slash newsletter.
if you want to read it here’s the gist of this listen making electronic vehicle electric vehicle
batteries is not as profitable for these workers as building gas-powered cars so the green cult
the aocs are like we need to go green get rid of gas cars 2050 paris accords whatever this crap
is cut emissions all this garbage auto workers are now taking a cut and pay like hey what about
us i thought you were in it for the little guy folks the movement is going to clean itself
out as it cannibalizes listen it’s up to us to keep it going to make sure we present a positive
alternative having said that chest out chin up our movement is far superior we’re not fighting for
the scraps for the government table we’re fighting our own fight for prosperity our family’s freedom
and to work you know an honest day the liberals are scrapping amongst themselves
the movement is running out of gas i assure you and you can see it in these numbers too
Here’s the great E.J. Antony. He’s that real E.J. Antony on Twitter. This guy’s fantastic.
He’s an economic analyst. I think he’s over at Heritage. But the inflation numbers came
out the other day. Hilariously, the Biden administration has taken a victory lap.
They got inflation’s down to 3% year over year, which granted is better than it
was the 9% it was just about a year ago. Okay, great. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s
the problem. 3% inflation is still a percentage point above what the Fed’s target is, which
which is 2%, so we’re still high.
And core was 4.8, which is more than double.
So we got a real problem.
And as E.J. put out in his tweet,
here’s some context to the inflation numbers.
Annual inflations outpaced weekly earnings growth
for 26 of the last 30 months
as people pay the hidden tax of inflation.
In other words, the value of your money’s going down
and the value of your money’s not going up fast enough,
your wages to keep up.
Simple math, folks, here’s the chart right here.
In essence, you are getting poorer.
That’s a lot of red.
Thank you, Guy.
You’re getting poorer under Biden.
You’re not getting richer.
And everybody knows it.
This ties into the last story of intersectionality.
How much liberal bullshit about CRT and kitty drag shows are you willing to preoccupy
Democrat party with while your ass is getting poorer every day? I guess we’ll see in the
next election, won’t we? Because this inflation situation is not going to just go away. This
is what intersectionality brings. Cannibalism within the party as you eat each other alive
from the scraps from the table. All right, so this is Secret Service story. I’m going
to get to it more in the radio show, more tomorrow. And the gist of it is the
Secret Service says they can’t find who left the coke behind. Folks, I love my
fellow employees there, but I just don’t believe it.
I’m telling you, and this is going to be, I was there.
I know the system up and down.
Everybody who comes in that West Wing
for a tour on the weekend,
which were probably a bunch of tour groups,
if it was not a member of the Biden family or a protectee,
they would know every single person that came in.
I can’t believe you don’t have a suspect from that.
I can’t.
Forget the cameras.
You don’t even need the cameras.
Everybody checks in at a security gate.
You say, what do you think?
50,000 people are walking through?
You could find coke in a Redskins Stadium at a game at a football game. What are they commanders now?
Whatever before you I mean, there’s not that even how many people there don’t believe it
Something’s going on with that story. I’ve got a strong reason to believe this to questions for tomorrow
You can go to my locals account
I’m at the bun Gino to post this up now true social at the bun Gino to just put your question in there
Hopefully we’ll get to it tomorrow. We do it last ten minutes this show. I hope you like it
Hey, give me a fairy gee watch this
And Justin after the show when I get off stay in the chat for a minute
Do you guys like the questions thing on Friday or not? Everybody hears like up in the air on this
It’s always 50-50 and if something’s not 60-40. Yes, you like it
I usually dump it if you don’t like it. I’ll scrap it the shows for you. It’s not for me
I enjoy doing it, but I only care about what you care about
I don’t matter what I care about matters what you care about. So let us know you like the questions
Yes, you don’t like the questions. No, I’ll have these two guys. Oh what most of them is it? Oh, okay
Good, good, I like doing it.
I enjoy talking.
It’s only 10 minutes, so it’s not like we eat up
a lot of time, but good to know.
We’ll keep track of it after the show.
Thanks again for tuning in.
I’ll see you on the radio show later
and back here tomorrow.
See ya.
You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.

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