The Demon Messed Up

The Demon Messed Up

The Economic Ninja

For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S., clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ.
This is an honest, in-depth account of Satan’s activities today.

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Transcribed Notes

out to do a video that is unlike a video
that you’ve ever probably seen before
and I know the timing gets cut off
hopefully this all gets caught
something happened to me the other day
uh driving
home from work I recognize something in
the highway
and I’m going to talk about them and
tell a story what I’m going to do first
is I’m going to identify a special type
of person and when I mean person when I
say person I mean a lot of people that
are going to watch this video are about
to have their lives changed forever
and and what I want to do is I’m going
to tell a story of what just happened to
me and to somebody else
and I’m going to uncover a very secret
diabolical plan and I’m not joking
to destroy your mind destroy your family
and rip you apart physically spiritually
and mentally
and we’re going to do that today and I
thank Jesus for this message so what I’m
going to do right now is I’m going to
into your life now right now this video
trust me they’re going to be uh certain
people and entities that do not want
this to come out because the truth is
about to be spoken but right now I’m
going to say and call this into
existence and I want this to open up
people’s ears and people’s eyes I want
to flow through their mind but also
through their Spirit if right now you
are feeling a drawing if you are feeling
chills in your back if you are feeling a
wind uh around you it sounds funny but
like a breeze that’s not there but you
feel something or you feel uncomfortable
but at the same time something from the
center of your body your spirit feels
like it’s being pulled right now I want
you to say it in the comments section
um and I want you to say it out loud
because right now what’s happening is
that you are being called for a special
message that I’m going to give you but
it’s not for me it’s from Jesus Christ
and it is a plan uh it is going to
uh something in your life that is bad
all right now I’m going to say this
again uh read this book about 25 years
ago it completely changed my life it’s
entitled he came to set the captives
free it’s by Rebecca Brown it’s a very
serious book and the reason why it’s a
serious book is because it is a
testimony of a one of the highest
ranking uh priestesses in the country
Satan’s one of Satan’s wives
now I have a little bit of a pass to
this and I have seen amazing things in
my life and this is what the what I’m
gonna tell you what happened yesterday a
demon screwed up demon screwed up the
other day
when I recognized him in someone
it says in the Bible it’s by the power
of Our Testimony that we overcome it’s
because when I tell you something
happens in my life you know how the
boldness the strength and the courage to
now do something about it or with that
information it’s like it’s literally
identical to when
you watch a weight loss video and you
watch somebody say hey I lost 50 pounds
this is my before after picture and
here’s my after and you go if that
person can do it I can do it right
because it becomes real and what happens
is you’re hearing the person telling you
and and in the Bible it says faith comes
by hearing and that’s what Satan’s been
um uh propaganda and repeating certain
things over and over to where you just
start to believe things that aren’t true
all right
um what I want to do is this right now
just now if you’re feeling that feeling
I want you to do two things if you first
off if you’re not feeling it just hang
up the hang up the video Don’t even come
back it’s no big deal uh this isn’t for
you but if you’re feeling some kind of
pulling in your spirit chills a wind a
sensation that is actually your spirit
lighting up right now okay and that’s
something not good inside you that’s
that’s getting agitated all right so
what you need to do right now is
literally text it this video is for me
say this video is for me out loud put it
down in writing because you have a
clearing right now to hear this all
right and get rid of this and just you
know what is about to happen to you has
happened to me three times okay
um I have had uh uh demonic oppression
depression that kind of stuff before and
I have felt it leave my body once in a
church once by my wife she didn’t know
what she was doing and um and once uh
that the Holy Spirit had me pray a
special prayer I’ll talk about that kind
of stuff later this is the story yes uh
two days ago I’m driving down the
um and there is a bag lady in the road
in the highway uh all right so it’s it’s
a byway it’s it’s not a freeway
with a you know a beanie on
looking pretty raggedy pushing a
shopping cart full of stuff right down
the center of the road now I’ve actually
seen this a couple of times in my local
area but this day was different because
this person was on a road that had was
very far from civilization in both
and I thought to myself how does this
person have enough stuff water and food
to keep going where they are it was
and I looked at the person as I’m
driving by and I slowed down
something wasn’t right
now of course we all know that walking
down a highway isn’t right there wasn’t
right about this person
and as I went by I can sense demonic
activity in the person and I drove by
slowly and I remember looking in my
rearview mirror
and I knew what it was
I see it all the time but it was
interesting because I thought about
pulling over and doing something about
it here’s the thing that most people
don’t realize first off mental illness
in our country is caused by one thing
and one thing only you weren’t born that
way it is demonic
demons can enter human beings if they’re
invited and I know it sounds crazy but
it can be something your parents did I
know that sounds Wild
but I’m going to show you how to get rid
of them and uh so I looked in the rear
view mirror and I’m looking and I’m I’ve
got to go somewhere and I know that I
have to get the person’s permission you
have to give permission uh to uh Jesus
or to another a believer that is filled
with the Holy Spirit to be able to get
get that demon out of you you have to be
willing and just you know there’s
thoughts that enter your mind all the
time it happens to all of us and um
these you’re like do me a favor give me
give me a thumbs up emoji if you’ve ever
seen this happen where you finally you
get upset and you’re like dude stop
thinking that why am I thinking this
it’s something bad I’m like why am I
thinking this that’s not me have you
ever done that I do it all the time and
I’m like it’s like this little voice in
my head it’s like gosh darn it I can’t
get this thing out of my head
well just like
nobody before the Wright brothers really
believed that we could fly there were
philosophers that dreamed about it and
they thought about it right but by and
large 99.99 of the world’s population
would have laughed you off the face of
the Earth and oh just you know the face
of the Earth it used to be flat remember
then it was round
when we were able to get a far picture
back oh my gosh that darn things around
but you were killed for that kind of
when everybody else thought it was flat
so just that same thinking just you know
um demonic uh powers are all around us
all right and what they’re doing is
they’re tearing us apart as a nation as
a human population because we’re getting
close to the end times now when you
think that everyone’s lost their minds
they actually have because what’s
happening is they’re losing the the
ability to control their own mind
because of things that they’ve watched
things that they have been a part of uh
things that their lineage their family
have been a part of and they have
allowed Satan and his demons to enter
all right
now I want people to know right now and
I am not watching the comment section
because there’s so many flying by
but there are some people that have just
literally said out loud and typed in the
comments section
that this video is for them
which means they give me the 100
Authority and power that has been given
to me by Jesus Christ to say this
I command all any and all demonic
activity in the name of Yeshua and I
plead gee the blood of Jesus Christ over
your mind right now and command any and
all demonic activity leave
now it sounds crazy some to anyone that
hasn’t experienced this but that simple
phrase that I just said
released a lot of people from demonic
strongholds and right now they’re
probably sitting back and tripping out
now what’s happened is that a void has
been created
now I have personally and I do not care
what anyone thinks about me
because it’s the truth I have personally
felt a demon leave my body and I could
feel that void
and right now what you need to do is ask
the Holy Spirit to come in and fill that
void right now just fill that void
so I ask it for you
right now
we are in the greatest battle we’ve ever
seen we do not battle against flesh and
blood this isn’t a republican a Democrat
is she no it’s not it’s a demonic entity
issue around our country around our
world principalities are setting up
strongholds all around the country all
around the world
but at the same time you are seeing
truth come out with uh child sex
trafficking even cocaine being found at
the White House you guys just just you
that’s the power of God
that these things are coming out great
men and women are fighting for our
country still but it’s a spiritual
they are uncovering Darkness there are
people in the CIA the FBI
um all of the three letter agencies that
have the Holy Spirit in them and they
are uncovering truth
and right now you know I started this
and God gave me a vision
and um it’s great to talk about money
and finance and getting rich that’s
that’s great it’s fun it’s fun
but I’m telling you what you are truly
Rich when you have the Holy Spirit
guiding you
and this wealth distribution that’s
happening is only going to happen to the
people that are prepared and are ready
to accept it but also willing to do
something with it to help other people
um yeah the demon screwed up
type one if you’ve ever seen this happen
things bad or happening in your life
things are rough it’s like pressure’s on
and then one day you just realize that
it’s Satan it’s like he overplayed his
you know what I’m talking about type one
if you know what I’m talking about and
then all of a sudden you get excited
because if you understand spiritual
battles spiritual warfare you understand
two things
it’s always subtle you don’t get it when
it’s subtle but when it gets stacked on
heavy and that’s happened a lot of times
before I start laughing like oh Satan
you screwed up haha you screwed up bad
and that demon screwed up the other day
when he was visible enough to where I
could recognize him a child of God
recognized him and had the authority he
didn’t know
now here’s the other part of that story
that I didn’t tell you
the ladies walking down the road and I
thought to myself at first as I was
driving by I was she was up in the
distance and I’m driving and I see this
lady the bag lady with the shopping cart
out in the middle of nowhere
like we’re talking 20 miles in either
direction to civilization
as I drove by her I could see the
Demonic activity in her
she drove by and I saw in the in the
rear view mirror and I thought about it
for a second I was going to a doctor’s
appointment I’m like you know I’d have
to she’d have to give me permission
now one thing I know about demons is
they like to torture humans they love it
because they hate your guts because when
they were thrown out of heaven
God replaced them
but he didn’t replace them with more
Angelic beings in heaven he replaced
them with us on Earth
and he’s putting us through the ultimate
test because honestly to watch Satan the
angel of Light you know the singer’s
Angel of Music
um walk away and take you know a third
was it a third of the angels with him
down into the Earth
um to Rebel which they’re going to lose
they’re all losing that’s all they’re
going to do is lose from here on out
um when God put us in front of him they
hated our guts they use us and they want
to destroy us they want to kill us they
want to tear us apart that’s why we have
that’s why they have abortion that’s why
they have all kinds of horrible things
but they have no Authority and power and
the second you say the name Jesus Christ
they run screaming I’ve seen it before
well as I drove by and I saw that lady
in the back of my thing I I said at
first I went from she’s gonna get hit
to then walking by
and see her in the and I go oh okay I
know what’s going on
two nights later we get a call
and I I hear a call come over the radio
for a vehicle versus pedestrian
and I knew it
that was her she got hit
I didn’t go on the call praise God
I never liked going on calls where
somebody gets hit by a car because it’s
always very messy
and that road is average speed of 65
miles an hour it was Pitch Black it was
late at night
I talked to some guys that I knew were
on that call the next day I said did the
person live I said yeah
I said how how was it I said actually
it was pretty unbelievable because I’m
used to seeing much worse and it wasn’t
that bad
and what happens is and I know someone
that used to get picked up and thrown
against rooms the Demonic activity is so
great in this this he was a child at the
time and he would get thrown against the
rooms and he would have bruises all over
his bodies
and I was too young to realize what it
was I knew it was demonic but I didn’t
know how to deal with it
and demons like to torture the people
that allow them and they just they hate
our guts they hate us
and there’s a movie that just came out
it’s it’s
a very very serious movie because you’d
think it was a horror movie there’s
nothing it’s just a conversation between
an inmate that’s uh sentenced to death
and and an attorney and it is very very
real knowing uh what I know about the
spirit realm
um I’m blanking on the name guys put it
in the comment section you know what I’m
talking about but the whole movie is
just a conversation between the the
prisoner and any psychologist that needs
to evaluate them to see if he stands fit
for execution is nefarious
go watch that movie it is very serious
very real I’ve seen the voices uh change
pitch I’ve seen the faces change I’ve
seen senior I’ve seen all that stuff
I know people that have uh signed blood
covenants with Satan himself
and um
I can tell you this I believe one of
them I’m going to run into them one of
them I need one I know one
uh and I think that person’s gonna
completely walk away
and that testimony of this person is
going to change the world
and I want to tell you all of this
because right now and I don’t expect
this video to go big trust me especially
with the title but I do expect this
video to go to the right people at the
right time of their life Satan’s not
gonna be able to touch this video
they’re not gonna be able to control the
people that are controllable
the satanists in the uh internet they
will not be able to control this video
it’s already been covered in the blood
of Jesus Christ
and what you’re going to see is you’re
going to see people around the country
see this video or videos of movies that
they’re supposed to the light’s going to
come out it’s going to shine so bright
that they’re going to become these
beacons of light that are going to
change our country
I can’t all I can do is what I have
inside of me
and every single one of you have an
amazing gift
and you’re in a battle right now that
most people don’t even that you don’t
even realize
but once you realize the battle then you
know how to win the war
once you know what’s causing the problem
you know how to win
and I’m telling you right now that
everything around you that is bad
is a spiritual war for your life for
your mind your spirit your soul
and here it’s the month that the digital
currency comes out a tool
that was built by very evil people being
run by Satan these people are so fooled
these Elites are so full they think that
they’re the ones doing it they’re going
to be discarded and destroyed by Satan
because Satan and his demons hate them
and that digital currency is going to be
put around the world it will eventually
be here in full force
and it’s intended to control you and
stop you from listening to certain
things watching certain things reading
certain materials like this this book he
came to set the captives free by Rebecca
Brown it’ll change life
if you believe in Jesus this will
absolutely change your life and there’s
a lot of people who believe in Jesus do
not believe in Satan
but right now our country and our world
is starting to worship
uh Baal and moloch
and you don’t realize it
it’s time to knock it back knock them
back a few notches
God is going to destroy our economy to
wake up his church
and the hardest people to wake up
honestly are the people who believe in
but it’s intended to wake them up and it
will cause a Revival spiritual Revival
of financial Revival and I’ve been
talking about the financial Revival for
a long time getting people ready
getting People Pumped Up
but it’s worthless
if you don’t have the spiritual side
take your spiritual house in order
and so
the demon screwed up the title of this
video is because he showed himself
and he might have been busy tormenting
that young lady
we screwed up when I was able to see
what was going on and then the
subsequent accident that happened in my
and then I I identified it and it made
me want to come and talk to you about it
all of you if right now you are feeling
something stirring in you
and you feel like you may be dealing
with demonic oppression depression uh
possession all you have to do right now
is say I want it gone in the name of
Jesus Christ I command it to come out of
and then once it’s gone that void that
feeling it’s you’re gonna feel it leave
all you got to do is call on the Holy
Spirit and say fill that void I just
want you to fill that void and now start
to figure out let the Lord show you what
your calling is because you step into
your calling you’re going to do great
end of story
you’re here this morning for a reason
you could tell that I really don’t care
what people think about me
because once you’ve been
to the moon and back even though nobody
else knows what it’s like and you
explain it and they say you’re crazy you
know what it’s like
and so I just want to share that with
you I thank you Jesus for this message
because it is not mine
hope you guys have a great day the
economic ninja is out

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