The Lion Is Awake,The Strikes Will Be Hard & Fast

The X22 Report recently covered a thought-provoking topic, advocating for the death penalty to be enforced on women and child traffickers, signaling a strong stance against such heinous crimes. “The Lion Is Awake,” they proclaimed, suggesting a powerful and resolute response to these despicable actions. The report emphasized that the strikes against these criminals would be hard and fast, as they were seen as part of a wider criminal syndicate that needed to be dismantled. The X22 Report delved into the air blast pro, exposing the deep state players involved in these heinous activities. This bold reporting aimed at letting everyone know the gravity of the situation and urging them to deeply consider the consequences of their actions. The report also discussed the potential ramifications, likening the situation to a potential world war three within the United States government and beyond. Amidst all the distressing details, there was one very interesting aspect that the X22 Report highlighted, raising intrigue and prompting further investigation into the matter at hand.

Ep 3121b-Death Penalty To Women/Child Traffickers,The Lion Is Awake,The Strikes Will Be Hard & Fast

X22 Report 

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Ep 3121b-Death Penalty To Women/Child Traffickers,The Lion Is Awake,The Strikes Will Be Hard & Fast
Ep 3121b-Death Penalty To Women/Child Traffickers,The Lion Is Awake,The Strikes Will Be Hard & Fast

Transcribe Notes:

Hi, and welcome you listening to the X-22 Report.
My name is Dave in this episode 3121BN, and today’s date is July 23rd, 2023 in the
episode is Death Penalty to Women Child Traffickers. The lion is awake, the strikes will be hard
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description down below. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news.
Now the deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters. They are
panicking like we’ve never seen before. You see when you see attacks on documentaries, when you
see attacks on people like Trump or Kerry Lake, when you see attacks on the Constitution,
when you see attacks on free speech, when you see the deep state attacking every single thing,
that shows you and tells you that they are panicking. Because remember, they didn’t want people to see
any of this stuff. They didn’t want the evidence to come out against Biden. They didn’t want anyone
to know that he’s part of a criminal syndicate. They didn’t want people to know about child trafficking.
They didn’t want anyone to realize that they were trying to censor free speech. They didn’t want
people to realize that they’re trying to take all to take all their guns away and get rid of the
Constitution. Remember, everything that they’ve been trying to do was supposed to be done in a stealth
manner. It was supposed to be done when people really didn’t realize it was being done. But what
happened was Trump, the Patriots, they decided to bring all these people out of the shadows
and allow them to show the American people their true agenda, how they want to go up against the
Constitution and get rid of the Constitution, get rid of free speech, get rid of the Second Amendment,
get rid of pretty much all the amendments because they want the Constitution gone. You can see,
very, very clearly, every single day, they’re trying to move bits and pieces of your freedom.
They’re completely going against what the Constitution says. They’re knowingly trying to pass laws
that goes against the Constitution and they’re continually doing this. But once again,
Trump, he’s letting everyone see their true agenda. And actually, he confirmed it in a true
social post, letting everyone know, yes, what he is doing here is he’s bringing these people out
into the open so you can see exactly what they’re trying to do. Because without seeing it,
how are you going to understand what they were trying to do and how are you going to fight
back? It would be completely impossible. So you needed to witness their entire agenda.
You needed to witness exactly what they were trying to do. And once you witness this,
you couldn’t make a decision. You can make a logical decision. Do I want to fight for this freedom
or don’t I need this freedom? And it looks like most of the people of this country,
they kind of like their freedom. They like freedom of speech. They like the freedom to travel.
They like the freedom to have a weapon. They like the freedom that the founding fathers have given us.
And this is what’s going to enable the people to push back and fight back. Now, once again,
does this mean the entire country is awake and understand what’s going on here? No.
There are still a lot of people that, yes, believe in Trump. Yes, there’s still a lot of people
that like their freedom. But they don’t realize how bad the infiltration is. They see it. It’s
getting worse and worse. And they’re noticing this. And as time goes on, when we hit that finale,
and I do believe Trump is continually talking about this World War three, I think once we hit that
point of this precipice where people say enough is enough because remember, this has been building
over time. It’s not like it just happened yesterday. This has been building since they overthrew the
United States government, since they overthrew the duly elected president. Actually, it’s been happening
way before this. But I think people recognized how bad it was at that point. They didn’t recognize
everything. But they started to realize something was off. And then the resident came into this
position, started to live in the White House. And then all of a sudden, everyone started to see
how they were trying to remove freedom from this country. And as they continually did this, it
compounded over time. And as they keep throwing more and more on top of it, the people are feeling
the weight. The people are saying enough is enough. And what’s very interesting, we’ll be talking
about this just a little bit. Trump, you also re-true something. And I do believe he’s sending a
message that the lion is awake now, which means the lion, which is Trump, he’s been taking this
entire time. They’ve been nucking. They’ve been pushing. They’ve been tugging. They’ve been stealing
this food. They’ve been doing all these things. I think we’re reaching a point where the lion
is going to no longer take it anymore. And the lion is now going to make some moves. And we could
see there are things happening already. You can see how Trump is continually attacking these
individuals, going after them, reinforcing it. And I do believe this is going to pick up over time.
We’ll be talking a lot more about this a little bit later. But first, let’s talk about what’s
happening with the fake news, because the fake news is having a very difficult time right now.
The Washington Post is set to lose 100 million in 2023. Now, this is not just the only fake news
organization that’s losing money. There are many others. And you can see Fox News right now.
They are losing their ratings because they decided to get rid of Tucker. They didn’t want someone
telling the truth. So they got rid of him. We can see CNN, MSNBC. They’re all having problems right
now. And since the ratings are continually dropping, advertisers, are they going to stick with
these propaganda outlets? Most likely not. Not if you’re not getting the ratings. It’s going to be
very, very difficult. So they’re going to lose quite a bit of money. And corporations are starting
to realize this. The Wall Street Journal put this out and said, the rise and fall of the chief
diversity officer, diversity executives hit the exits as company priority shift. Everything
is a battle. DC Draino responded to this article and said the following, DEI is a systematic racism
in its purest form. And big companies are finally getting rid of it. Netflix, Disney and WB have
recently fired DEI execs and headhunters say demand for these senior roles is lowest in 30 years.
Here’s why after scotish abolished affirmative action in public and private universities,
it’s only a matter of time until lawsuits flood in against the EI in the workplace.
Why would companies avail themselves to massive liability and bad PR? Especially after a New
York court rule that Starbucks has to pay a former employee 20 plus million who experienced anti-white
racism in the workplace. Democrats may be trying to prop up the concept of equity like a weekend at
Biden’s movie, but in the eyes of the law, equity is dead. Systematic racism is and always has
been unconstitutional. Absolutely. And they tried to push this by using different words. Oh,
it’s equity. It’s diversity. No, it’s racism at its purest form. And people see this. People are
starting to understand. And as they understand that they’re being racist, that they’re pushing a
certain agenda that they’re pushing the trans movement, they’re pushing everything else.
What are the people doing? They’re rejecting this. And if the people are rejecting it,
that means they’re not purchasing things from these companies. You know something we could do
without you movies. We could do without you streaming. We don’t need to buy your beer. We don’t
need to do these things. We don’t need you. You need us. And they’re starting to realize this.
I mean, look what’s happening out in Italy. Miss Italy right now is banning transgender
competitors. Patron says contestants must be a woman from birth. Absolutely. And it looks
like a lot of these different organizations now. This is what they’re turning towards.
Nope. You must be a woman at birth. You can’t come in as a man for throwing a wig and say,
hey, I’m a woman. I woman. I can compete. It’s not working anymore. People now are pushing back.
But if you go back in time, what did they have to do? They needed to brainwash our young.
And as they got older, they needed to think that they were in control, that anyone that
went against them, they would have to be put into jail or you could yell at them. And what’s
very interesting is that almost half of millennials think misgendering a transgender person should be
a criminal offense. I mean, really think about this for a second. 44% support the idea of
misgendering being a criminal offense. This is how you brainwash a nation because you use the wrong
word. You should be thrown to jail. This reminds me of the dark ages going back in time where,
hey, if you said the wrong thing, you could be thrown to jail and there’s no trial. I mean,
in this country, you have the freedom to speak just because you use a different word. If you have
a different opinion, you still have the freedom to say it. And yes, the people have the freedom to
be offended because nobody has to agree with you. If you don’t like it, walk away. If you don’t
like what someone’s saying, don’t listen. That’s your right. That’s your free to do that.
When you start to tell people, hey, you have to say this word, you must do this. It’s no longer
freedom of speech. It’s controlled speech. And what’s very interesting about this, remember,
going back in time when people were saying, well, you know, it’s a second amendment. It’s not
that big of a deal. You want to get rid of the salt rifles. Look where they came from and look
where we’re going right now. They started with the second amendment. Now they were censoring people.
I’m talking about the United States government, the deep state players. They were censoring people
on social media platforms, violating your first amendment right now. They’re actually trying to
criminalize certain words that you speak. Really think about this. They’re going to be talking
a lot more about RFK, Jr. Because he was talking about censoring because he was having, there was
a hearing going on and they were talking about censoring and actually they tried to censor him. But
you could see where their mind is at. And I’m talking about the deep state players. Their mind is
listen, these are the things that will allow you to say everything else is off limits. And if you
decide to say those other things, well, there’s going to be consequences. We’ll be talking about that
in just a sec. But the other thing that’s very interesting is we have now come to learn and a
judge has revealed this that the FBI illegally spied on a US Senator. And of course, the FBI says,
don’t worry about it. We didn’t really collect anything. It was all on the up and up, but we
spied on the person. It’s just unbelievable. So according to our recently released court
opinion, FBI officials illegally accessed a foreign intelligence database to search for information
on a US Senator, a state Senator and a state level judge. And according to the opinion from the
foreign intelligence surveillance court, an analyst with the FBI conducted four searches of the
intelligence database using the last names of the US Senator and the state Senator in June of 2022,
both of whom were not named in the filing. The analyst had information that a specific foreign
intelligence service was targeting both legislators, but a review of the search by the Justice
Department of National Security Division determined that the search still didn’t meet the
proper standards because they weren’t sufficiently tailored. So the question is, who is this
Senator? We don’t know who the Senator is at this time, but this reminds me of post 2927,
May 3, 2019. It says what setup insurance file was created assuming POTUS would become the nominee.
POTUS number one, cruise number two, was cruise the target of a separate illegal spy campaign.
So when they go through this information and they start to see other senators or judges,
is it going to come up that cruise was also spied on as they look through all different documents?
Maybe, maybe not. We’ll have to see how this all plays out, but it looks like we’re heading in that
direction because with everything that’s coming out now with the FBI and what they have done here,
how they interfere with the election, the CIA interfere with the election, how Joe Biden is
completely corrupt, where he had shell companies. He knew about Hunter’s business dealings. I mean,
this information is coming out. It’s very interesting because we have the IRS, their numbers actually
are very, very identical, almost exact to what the oversight committee has come out with,
and they both did their investigation separately. But John Solomon and Amanda had, they broke down
the seven Biden-Berisma bombshells from the FBI source document. Canna coer the great,
put this out and said, in 2014, Burisma holdings hired Hunter Biden to influence his father,
VP Joe Biden, handling Ukraine’s chief prosecutor investigating the company for corruption. Joe Biden
successfully had the prosecutor fire by threatening to withhold one billion in loan guarantees.
Number two, Burisma informed the FBI informant that the Biden-Bride money had illicit
intentions or was part of a criminal scheme. Number three, Burisma CEO believed he was
coerced to hire Hunter Biden and considered it a package deal involving VP Joe Biden’s assistance.
The total payment required was 10 million. John Solomon, back in 2019, I got to interview Victor
Shokin, and he was completely unaware of what the FBI was saying. But here’s what he told me,
when President Poroshenko came to him, he said, Joe Biden wants me to fire you. I don’t really have
a reason, but I’m going to have to do it. He’s upset that you won’t stop investigating Burisma,
just think about that. That was mocked at the time, but now the FBI was being told something exactly
the same, and it wasn’t getting it from Shokin, but it was getting it from the owner of Burisma.
Mikola Jalewski and his top lieutenant. This was in the fall of 2019 before the impeachment of
Trump. Keep in mind, Trump got impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate the things that the
FBI now should have investigated. It’s pretty remarkable. Number four, the FBI informant confirmed
that Burisma officials referred to Joe Biden as the big guy supporting claims later made by
Tony Babalinsky in 2020. Burisma was concerned that the corruption probe in the company by prosecutor
Shokin would jeopardize their plans to acquire U.S. oil and gas firm and go public in America. Number
six, Burisma CEO and top official, Posarsky, acknowledged Hunter Biden lack of experience in
the energy sector, and were not impressed by his work saying that he was not smart. Number seven,
Burisma CEO boasted that tracking the 10 million payment to the Biden would be extremely difficult
and could take up to 10 years to find records. John Solomon said, finally, the FBI started receiving
concerning information from this source about the Biden’s and Burisma back on March 1, 2017,
less than two months after Trump had taken the presidency. Think about that. We were all kept in
the dark and when 2019 came around and people were reported on this were called conspiracy theorists,
the FBI knew all along. They had this sitting in their files. I think the most troubling thing,
even the agents who were supposed to investigate this case at the IRS weren’t told about this.
Just think about that. Even the people who were investigating this were kept in the dark
and if it weren’t for Chuck Grassley, we wouldn’t have known about it even today.
And what did Chuck Grassley do? Well, it looks like Grassley released the FBI document showing Joe Biden
was involved in the 10 million bribery scheme with Burisma executive. He released the 1023 and
according to the document, Biden’s bribery arrangement was described as pollute chili,
which is Russian crime slaying for being forced or coerced to pay. Quit broke well.
Per the FD 1023, according to the FBI’s confidential human source, executives from Burisma,
a Ukrainian gas company brought Hunter Biden on board to protect us through his dad from all kinds
of problems at the time. Burisma was seeking to do business in the United States but was facing
a corruption investigation in Ukraine, led by then Ukraine prosecutor general Victor Shokin.
Zolchevsky had to pay 5 million to Hunter Biden and 5 million to Joe Biden. And according to
the document, Zolchevsky claims to have text messages and recordings that show he was forced to
pay Biden’s to ensure Ukrainian prosecutor general Victor Shokin was fired. So they have this evidence.
This evidence came out because of Chuck Grassley. And now the people can see all of this plane as
day. James Comer put this out and said Chuck Grassley just released the unclassified FBI FD 1023.
Form alleging VP Joe Biden was involved in a 5 million bribery scheme.
IRS whistleblower Ziegler never received this form and under oath yesterday told GOP oversight,
they put they potentially had cooperating evidence. Chuck Grassley put this out and said,
my constitutional oversight responsibilities on this 1023 are to find out why FBI hid the doc from
Congress and the American people for years. What steps were taken to investigate the info or
was swept under the rug? The FBI concealed info from House version to hide info. Why?
Because they were protecting the big guy. They’re part of the criminal syndicate.
You can’t go after the FBI. You can’t go after the DOJ. You can’t go after any of these individuals
because who’s going after them? They can’t go after themselves. The only way to do it is with an
outside source, maybe with the military. But for the military to investigate all of this,
don’t they have to prove that there’s been treason? Don’t we have to see evidence of treason?
And I think that’s what we’re seeing now. Tom Fitton said this on Twitter. He said,
the FBI and DOJ have known for at least three years that Joe Biden is the big guy.
They knew all of this going back many, many years. Remember, the cover-up always gets you.
They were knowingly covering up his crimes. The FBI was knowingly covering up his crimes.
The DOJ was knowingly covering up his crimes. It’s all part of the criminal syndicate. See, once you
do the cover-up and you actually hide the information pretend that it didn’t exist and you weren’t
investigating, that shows that you are hiding the crimes of that individual. Who instruct you
to do this? Are you part of the criminal syndicate? Are you a terrorist organization? Are you working
for the people or against the people? I think the people are starting to realize this. And I think
the people are starting to realize what the system is. The system is what they put into place to
protect their illegal activities. And now the people see, wow, I can’t believe this. I thought it
was just maybe one person or two people, but now I’m starting to see it’s the FBI. I mean,
they’re blocking this. They’re hiding evidence. The DOJ, they’re actually interfering in an election
right now. I mean, we just had the FBI interfere in the election in the last election,
along with the DHS, CDC and the rest, CIA. Now the Department of Justice is doing it. Now you
are seeing it all. And the people, they’re starting to realize what the system is. And this is how
we take down the system. Because now if you know what it is, you know what the infiltration looks
like. You know that it’s one gigantic criminal enterprise. Now you have the ammunition to fight
back. And I’m talking about the people fighting back against these organizations. And that’s what
people are going to do. They’re going to demand accountability. They’re going to demand justice one
way or another. And the people are probably out there thinking like, how do we get justice? The
Department of Justice is completely corrupt. The FBI is completely corrupt. The White House and all
the other individuals working in the swap. They’re corrupt. They’re all part of the same system.
What can we do to bring justice to the United States government?
Well, I guess that would be the military. And I think that’s what it’s leading up to. And I think
the people are going to start to realize this. Just like Mayor Eric Adams is realizing
having New York as a sanctuary city is not working out too well for him. Right now his administration,
they’re going to be sending flyers down to the border, letting everyone know, do not come up to
New York City. Don’t travel. Don’t try to resettle in New York City. We don’t have money for you.
We cannot guarantee you shelter or care. We’ve got nothing. Remember when all these cities,
they’re out there. Oh, yes, we need the illegals to come in. We’re going to shelter you. This is
a sanctuary city. And then all of a sudden, the illegals were being shipped up to them. They never
expected that to happen. And then all of a sudden they realized, hey, we have a crisis going on
right now. We don’t have funds. The people of the city, they’re getting angry. We can’t support the
city anymore. And it’s getting worse and worse as time goes on. Now the people see it. Sometimes
the people have to walk through all of this. Sometimes the people have to experience this. And
that’s what they’re experiencing. And they’re realizing because what what they’re seeing now
is that the border chief, Mayorkas, he is completely violating his oath of office. And now the
Republicans, they’re looking to impeach him. I think we should impeach everyone who violated
their oath of office. Remember, they swore on a Bible to uphold and protect the
constitution. And as soon as you go and you create laws, you go against the constitution,
you fight against the constitution, you keep appealing, which is against the constitution.
I think it’s time you’re impeached. I think it’s time that they remove you. And we have a report
that is titled DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, dereliction of duty. And it is part of the five
point Republican effort to build a case for impeaching Mayorkas. And I do believe they should be
building this case. This individual should be removed. Because what are they doing at the border?
They are trafficking human beings. They’re bringing in criminals. They’re bringing in drugs. They’re
trafficking children and women. And what’s very interesting is you could see we see the same exact
pattern with all of these individuals. You see the same pattern in the government. You see the
same pattern in the propaganda news outlets, the fake news. You see the same patterns in corporations
and in Hollywood. You see the same people who are for child trafficking, who are for women trafficking,
who are for pedophilia. This is why they’ve been fighting so hard against those that are trying to
expose it. Because that is their world. They actually put these people into position. Because
they knew they would do what they wanted them to do. And you’re starting to see this pattern.
And what’s very interesting and patriots are controlled. Put this on on Twitter said ABC news
wrote a hit piece on the movie bringing awareness to child trafficking on the very same day. It was
announced one of their former senior producers would plead guilty to transportation a possession of
child porn. Starting to get why these news outlets hate sound of freedom. Starting to realize why
the corrupt politicians hate the sound of freedom. Are you starting to realize why Hollywood hasn’t said
where where are all their videos? Where’s all those messages? How come no one’s putting up the
little graphics on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram where they say, Oh, look, we’re with the
children. Oh, yes, stop child. Where is all that? You don’t see it at all. You know what you do see?
You see more and more people being arrested for child porn, pedophilia and everything else.
Lives of TikTok put the sentence and said, wow, representative Swawa and Beto O’Rourke campaign
for Stacy Lofton, the nation’s first transgender elected state rep who was arrested for child
porn and child exploitation. We’re noting that Stacy has a long criminal history dating back to
before his 2022 campaign. Absolutely. It’s all part of their system. And that brings us to Prince
Andrew because now we have more information that Prince Andrew met Epstein while he was under house
arrest. And this was revealed in court documents, which completely contradicts his claims.
So it’s all falling apart right in front of their eyes and they’re panicking. This is why
they don’t want all of this exposed because later on when you start to see who’s treasonous,
when you start to see the criminal syndicate, it’s all going to be the same players, the players
that have been pushing all of this on you the entire time. And I don’t mean just a couple of corrupt
politicians. I’m talking about judges. I’m talking about lawyers, prosecutors. I’m talking about
corporations. I’m talking about Hollywood. I’m talking about their system. But Trump, he came out
with a message letting everyone know as soon as he gets into office, he’s going to stop child
trafficking, women trafficking. And he’s going to call for the death penalty. You think these
people are panicking? Absolutely. Take a listen to what Trump said. I was thrilled to host a
screening at Bedminster of the important new film, Sound of Freedom, about the power of faith
in overcoming evil. And in particular, the evil of child trafficking, big problem. We had it down
to the lowest number in many years, just four years ago. And now it’s gone through the roof.
Even though the fake news media has tried to ignore it, Sound of Freedom has been a
national sensation and a colossal success at the box office. Really big numbers. Everyone should
see it. This is a very important film and very important movie. And it’s a very important
documentary all wrapped up in one. It’s really about an issue that has to be discussed. Under my
leadership, we did more than any administration in history to combat human trafficking and to end
modern-day slavery. In one of my first acts in office, I signed an executive order targeting
transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit innocent people.
I signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act
authorizing $430 million to fight sex and labor trafficking. I signed legislation to crack down
on foreign countries who are not meeting standards for eliminating trafficking. Of which there are
many. I also signed into law the Abolish Human Trafficking Act, which strengthened programs
supporting survivors and provided more resources for ending modern slavery. We do have modern
slavery if you can believe it. Additionally, I created the first ever White House position focused
solely on combating human trafficking. And perhaps most importantly, we created the most
secure border in US history by far, dealing a major blow to the cartels and traffickers.
We built hundreds of miles of wall. We renovated hundreds of miles of wall. We never had anything
like it. And then I got Mexico free of charge. She gave us 28,000 soldiers to protect us from
people coming into our country illegally. When I am back in the White House, I will immediately end
the Biden-Border nightmare that traffickers are using to exploit vulnerable women and children.
We will fully secure the border. I will wage war on the cartels just as I destroyed the ISIS
caliphate, 100 percent gone, 100 percent destroyed. They’ll come back now because we have a
weak administration. I will use Title 42 to end the child trafficking crisis by returning all
trafficked children to their families in their home countries and without delay. And I will urge
Congress to ensure that anyone caught trafficking children, of course, our border receives the death
penalty immediately. And that includes also for women, because women, as you know, are number one
in trafficking. Children are actually number two. I want to thank Eduardo, Jim, Tim Ballard,
and everyone else involved in this film for their incredible efforts and their great genius.
Together, we will end the scourge of human trafficking, and we will defend the dignity of human
life. Thank you very much. And Trump, you let everyone know that we do have trafficking. We do have
slavery, modern slavery today. And wait until the people find out who the real slave traders are.
Wait until the people find out that they’ve been trafficking women and children. And these
individuals have been slaves and they’ve been shipped around. Wait until the people find out.
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below. Once the people find out this information, it is completely game over for them. And this is
why the deep state, the fake news, the corrupt politicians, this is why they’ve been trying to get
back the narrative. This is why they introduced the Twitter clone threads. It’s not going too well for
them. They’re not getting back their narrative. And Zuckerberg’s Twitter clone threads has seen a
70% decline in daily active users since July 7th peak. It’s completely falling apart on them.
What they try to do is not working. And what’s very interesting is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
He was at the weaponization hearing and they actually tried to censor him in the beginning of the
hearing. Of course, he said they said he was an anti-Semitic. They were using all of this and they
had a vote. And they tried to shut him up, but it didn’t work. And Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He warned
during a hearing on censorship at the House weaponization subcommittee that a government that
can censor its critics has a license for every atrocity. He says a government that can do this,
it is the beginning. There’s never been a time in history when we look back and the guys who
were censoring people were the good guys. That should tell you everything you need to know.
And what’s very interesting is Democratic congressman Stacy Plaskett, a non-voting delegate from the
US Virgin Islands. You remember she took money from Jeffrey Epstein, said the quiet part out loud
while appearing on MSNBCs, the inside interview with former White House mouthpiece Jen Sackie.
She said the US government should define for America what the truth is and censor those Americans
who don’t agree. She said, well, you know, first of all, they want to talk about censorship.
That anytime you point out untruth, you’re censoring. You’re stopping people from speaking.
It’s not that we’re not stopping people from speaking. People can speak, but we’re also going to
give the American people the truth so they can have science and facts and history against wild
outlandish claims that the Republicans are trying to get. That’s not only going to keep them from
going to the polls or suppressing vote or telling untruths, but it is also really very detrimental
to the American people. In other words, the US government is going to stop people from speaking
what Stacey Plaskett and her Democrat colleagues call the truth. And really think about this. Go
back in time. Remember all the epidemiologists and all the doctors are saying, listen, natural
immunity works. You have a survival rate of 99.99x. You don’t need to get a bio weapon injected
into you. Ivermectin works, hydroxychloroquine works. Hey, by the way, the Hunter Biden laptop
is real. It is his even. Oh, Biden, Jen Sackie, the fake news, Plaskett and the rest all said,
oh, no, that’s Russian’s information. That information was planted on his laptop.
Well, those were all the truth. And what was the deep state government doing? Oh, that’s right,
censoring the truth. Let the people make up their mind what the truth is and what it isn’t.
The government is not supposed to tell us, oh, this is the truth. This isn’t. The government is
not supposed to be involved in free speech. That’s why we have the Constitution. You see, back in time,
the founding fathers, they experienced this. They knew that, hey, look, you’re trying to stop me
from speaking. You’re trying to stop me from telling the truth. Why do you think our founding
fathers used a pen name? Why do you think they needed to use a pen name during the Revolution
or before the Revolution, because they were being censored. They were being silenced.
They didn’t want them telling the people the truth. The same thing’s happening today.
So once again, we have these individuals that are knowingly going against the Constitution,
they’re violating the Constitution. These people should be removed automatically.
And we can see that their entire motive is to get rid of the Constitution.
I mean, it’s not just about free speech. It’s not just about the Second Amendment.
But in the end, what they want, they want this pesky Constitution removed, because they know it
protects we the people. They know it’s in their way from going to the next step.
And what’s very interesting, you could see this very, very clearly, especially on Canada,
and now out in Brazil. Charlie Kirk put this out and said, Brazil’s far left president Lula
de Silva has just signed a decree limiting civilian access to firearms. The parallels to America
are striking. Lula gained power following a controversial election against conservative populist
Bolsonaro. There were accusations of voting irregularities and cheating. As Lula’s majority
came entirely from the most corrupt criminal parts of the country while he lost everywhere else.
Now Brazil’s courts are trying to ban Bolsonaro from running for office once again and prosecutors
want to shut down radio stations run by Bolsonaro supporters for spreading misinformation.
And now Lula is coming for their guns. Brazil is what liberal elites want for America.
Tribal, expensive, sectarian, violent, and now less free than ever. And you could see this is
exactly what they’re trying to do. They did it in Australia. They didn’t New Zealand. They did it
out in Ukraine. And remember, all these countries, they do not have a constitution like the United
States. This constitution was created by we the people. It’s a contract with the government and
the government has to follow our contract. If they break the contract, they should be removed.
That’s why they swear in oath to uphold and defend the constitution. But when they go ahead and
they fight against it, they attack it. They have become then a tyrannical government. A tyrannical
government needs to be removed. Now Trump, he could remove them, but it would look like an overthrow
of the United States government. Trump doesn’t want that to happen because it would lead into a civil
war. And this is exactly what the deep state players want. He wants the people to see how the deep
state, how this tyrannical government is removing your freedom every single day because once the people
see this and once people understand this, that’s when the people will say enough is enough. Let’s
take back this country. The people with the military, that’s how you take it all back. And that’s
what Trump is doing. He’s following in the footsteps of Andrew Jackson. And we can see that I do
believe what’s coming is what’s really going to push the people to the precipice and the press
and once the people hit the precipice, the people are going to be with Trump. And Trump continually
mentions World War Three. He knows that it’s coming. He knows it’s going to be a scare event. And
it’s going to push the people to say enough is enough. And on Thursday, past Thursday, we laid out
how this might occur. And it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen exactly that way. But from all the
evidence and everything that we see, it might turn out that it might work out that way. But we can
see that the war is building. And it’s building every single day. Right now, the US, they are
unable to conduct and use monitoring for military equipment provided to Ukraine in the year 2022,
according to a newly released report by the inspector general. So they have no idea where the
equipment is going. They have no idea what’s going on. But what’s very interesting is that the
entire offensive that they were pushing, the deep state, well, it completely found now you know
why they leaked out the information because they knew it wasn’t going to go well for Ukraine.
So they had to leak it out and they said, oh, since it was leaked out, we couldn’t do what
we wanted to do. And we didn’t have the surprise attack on Russia. And that’s why it didn’t work.
But let’s go back in time. And Dave Sax put this out. If you look at all the different news articles,
all they continually did was they repeated how Russia was losing. Putin is terrified of Ukraine’s
counteroffensive. A total Russian collapse is surprisingly close. Putin’s downfall is only delayed.
It’s coming. And they keep keep putting out these articles over and over and over and over.
Well, fast forward to today, the latest article is Ukraine’s counteroffensive is failing with no
easy fixes. The counteroffensive was never going to work because Ukraine never had the upper hand.
Russia was always in control. Once again, the deep state lied to the people. The deep state
led everyone think, oh, Ukraine’s winning Russia is going to fail any second. Just give just let us
send more and more money. Are you with us? Let us send billions and billions and billions and
billions over to Ukraine. And don’t worry, we’re going to win this war. Well, the American people
really don’t care about the war. The people are sick and tired of all this money going over to
Ukraine. They see many, many problems here in the United States. They see homeless. They see
infrastructure failing. And they realize this is getting ridiculous. And we could see that the war
out in Ukraine. Well, Russia is taking it to the next level. Klandas and put this out and said,
visual representation of the Russian blockade in the Black Sea. Commercial ships have been
have been warned if they attempt to port in Ukraine. They will be considered hostile and destroyed.
Russia are constricting Ukraine’s Ukraine economically and logistically. Yes, they’re starving them.
And they’re going to continue to do this into the very, very end. Now think about this.
Ukraine is losing. They know they their counter offensive didn’t work. So what are they going to do?
They’re going to rely on the cluster bombs. Now remember, the cluster bombs, they are banned in 120
countries. And now they’re being used in the war with Russia. So is Russia going to use the same
type of weapons on that most likely? So now they’re resorting to cluster bombs in battle. And this
is a war crime, actually. But they’re going to use it anyhow. Because what are they trying to do?
They’re trying to push an event. They’re trying to start something. And that is World War Three.
Now, Trump, he put out a message saying that when he’s president,
he will not support admitting Ukraine in to NATO. He said, this is it obvious yet crucial step to
avoiding global nuclear confrontation. Take a listen to what he said. Corrupt, compromised president
Crooked Joe Biden, who is dragging us into World War Three. And that’s what’s happening on behalf of
a nation that paid his family millions and millions of dollars and obvious bribes. All you have to
do is take a look at how much China, how much Ukraine have paid the Biden family.
It’s a total disgrace and a very dangerous one. Under these circumstances, the notion that we
would even consider admitting Ukraine in to NATO at this time is completely unhinged.
Joe Biden can’t even walk up a flight of stairs on Air Force One. And he can’t put two sentences
together. The last thing that this incompetent administration should be doing is risking war with a
nuclear armed Russia or China or other countries. We have somebody that doesn’t have a clue representing
us. So he’s going to shut all this down and he’s going to have peace. And he continually says he’s
going to have peace in 24 hours. And I do believe he will have peace. I do believe there are leaders
right now working with him. And when this kicks off, I do believe he will be able to shut all
this down. But remember, and we discussed this on Thursday, I do believe that we’re most likely
going to have some type of cyber attack because once again, can they use the drop boxes,
can they use the mail and bounce? Yes, in certain locations, they most likely can do this.
But a lot of it’s been countered. The pandemic is completely gone. So I do believe what they’re
going to try to do is they’re going to try to postpone the elections because of war because we
were attacked. And I do believe they’re going to try something on November 4th. And most likely,
they’re going to say, Hey, we’re cyber attacked. We can’t have the elections. But I do believe
Trump at the Patriots, they have countermeasures in place. And we’re going to find out that it wasn’t
that bad and the elections can continue. But once again, we were attacked, which is an act of war.
Is the United States going to go directly to war at that point? I don’t think so. I think the
elections then are going to be held on November 5th. People might be a little bit leery about using
any type of computer system because of the cyber attack. Because people might be saying,
you know, something maybe we should go to paper or maybe certain areas can even use the computer
systems. And maybe paper will be pushed at that point. And I do believe Trump will win the election.
And the deep state at that point will just completely panic. And they will try to push
us into war because remember, Trump doesn’t come into office until January of 2025.
Trump is the president elect. The Biden administration, whoever was running at the time,
which really Obama, the deep state players, Soros and the rest, they’re the ones who are going to
try to push us into war. And I do believe Trump during this period of time, he’s going to say,
no, as president elect, I can have peace in 24 hours. And once he does that, the people are with him,
the people are completely on his side. And I do believe at this point, he’s able
to go after the deep state because the people are completely with him. And I do believe the truth
is going to come out because at this point, Trump, he’s going to be transparent about everything
and show everyone who the true criminals really are by declassifying information so the public
can see. And the public can make the decision. And I do believe this is the direction we are headed
in. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we can see that everything the deep state
tried to do with COVID has completely backfired. People are starting to find out the truth. Sometimes
it’s a little difficult for people to accept the truth that you really need the vaccine. Some people
are having bioremores where I should have never taken the vaccine. But what’s very interesting
about all this is that new studies are continually coming out. And the deep state players,
they’re trying to block them. A new study conducted by a respected medical researchers and published
in the Lancet, a renowned medical journal indicated that COVID shots themselves that actually
kill people. And the study now has been killed. That’s according to a report from Liberty Council,
which has been one of the key fighters in court against the Biden administration virus COVID shot
mandates during the pandemic. The report said the bombshell study was done by Dr. Peter McCullough
and others and was published in the Lancet. But it was quickly censored within 24 hours
after its publication because it showed clear evidence that the COVID-19 shots were responsible
for many deaths of the 325 autopsies reviewed. The study revealed that COVID shots directly caused
or significantly contributed to up to 74% of those deaths. Overall, COVID is estimated to have
killed about 7 million around the globe. The study was called a systematic review of autopsie
findings in deaths after COVID-19 vaccination. And it was on the Lancet in a pre-print site
on July 5th, a start to a month long peer-reviewed process. So they’re trying to hide all of this
and they’re continually doing this. And people they realize is they understand exactly what’s
going on. And what’s very interesting is that Rand Paul, he criminally referred Dr. Fauci to
the Department of Justice for prosecution for lying to Congress about gain of function.
Now is the Department of Justice? Are they going to follow up on this and prosecute Fauci?
Doubt it because they’re all part of the criminal syndicate. Why are they going to go after each
other? Because if they go after Fauci, one’s going to lead to another, which is going to lead to
another. But as soon as Rand Paul referred Dr. Fauci to the DOJ, Rand Paul’s Kentucky office was
torched and burned. Now he made the recommendation to the Department of Justice on July 20th. His office
caught on fire on July 21st, a day after. I mean, yeah, is are they setting him a message? Of course
they are. Is the Department of Justice going to do anything? Most likely not. Now the other thing
that’s very interesting was that we know the 2024 elections that are right around the corner.
Trump is in the lead. He is the guy who’s going to be the nominee. This is why they’re trying to
bring him down. This is why you see indictment after indictment here. Oh, there’s going to be a
January 6th indictment. Oh, there’s going to be a Georgia indictment for election fraud. There’s
going to be an indictment and indictment. I think they’re going to continue with the indictments
until the very, very end. And when all this doesn’t work because what they’re trying to do is they’re
trying to force the Republicans to say he is no longer the candidate because they realize, okay,
we have the establishment. They went behind the Santas. That didn’t work. Trump is in the lead.
And if he gets the nomination, well, we’re screwed. So maybe if we continually indict him over
and over and over, the Republican Party will say, you know something? You’re indicted. We’re going
to look for a different candidate. You’re not going to be the nominee. Now what will happen if
they try to do this? The people are going to follow Trump just like with Andrew Jackson.
It’s not the Republican Party at this point. It’s not the rhinos that people are following.
They’re following the man that can actually take back the country. They’re following the man
that can destroy the deep state. They’re following the man that will do the job.
And this is what they’re most afraid of. Now Trump, he did say something that’s very interesting.
And Patriots are in control. Put this out on Twitter and said, Trump is asking if he’s
thought about RFK Jr. as a running mate. No. Trump says, but people have suggested it. And there
are a lot of people suggesting it. I’ve known him over the years. He’s a smart guy and well meant
intentioned. That definitely didn’t sound like it’s out of the question. And that would be very
interesting if that actually happened because then you would have two parties coming together
and working together to make America great again. Now once again, we’ll have to see how this all
plays out. But at this point, it doesn’t seem like Trump said, absolutely not. Now the other
thing that’s very interesting is we can see there’s many, many changes happening now where people
now are taking back the election in their state. And a lot of states, they are now removing themselves
from the Eric system. And it looks like Texas is now withdrawing from the Eric system. Trump
responded to this and said, every state should withdraw from the Eric now. It is a disaster for
Republicans. And he’s absolutely right. Now what’s very interesting is we know that there was
election fraud in 2020. There was election fraud with the FBI, with the CIA, with the fake news,
with the, with 100 Biden’s laptop. That was election interference. And we know going back to 2016,
2018, the Russia, Russia, Russia thing was election interference in peaked remarks number one. Number
two was election interference. Now we’re starting to see election interference with Department of
Justice. But if we go back in time to the pandemic, because this is when they had election interference
by creating this fake pandemic, yes, there was a little virus out there. But all the numbers and
everything else that created the pandemic, that was fake. That was made up. And we’re starting to
realize that the New York Times right now is letting everyone know, oh, wait, we overestimated the
number of deaths. You think 30% is it? No, this is going to go much, much higher. Then they’re going
to say, well, maybe we didn’t have as many cases as we thought we had before, because the test
wasn’t very reliable. And we’re getting a lot of false positives. You’re going to start to see
all of that come out as time goes on. But they needed this. So they were able to cheat in the
elections. And what’s very interesting about this is Rasmussen reports put the sentence as on March
1, 2020, the largest order in the world ever for ballot envelope stuffing machines was placed
by a privately owned Arizona election printer mass mailing of unsolicited election balance was illegal
in America at that time. How did they know? So how did they know to place the largest order in the
world? I mean, really think about this for a second. Does it make sense? This was on March 1, 2020.
Embo Robinson responded to this on Twitter, said the following, run back magically predicted the
push for mail-in ballots, because all these private election companies are really just arms of
the national security state CIA, DHS, D-O-D, absolutely. Brian Blem put this out on Twitter, said,
a must read for everyone in Arizona and the United States interested in unraveling the election
neither Maricopa County nor its election department run back can account for where they got almost
85,000 ballots in the 2022 election. This complete failure of chain of custody on behalf of
Maricopa County and its election department run back clearly demonstrates that the election of 2022
must be invalidated. So it’s run back again in 2020 ordering the ballots. How would they know to do
this in March of 2020? Then we have run back again in 2022 where they can’t account for 85,000
ballots. Something is wrong. And I think the people are now seeing the election front because it’s
not just mules. It’s not just ballots. It’s not just dominion machines. But now people are saying,
oh, look, the FBI, they manipulated the election CIA, manipulated the elections. They knew that the
Hunter Biden laptop wasn’t Russian’s information. And now look what we’re finding out with Joe Biden,
the people of this country are finding out that this is a criminal enterprise, that the information
on the laptop was real. Joe Biden did know about the business of Hunter Biden. He was involved in it.
He had 20 shell companies. He was receiving money. He is completely corrupt and compromised.
And if the people had that information during the 2020 elections, well, it would be very, very
different. Forget about everything else. Yes, they had to create the ballots. Yes, they had to feed
them in just with that information. They manipulated the election because think about what people are
learning now. They’re learning that yes, the Biden’s, they are a criminal organization. It’s a
criminal family. They’re part of the criminal syndicate. They’re treasonous against this country.
And there are many, many other people that are involved in this. Mark Elias put this out on
Twitter. He said, let me be clear. Any Arizona County that follows the advice of GOP election
deniers will get sued, lose and potentially illegal fees and costs. Kerry Lake responded to
this and said, Mark Elias travel state to state to destroy election integrity. Now he’s turned
his sights to Arizona. Mark knows the minute we return to hand counts, they won’t be able to get
away with the rigging the machines anymore. That’s why we’re going to do it. Bring it on, Mark.
And she’s absolutely right. We need to go back to paper ballots. We need to actually count
the votes. And I do believe this might happen in the 2024 election. I think this is what they’re
most afraid of. Now the other thing that’s very interesting is that the FBI actually told Twitter
that Hunter Biden’s laptop was legit hours after the New York Post bombshell in 2020.
And that is very interesting. Remember they, the FBI, the Department of Justice, they have all
this information. They just been hiding it from the American public. They just didn’t want to
turn it over. But the people now are seeing that, wait a minute, you had all this evidence,
you had all this information and you were keeping it from the American people. Why weren’t you
investigating these people? Oh, now I see it. You’re part of the criminal syndicate. And you can
see the deep state. They’re ramping up their indictments right now. Special counsel Jack Smith’s
latest move suggests he’s close to indicting Trump over 2020 election. So it looks like the
Georgia Supreme Court, it looks like they’re going to actually go ahead with the grand jury.
They’re hoping to get charges by September 1st. We know that they’re trying to get them on
January 6th. This is going to continue on because they need a way to stop them. Is this going to
work? Well, I think they’re pushing this and pushing very hard because they want the Republican
party to say you’re no longer the nominee. Trump, he retrieved Tom Fitton. And this is what Tom
Fitton said, breaking Biden, who is the most corrupt president since he was vice president,
trying to criminalize criticism of how he was elected with the unprecedented indictment of
Trump. According to leak to the Allied New York Times, his operative Jack Smith threatens Trump
with unprecedented and unconstitutional criminal charges for Trump’s daring to exercise his duties
as president to ensure federal election law is followed. And for daring to exercise his God-given
First Amendment rights as a candidate to dispute a controversial election. Of course, by arresting
and seeking to jail Trump, Biden is trying to rig yet another election in order to maintain and
obtain additional power for him and his Democratic Party. All of this is un-American,
anti-constitutional and would be fundamental violation of the civil rights of president Trump.
The latest plan to arrest Trump again is obviously designed to send a signal to Americans,
except rigged elections without complaint or be jailed. Frankly, the abuse of Trump by the
Biden administration should be the subject of civil criminal and impeachment investigations.
Absolutely. But Trump, I think he sent a message letting everyone know that, yes, this is all part
of the plan. And January 6th, this is when they went ahead and they staged the final act of covering
up their insurrection on November 3rd. Trump, he retrieved a truth from fruit snacks, and this is
what the meme says. January 6th will go down in history as the day the government staged a riot
to cover up the fact that they certified a fraudulent election. Absolutely. And yes, when we look
back in history, people are going to see, wow, there was an insurrection and that was the cover-up.
Now, it looks like the US District Judge, Aileen Cannon, they decided to set a trial date for
the document case, and that is going to happen on May 20th, 2024. Of course, right before the 2024
elections. Now, this is very interesting. Let’s see how this all plays out because I do believe
Trump has things up his sleeve that this date might be pushed back even further. But let’s see how
this all plays out. And let’s see if they go ahead with this. Now, the other thing that’s very
interesting is that Trump’s lawyer is saying we would like cameras in the courtroom. And of course,
all the deep state players like we would love to have cameras in the courtroom because the people
should see the truth. They should see what a criminal Trump is. And I do believe this is going to
work in the opposite way if this actually occurs. It’s going to show how the Department of Justice
is sleazy, almost like we saw Kerry Lakes trial with the elections fraud.
Each trial, what do people really see? They saw people lying on the stand. They saw them purging
themselves. They saw how they were trying to cover up what they did. This didn’t work in their
favor. Just because you lose a case in regards to election fraud doesn’t mean you lost the
case in public opinion. You see, when this happens and Americans who are watching this who can
think logically and they see someone lying about the ballots and how they knew nothing about
the shrinking ballots. And then all of a sudden they knew about the shrinking ballots and how
they kept purging themselves over and over and over. You see, the judge might be compromised.
The entire system might be compromised. But the American people, they can see this. They can
they know when someone’s lying. They can think logically and they don’t believe it. Actually,
Kerry Lake actually won every single one of these cases. You know why? Because the people rallied
around her. The people came to her and said, we believe you, we don’t believe what’s going on
there. The same thing is going to happen to Trump. The people aren’t going to believe the
Department of Justice. If this is televised, even if it isn’t televised, but if it is televised,
it’s going to be a lot worse. The people aren’t going to believe the Department of Justice. They’re
going to see liars, scoundrels. They’re going to see Trump as the fighter who’s putting up with
all of this and the people are going to rally around him. And actually, this is all part of his plan.
What he’s doing, he’s showing you the entire criminal syndicate and he retruthed a truth
from fruit snacks. And this is what it says. He doesn’t silence his opponents. He shoves them into
the spotlight and lets them destroy themselves. That is what he’s doing. And that’s funny. That
reminds me of post 3466. This is July 22nd, 2019. It’s Napoleon Bonaparte. And this is what the
quote says, never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself. That’s exactly
what is happening right now. And Dan Scivino put this out and says, those who know do not speak,
those who speak do not know, loud chew. So really think about that for a second. Trump, he also
retruthed something else from Andrea. God bless Trump, Trump 47. And I do believe the lion
is now awake. We will be silent. No more. Trump is the lion. He’s going to be going after
these individuals. Remember the lion. He’s the king of the jungle. The lion controls everything.
Now, yes, the jackals, they come along, they nip, they tug. The lion might just sit there,
do nothing. But every once in a while, the lion will show all of them who the king of the jungle
really is. And Trump, he retruthed this once before about the lion. Take a listen.
Come on over, make in trouble. Still nothing. Now, the other animals, they noticed this.
And they start to move in. The jackals,
hyenas, the barking animal, laughing animal. They nip his toes and eat the food that’s in his
domain. They do this. And they get closer and closer and bolder and bolder. Till one day,
that lion gets up and tears the shit at everybody, runs like the wind, eats everything in his path.
Because every once in a while, the lion has to show the jackals.
Who is?
And in the end, all these deep-take players who are nipping, tugging, grabbing the food,
pushing him around with indictments, in the end, the lion is going to show them, show them all,
who the king of the jungle really is. That everything that you’re seeing, everything that you’re
witnessing, he’s going to rip through them, he’s going to strike hard and fast, and he’s going to
show them that he isn’t control. They never were. All he’s doing is showing everyone who the
jackals really are, who the deep-state really is. What the criminal syndicate is, that’s what he’s
doing. And when it’s time, he’s going to declassify everything, and he’s going to show everyone
all their crimes, everything that they have done, and the entire country is going to turn on them.
At that point, Trump has them exactly where he wants them. Let the trials begin.
Listen to everyone, thanks a lot, listening, be well, be safe, and especially if you’re prepared. Thanks a

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