You Will have a hard time believing what Fox News will match gifts to

SHOCKING: You WON’T BELIEVE what Fox News will match donations to

Glenn Beck
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SHOCKING: You WON’T BELIEVE what Fox News will match donations to

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Transcribe Notes:

you are going to break an exclusive that
honestly you worked at Fox News I worked
at Fox News Bill said Bill O’Reilly was
on today and he said he’s just
heartbroken at what’s happening to them
um but this is a really big deal can you
tell the story here of what we have
been informed
that is going on yes thank you for that
lead up that definitely helped my nerves
in all serious though I’m gonna give a
disclaimer so I worked at Fox from 2013
to 2016 and I really did enjoy my time
there I would not be doing what I’m
doing today here at this network if it
weren’t for the experience that I got
um around April uh or whenever the
Dominion news came out and then the
Tucker news came out I started to have
some nervous Fox News staffers reach out
to me and um and understandably so I
think what happened to FOX with the
Dominion lawsuit is probably unfair
there were legitimate criticisms of
dominions technology that were led by
mainstream news and Democrats prior to
the election and election certification
so all that to say I don’t think that’s
what’s happened to him is fair but I do
understand why staffers are nervous and
have reached out and earlier this week I
got a tip from a former staffer about a
program inside the company’s HR portal
and I I could not believe it I said no
way no way I don’t this is too absurd
I’m I have to see this with my own eyes
and so I started to
reach out to some sources inside Fox
um I have three
two who are current employees at Fox and
one who is a former producer at Fox and
all of them have loved working there
they are all missional employees meaning
that they’re driven by the values of yes
the conservative audience the fox’s core
audience so I was given a video tour of
the company portal so I watched them log
in with their ID and they went to what’s
called a fox giving app inside the
company portal let me paint a picture
you can see slack you can see other apps
that people would use for their work day
and then there’s this other app called
Fox giving and it’s actually
put together by a third-party app called
benevity based in in Canada but through
it employees can search for their
favorite charity
and they can make a donation and fox
will match up to a thousand dollars
uh the Charities that they brought to my
um they’re not what you might consider
to be a typical charity like when you
think charity you think Samaritan’s
Purse Mercury won and yes those
Charities are on their website you can
donate to them if you’re a fox employee
and fox will match up to a thousand
dollars so maybe you’ll see some
something from that at Mercury one Glenn
there are some other organizations that
were there and available for employees
to donate to that shocked me
um I’d like to call up some graphics
let’s go to
Planned Parenthood
so uh there’s a Planned Parenthood
graphic hopefully if you’re watching on
Blaze TV you can see exactly what I was
shown in the portal and the employee
um like a like a dollar amount and you
can see there that fox has 100 donation
matching for Planned Parenthood a little
bit antithetical to some of the things
that they espouse on air about pro-life
causes but uh anyways let’s uh now go to
the Trevor Project
that’s also an option for those of you
that are unfamiliar with the Trevor
Project they help promote
lgbtq services and they are most
recently known for supporting
legislation for what they call gender
affirming care but what Fox’s core
audience would refer to as child gender
mutilation I’m going to go to a real fun
one this is kind of ironic you can also
donate to the Southern Poverty Law
this is ironic because gosh yes oh my
God because uh Southern Poverty Law
Center has referred to many of the Fox
News hosts as hate mongers and as Fox
News is oh yeah hate-filled organization
many of the hosts have been attacked by
Southern Poverty Law Center there are
many good hosts at Fox who have done
reporting on them and have uncovered
just how they are in fact hateful
um so that’s bizarre you can actually
read more of this uh and are exclusive
you can find it at right
now it’s our exclusive on these
and then my favorite uh charity I use
quotation marks if you can see this on
blazetv Glenn use code dump
Fox for 30 off
um my favorite here is uh I like to call
it Satanic Temple One
yes uh you can donate a satanic temple
and they will match 100 yes
uh so you can uh go to this charity
which by the way full disclosure they
say that they don’t worship Satan they
are just satanists
they also what do you think Satan would
ah I haven’t asked him I try not to talk
to him much
um yeah okay
but one of my favorite things that it’s
actually not highlighted in this graphic
is in this uh app it says cause website
it lists the hyperlink to the satanic
um and then find more causes in Salem
Massachusetts tagged with I crap you not
religion Satan satanic so if there’s any
Fox staffers that are you know in the
mood to donate to a charitable cause
like the satanic temple you can do that
and fox can match that up to a hundred
um yes and there should be a follow-up
yeah you’re seeing there where the
staffer input a thousand dollars and we
were able to see that in fact the system
does show that it’s eligible for
you know you couldn’t say a lot of
things and we reached out to Fox and the
reason why we didn’t break this earlier
is because we wanted to give Fox enough
time to respond and my expected response
they didn’t respond but what I would
expect them to say is this is third
party company uh and we don’t have
anything to do with that however uh I
know my company Mercury would not do it
the blaze would not do that the minute
we would see that you could donate to
the satanic temple our values would say
no we’re not going to and if we have
somebody that wants to give to the
satanic temple
um you know maybe we should have a
meeting because I don’t want a lot of
satanists walking around Fox News uh it
it is it to me this is just another deep
example of how Fox News has changed and
has sold themselves out to the ESG
movement the real answer on this is
they’re probably not Satanist I’m pretty
sure of that although
uh listen to my interview with Tucker
Carlson on God
um but they uh they have sold out to the
woke culture and they are not the people
that were on a mission for so many years
can I jump in here I just want to read
some of the quotes that I got from these
um sources they say fox pretends to care
about Christians but some of the stuff
they push internally suggests otherwise
glory holes Tran surgeries for kids and
potential donations to Satan are a huge
slap in the face to every Christian at
the company and represent it
um there’s another staffer that said it
became clear certain things weren’t
going to be tolerated on air anymore
after Tucker was gone we were told
layoff Dylan Mulvaney that’s the famous
tick talker who got Bud Light destroyed
incidentally once I realized we couldn’t
say certain things on air anymore I
started to dig more into the reality of
the corporate views another staffer said
um they intimated that
that fox has capitulated to the woke
left and this they’re saying it’s driven
by the HR corporate lawyers sure there
are a lot of good hosts and good people
that work there that really believe in
the values and are aligned with their
core audience but they said
right they’re saying this this is a
means of signaling to whatever ESG
police are out there to say don’t come
for us
so these these people these sources I
thank them for trusting me they were
terrified to talk
um but and they have loved working there
however they hope by telling this story
they don’t do this with Glee that that
fox will maybe course correct at least
I highly doubt it uh by the way you can
find this story at that’s
an exclusive at also
um we urge you to dump Fox to wake up
and support if it’s not us maybe it’s
the daily wire maybe it’s I don’t care
who it is if they are giving you the
truth and they are risking uh giving you
the truth every day and they are not
complying to the woke culture please
support them if you choose that being
Blaze TV we welcome you and we have a
promo code good today for uh 30 off it’s
dump Fox Glenn

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