China’s U.S. Invasion Exposed: Startling Documents

In a shocking revelation, Redacted reporting on documents obtained by Clayton Morris have exposed a sinister plan: “China’s U.S. Invasion.” The captured documents shed light on a calculated scheme involving the southern border, with illegal aliens and Chinese operatives seamlessly blending in, making their way into the United States. The alarming information hints at a daring gap in national security, with people coming from South America and other regions under the radar. The urgency of addressing this situation becomes apparent as the nation faces potential threats that need immediate attention.

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We all want to be informed; our constitutional “right to know” should not be compromised by media-driven falsehoods and corporate storylines. Redacted, with Natali and Clayton Morris, is a concerted effort to save the truth, preserve information, and fight propaganda. Clayton Morris is a former Fox News anchor.

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BREAKING! China’s U.S. Invasion plan EXPOSED in captured documents | Redacted w Clayton Morris


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well don’t worry the United States
Southern border is secure and nothing to
see here according to Homeland Security
secretary mayorkis listen tell us what
the situation is on the border now
because in May there were fears that we
were going to be overwhelmed what is
happening so um we have dispelled those
fears through a very thoughtful
comprehensive approach to irregular
migration to our Southern border but the
facts don’t bear that out in fact in
just June alone border incursions were
up a whopping
of 144
June alone but don’t worry nothing to
see here and now we’re learning that
Chinese illegal aliens are handed
documents before they illegally cross
the U.S border which shows a blueprint
of how to navigate illegally through the
United States reporter Anthony Rubin
broke the story at and he
joins us now Anthony great work on this
and thanks so much for joining us
thank you sir appreciate you having me
yeah this is a remarkable story so how
did you learn about these documents that
are being handed to these illegal
immigrants as they come across the
yes so the document that I exposed in
particular so first of all I mean
they’re getting a lot of different
documents um but the one that we’re
talking about in this particular show
right now is a document that I was sent
by a Chinese illegal alien and what it
is is it’s a document that I believe to
have been written by another Chinese
illegal alien if you read the document
it’s on you guys can go
check it out
um it was originally written in Chinese
I had it translated to English and then
the intro it mentions a woman named Ivy
it has her which uh yeah her WeChat
contacts listed on the top which I have
redacted and it took out just for safety
um but she wrote this whole document it
explains how to get from South America
all the way to the U.S border you know
uh how much to pay Smugglers and various
other things very very detailed and then
I would say probably 70 75 of the
document maybe about 150 Pages talks
about how to exploit the U.S Asylum
system and U.S Asylum law and so this
document was sent to me by a Chinese
illegal alien who I met in the daring
Gap who’s now living here in Los Angeles
and he told me that it circulated among
uh Chinese in various WeChat groups that
they used to communicate when they’re on
the way up to the U.S
and can you describe the type of people
that are being handed these documents
we’ve heard reporting that they are
military age men mostly who are coming
coming through the Darian gap on their
way to the United States Southern border
can you describe you can you describe
the individuals who’d be handed these
documents in order to illegally navigate
the system
uh yeah absolutely I mean with the
Chinese in particular yeah so down in
the Darian Gap
um like you just said a lot of these
people are military aged men so you I
mean the audience can infer what that’s
all about I mean just some anecdotal
evidence would be there’s reports down
there of
some of these men after they’ve crossed
through the Gap and they get to one of
the first camps uh there’s a hotel you
call it a hotel it’s like a one-star
five-star hotel for the daring Gap
um and in one of these hotels it’s right
next to one of these migrant Refugee
centers uh there are reports of them
going to this hotel buying a chicken
slicing open its throat and drinking the
chicken blood which is a ritual of the
people’s Liberation Army that’s been
documented down there so I mean that’s
some anecdotal evidence that these
people coming over here are definitely
Chinese Special Forces or people’s
Liberation Army or you know whatever
branch of the Armed Forces
it’s unbelievable and I think some of
our audience will be watching saying no
no no no this is xenophobia this is um
you know this is
that’s exactly what it is with you know
and I’ve seen it in our comments when
we’ve covered this story before people
say I just can’t believe it I can’t
believe that there’s an intentional
invasion of the United States I just I
find it so hard to believe what do you
say to those people you’re watching it
happen in Panama
oh yeah I mean I’ll shatter that right
now you don’t have to listen to me don’t
listen to me at all I’m going to point
you to a un document you could read
their papers and if you don’t believe
that then I don’t know what to tell you
you could go look up everybody watching
this can go look up the paper uh
migration in the 2030 agenda that’s
written by the iom the international
organization of vibration which is the
migration arm of the United Nations and
it says in there it calls these quote
unquote migrants which we to get to that
in a second that word that’s that’s
there’s a misuse of that word going on
but we can get to that in a second but
it calls these migrants agents of
development and it says that the goal of
migration in the 2030 agenda in this
blueprint it says that the goal is to
facilitate not to stop migration so I
mean it says it right there and you can
read the whole document I mean it gets
even worse
um you could read the replacement
migration replacement migration document
that was put out in I believe the year
different case scenarios for uh
different countries including the United
States and I believe for the United
States there’s five case scenarios out
and one of them there’s almost a billion
people that they show migrating into the
US it’s absolutely insane you guys can
read these documents from the U.N if you
don’t believe myself or Clayton
yeah no great Point great point so it’s
not hyperbole you’re watching these
individuals you’re speaking to them
you’re seeing these documents
um and can you dive more deeply in we
just touched a little bit on what these
documents actually say and how can you
point more uh more specifically what
sort of blueprint this is for for these
immigrants that are coming across the
border and also can you you said that
word immigrants being used in in a wrong
way can you explain what you mean there
absolutely so the word well the word
migrant is being used in the wrong way
and this started coming I mean the word
migrant has been used uh for a while but
now apparently you know people that
cross all these millions of people six
million people since Joe Biden has been
president have crossed into the United
States illegally through the southern
border and we call these people migrants
that’s not a migrant what what what is a
the definition of migration it’s like a
seasonal thing right like a migratory
animal will go to a certain place to
some Watering Hole or just to feed on
some you know on something for a part of
the year and then we’ll go back to where
it came from these people aren’t going
back these people are illegally
immigrating into the United States and
they’re here to stay so we need to call
it as is we need to say the word illegal
immigrant that’s what it is that doesn’t
dehumanize these people that’s just
calling out the crime that’s committed
when you don’t come to a port of entry
into the United States
would you say that this is a national
security threat to the United States
that goes without saying um you know one
of the things that people need to stop
doing when it comes to this issue is
trying to qualify their statements you
know I see people in discussion groups
and on Twitter and yesterday I was in a
Twitter space and you know people are
trying to qualify their statement and
they’re saying why this is a problem and
why they’re not a racist because they’re
talking about like you don’t need to
even discuss that I mean you see it with
your own eyes what’s going on you see
these hundreds of thousands of people
pouring in here every month it’s an
invasion I mean it fits the definition
of an invasion so you need to call it
out as it is and be very uh appropriate
with your not let the devil take your
tongue because that’s what’s going on
here people don’t want to talk about it
because they’re worried about being
labeled a racist or xenophobe or
um and then even then they won’t call it
as it is they won’t say it’s a legal
um so it is a national security threat
you have to say that outright 80 000
Chinese Nationals across into the United
States over the last two or three years
um out of that 80 000 listen you only
need a few of them to go take out a
power station or blow up a warehouse or
do a number of other things or just go
steal critical intelligence hey go get a
job at X Y and Z uh send us intelligence
from there or you know wait for the
command and start sabotaging the place
one thing I will say and this is also
interesting and you guys could go see
this on in one of the
videos I’ve put out is I interviewed a
Chinese illegal alien that I met in the
Darien Gap who is now living in the
United States and I talked to him and he
told me that it’s known within their
circles that the CCP police are here in
the United States and if you speak out
against them they will show up at your
house and threaten you with arrest and
if they arrest you they’ll kidnap you
back to China so and this is told to me
by a Chinese legal alien that’s here now
and they know this in their circles so
even if some of these people are coming
over here and they’re good people you
know they don’t want to commit any sort
of Acts of sabotage or whatever if the
CCP police somehow find them and say hey
you know what I mean your uncle such and
such is going to be in trouble unless
you do X Y and Z you go that’s the
national security threat
um but yeah this is all about agenda
the sovereignty of the United States and
uh changing our Republicans we know it
that’s what this is when you hear
secretary mayorkas saying that the bite
Administration has a quote very
thoughtful comprehensive approach to
irregular migration to our Southern
border end quote
I mean what exactly does he mean
it’s a joke and this is what I’m saying
quality it’s kind of in the same vein as
qualifying statements it’s like they say
these things and then we debate well is
it true what does he mean by that no
it’s a joke
it’s propaganda it’s like Soviet Union
prob the level propaganda I mean there’s
there’s nothing to that again all you
got to do anybody watching this honestly
everybody watching this if you’re
interested just take a trip to the
southern border that’s how I got started
doing this just go show up go to McAllen
Texas uh go to El Paso and just drive
along the border you’ll see it happening
very easily go talk to a border patrol
agent and go say Hey you know uh just
tell them you’re a journalist they don’t
know the difference you don’t need a
special credential anything to say hey
I’m a journalist I want to go uh find
some crosshairs I want to see some
action can you tell me where to go
they’ll tell you exactly where to go go
to Yuma Arizona another one you just
wait there and you’ll see it happening
and then you will see very quickly that
this is a propaganda slide
are you seeing other National media
there it seems
it seems like they kind of come in waves
and then they disappear uh with all in
June we had a record number of people
coming across the border I didn’t hear
any mainstream media coverage of it when
you’re down there do you see a lot of
reporters from mainstream media
organizations covering the story
no I don’t actually I would say I know
there’s the one gentleman I think his
name is Bill malusian from
um from Fox News he’s yeah he’s a
mainstream guy other than that it seems
to be mostly independent people showing
up down there I’ve seen the epoch times
down there
but yeah I mean I’ll tell you what
that’s just on the southern border if we
were to go further into the Darion Gap I
think it’s it’s a handful of people that
have been covering that and I would say
that’s you have to understand that to
understand what’s going on here because
these people aren’t just spawning at the
southern border and crossing over the
daring Gap is you know kind of the the
uh the beach head of this whole Invasion
and I’ll get you out of here on this if
you could explain to our audience the
dairy and GAP we’ve covered it
extensively here on the show but I’d
love to hear your take on it and it
seems like a number of international
organizations have set up what you want
to call them camps you want to call them
sort of waypoints you want to call them
I don’t know hospitals service centers
right there in the Darien Gap with buses
and non-stop bus routes right to the
United States border and handing them
medical kits and and handing girls young
girls uh pregnancy kits and all sorts of
um when you’re there who are you seeing
where where are these uh where are these
people coming from and how exactly are
they getting to the United States
yeah I mean so in short what the deal is
down there is you have the entire world
over 100 different countries flying to
South America uh they’re flying to keto
Ecuador because over there it’s very
easy entry requirements anybody can get
into keto Ecuador then they illegally
cross into Columbia and by the way this
is all written in that translated
Chinese document if you want to read it
through audience so this is part of the
blueprint this is this is detailed in
the blueprint yeah there’s a detail in
the blueprint and all these people know
all these people somehow know from 100
different countries know exactly what to
do so you know I mean there’s a Chinese
blueprint I’m sure there’s blueprint in
every language that people have put
together and sent through these uh these
groups I mean you could find these
smuggling groups on on Facebook and
whatnot it’s very easy to find but we’re
not going to get into that so anyway
what happens is the whole world is
flying into keto Ecuador then they cross
illegally into Colombia and then they
Trek through the daring gap which
connects North and South America very
thin strip of land and that’s Lawless
jungle and I’m here so we’ll shatter a
myth right now the idea that this is
some sort of humanitarian operation
before these people go through the
jungle they’re handed by the iom the
international organization of migration
the migration out of the U.N like we
mentioned they’re handed what I would
call a rape kit I’m not sure what they
call them but these kits have uh you
know male and female condoms day after
pills and I believe whistles and they’re
given these kits and they’ve said
they’re told hey you know if you’re
raped in the jungle at least you got
this kid they’re pawns is what they’re
using with pawns they just want to send
them over here numbers or some of them
get taken out or raped from the process
they don’t care
um so there you go just shattered a myth
that this is about humanitarianism then
they cross into Panama and then once
they get into Panama they make it
through the jungle
um they’re greeted by the UN and
Associated International agencies such
as the Red Cross the Norwegian Refugee
Council doctors out borders and a number
of others and they’re actually given for
example Maps I have right in front of me
a map from the Red Cross that details
the whole route to get from Panama to
the U.S border I mean multiple different
routes and multiple different entry
points and it has about 200 different
stops that are friendly to illegal
immigrants where you can stop and charge
your phone and get food
um and then they’re also given you know
various Aid packages and sent on their
merry way to the United States and
that’s what’s going on it’s a whole
staging Point basically where they can
recuperate get instructions and
materials to then ultimately make their
way all the way up to the US border
unbelievable remarkable story Anthony I
encourage our audience we’ll have it
linked up to go over to
read the reporting from Anthony and uh
and the team over there this is really
stunning has the Biden Administration
commented at all about these blueprints
that’d be pretty cool no they have not
well President Biden’s on the beach for
you know what the priorities are right
now for the next 10 days uh Anthony
thank you so much thanks for the great
reporting on this we appreciate you
joining us
thank you sir I appreciate it
yeah and uh I would encourage if anyone
you know I see most people agree with
this and say yeah this all makes sense I
saw one or two people in the chat um
while Anthony was talking there saying
this that this you know BS
uh what part like the fact that this is
actually happening the 186 increase over
the past month or BS that this is
actually happening uh in terms of a
blueprint that they’re being handed um
go read the report look at the documents
yourself and read what the United
Nations has to say about it so love to
hear your thoughts on that let me know
in the comments below all right well we
have more news to get you we’re gonna
get to you that’s right yes yeah we’re
good you can go ahead uh no I wouldn’t
tell them words they’re not floating
um yeah so Kenya of course is now coming
forward saying hey you know we’re going
to send thousands of people thousands of
helpful police officers to Haiti to
assist with Biden’s invasion of Haiti uh
the United States have been trying to
find sort of a puppet government who
would step in and send a military force
uh to Haiti because the United States
doesn’t really want to do it they just
want to facilitate the invasion in order
to pilfer their resources and turn it
into a a basically a de facto Garrison
State for the United States where we can
go in and take bauxite and all the other
minerals that Haiti has sound familiar
so now Kenya is stepping in I guess they
want to get their hands on some stuff
too so we will cover that story in a
moment thank you so much for watching
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