GB News apparently had Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes Back on Sunday, and she dropped even MORE FIRE TRUTH

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes discusses media corruption, mentioning Operation Mockingbird and the CIA’s involvement. They note that Obama repealed the Smith-Mundt Act in 1948, allowing incredible propaganda in broadcasting. They mention Obama’s warning about fake news and the subsequent response from the establishment and media. Furthermore, they highlight how Congress tried to limit Trump’s ability to run again, and the investigation into Hunter Biden by Republicans. They discuss an investigation by the Department of Justice and suggest Trump’s strategic thinking on a high level. They mention Trump’s Mar-a-Lago situation in relation to the Presidential Emergency Act and suggest Biden’s continuation of certain executive orders.


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And that is part of why we have this corrupt media. You could go to Wikipedia and find Operation Mockingbird that the CIA has been in there forever. Then Obama repealed the 1948 Smith Month Act, which then permitted propaganda to be in broadcasting. It no longer said that it had to be credible. And so when he came out and said fake news, he warned us at the end of his speech that it is going to be very hard, the establishment, the media, the globalists are all going to come after. They’re going to try to intimidate, but he needed to smoke him out. And guess what happened? The next day, Congress on the Democrat side wanted to create a law that he couldn’t run. Then what happened was the Republicans came out and said they were going to investigate Hunter Biden. And Friday, the Department of Justice, AG, launched an investigation and he put the most corrupt prosecutor who hates Trump on it. Donald Trump actually plays chess on a 5D level and you never can anticipate what his next move is going to be. He said that his Mar-Lago was seized upon was that they really wanted to get the peeds, the Presidential Emergency Act document, which is only what Trump knows and the military that he had to put in place. Because before he left, he declared two national emergencies. And you know what, Biden hasn’t reversed that. Biden has signed on to three of his executive orders to continue them going. So we have some very fascinating things that are going to come out.

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