Glenn Beck, Why were THESE 3 Jan. 6 riot facts KEPT FROM the American People?

Steve Baker talks about the investigation into the incidents surrounding January 6th and the Capitol hack. He talks about the 41,000 hours of video footage from around 1700 cameras on the Capitol campus on that day. There’s a discussion about Julie Farnham, an intelligence officer at the Capitol Police, and her involvement in revamping the intelligence division before the events. The probe brings up issues with operationalizing intelligence, the pipe bombs discovered on Capitol grounds, withheld evidence, and continued efforts to uncover the truth. The way the events were handled and any potential cover-up emphasize how important justice and openness are.

Why were THESE 3 Jan. 6 riot facts KEPT FROM the American People?

Steve Baker welcome to the program good to be back man thanks for having me so I had you on I think it was last week and we were talking about the 12 000 hours that you have been promised your first up to view because you’re working on a story for the Blaze and you have found some pretty shocking things but you need to verify before you even write this you need to verify on tape correct that’s correct it’s actually 41 000 hours it’s it’s roughly the math is the 41 000 hours by a time uh 1700 plus cameras that are available in the uh Capital campus and that would be the 24-hour day of January 6th that’s where that 41 000 hour uh number comes from so they are going to court today to try to cordon off some of this tape and say you can’t see it because of National Security is that going to Prevail and will that affect you it’s it’s a interesting question because we have as you know uh had limited access there’s only been five journalists given access up to this point the first and most public of those was Tucker Carlson’s staff’s access and then Julie Kelly John Solomon uh Joe hanneman from The Epic Times and myself were the only five up to this point that we know of who have been given that access and then there’s been a pause button hit and we were told that the reason why this pause button was hit was because they were developing a new media guideline when this was coming directly from speaker McCarthy’s staff and with this new guidelines that were going to be published and this was supposed to be published over a month ago and then I got a call from a staffer last week who told me very specifically he said you were first back in you you’re you were the guy we know what you’re working on we want this story out and you’re going to be the first one back in under the new guidelines and they told me that this guidelines was going to be out last Friday well that didn’t happen and so we still haven’t seen the guidelines and I’m wondering if there’s not some connection to this new Judicial Watch uh but it’s not a new Judicial Watch filing by the way they filed this lawsuit back in February of 21 just a month after January 6th but the point being is is that the Capitol Police themselves do not want people to have access to this video so that’s what that’s what’s coming up in court today that’s the decision that prevents us from getting back in that is a real problem this is the people’s videotape this is the people’s house the people’s uh capital and we’re not allowed to see the videotape I don’t buy it’s not for um and a reason that is less than dark so yesterday yesterday we had uh former capital police officer on with us and he said uh nobody knows who Julie Farnham is and everyone should know do you know her and what can you tell us about her Julie Farnham was hired by the Capitol Police uh just uh October of 2020 so just three months before January 6th and she was brought in to basically revamp which was a what they referred to in uh the January 6 committee testimony as being a failing agency or failing division uh itself and she came from Homeland Security she was actually oversaw what they called their immigration betting division imagine what that was like yeah but she did she did say that that was a significant intelligence position that she held and that she was uh uh been brought in to oversee this 12-person internal Intel analyst division at the Capitol Police what she describes as an intelligent consuming division not an Intel Gathering division whatever that means uh but but I will tell you this that there’s not really anything nefarious at all as a matter of fact her her testimony even before Pelosi’s j6 select committee is is quite uh damning as to what was available to them she was very clear that they had significant in Intel in fact they had Intel that said specifically that there were going to be a large number of armed and with weapons uh protesters uh coming to the Capitol that day that there was actual intent to actually invade the capital that day and that furthermore there were there was Intelligence that they intended to actually take out Congress members and with all of that intelligence there and reported to the January 6 committee this information has never been shared with the American public but I have the transcript of her testimony holy cow so um Farnham she worked for Farnam right in the intelligence arm of uh the capital yes okay yeah she she would have been reporting directly to uh assistant chief Yogananda Pittman who was the head of uh Capital police intelligence okay and then when she moves over to the chief of police Pittman uh then Farnam goes where Barnum was with the agency for our with the the department the Capitol Police as their what they call assistant director of intelligence and interagency coordination so she headed up that division for about two and a half years before she went back into apparently private practice she’s no longer lived with them that she left in May of this year okay so why would he say yesterday that we need to know her she sounds like a good guy yeah I I will I will tell you that the background that I have personally done on Barnum doesn’t give me any indication that she herself had any nefarious intent but I will tell you that again going back to her testimony before the select committee that there there are more clues about what um uh Lieutenant Johnson said in that that she absolutely called an intelligence meeting with the upper echelon of Capitol Police leadership and this was on January 4th in which she specifically says that um both Chief Gallagher and chief Pittman were present and she even says to the committee it is my understanding that chief’s son was not invited quote unquote hmm so who would have the power or what would the motivation be for Pittman not to pass all of this Intel along well what would be the motivation I mean we we have to you know with any any type of uh government operation we have to start with uh incompetence we you know we always start there and when we’re talking about the the uh the the actual police department administrated by the largest most incompetent government in the world you know it’s a fair place to start before you get into malfeasance or malevolence or anything of that sort but the fact that they knew and this is this isn’t very very important for the American people to know is not only that they have the intelligence and it wasn’t just from their own internal analysts this this intelligence of uh of a significant event that was coming their way was a testified uh to by many other sources we know that the FBI was sharing intelligence with them they were receiving intelligence all the way from the New York Police Department that there was a significant nefarious operators that were going to be descending on BC that day and then of course we also have heard as we heard in the Tucker Carlson Stevenson interview last week that we had both the chairman of the joints case of Staff Millie as well as the uh Secretary of Defense Chris Miller wanted to shut DC down they wanted to close they wanted to cancel all of the permitted events and this is the other thing that Americans don’t know is that the Capitol Police themselves had issued at least six what they call First Amendment protest permits that day these were signed off by the Capitol Police in which they knew that members of Congress were going to be speaking at some of those side stage events on the capitol property we’re not talking about the big rally that Trump was holding at the ellipse but these were events that were scheduled permitted legally so signed off by the Capitol Police leadership and for some reason none of that information was ever passed down to their uh command level officers like Lieutenant Johnson none of that information was ever shared in their morning roll call briefings that morning we know from multiple testimonies uh both on the record and off the record with Capitol police officers front line officers that they knew nothing about what was coming their way that day we even heard those testimonies in trials in the first oathkeeper trial there was an officer by the name of Ryan salki and he was he was a brave officer he stood his ground on the East door that’s where the famous Columbus doors are he he was getting beaten manhandled he was getting just drenched in all manner of pepper spray and OC spray and he never left his post until that door was finally breached and in that trial he was asked under cross-examination if he knew about the permitted events on the capitol grounds that day he said no he said the only thing I know and I quote from my own notes because I was there at that trial he said I only knew something was happening at the White House what do you what conclusion do you draw and are we ever going to get to the end of this are we ever going to find out what really happened what happened to the pipe bombers what happened where is that well exactly look when I I draw the same conclusion as Tucker did in that interview last week uh this sounds like a setup and and it and there’s just too many missing or there’s too many elements here too many uh connective tissues correct showing that it was for this to be just gross in confidence and in fact in in farnam’s um uh assessment one of the last things that question that she was asked was was this a failure leading up to uh January 6 and her answer was very simply this she said I don’t think it was a failure of intelligence I think it was a failure to operationalize the intelligence and of course she would not have had the uh it was not her position to do and write the morning briefings for those officers that day somebody had that information obviously it goes right up to Pittman’s office and she had a briefing with them on the fourth that information was shared and for some reason they did not disseminate that to their officers that day do you know what happened with or where we are on the pipe bomb is that just over we’re not looking for as well it’s it’s still called an open investigation which is why in recent hearings on on the hill that they won’t answer questions about it because as you know they always say well that’s an open investigation I can’t talk about it Jesus but but I will tell you this we know that the pipe bombs themselves were inoperable they were um they were stunt pieces they were never intended to go off they were basically diversionary tactics because the first one was found in the minutes before the first barricade breach at about 12 52 PM that day and then the second was found just after that and when both of those were found and you can hear it on the capitol police radio comms which I’ve heard all of them I’ve heard hours and hours of their radio communications I’ve read the transcripts that there is uh absolutely was chaos in that moment because now the the undermanned capital police which is a whole other story in and of itself is why a department with almost 2 000 uniformed officers that day only had a couple hundred available on campus at the time and then they were additionally diverted because those pipe bombs were found at buildings under the purview and the responsibility of the capital police else it is almost like what a terrorist does when they set off a bomb and all the First Responders go there and are distracted from what really is going on or they’re blown up at the at the site they dragged them in I think these guys with the pipe bombs clearly were dragging the Capitol Police away so things could get uh much much worse Steven your investigation that you’re doing and we don’t want to give out any details until you find what you’re looking for you say you have the Smoking Gun you just have to get it and hopefully it’s not you’re not shut out from it after today’s hearing but how close are you really to being able to prove that this was at least aided and abetted by somebody in our government I I can tell you that there were specific circumstances that have been produced in trials and given to the American people through the media sources the mainstream media mostly that stories that have been told in those trials are not what uh the truth uh is is shown through these videos we we have we have clear-cut examples that I have found of and there’s just no other way to say it I have found as I think I said to you last last week of the kill shot on actual um manufacturing of evidence that did not exist by the by the truth of the video a reveal as well as the suppression of exculpatory evidence in some of these trials uh that is is nothing more than a conspiracy by both the Department of Justice and FBI to create evidence out of whole cloth to convict individuals as well as to suppress evidence usually when that happens everybody is released because if they’re suppressing evidence or doing anything else you can’t trust any of the court cases at all do you think you’ll see these people go free I I think that once we once we reveal this information and Glenn to be honest with you if they block us from getting the uh access to the videos I’ve already seen it I’ve read at least a dozen other people into this as well as other eyeballs have seen the information that that I have found in fact we we called uh after the first day of what we stumbled upon I immediately got on the phone called Mike Howell from the oversight project at uh the Heritage Foundation and had him come over and I showed him what we found because I needed somebody else’s eyeballs on this that it was that big and it was that important so even if they they uh withhold the access to in other words they don’t give me the video clips on a hard drive and allow us to to show this to the American people I already have the camera numbers I have the timelines and we will reveal the cover-up if we have to go that far wow uh thank you for everything that you’re doing Steve I appreciate it uh I I just I think Americans are just tired of all of this and just want Justice one way or another you know if bad guys are on our side put them in jail if bad guys are on the other side put them in jail um I’m I’m so tired of this game that they’re playing and our children and our children’s lives and opportunities all at stake all at stake for what so they can have more power and more money it’s grotesque Steve thank you thank you Glenn appreciate it you know I was um at our our daily uh meeting with the producers today and Michaela said man today oh today I just I read all of the the news in the show prep and uh it just hit me so hard I I’m really having a hard time I had to stop and pray and I I’m like really because I thought today was kind of a slow news day kind of the typical it’s weird how some days you know it hit us differently um we are in the Battle of Our Lives for the battle of the Republic and I personally think there is so much good news the Log Jam we are so close so close to being able to unravel this whole thing and Americans are waking up stay calm cool and collected

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