How Bidenomics is Creating the MOST DANGEROUS Point of the Republic

everything that is going on is under attack and you are now seeing the results and if america doesn’t look to examples uh… of let’s say san francisco or la and you don’t actually see what’s going on you you you’re going to be caught uh… uh… and be surprised and be like when did this happen it’s happening right now and it is incredible to me that if you listen to this woman who just posted something on uh… on facebook or wherever she had just been out shopping during the middle of the day she lives in san francisco and listen to her and listen to her voice shake she is truly frightened i’m literally shaking right now i was just getting groceries and i live in san francisco and i never really feel fully safe if you live in san francisco i’m sure you know what i’m talking about and i just got groceries i’m walking out of the store and this guy is walking past me and says move you stupid spits in my face but it’s all over my face and then i say excuse me did you just spit in my face and he says move or all rape you there’s also people everywhere and everyone’s just walking by because they’re like i can’t handle something else in san francisco it’s always something else i don’t even know why i’m posting this if you live in san francisco do you feel this way all the time i don’t feel safe ever it literally never feel safe it’s better once daylight but nighttime no not leave my house jeez who who who wants to live there who wants to live there and at the same time they’re doing this the bi-demonstration is trying to take your guns Gavin Newsom is doing what still yeah Gavin Newsom is literally running ads right now for his proposal to amend the constitution the twenty-eighth amendment which in his view would reverse the second amendment and repeal the second amendment now i will give new some some credit here because he’s the only person on the left who’s honest about what they want to do and he’s actually trying to do it the right way right like it’s very much in our system to to overturn the second amendment if you amend the constitution and he is at least in this one instance trying to do things the right way so i give him some credit for that but this is exactly what they want to do they want to take away your ability to defend yourself while creating environments like this poor woman is talking about this is this is a direct result of the policies of the left and everybody knows it there’s been no big conservative governance of San Francisco in recent memory so look what they’ve done they have taken away the police and said let’s reimagine the police so now in San Francisco there’s no police they’re not responding you’re by yourself you can’t have a gun so you’re locked in your house well that kind of goes to something that they want to happen you’re not going anywhere then they take away your ability to uh to drive because gas is so expensive and it’s going to get worse and worse and worse so they’re taking away your ability to get into a car or an airplane and fly they’re trapping you in your house they are devaluing your money so you don’t have the freedom that money could help get you out of that system they’ve trapped your kids into schools that are nothing but indoctrination camps look at what is happening they’re dismantling absolutely every safety and every freedom that you have freedom isn’t freedom unless it’s freedom of opportunity and freedom of thought so we know that they’re taking away your freedom of thought they’ll share they’ll they’ll shout you down but more importantly they’re taking away your opportunity to be safe your opportunity to be happy and content your opportunity to live your life the way you want to live it your opportunity to eat the way you want to eat the opportunity for you to drive or consume the way you want to consume and i’m not saying that it’s good or bad either choice that you might make what i’m saying is it should be your choice and they are trapping you and making you feel like there’s no hope for tomorrow and what does that lead to that leads to you crying out for a strong man and believe me one side or the other we already have one now they’re not totally there but they are damn close i mean they are a hairs trigger away from just seizing all of the power and making an all powerful executive and what’s happening on the other side on the right more and more people are like these people have got to be stopped there’s got to be somebody some unrestrained executive that can just through executive order make all of this stuff stop this we are at the inflection point and the most dangerous point the republic has ever been in because both sides are going to be convinced i can’t stop the other side without an all powerful government and then you lose your country forever and glenna you know a lot of this stuff is happening in a period of like i’d say arguable arguably it’s almost calm compared to what might be coming i mean obviously you have a book out currently called dark future so i know you’ve thought about this quite a bit i know Carol Roth has talked about this particular thing as well when you’re talking about the i keep coming back to this commercial real estate situation you know think about what we’re talking about here these cities have turned into cesspools they are terrifying everyone no one wants to live in the many more because it’s super incredibly scary you you might have the san francisco thing happen you might have the portland thing happen you might have lost angeles all these cities look really bad i was embossed on this weekend new york new york is really had rough stretch as well i was embossed in which i would say is somewhat shielded from the worst aspects of this so far but add on the fact that i was talking to a friend of mine who works for a financial institution and so he goes into they go into the covid period he’s in massachusetts obviously they’re shut down for multiple years he doesn’t go into the office at all now things have opened back up and he’s going back into the office two days a week and that is his reality from here going forward now he loves that he gets to work at home three days a week it’s you know he doesn’t have to commute in obviously Boston known for its terrible traffic issues it’s great for a lot of the workers but think about what this means for these giant companies who have entire buildings of offices they don’t need them and we’re in and and people say like well i mean we already went through covid but like these these companies gone correct me if i’m wrong they don’t have two year leases they have ten year leases on these buildings twenty year leases and as these things expire none of them are going to renew and what happens to all this space is going to be empty in cities that are surrounded by drug addicts and homeless people in crime why what is going to happen at the end of the cycle okay so let me i may i make it worse for you yes please yes they have ten and twenty year leases however it’s about fifty percent i can’t remember it’s been too long since i’ve looked at this number it is an enormous enormous number between to be safe 40 and 70 percent of all commercial big commercial property leases and everything else are coming up in the next two years so all of those have to be refinanced well if you’re losing money who’s going to refinance it what bank is going to say oh that big empty building yeah i’m going to roll the dice on that because things are coming back and turning around when that commercial property starts to implode and you can’t get alone for that commercial property if you think things are bad now wait until that starts to implode because that will just spiral out of control from our cities to our banks to our houses and listen to the what the Washington Post says today these people are such dangerous liars it is it’s beyond it’s it’s beyond bad it’s beyond uh slant it’s beyond it is it is truly treasonous not to america but to human beings what they’re doing listen to this the u.s economy is great stop worrying about it is it possible for economic news to be a little too good if many economic worries seem to be dwindling is that a reason to be scared after periods of success our economies do for a couple come up and perhaps even more reason stemming from the earlier achievement what prompts these questions is the current u.s economy the good news is evident what what are you talking about are you talking to anyone who lives a normal life i was just with a mom and her daughter who is it’s this amazing amazing mom and daughter she the daughter is very very sick with a rare kidney disorder mom has to move out of her house that she’s been renting because the landlord the daughter is going to move in there and so they’re trying to find a place they can’t find anything they can’t find anything that they can afford and they’re living out in the middle of nowhere i mean i got to be honest with you i live in the middle of nowhere they can’t afford it here so they could go to another state they could go to another city but they can’t because they’re on medicare and all of her insurance depends on where she is and they don’t know what to do they don’t know what to do they can’t afford rent because rent is so much worse than buying right now because people are buying up all not people companies are buying up all of the rentals and they’re just jacking up the price all over the country is anybody gone is anybody at the Washington Post is it possible for economic news to be too good have you gone shopping have you tried to live on an average person salary and gone shopping people right now that i know are pretty well off i mean you know they’re like me growing up i wasn’t poor you know and to buy today standards we were like dirt poor but we didn’t feel poor we had a decent life we struggled but it was no big deal yeah i drank powdered milk i thought that was normal at the time people like this they’re decimated just decimated because their wages aren’t going up prices are going up and worse the value of the dollar is going down you are so close to Bidenomics explosion you’re at ground zero and leaflets are now falling from the bombers saying hey better get out of there soon and what is the Washington post doing lying to you don’t listen to these people they’re the same people that told you everything would be good in San Francisco they said the same thing these are the same people that told you we were re-imagine the police and it’s all going to be fine they’re the same people that said uh don’t worry about your banks don’t worry we’ll never ever have a bad turn in 2008 they’re telling it to you now again they’re the same people that are telling you that men can be women and women can be men they are liars dangerous evil liars stop listening to them

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