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Glenn Beck and Carol Roth, distinguished figures in the world of literature and business, have achieved a significant milestone as their collaborative work secured a spot on the prestigious New York Times Bestseller list, further cementing their influence on readers. Their book’s inclusion on the coveted list reflects its immense popularity and impact, solidifying its status as a must-read. Meanwhile, the Food Action Alliance and the new green energy initiatives continue to gain traction, marking essential strides in promoting sustainable practices and a greener future. On another front, President Joe Biden’s regulatory agenda has already proven to be influential, and recent developments indicate it is set to impact various sectors even more profoundly. These emerging changes carry far-reaching implications, shaping the trajectory of our society and presenting new opportunities and challenges alike.

If Biden makes THIS climate executive order, it could affect EVERY aspect of your life

Glenn Beck

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so President Joe Biden’s regulatory
agenda has proven to be even more costly
than that of former president Barack
Obama through the first 30 months of
their respective presidencies now this
was just put together by the American
action forum
and Biden’s regular regulatory state has
that’s great
now that’s just through two and a half
two and a half years now Obama had
issued 926 final rules which led to 2.0
I’m sorry
and 145 million hours of paperwork but
he’s he wants to go further and what
they’re looking at now what they’re
looking at
uh is you know the 19 billion dollars in
total cost and the 4.4 million in annual
paperwork hours that he issued just last
week not far enough Congress is saying
hey maybe we should have
a declared emergency because it’s hot
okay all right okay uh probably not the
best idea
but we are joined Now by Carol Roth who
has this and so many other things
they’re all related uh and all related
to her new book you will own nothing
which is a New York Times bestseller by
the way New York Times bestseller her
first week out uh her book beat mine on
the New York Times bestseller list New
York Times bestseller list of course by
one but both of us were just shy of the
top ten which is so weird because we’re
the number one and number two or number
two and number three book uh in America
but can’t seem to make it to the top ten
do you know why
because all of the bookstores and the
airports and everything else where you
go to buy a book they put out front the
top 10 best-selling books according to
the New York Times the airports order
the top 10 books of the country so this
way gosh darn it they just ah they just
don’t have to order those two books and
they want to really badly Carol welcome
to the program
good for
New York Times bestseller but it was so
clear that they didn’t even want to put
it on the list if you look at the
description of my book somebody said it
looked like a I wrote it it was like a
person wrote some stuff about things
that literally was like the description
of them
wow did they even put it on all together
but you’re right your book yeah I know
top of the New York Times bestseller
uh so Carol congratulations on the
success of this but I want to talk to
you about a couple of things today I’m
seeing the news come out that the
president is is holding back he doesn’t
want to
uh but he may be forced by the members
of Congress to
issue an emergency declaration which
would in which would affect air travel
car travel and every aspect of your life
um I remember the last time we had a
president declare a state of an
emergency and it wasn’t good
what are your thoughts on this yeah I
was going to say I’ve I’ve seen the
original movie and I’m not very
interested in the sequel I’m very
excited that they have all discovered
summer I personally am very happy that
we have fossil fuels that can power
things like air conditioning and
Refrigeration so that when the
temperature changes as it always has
done throughout you know all of time
that we can deal with it if it becomes
too hot or too cold that’s you know this
this neat technology and these wonderful
fossil fuels that improve our lives in
human flourishing but they love an
emergency because an emergency
allows for Central planning and an
exercise of power it allows them to
shape the economy it allows them to pick
winners and losers it allows them to
take people who are socially
unacceptable and remove their economic
opportunities and remove their freedoms
it allows them to control what’s being
said on social media that was so
delicious they did not want covid to end
covid only ended because a bunch of us
stood up and said we’re done and you had
that one judge who said no more mass
mandates on planes which I was reliably
told we were all going to die after that
happened and you know we’re still here
and once that happened that was you know
sort of the symbolic end to it and they
said okay you know we can’t do this
anymore but wow if we could just concoct
another emergency that would give us the
opportunity to control these things
which by the way is what this climate
catastrophization is all about you know
it’s this existential threat where
nobody’s actually acting like in its
emergency but we need to tell people
that the future of the earth is at stake
just like happened back in War of the
so there are there are some amazing
things that are are happening
um let me go to John Kerry the audio of
John Kerry talking about limiting the
food supply we played this yesterday I
want to play it again today for for you
because they even talk about how a
climate emergency would give the
president access to all of the
Agricultural bills in the United States
bypass Congress and become very
Draconian on agriculture here’s John
Kerry agriculture contributes about 33
percent of all the emissions of the
depending a little bit on how you count
it but it’s anywhere from 26 to 33. and
we can’t get to Net Zero
we don’t get this job done
unless agriculture is front and center
is part of the solution but with a
growing population on the planet we just
crossed the threshold of 8 billion
fellow citizens around the world we just
crossed that in this last year emissions
from the food system alone
are projected to cause another half a
degree of warming
by mid-century on the current course
that we are today a two degree future
could result in an additional 600
million people not getting enough to eat
and you just can’t continue to both warm
the planet
while also expecting to feed it
Carol what’s that mean to you yeah yeah
I mean so I don’t know whether to to
laugh or to cry you know obviously this
is so incredibly nefarious they’re
wanting to interfu interfere with the
food system but listen to what he just
said he said people are going to starve
so we have to get rid of Agriculture
what like on what planet does he think
that sentence makes any sense
to be fair hang on just a sec to be fair
he’s not saying let’s get rid of it he’s
just saying let’s redesign it from seed
to fork and I have not seen you know
it’s one thing when somebody comes out
with an electric car that works can
power itself is wonderful like Tesla
they sell when it’s jammed down people’s
throats and like for Ford not knowing
what they’re really doing just being
forced to do it it doesn’t sell you know
you invent a better mousetrap and people
will flock to it
but they don’t invent new mouse traps
they don’t have the new mousetrap they
keep promising a new mousetrap but it
doesn’t show up and we’re doing that
with energy and now terrifyingly we are
doing it to food as well stop what
you’re doing and then we’ll tell you
what we are gonna do
yeah no I think this is an intentional
messing with things that work for their
own gain one of the things that I
researched and you own nothing is
something that came out of the world
economic Forum Rabbit Hole it was called
the food action Alliance and basically
they said they want to bring together
the International Community to tackle an
urgent historic challenge to reshape the
way we think produce and consume food
which by the way has been working really
really well until all of these lunatics
started getting involved so this is
something that they’ve been on this is
that food action Alliance they had put
in place with Mark Ruda who was the
former prime minister at the time of the
Netherlands season’s been removed but
the Netherlands is the second largest
food exporter in the World Behind the
United States
so they’re certainly going after the
places where there’s meaningful food
supply which is working quite well and
then all of a sudden claiming under the
guise of climate or you know whatever
hysteria they’re coming up with that
they need to tackle some sort of an
urgent problem that doesn’t exist and so
that’s very frightening to me that
they’re coming trying to come up with
these solutions to problems that don’t
exist which means that they’re reshaping
this in order to maintain their wealth
and power and we know throughout history
Glenn when this happens when you have
the central planning around food that
people end up starving because you
cannot replicate that the way that the
free market does and a lot of times it’s
not even the growth of food it’s just
the getting it to where it needs to go
um but but we need to keep these people
out of it and by the way we need to
focus on the decentralization of farming
and farmland because that’s the other
big issue is that you have a lot of
these Elite wealthy well-connected
University endowments and the like that
are buying a productive land including
Farmland including ranches including
Vineyards with water rights and the like
and you know I the Mega Millions are
tonight over a billion dollars I have
stated that if I were to win that the
number one thing I’m doing is helping
Farmers stay independent because I think
it’s going to be that much of a an
urgent situation
oh big time Big Time I mean when I heard
them talking about a National Emergency
for climate change I have to tell you
that that effects they can do anything
stay in your home you are required to
keep your heat or your air conditioning
uh you know at 80 degrees uh I mean they
can do absolutely anything they want
with an emergency and and Congress
really can’t do anything about it
this is a little terrifying when you see
the power that they are grabbing onto
what their plan is to you know give us
new green energy but we don’t have the
new green energy uh and so what they’re
doing is just shutting all of our energy
down we don’t have the new way I mean
prove it show it in a country show it in
Farmland that is not doing well that’s
not producing half of the food for
America show me this new system put it
in place and the world will beat up a
path to your door but they don’t want to
do that because they don’t have anything
because this is truly about control
yesterday I played something go ahead
I would say they also want to play God
here I mean the food that they’re
talking about replacing is from the
earth it’s from Mother Nature it’s the
way that God intends it they want to to
have fake meat and things that they grow
in a factory that has Lord knows what
and say oh no you know we got you we’ve
come up with this slop that is going to
replace this don’t worry about it so
they may actually come up with a
solution and say this is the solution
but you know I want to eat the food that
comes from the earth not the one that
comes from Bill Gates’s Laboratory

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