Maui, Hawaii Fire Event 2023-Explain This to Me How the Car Burned


Video Source: Midnight Rider Channel

melted. And the windshield on the inside? Look at the windshield. We’re gonna show you some more things as we’re walking along here. How did that not disappear? If this melted, how did that cone not completely disappear? Because if you look at this vehicle, and I want you to notice the burn, the amount of grass as you can see, that burned in the char marks, this car is basically completely surrounded by gravel. And you can see a small little, small little flames right here when this grass burned. Yet when you turn and look right in this direction, besides seeing Dylan, my technical cameraman, you can see this car. And for all you scientists out there that have been sending me images and you’re asking me if they’re real, I’m here to tell you, in Jesus name, what we’re showing you is real, live on YouTube. So if you enjoy content like this, we ask you to please immediately like this, share this, and subscribe to the channel. Why? Because you are our only hope of getting this out to the world through the YouTube algorithm. This is a tire that is gone. These are the braids of steel inside the tire. Look at this particular rim. Is it safe to say these are aluminum? Look at the windshield. What’s that? Are these aluminum? Yeah, that’s cast aluminum wheels. Cast aluminum wheel, you can see that it melted. And the windshield on the inside? Look at the windshield. That is a windshield right there that is completely melted. We have some jumper cables in the back of the vehicle. We have some cast aluminum here that’s pulverized. Just dust. How is that possible for a grass fire that did not come from this direction? Because you can see there’s nothing that’s been burned over here. What could cause that type of destruction when you have a grass fire on this side that obviously didn’t connect? But even if it was a grass fire, and it’s still only half burned, I mean, yeah, you can see there’s even some grass over here that’s still standing. It’s not even burned. So even about down below, directly below this, you can see some wood fence posts that were burned. But you can see all that grass is still good. So how do you get this car this hot? In the comments section, I need to hear from you guys. Honestly, I need to hear in the comments section. There’s some smart people and I’m not talking about, you know, I’m talking about some intelligent people out there that understand physics, science, melting points, not the nonsense people. We need to just silence the nonsense for a moment. We need some real scientists and real professors around the world to check in right now and help us understand what phenomenon, right? Yeah, it’s an anomaly or whatever you want to call that word. Right, but this isn’t, this is just one vehicle. This is what we’re seeing in all. Oh, there’s the window down there in the middle. Where’s that window? Down in there. Oh, you can see the melted window down in the crack. It just dripped down in there. It’s just dripped into the…

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