Media’s Delusional Take: Biden’s Business Dealings

On “The News & Why It Matters,” Sara Gonzales exposes the Liberal Media’s DELUSIONAL take on Devon Archer’s testimony regarding Joe Biden’s business dealings. As a former Vice President, Biden’s actions and associations are under scrutiny. Sara stresses that understanding these issues is all right, as it concerns the potential consequences for the American people. However, she emphasizes that the mainstream media appears to be sidestepping crucial aspects of the story. In the current climate, staying informed becomes ever more essential for responsible citizens seeking to comprehend the complexities surrounding the nation’s highest leaders.

Liberal Media’s DELUSIONAL Take on Devon Archer’s Testimony | 8/1/23

The News & Why It Matters with Sara Gonzales

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today the mainstream media tells you
don’t believe Your Lying Eyes when it
comes to the Biden crime family a father
fighting for custody of his son after
his ex tries to turn the boy trans joins
us to discuss his case and Kamala Harris
is challenged on her low poll numbers
you will not believe her response we’ve
got all of that and more coming up and
it all starts right now
matters I am Sarah Gonzalez and
following Hunter Biden’s ex-bff Devin
Archer’s closed-door Congressional
testimony that not only confirmed then
Vice President Joe Biden’s presence on
the phone during at least 20 business
meetings between Hunter and his
associates including by the way the
barisma executives and not only that
selling Joe’s influence was the brand
but also that Hunter commonly referred
to Joe as my guy the mainstream media
much like an ostrich continues to bury
their heads in the sand or maybe their
heads are just permanently stuck up
their asses I’m not sure but CNN viewers
were told that Hunter was merely selling
an illusion of having access to Joe
Biden watch Goldman is really explaining
that Archer qualified the topics of
discussion on these phone calls as
niceties that Biden sometimes didn’t
even know who was in on the other line
with his son Hunter and you know sources
in the room telling CNN now that Archer
did not point the finger directly at any
sort of a connection between Joe Biden
and his son’s foreign business dealings
and rather you know stop
um said that he was the hunter body was
telling the illusion of said access for
us really a stunning development Zach
when you consider that Republicans were
selling this as a breakthrough that
would link Hunter’s business dealings
with his father instead business was
apparently never discussed according to
Devin Archer Zach Cohen thanks so much
for the reporting there are five viewers
I’m sure were enthralled MSNBC was busy
performing the old distracted divert
tactic by bringing up Beau Biden’s death
you see it must have just been that Joe
was distracted by Bo’s death and he
wasn’t paying attention to his son’s
abhorrent Behavior watch as far as
Hunter Biden goes there’s no doubt I
mean it’s pretty clear even those close
to the Biden family suggests that some
of his behavior was pretty unseemly that
doesn’t make it illegal and it also
means we don’t know the role that then
Vice President Biden may have played and
it seems like no they haven’t proven
that he had anything to do with it they
haven’t proved that he profited from
this at all yet maybe he is guilty of
turning a blind eye to some of his son’s
uh behavior and we should put this in
context this is a time when Beau Biden
the president’s other son was ill and
then dying and then and then passed away
so perhaps he was
not as attentive to what he should have
been here but again there has simply
been no evidence Gene Robinson no
evidence at all that he was profiting
from this or he or that either of them
committed a crime when it came to this
okay probably most egregious are all the
lawmakers making the rounds on cable
news parroting the same talking point
there is no evidence no evidence
whatsoever of Joe’s wrongdoing watch and
on the topic of a Biden impeachment look
if if impeachable crimes are surfaced if
if they are surfaced and I say this is a
Democrat fine they have found no
evidence whatsoever that there are
impeachable crimes
to say this to even utter this sentence
is either completely intellectually
dishonest or bottom of the barrel level
stupidity and Democrats are both of
those things so it’s hard to tell I must
say to say this would be pretending that
we don’t already have evidence that in

told Hunter Biden and Devin Archer they
needed help fighting off corruption in
the corruption investigation they faced
in Ukraine daddy Joe flew to Ukraine now
he was originally supposed to unveil an
extra one billion dollars in loan
guarantees to help Ukraine’s economy
rebuild but he just changed his mind and
route to Kiev just like that and all of
a sudden that one billion dollars in Aid
he had promised was being used as a
carrot he dangled over the country’s
nose to force them to fire the
prosecutor who oh by the way just so
happened to be the the one that was
investigating barisma which Joe Biden
later bragged about on camera remember
watch I said I’m not getting we’re not
going to give you the billion dollars
they said you have no Authority you’re
not the president the president said I
said call him
I said I’m telling you you’re not
getting a billion dollars I said you’re
not getting the billion I’m going to be
leaving here and I think it was what six
hours I looked I said I’m leaving in six
hours and the prosecutor is not fired
you’re not getting the money well son of
got fired and they put in place someone
who was solid at the time but all of
that timing lining up is just all a
coincidence I’m sure and finally the New
York Times knowing how stupid their
readers are decided to just plow through
reality at 100 miles an hour with uh
this here it has long been known that
the Elder Biden Mr Biden at times
interacted with his son’s business
partners it has long been known really I
wonder how they square that away with
Biden’s denial for years that he had
anything to do with Hunter’s business
dealings how many times have you ever
spoken to your son about his overseas
business dealings I’ve never spoken my
I have never discussed with my son or my
brother or anyone else anything having
to do with their businesses period And
what I will do is the same thing we did
in our Administration there would be an
absolute wall between personal and
private uh and and the government do you
stand by your statement that you did not
discuss any of your son’s overseas
business yes I stand by that state so
let’s get this straight according to
mainstream media Joe was bending over
backwards to be an attentive dad to
Hunter after Beau died but not so
attentive that he thought about the
conflict of interest he’d be put in he
spoke to his son every single day but
never about business dealings but it has
long been known that Joe interacted with
his son’s business partners even though
he didn’t know who they were because he
never spoke to his son about his
business dealings here to help me make
sense of all of this I’m a little
confused okay we got Matt Peterson of
course Blaze media’s new editor-in-chief
and Blaze media Blaze media media critic
Blaze TV media critic Blaze TV media
media critic ravino I’m all the Medias
um so you know what Rob I’m going to let
your critic so I feel it is only right
for me to let you take a stab at this
first you just watched all of these
mainstream media Outlets go with these
crazy narratives like there is
absolutely no no evidence we’ve seen in
all of this investigation that Joe Biden
has done any wrongdoing right they’re
going to be completely shocked but it’s
just it’s it’s insane I think one of
them it was either the media or one of
those reps said that well you know they
used to just take the cell phone I’m
going to do it to my dad right now I’m
going to call my dad and just have him
listen in on the cell phone on
speakerphone while while we would
discuss business right I mean like
because that’s a normal everyday thing
Sons routinely call their parents on
their cell phone put it on the table and
just have them listen in on the business
meeting like that’s not an awkward thing
the media is doing what they always do
but they need to slowly now you’re
getting the New York Times to say well
it’s been long known yeah right it’s
been long known that’s them continuing
to walk it back I saw I’m it was in real
clear politics yesterday I forget who
wrote it but somebody said this Scandal
might be too big to actually have
traction because it involves so many
people it involves the media being
complicit for four years it involves the
Democrats being complicit I I laughed
when the congressman said well you know
if something Rises to an impeachable
offense you impeached Donald Trump for
threatening to withhold exactly yeah
money from the Ukraine for not looking
into corruption which is the corruption
of Joe Biden yeah
that he that we now know the timeline
happened right you you you you did are
you just saying that that you’re now
saying that that wasn’t an impeachable
offense and you were just doing it for
politics which is fine I mean
impeachment is now a political thing
it’s not something that’s reserved for
actual crimes and misdemeanors we we
know that from the Nancy Pelosi
impeachments but it’s just this is what
they need to do it’s going to come to a
point where there is going to be a case
it’s going to be shown and something’s
going to end up happening and I can see
the Democrats doing it because they
don’t want Joe Biden to be their nominee
I was struck by those
those those clips of Joe Biden you
showed we thought that he was you know
showing some signs of dementia then but
how with it he looked in those clips to
how he looks today it’s Stark yeah to
see the difference that four years has
in his mental acuity yeah
um Matt I just
it’s just so frustrating to hear them
constantly carry water for this family
and I I
I hear the reporting on it and I
honestly do think the majority of
Americans as as Rob pointed out there’s
so many moving parts to this I mean
Glenn here what 2019 uh did like four
different chalkboard episodes that were
several hours long each on all of the
corruption and so I get very worried and
concerned that this is going to just
kind of go under the radar and we’re
never going to make sense of it because
I mean as one of the Biden Associates
pointed out it’ll take them 10 years
before they ever connect the dots
because they use so many shell companies
and they were funneling the money into
all of these different bank accounts
from the shell companies that the shell
companies didn’t receive money until
their attorney received money and their
attorney funneled it to them and so it’s
just like how do you how do you ever get
accountability for all of these crimes
that to me it seems clear we’re
well let’s start with Hunter
um because I think Hunter is an
interesting character in that
um we live in a corrupt Society we live
in a corrupt time and Washington DC is
full of corruption on all sides and
people are starting to wake up to that
reality but to really internalize that
you need to think about Hunter Biden
because Hunter is someone who’s
interesting he’s not just a white collar
criminal he also likes to do crack
cocaine right I mean that’s interesting
he’s got the hookers and the crack it’s
not enough just to get a few million
dollars here and there right and that
makes them interesting and also sort of
a distraction
from the deeper corruption because we
have this sexy laptop and they say look
at these pictures and uh and and of
course he’s never going to get in
trouble for any of those crimes but the
deeper problem and that’s why he was a
great distraction the deeper problem all
along has been that his family is
corrupt is billing uh everyone here for
millions and millions of dollars using
their influence and leverage with
foreign agents and actors over and over
again this is something that everyone
knows is going on and and so here’s the
question the great question is is it the
case as Rob suggests that possibly
they do want to get rid of Biden because
he is so daughtering and weak the the
ruler of the free man world is someone
who is wandering in and out of rooms in
the White House
um they have no shame about this but but
maybe they do want to get rid of them in
that case all of a sudden all those
clips you just saw all those journalists
are going to very quickly go oh
um actually
um there was some issue here and Biden
has stepped down and very good for him
to do that he got entrapped into
something or whatever and they’ll
immediately change tune and move on or
are we so corrupt now that it doesn’t
matter that half the country will say or
the journalists will even get to the
point where they say of course they made
a few million dollars that’s what you do
and it was good actually I mean are we
going to get to that point are we going
to get to the point where they just keep
denying it you know it’s happening it
happens right in front of your face and
it just doesn’t matter because let’s
face it we’re in a world in which people
aren’t arguing to run for office based
on their qualifications their Charisma
or anything else the fetterman principle
applies you just need someone who’s be
able to press the button and you tell
them what button to press is that how
bad things are in America that’s what
we’re about to find out yeah I think
that it’s
um I hope republicans in Congress know
what time it is because you know I think
that they’re very they have some
reservations about going full-on
impeachment mode because they have they
just spent the last four years seeing
what they did to Donald Trump how they
politically persecuted them how they
used it as a political local pawn the
problem is that like there is actual
evidence this time and although you know
you want to talk about illusion I think
that they’re worried about creating the
illusion that you know that we’re
engaging in political games too and we
can’t stoop to that level
it’s time to wake up you’re trying to
fight with another party an opposing
team that doesn’t play by the same rules
that you feel like playing by and it
really doesn’t matter what they say
because they were going to call you all
of those things anyway that’s my
personal opinion like they’re gonna
they’re gonna call you they’re gonna
call you corrupt they’re gonna say
you’re abusing your power they’re going
to say all the things that they were
actually doing the whole time when they
did this to Donald Trump they’re gonna
say all those things about you anyway so
just do the right thing that’s right
it’s not this isn’t about persuading the
other side right this is about
full-scale political war yes uh and
wrestling directly with that other side
to see if you can actually hold them
accountable yeah Rob last word yeah and
I think that that’s why people that’s
what Ron DeSantis does that nobody else
seems to do in our party is he uses his
political power and uses it to get
things done and for whatever reason we
the Republican party doesn’t like to do
that they like to be above The Fray yeah
and that’s not how you change the
country and we’re morally
oh well look where we’re at in society
that’s how where did that all all that
moral superiority get you uh all right
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San Francisco father Harrison Tinsley is
engaged in a quite a challenging custody
battle with his ex-girlfriend for his
three-year-old son Sawyer whose mother
identifies as non-binary and shockingly
I’m sure you guys will find this so
shocking she also is raising the child
as non-binary as well but it’s not
taught okay they’re not indoctrinated
into it it’s clearly they’re born this
way I want to welcome Harrison Tinsley
to the program Harrison thank you for uh
for being here so I have all of these
details of your case right here but I
would much prefer to just let you tell
your story of how this all came to be
and where you’re at now okay well thank
you for having me yeah and about four
years ago as I started dating a girl in
the Bay Area we fell in love we never
agreed politically I always thought
that’d be okay
and essentially she got pregnant very
quickly into the relationship
thankfully we’re both happy about that
and excited and she always suffered from
some mental health problems and as her
pregnancy went on a few months she was
being very hostile towards me constantly
threatening me that I wouldn’t see my
son if I wasn’t exactly who she wanted
me to be particularly politically
and it ends up happening that she breaks
up with me sends me a cease and desist
and I don’t find out when my son’s born
I found out about a week after from one
of her friends social media
and it was two months after that I filed
in court and it took 13 more months to
meet my son so I met him finally when he
was 15 months old which I thought was a
travesty thought that was far too long
and from there I pressed on I moved to
the Bay Area I was awarded half custody
super grateful for that
and it was right around the time I won
half custody that his mom started
treating him as non-binary
and doing some serious defamation of me
there was also an incident where she was
arrested for a child endangerment placed
on 5150 hold when my son was with her
she was let off on those charges but I
thought you know I brought all of this
stuff to Family Court
and I got granted a trial which I’m
super lucky because a lot of people just
get a hearing a short 20 minute thing
their whole life’s decided but I had a
five-day trial I was extremely confident
about it loads of evidence but after the
trial the court decided to keep custody
the same
and that was kind of devastating and I
decided that I’m gonna protect my son no
matter what so I’m gonna tell my story
to the world
I’m gonna be brave
and I’m going to appeal the decision so
I’m appealing it right now so you say
um she’s using what they them pronouns
for him yeah he she’s dressing him in
feminine clothing she’s putting him in
makeup sometimes even though again he’s
three so yeah like usually he’s in boy
clothing but even if she’s talking to me
and I’m like picking him up she’ll
literally call him they it’s super weird
that is very weird but you say that he
Rebels against this and he says that
he’s a boy as well he adamantly says
he’s a boy with courage and conviction
confidence he loves being a little boy
he’s like as boyish as it gets he’s
probably the most bullish of all of his
friends even and I think it’s really sad
that you wouldn’t want you know the
person you love most to be happy with
who they are
um so she actually your ex-girlfriend
and again you were never married correct
as a girlfriend
um so she actually was adopted and
raised by two older gay men in San
Francisco in San Francisco and now she
is perpetuating this on her children on
her child
but they want us to believe that this is
not children are not indoctrinated into
this this is not taught to them do you
have any thoughts on that I think it’s
super interesting because the premise is
this right the premise is they should
let the child choose for themselves
correct which is insane and there’s only
boys and girls right but anyways let’s
just pretend that we agree with that
let’s Grant the premise so he can choose
for himself well he’s choosing he
automatically says he’s a boy if you
give him a girly toy or say something he
conceives as calling him a girl he
literally yells and screams at you he’ll
yell and screaming his cousins whoever
if they give them a girly toy and say
I’m not a girl I’m a boy he gets really
really upset you know and he expresses
to me things like when she took him to
Disneyland he says that she wouldn’t let
him go on the rides unless he wore
princess shoes and he tells that to me
and you know he looks down when he tells
me like he’s clearly really sad about it
and not happy about it
so I’m gonna try to get through this
without getting emotional because I
really feel for you but um in reading
all of this
um you mentioned when she was the mother
was placed on a 5150 hold
Sawyer was placed with her dad’s when
that happened rather than you how come
that’s correct I I can’t speculate why
the police in CPS made the decisions
they did but I thought it was
kind of a crazy idea not to you know
call me that night for sure I would my
assumption is because of the defamation
of me that happened that night to the
police officers perhaps when did you
find out that your son was placed in the
care of someone other than his mother
and his mother was at the hospital
um oh I didn’t find that out for a long
time so CPS did call me the next week
because there’s a CPS investigation but
CPS assured me that there was nothing to
worry about there was a misunderstanding
and my son fell off a bed they told me
that I asked lots of questions they
absolutely assured me that that was the
case later when I was finally granted
access to his medical records that I
should have had it took like nine months
longer than it was supposed to but I got
it and I was just randomly reading
through them and I see you know Mom
placed on 5150 child scene for head
trauma blah blah and like what in the
world and then so you know me and my
attorney subpoena
all the police report police body cam
footage the 9-1-1 call the
get the full medical record Etc find out
what really happened it’s a lot scarier
than that
and so yeah I mean that was part of the
main part of my reason for bringing it
to court for a trial
um Matt I want to let you weigh in
because you of course are a California
refugee and I just
how much Faith do you have in the system
over in California it’s sorting
something like this out
well I mean obviously very little
um but uh it’s this is so important it’s
so important that you have uh you know
you’re on the show I mean because people
need to understand that there’s other
people who feel the same way and oppose
this even in California so as bad as
things are and as bad as the system is
the fact that you’re standing up and
there’s so many other people out there
who feel the same way and are going
through the same thing they need to see
that because they don’t they don’t own
the whole state I mean this this kind of
tyranny this kind of crazy this crazy
ideology they certainly control the
state right but but they don’t own the
hearts and minds of millions of people
who care deeply about their children so
I mean the problem is I wonder what
Harrison thinks and but the problem is
that California does
tilt the balance against the rights of
parents and they do so proudly
and it’s it’s awful yeah so
Harrison tell us like what how can how
can we help what what can we do I mean
we’re bringing awareness to it but you
have a give send go as well I can
imagine uh that this fight is not cheap
no lawyers are very expensive yeah
um I have to give Sango give Sango
saving Sawyer they’ll come right up
um if anyone wants to help you can send
me messages prayers I really appreciate
every bit of support and I can tell you
to to what Matt was saying
all the people I’ve seen in California
all the parents I know I went to the
Capitol to protest some of the protest
some of these anti-parent bills like
ab957 I watched hundreds of people many
of whom would go up crazy hair I’m a
leftist progressive Democrat from San
Francisco and I adamantly oppose this
bill one after another
right or left didn’t matter everyone’s
against it No One Believes these ideas
we just have to have the courage to
stand up for what we believe and just
not let the government raise our
children not let the government abuse us
and I want to make a quick addition here
just so the viewers know which bill it
is that you’re talking about AB 957 is
the bill that would take children away
from one or both parents if one of them
did not agree to the gender identity
that was brought up in custody battles
which is it is so shocking to me that we
are even at this place in this country
that that would be even proposed even
even in a place like Kami crazy
California no offense sorry Harrison
it’s all good but the bill might
actually help me because I’m affirming
that he’s a boy and he says he’s a boy
so I actually spoke to the author of
this bill my name is Wilson I spoke to
her for seven or eight minutes she was
convinced that this bill would award me
custody interesting which is interesting
but but I’d still think it would hurt
thousands of families so I’m against it
right right uh well Harrison thank you
for fighting this fight I’m just so
sorry for what’s happening to you and I
wouldn’t wish it on any parent
especially a father because I know in
courts fathers are often overlooked and
seen as second-class Citizens so I
appreciate you so much fighting this
fight and I would encourage all of the
viewers go to the gives and go it’s
gives and Go slash savings Sawyer and
donate however much you can to help
Harrison pursue knowing what is right
for his son Harrison thank you so much
will you keep us keep us up to date on
what’s going on when is the next trial
anything going on in court
it’s happening soon the appeal the intro
brief it’s a complex system that I’ve
never done before but it’s happening
pretty soon it’s happening soon I’ll
keep you updated and everyone at home
you need to speak up have the courage to
say what you believe
in all aspects of your life you’re not
free if you have a different life when
you’re at home and when you’re at work
you should all be able to say what you
truly believe
kids I think Harrison you’ll agree with
me here if you have kids you want to
know that you can look your children in
the eye when they get older and tell
them I did every single thing that I
could to make this better for you every
single thing I can do for Sawyer yeah
thank you so much Harrison thank you all
right we’ll be right back
thank you
so uh Governor DeSantis in Florida has
invited Kamala Harris to Florida to
discuss his African American studies
curriculum after there have been quite
the attacks happening from all different
sides by the way and maybe we should get
into that but I want to um I want to I
want to play what Kamala Harris said
about Rhonda Santos and about this new
curriculum in Florida that this was this
was the whole big issue that the left
pounced on I’ll use their framing
Democrats pounced on this it says
instruction includes how slaves develop
skills which in some instances could be
applied for their personal benefit
absolutely true statement well Kamala
Harris took a quite quite quite he she
had quite a problem with that here is
Kamala talking about it watch
we fought
a war
to end the sin of slavery
a civil war
people died oh my did they in the Civil
Untold numbers what
in that war she’s thinking of what she’s
going to say next many of whom fought
and died you are because of their belief
that slavery was a sin against man
that it was inhumane in one birth but it
was not reflective of who we believe
ourselves to be as a country and
certainly not reflective of who we
to be
so who then would dare deny this history
it burns let us not
yeah let
these politicians who are trying to
divide our country to win
because you see what they are doing
what they are doing
is they are creating these unnecessary
oh this is unnecessary to debate whether
enslaved people benefited from slavery
are you kidding me
not what it said
there’s like two people clapping still
that’s not what it said
and by the way another talking point
that was used by Republicans mind you
was that DeSantis curriculum said that
it was a net benefit which again it
didn’t say it just said uh that they
were taught skills that later on in life
they were able to use for benefit this
is not that’s a very common sense thing
um and so DeSantis has now invited
Kamala to the uh to the Capitol in
Florida he said in Florida we are
unafraid to have an open and honest
dialogue about the issues and you
clearly have no trouble ducking down to
Florida on short notice so given your
grave concern which I must assume is
sincere about what you think our
standards say I’m officially inviting
you back down to Florida to discuss our
African-American history standards we
will be happy to host you here in
Tallahassee I will ask Dr William Allen
instrumental in the development of our
impressive new standards to join we
welcome you of course to bring Randy
Weingarten or someone else who shares
your view about the standards by the way
the curriculum writer Dr Allen
is black
so I would welcome this conversation to
take place somehow I think Kamala will
be like I did this letter got lost in
the mail I never got it oops I can’t
make it
this is one of the most disgusting
debates quote unquote speaking of
creating debates we don’t need to create
debates so let’s go to established
standards that come from real Scholars
like Dr Bill Allen
um and you know Alan is a fellow
Claremont PhD so I have to praise him
but not just because they pay me to do
it it’s because he is one of the
preeminent Scholars of the founding and
American principals
out there and I would love to see him
debate Harris because you know Harris
clearly has three brain cells that are
fighting each other and and this guy is
just a real deal scholar and what people
don’t understand I mean the ridiculous
nature of this whole thing is that the
standards exist to get you to the point
where you can understand what different
African-American intellectuals were
arguing about after the Civil War there
were there were arguments about what
these ex-slaves should do and the
abolitionists you know Northern
Christian uh human beings are
fundamentally equal side pointed out
that many of these people had become
skilled at various things because they
were human beings and they could put
those skills to use in a free way some
of them uh even purchased their own
freedom and some of these wild stories
harrowing stories of the time so the
idea that any of this has to do do with
saying slavery was okay or what I mean
it’s all just nuts it’s so nuts in fact
that I think I think a lot of
Republicans have sort of shamed
themselves in this debate by taking the
left side and it’s pissed a lot of
people off I mean wherever you come down
on Trump versus DeSantis the problem is
if if people on the right are going to
go with Harris on this ridiculous
gibberish you know that’s just a low
blow we don’t we don’t need that so
anyway I’m looking forward to Harris
debate uh Dr Allen I think that would be
incredible incredible content I mean I
mean you’re I’m here for it too Rob but
but the NAACP said that if you’re
African-American then go to Florida that
your life’s in danger so maybe the
Secret Service won’t let her go so
that’s true that’s a great point it’s
interesting I was just in Florida for an
event with Jonathan Isaac the iron Land
of Magic I think he’s black he seems
safe wow he seems safe it’s amazing he
risked his life for that yes yes
I don’t know someone should warn him yes
someone should this is just black people
and gay people very much in danger in
Florida I was on vacation when all this
blew up um so thank you for the the 50

oh my God Rhonda Santos is you know a
racist and he’s trying to say that
slavery was the best thing ever because
people learned how to Cobble a shoot
right um which is I think what they’re
going with right but I mean the
we we don’t teach the truth about
slavery in the United States we don’t
teach the truth of how it started how it
stopped being indentured servitude and
became slavery because an
um indentured servant owner filed you
know a lawsuit in the Virginia courts to
make that happen I mean that’s something
that doesn’t often get taught when
somebody told me that I was shocked and
I was like 40 when I found that out
because it wasn’t taught in our schools
so having real discussions about what
happened and what happened at the time
in taking into account that
abolitionists that obviously didn’t like
slavery said that well we can put these
people to work because they learned
valuable trades and that’s the part of
the curriculum that I think that they’re
talking about it was a ticket out of out
of context yes you just talk about that
part the crazy thing is it’s talking
about the self-ownership that these
people had it’s acknowledging no these
were human beings so they learned how to
do different things well they were in
these terrible conditions and that
enabled many people to seamlessly come
out of it and build businesses Etc
because of their perseverance yes and so
the whole idea that any of this is about
slavery being good is just you know bat
guano crazy stuff it doesn’t make any
sense and and what does make sense is
teaching the truth as Rob’s saying about
you know about what happened and it goes
right in the curriculum I’ve looked at
these standards it goes right into a
discussion about how African Americans
should respond you know post-slavery
that intellectuals many of whom were
African-American you know got into like
this isn’t some out of context thing
that they just kind of dropping out of
the blue and say slavery was good
actually but you know what all of this
is ridiculous because we know it’s all
just a ceaseless frame and a ceaseless
drum beat where you were all racist
because you disagree with me everyone I
don’t like is Hitler and of course
Rhonda santis thinks slavery is good I
yeah great we get it we get it and so so
I I think it’s ridiculous but the we
should make sure that everyone on the
right doesn’t you disagree Trump
DeSantis whatever but let’s not have
everyone on the right grabbing on to any
of this nonsense right right it is a
strange place to be where you’re not
allowed to say that black people
persevered in spite of slavery and made
something out of themselves uh
afterwards because they were you know
the as you mentioned human beings but
also strong
um and capable clearly but we’re also at
a place where like we can’t recognize
the woman who you know Aunt Jemima has
to be erased and we can’t recognize the
woman who built everything up you know
built up her Empire the way that she did
and we can’t recognize all of these
African-American Pioneers we have to be
like oh we can’t put them on a syrup
bottle we have to completely erase them
it’s just so weird to me the whole 1619
project was well do you understand that
you know all these African-Americans who
are slaves Built America right and the
standards are like a lot of these people
learned a lot of skills and things that
in those terrible conditions they were
able to use later on yeah
um and it’s acknowledging that
contribution right that these are people
who would like yeah they built stuff
they weren’t just I don’t know what
people think they were human beings and
then you acknowledge you’re a racist how
dare you say that you think slavery is
good yeah what are you talking about
you’re nuts this entire debate is nuts
and we need to just reject the problem
is right now in Washington DC there are
still people who are like oh my gosh
that sounds racist right and there are
Republicans coming out and saying Ron
DeSantis is a racist this makes me very
uncomfortable this thing that people
made up from these real standards and so
that to me is what needs to end the
reason that they’re saying this is
because it does work with a certain
sector of the right right people in
charge like oh the worst thing in the
world is if the people in charge of the
country called me a racist so I have to
stop this is bad yes this is racist
Rhonda Sanchez Rhonda Sanchez is Nazi
reject the whole thing people reject all
of it Rob last word yeah it’s and it
goes to the point that people want to
look at history through a modern lens
that based on our supposed standards of
today you see that a lot in popular
history and people writing stuff and you
just you going back and it was
African-American abolitionists that
they’re writing about in these if I
understand you correctly that they’re
writing about in these
actual standards yeah all right we got
to take a quick break we’ll be right
all right as of the time of this taping
remember there’s like a little bit of uh
of time in between the time we finish
this and the time it airs we are being
told that the grand jury investigating
j6 uh has convened and that there should
be an announcement from the doj
we expect it to be Trump’s third
indictment officially announced remember
his attorneys met with Jack Smith’s
office uh previously what was at the end
of last week the beginning of this week
and they expected so no surprise there
but still equally as infuriating I’ll
just say quick thoughts on that guys
I mean this is the case that they
especially want to make out of all the
indictments and all the ways in which
they’re trying to get Trump they’re not
going to stop until they martyr him in
some way they’re not going to stop until
they uh they put him in jail right I
mean that’s their that’s their attitude
and so for all of them this is the sexy
one because in their diseased Minds this
is saying he was seditious he was a
traitor against America itself and our
sacred democracy so I think this is the
one that they’re going to go with yeah
Rob that is the biggest crime being
against our blessed democracy and of
course they’re going to do it yeah
um obviously we’ll have more on all of
that tomorrow but again it’s no big
shock we know they’re not going to rest
until they imprison him preferably uh
for them for life I’m sure
um but you know Republicans are very ner
they’re very nervous to vote on
impeachment they’re just really I mean
they’re just trying to uh you know
politically persecute their enemy and
throw him in jail for the rest of his
life but do you just don’t want to vote
on him these men weren’t too scared we
don’t know
um all right I want to throw up this
quick uh quick story here University of
Michigan survey found that boys in their
senior year of high school are almost
two times more likely to identify as
conservative than liberal however the
girls suck because they’re more likely
to consider themselves liberal than
conservative but if we can I feel like
we got I mean winning the males
is huge if we can just build off of that
the females will follow as they should
she said it no I did I’m allowed to say
it repeal the 19th I’m allowed to say uh
women should be submissive I’m allowed
to say well women should never be
president I’m allowed to say all of
those things I can’t have you write my
dating profile
but this is fascinating that this is

the highest that they’ve been for
conservative since the early 1990s and
liberal identifying boys have been an
Ever falling Trend so that’s maybe
there’s hope out there oh I mean there’s
definitely hope
and the thing is even if everything
continues to go the way it’s going and
there’s a totalitarian state and
whatever you know you still you still
have human nature underneath all of that
and that’s what you see here have you go
and you talk to how these kids and you
realize how oppressed they have been in
every way there’s no there’s nothing to
rebel against anymore right I mean most
of them don’t know anything about
I don’t even know what it is
um they don’t they don’t know uh any
better in other words and they’re just
looking around responding in a natural
way to the situation and they realize
they sort of live in a dystopian
Nightmare and they associate being
liberal with all the radical ideology so
that doesn’t surprise me at all and for
for the girls I think um I think that
there is a difference between the two uh
Sexes I don’t know it’s conscious
I think that might be true um but I
think there’s also a way the way in
which they engage with social media
would be my guess because I think that
the the the girls are very much they
relate to social media in a different
way and they Intuit what the values are
supposed to be that would be my guess
whereas a lot of the males the young
guys they feel they feel as if they have
been hosed in many ways and they’re
being told that they’re bad and they’re
evil Etc right right girls are much more
emotional as well so well also but also
I I you said that not me but uh shocking
um but but also the girls are being told
that they’re okay right right so they’re
like you need to release your inner
goddess and right you’re perfect inside
and that’s the story of every female
heroine and so no suffering for you just
be who you are right right so you’re
going to go along with it whereas if you
are a young male and you’re told no
actually inside you you’re terrible
you’re bad you’re toxic and oh also if
you’re white you’re intrinsically evil
right yeah we got about 20 seconds here
Robin yeah that that’s exactly right
this is a reactionary to use that phrase
response to being told that everything
that’s in your nature as Harrison’s I
mean Harrison’s boy doing that that we
talked to earlier is the exact same
thing he knows he’s a boy he gets upset
when you call him a girl he gets upset
when his natural tendencies are tampered
down and in the case of many boys when
being a boy gets medicated away yeah
um that’s you would expect it and it
goes back to us I mean we’re Gen X and I
think we’re one of the most conservative
Generations so it’s very interesting
that it was the early 90s was the last
time all right we got to take a break
we’ll be back
all right vice president Kamala Harris
had a quite the interesting moment with
an ABC news reporter I don’t think she’s
used to them pushing back but the ABC
news reporter was like how do you
respond to all the low polling and her
answer was amazing watch there reports
that say that you have the lowest
approval rating of any vice president
I’m curious how much a role if any that
you feel race and gender listening to
this well there are polls that also say
I have great approval ratings I think
the point that has to be made is that
there are attempts to create
distractions away from the
accomplishments of our Administration
like what like what
like what well there are polls that show
like The Great approval ratings I
spoiler alert there are no such polls
none none because she is abso I said
earlier women should not be president
probably not vice president either to be
quite honest did you see the way she
cringed this I’m saying it all you guys
are not saying anything they don’t
endorse their retweets do not equal
endorsements whatever everyone puts in
their bio I’m saying it
I’m gonna I’m gonna retweet a lot of it
send me the hate mail dear Sarah uh thank you guys for
joining me and we’ll see you tomorrow

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