Michael Savage Discussion with Douglas Macgregor, OFFICIAL It’s All Over Now!!

Douglas Macgregor: OFFICIAL It’s All Over Now!!

but this is not a not a comedy act this is life and death 400 000 dead ukrainians 30 to 40 000 dead Russians satellite imagery of new Graves being dug in Ukraine uh show this to be the case 50 000 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War and that was a national tragedy that ripped the hearts out of many Americans now multiply that by 10. fold with the country one quarter the size population of this country and maybe the American Idiot will understand this more to life than what’s on Tick Tock or someone’s ABS or breasts I’ve never seen anything like this and it’s only going to get worse I think we have to say that uh we have no leadership but who is the adult in the room is there anyone saying stop the war before it’s too late in the administration that you know of no on the contrary I noted there was some Republican name Sullivan from Alaska who was applauding I saw that you know some sort of robust military response against the evil Chinese and Russians I saw that conducting an exercise in the Bering Straits in international crazy I saw that there’s not even a republican screaming out against this yeah War has become too profitable war is too rewarding and they’re too dumb to understand that the population of the United States the overwhelming majority of people in the electorate are not interested in going to war with anybody you know Colonel you’re a military guy I have to keep repeating as a civilian um if I bang my finger in a door jamb or well I’m using a hammer and accidentally hit it it hurts for weeks if not months this just does a little hammer on a nail by accident do they understand what a battlefield wound looks like or is no I don’t think so I think we’ve lost our fear of War you know in the aftermath of World War II there were generations of Americans who’d served in in the second world war and then many more that served in Korea these people had a very clear picture of what war was like they saw it up close they didn’t want it that’s one of the reasons that Eisenhower was popularly elected you’ll remember he said I promise I will go to Korea he didn’t say I’m going to end it he didn’t say I’m going to attack anybody he said I will go and he went and Mark Clark of course was the new Commander at that point on the Korean Peninsula and he received a briefing from Clark and Clark’s solution to the war in Korea was that he needed 850 000 men in the eighth Army in order to March into Manchuria and end the war well I said I was polite to him but he walked out of the tent and said we’ve lost our minds United States isn’t interested in going to war with China we don’t even want to be at war in Korea and all you had to do is look at the polls and it was overwhelmingly anti-war and he said that’s it I want it into this so I want a negotiated settlement based on the original status quo and he was attacked people attacked him and said well you’re a coward you know here’s Eisenhower you’re a coward you know the man that ordered Normandy is a coward it’s absurd uh we we can go on and on about this this nonsense but this is what happens fortunately most Americans agreed with Eisenhower and it went away it was dredged up subsequently We Know by LBJ and that crowd and it turned into a new catastrophe that never needed to happen Savage Colonel I’m hearing you you know you’re you’re a military man and a scholar a warrior and a scholar what I see happening is that the the the instability that has been created by the Ukraine Russia war is setting nervous waves throughout the entire population on the earth and so smaller Wars are now Brewing because of that war on Ukraine Russia most notably we mentioned Serbia I know there’s trouble there but on a larger scale is the Niger problem in Africa the Niger coup and Mark wouke noted that Niger is rich in resources and a possible front in a World War III scenario Nigeria provides almost all the uranium that France uses for its nuclear power plants for example are we about to now send more we have a basin this year don’t we well we have we built a very very uh wonderful Airfield there that allows us to bring in and fly on enormous quantities of equipment and Freight if we need to it’s in other words it’s a very militarily it’s strategically very useful to us the thing that we have to keep in mind about this part of the world is that the French have very large Investments not just in Niger but in the countries that surround it this is you know what you you will remember as of League donor this was part of the French Empire in Africa when the French agreed to decolonize they had certain codicils and Arrangements that allowed French businesses to continue to enjoy access and in many cases monopolies what’s happened now is that the Africans who lived there have said enough’s enough we want you out we’re sick of it and we happen to be closely aligned with the French we’ve worked with them against our mutual islamist enemies and what we haven’t figured out is that you go into an area with the object of killing islamists and there were no islamists when you went in but by the time you get ready to leave the place is full of them well this is North Africa this is exactly what’s happened in Niger and elsewhere I listened to the military leader who spoke in Niger through a translator spoke very eloquently and he said look Africa belongs to the Africans you’ve got to get out we’re not going to tolerate it anymore it’s very simple and I’m very sympathetic to him I I agree with him and I argued when I was on active duty against this thing called Africa I said Africa command if you were living in Africa and you found out that the United States the world’s leading superpower had stood up a military command called Africa command how would you feel well it’s just like the Africa Corps on the Hitler isn’t it well it’s a lot worse Hitler only had 32 000 men in that thing you know the problem is that we’ve decided to control an entire continent if we’re able to do so and we’ve been pouring resources and remember all these people that we have been training all these officers that we have been working hard to quote unquote democratize yeah they’re the ones that have launched these coups we don’t understand the underlying un underlying Dynamics we we just refuse to come to terms with reality people don’t understand how important it is for us to demilitarize our relations with most of the world we were really really popular before World War II over most of the world because we didn’t become involved in other people’s business we weren’t invading their countries and tried to take them over everybody knew we were trying to get out of the Philippines within a year of having decided to occupy the police you know I mean it was so yeah Colonel I’m hearing this as a history repeating it so the militarists seem to always win they lead us into war millions are killed lands are decimated and then all of a sudden people want peace and then there’s a small window of a few years 10 years maybe of no major conflict it looks like we’re entering a new major conflict one way or the other whether it’s Russia China or both and now we look at the Middle East Colonel 3 000 U.S military arrived in the Red Sea as tensions rise with Iran are there any other motives for sending these troops into the Red Sea what what I’m sorry in the area what’s going on in the Middle East now uh I don’t know I mean I I don’t sign on for this look the Iranians came to arrangements with the Peninsular Arabs and the Peninsular Arabs now surprise surprise have decided to renounce the Abraham Accords they’re effectively walking away from them that’s horrible after Trump brought the Arabs and Jews together yeah well he was trying very hard to Fashion a new status quo he would have also approached Iran I think and we would be in a better place with Iran as well but that was sabotaged by Pompeo and Bolton and others oh we also went through the same sabotage effort when it came to North Korea in other words anybody who wanted to promote some degree of stability based on relations other than military ones has failed because the money is on the side of militarization of policy Here We Go Again follow the money so Colonel before we go put on your um crystal ball hat you’ve seen it all you’ve lived it you’ve seen it you’ve studied it knowing history and knowing the battlefield what’s going to happen I think that we in the United States are finally going to confront limits to how much money we can print and how much further into debt we can go that is going to operate as a break on much of our action activity that’s one thing the second part of it is the situation here inside the United States the breakdown and the rule of law no more discontent in this country with everything from open borders and millions of people pouring in that we know nothing about you know the fact that you know we have no legislation that says until every American citizen who wants to work and can work has a job no one comes in gee think about that is that an idea uh we you know we we are going to run up against a brick wall of our own making right people are complaining well look what the Chinese are doing to our 401ks they’re not doing anything to our 401 case the people on Wall Street have done that to you if you don’t like where your money is being invested talk to the people on Wall Street who are doing it to you there’s no sense there there is a growing sense now finally I think that we are the authors of our own problems and that will help but consider this for a minute this is a strategic Viewpoint that is missing in Washington you’ve talked about the fact that we now have multiple nations with nuclear weapons we have Russia we have China we have the United States we have India Pakistan Great Britain France North Korea if you look at the scientific industrial and agricultural output of Northeast Asia in other words China Korea and Japan then look at the same thing in Europe and North America you very quickly ascertain that 80 plus percent of the world’s technology its advances in every consider every conceivable scientific area all of it revolves around those those two regions in the world and I would include Israel for instance with Europe and North America culturally so the point is if you look at those two regions and you realize the planet’s future depends upon what those two regions do in science technology agriculture energy and so forth why under any circumstances would you promote conflict between those two civilizational constructs you’d be insane to do it because if we end up in a major war with each other the planet is going to face despair famine and catastrophe so are you fearing that that’s what will happen knowing history well I I fear that there’s no no one like Bismarck in the councils of government um who says wait a minute you know be sensitive to the to the countries that surround you be sensitive to their interests and needs you know I I love love president Trump and I supported him and I still do but he keeps talking about his good personal relations with XI and good personal relations with Putin look that’s all nonsense everything is about strategic interests if we will look at their strategic interests in our own we will discover very quickly that we can come to some sort of modus movendi that we can all live with that’s what diplomats get paid to do and that’s what we desperately need well when Kissinger came out six or so months ago and called for a peace talks he was called every name under the Sun by The American left and right and of course as I’ve said not so comedically uh when the G7 meeting was about to occur he changed his tune because he didn’t want to be excluded he definitely wanted to be invited into the billionaires boys club meeting again at the G7 so suddenly called for more war we have no I don’t see any diplomacy is there any that you know of through your contacts no listen we I I think that Lincoln his friends are in the business of punishing people that don’t agree with him Lincoln worked for Obama is that all I need to say probably but he was also there uh during the Balkan crisis in the background uh and I know his father played a role in all of this his father yeah his father I think was the ambassador to Hungary well I know that Madeleine half bright cheered the war on with that Jamie Rubin this woman is was a clear and present danger to the stability of the world that we’re cheering as the uh as the bridges over the Daniel were being blown up the serbs have never had never seen that even when Hitler was there they’d blow the bridges up over the Danube that was Bill Clinton they took our airplanes and they painted over the U.S and Sydney and put on the NATO Insignia you you use U.S air power to attack Serbia I couldn’t believe what I was watching we’re not yet there with this situation but I’m afraid personally we’ll soon see that that they’ll repaint our Air Force planes with NATO Insignia start bombing Russia that could it won’t make any difference on radar the Russians can identify all of our aircraft on radar so you know they’re not going to be fooled by uh different Insignia right now our Airborne warning and control systems are identifying targets for the ukrainians are directing strikes that the ukrainians launched like our a-wax or our satellites sure and satellites our satellites and our Airborne warning and control system we do this for all of the NATO States as well as for the ukrainians so we’re we’re very active in the Black Sea and the Baltic all up and down the Russian border with regard to targeting the Russians so the Russians they know this and they’ve decided to exercise for strength the question could be much longer could they shoot down our a wax oh of course how high do their um air defense systems fly high enough 40 000 feet and then they have some that will reach up to low earth orbit 70 80 90 000 feet they have the ability to launch special weapons that can attack our satellites why have they done it why haven’t they done that because they don’t want us to attack theirs and they we haven’t attacked their satellites now they have jammed a lot of our satellite Communications and jammed a lot of our missile systems and aircraft but uh in terms of kinetic action no they’ve been very careful to avoid that and I hope that we can find a way to get out of this before something happens by accident somebody pushes the wrong button on the panel well that’s a share a cheerful thought we’ve covered the ground uh of the of the earth is there anything I’ve missed in terms of what might explode in our faces you could smile and laugh in the midst of this kind of tragic discussion I’m sure if we look uh look closely enough in into Mexico Venezuela or Cuba Nicaragua we can find lots of activity down there that is very dangerous to the United States I was told that a lot of the Weaponry that was sending the Ukraine is going on to the black market almost immediately and I asked another guest where’s it going they said to the Narco terrorists in in the in South America can you confirm is that what’s being I’ve seen photographs of Javelin missiles being in their their equipment being carried by uh drug cartel soldiers if you will and those are the javelons that we sent to zelenski’s boys yes how are they winding up out shipped out immediately what well a certain amount of uh equipment never reaches the ukrainians some of it is destroyed and a lot of it is essentially stolen and then resold overseas Kosovo is a nice clearing house for a lot of these weapons they go down there and they find their way into the Middle East or off to Latin America and Africa I mean this is the problem remember Ukraine was the most corrupt country in Europe one of the most corrupt in the world and the poorest in Europe why are we surprised about any of these things my friend we must keep these things secret or else we will be accused of being let’s see Putin’s Stooges defeatists anti-American communists Soviet slaves any other slurs that can be cast upon us well the next time I’m sure you want to bring a guest on and talk about the sovietization of American society because that seems to be a bigger threat right now here at home than anything happening overseas Colonel I don’t mean to be the one who says it but I’m going to say it I wrote a book 10 years ago talking about the USS of a the United Soviet States of America I I amongst many not many I amongst a few saw what was coming uh you know I just had a relative come back from Europe I must ask you this question and I don’t know how to discuss this without exposing too much personal information he saw a lack of uh civil rights and freedom in France that he was shocked as an American who was visiting on a boat some John domes came aboard this vessel and accused them of things that they didn’t do and I said you’re lucky they didn’t seize the boat for no reason he said we had to pay them when they found they were not nothing wrong no no one did anything wrong they said you owe us a thousand Euros seven seven armed John Dom on this boat in Monaco you said we didn’t do anything they said we don’t care pay it or we’re going to take your boat he said I can’t believe that there’s absolutely no justice and no freedom I said you’re very lucky you got out of there with only a thousand Euro fine for doing nothing he said to me that he sees America devolving rapidly into this state of lawlessness and no rights and I I am always the eternal optimist as pessimistic as I can be saying was still protected by constitutional rights that the French do not enjoy and I think that’s all we have left isn’t that true well I I try to argue that the Bill of Rights Above All Things is what absolutely must be preserved inside the United States we talk about the Constitution the Constitution describes how how our government will be structured you know we can change that over time there’s nothing Sakura is saying about a structure developed in the 1780s you know we could make modifications but the Bill of Rights is something else that’s something that definitely separates us from most of the rest of the world and that has to be fought for and right now that’s under attack in this country all you have to do is look at the censorship well a Bill of Rights that didn’t the British have the Magna Carta that Ruled the Land for so long and they basically tossed it into the sea well they they don’t have a Bill of Rights as we understand it and so a lot of the things that we take for granted do not exist in Great Britain the same thing is true uh in Europe remember most of the law on the continent has its roots in the code Napoleon yes that’s a different that’s a different approach to law where you are guilty until proven innocent

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