Monkey Werx US, Constitutional Suspension – SITREP 8 16 23

Constitutional Suspension – SITREP 8 16 23

foreign all right folks let’s talk satellite phones for a minute if you jump over to this is the way to go I’m telling you if you watch what’s happening in Maui Hawaii right now with the cell towers being taken down and uh this this blazing fire that came through leaving people without the ability to reach out and get help having a satellite phone in your quiver is a great thing to do for you and for your family listen there’s a reason why the Senators are all getting their hands on these things okay now listen if you jump over again or just hold your camera up and hit that QR code that right there will take you directly to through the satellite phone store they’ve got some amazing deals happening right now they’ve got the Iridium 955 which in my opinion is the best satellite phone on the planet uh coupled with a little saddle uh solar charging panel and a faraday bag and then of course they’ve got this which is a battery backup nice little Apu to have uh it comes with the satellite phone and a faraday pouch and then of course this one here you buy one get one free it’s a limited time offer it’s the 95 75 satellite phone and uh again amazing phones amazing Network that’s or you can give them a call at 941-955-1020 until the monkey sent you all right hey welcome folks mil-specops okay here’s going to be your sit rep it is 8 16 2023 and so without further Ado let’s hop over there if you would uh hit that like And subscribe and the bell for notification it uh helps the channel out tremendously and let’s get into what’s going on we’ll start off in our Mini Me board if that’s because I’m mini down in the corner that’s how we get that uh looking at Sky glasses always like I said the best air uh just from an aircraft tracker perspective there’s nothing else that even touches it comes close and the stuff that is coming with this particular software uh in the near future is going to blow your minds it is uh I’ve seen it I’ve gotten a sneak peek of all the stuff that is uh in works when they load the weather into this it’s going to be very very interesting to watch the weather aspect tied to all of this weather modification stuff that we are going to be talking about today in the show as well as uh the other you know shenanigans that are our military and our government are up to around the world so um so today we’re going to talk a little bit more about we’re going to talk Hawaii we’re going to talk about weather modification and uh the stuff that NASA is up to currently over the Northeast and then we’re going to get into this whole constitutional uh suspension deal and uh it’s just amazing that they could even do that but um let’s just kind of count through the numbers here as we’re looking at the sky today the nas are 78 those are Incognito aircraft those are people that do not want to be uh tracked all right but uh it’s this is all military that we’re looking at by the way text twos are now at 39 it was at 100 plus just about 30 minutes ago and uh t-38s are sitting at 36. we do have a pretty high number of aircraft given the time of day it’s pretty early uh 289 on screen that’s after we’ve already taken out 75 trainers okay if we just peel the onion a little bit and look at the kc-135s got 37 of those up that’s a very high number I will tell you that is um that’s probably one of our put on the traces for a second see if we can tell where these guys are heading and what they’re supporting and then let’s go down a little further I’m going to switch this around look at it alphabetically so I can actually get a better bead on this if we add not just those but we add the seven six seven two hundred Pegasus we’ve got eight of those 37 KC 135s and then let me see if I have any dc-10s that are showing not seeing it so we’re okay there uh but a total on screen uh 45 so 45 air refuelers the last time we saw a number that was higher than that was tied to the FAA system going down okay just kind of put things in perspective for you but that right there tells you that there are a lot of Fighters over the United States uh they don’t stay up Aloft a long time without having to get some kind of fuel to keep them going and so this is always a good indicator to tell you you know kind of what’s uh happening here in the U.S get your finger on the pulse so to speak this is an astronomical number though I will say that’s a lot of air refuelers that are up okay let’s look at Europe and see if we’ve got any over there as well they have since gone dark I will say compared to what we have seen in the past not uncommon but it goes to tell you that the the tempo when it comes to this whole War piece going on um with you know geopositioning of assets we’ve got a lot of equipment moving around over here but these right here are a good indicator of Fighters when you only see one of them up something ain’t right there’s I guarantee you there’s more every fuelers up we just don’t see them between the Middle East uh down here and up here into Europe uh they’re they’re just not being seen okay hop back over to conus and see if there are any other numbers that catch my attention I did have about 40 h60 Blackhawks that were showing just before we did this as well let me see if we still have now we’re sitting at 22 so we’re about half right now but that is a pretty large number is is uh as well normally yeah you know six to eight maybe we see so um and usually they’re down here in the Panhandle area because that’s a big training area right so uh but this yeah this is a pretty large number of of Blackhawks that are currently up all right let’s look at our watch list uh I will say when I get into this you’re gonna see I’ve stripped it out from the survey planes we’re going to look at those separately because they are taking up a lot of stuff notice the Intel balloons out over Baja Southern California two of them currently up a NASA U2 is also getting Airborne out in Southern California and then more Intel balloons over the center of the United States q9 drone I got a lot of intelligence E6 takamo that’s a Navy bird uh that catches my eye then we’ve got if we kind of spin it around here you’re going to see the Trump train there it is uh the 757-200 Trump aircraft here’s a little bigger shot of it for you so you can see he seems to be headed Northbound out of probably out of Florida headed back up to his Northeast home and then we’ve got uh that is actually would be Air Force One flying is in a you can never tell these days but it is in North Carolina it looks to be doing some touch and goes in and out of North Carolina so I’m sure that’s getting some attention and then we go over here you will see the Doomsday bird that is 747-200 not 21 and that is also up and then let’s go over to Europe and take a look at what we have I mean uh back it up a little that right there is going to be a drone low altitude drone over Denmark and then it looks like you’ve got the German Intel balloons right normal occurrence there and then that’s a rooski it’s a Russian plane coming out of Moscow a little bit further south you’ll notice we’ve got that one right there coming out of Malta looking very closely at the water we’ll look at those further in a minute got a drone it’s got a in-flight emergency and then a lot of other drones that are up as well over turkey and then this weather modification LLC yeah modifying the weather there in Saudi always interesting to see them I’m sure they’re getting paid a beautiful premium to do that work all right let’s get over here to the Intel aircraft notice southern coast of California and then south of Tucson that’s a normal area for us south of Tucson but the Southern Cal side there’s again there’s something going on down south of California just based on the intelligence balloons that are also hanging and then we got some transitions here look like one headed up there to Canada and then two headed across the drink these are going to be probably the lasai aviation type aircraft so it means we’ve got some new ones headed into Europe looks like One landed in the UK One landed up here in Scotland which is Northern UK and then uh we’ve got this one notice we’re running little lines looking out there at the Baltic Sea more than likely out of Sweden and then this getting a good hard look at at kalinograd Belarus St Petersburg up in Russia and then down here in and out of Constanta and then over Romania and we go a little further south notice we got some stuff going on there in Turkey as well and then this one over Jordan so what has been going on down there that they are gathering intelligence within Iraq within Saudi I think it’s probably the Russians okay and then nothing going on down under and then we go a little further north past Darwin and notice that we’ve got a little bit of stuff there in the Philippines all right let’s talk survey flights for a minute and uh 187 is our number last three days still continuing to see stuff going on over the United States as always this is in my opinion they are shaping the battlefield and uh if you take the Wi-Fi capability that we just discussed the other day and imagine that you’ve got everybody down to basically a boxcar you’re going to know what rooms they’re in and uh where they’re moving to in real time with that Wi-Fi router coupled by the AI and the other capabilities that are being engaged here okay so this is uh Gathering lidar data it’s survey flights again they’re all around the world but primarily over the United States and Australia still have a little bit of legwork going on in Europe we’ve got some stuff there in the northern side of Netherlands and then in just kind of north east of our military operations there in in Poland and then of course we’ve got looks to be Portugal and Spain and then some stuff going on over the water there let’s go over to the rooskis and you’re going to notice a little bit of work there in turkey and then notice this one into Moldova or Moldova a lot of traffic in and out of Moscow again this is the last three days and then stuff headed Eastward still within Russia but there is talk about them being in Nigeria and I will tell you you don’t see any flights down to to South Africa so or to Africa central Africa for that matter yeah so there that just means that they’re already boots on the ground down there okay okay now this can be your drone flights Southern California again I think there’s something going on off the coastline we’re not hearing about and then just notice all of this north of Tripoli north of in the water there Mediterranean North of Libya back and forth near Benghazi and Tripoli and then that coming in and out of Malta there’s something they’re looking at in the water in that General region and then of course over Constanta that’s the only Port that we’re able to get things in and out of all right and then turkey as always of course these are drones right so different levels of drones and then let’s uh let me do this let me go back to our mini board we’re going to talk a little news and then I’m going to show you some weather modification stuff and then we’re going to get into all of the other little fun things all right so let me minimize this screen we’ll come back to the weather piece here in just a minute we’ll start off looking at flashbang uh AKA Joe Biden and uh what he is up to today looks like he’s got an in-town pool call starting around 10 A.M and then let’s see we’ll go down a little further notice uh you got a little FEMA stuff uh making the the podium today clean energy yeah right you would think there’d be a lot of discussion here Hawaii is in utter chaos and you’d think that they would be talking more about Hawaii and what we’re doing to help them and everything else right no such thing so what’s he going to talk about today he’s talking about uh his the anniversary of his inflation reduction act which by the way he says uh that he wishes he hadn’t called it that because it’s going the opposite direction and uh basically you know along with bidenomics it’s a total disaster but uh it’s what he’s gonna be talking about today all right so let’s move on don’t give this guy too much too much press we got too many other good things to cover about him Maui’s emergency Sirens failed to alert residents so as we’re hearing about all of this looking at the chaos some really strange things occurring won’t get into all of that here but definitely some suspect stuff happening okay but nonetheless they’re saying that the emergency system never even went off that’s these people didn’t even see it coming and it swept through so fast you can look what’s really strange about all of this is that you can see cars that are completely just charred and houses that are just burnt to the ground there’s nothing but Rubble left and yet you’ll have a a palm tree right beside it that’s just you know Green as can be so it’s just crazy how this thing happened all right all right speaking of Bazooka Joe let’s see Biden promises Maui fire survivors 700 per household that’s gonna go a long way remember most of the homes here in that particular area are around a million dollars so um him giving them 700 is less than what he has spent on Ukraine to the case in point uh if you go to Ukraine and look at uh you know the entire population of Ukraine it’s about 1600 and some change per household or actually per person not even per household so um yeah 700 a household is just a slap in the face and of course they’ll get taxed on that seven hundred dollars so um you know all I can say is I pray that they don’t have Allstate as their insurance carrier because if they do as soon as they file a claim on a million dollar home that has been completely just scorched to uh Ash they’ll probably get about 250 000 from Allstate because that is their How They Roll their policy they’ll give you just a little sliver of what something is really worth uh you can see I’m definitely a butt hurt level Bravo and dealing with them on my own instance they’re horrible they are the essence of chaos uh or Mayhem as they have in their commercials so anyway let’s just hope that these folks don’t have them all right hey let’s move on let’s get over to this side death toll from Maui fire could double or even triple that’s coming from the governor yeah the latest number is sitting close to a hundred and they’re saying it’s going to be a lot higher they’re actually talking around a thousand plus uh that are still missing so this uh this is not going to have a good outcome when you look at the pictures of all of this they’re comparing it to a modern day Pearl Harbor that uh the numbers that happened during 9 11 are probably going to be exceeded and even in Paul Harbor they’re going to be exceeded this is absolute destruction of an entire Community now to add insult to injury this is where it gets really crazy there are people that are have just lost their homes that are being contacted uh that people are trying to buy their land they don’t care about the home or anything else they want to buy the land and uh you would think that’s uh that people would have a little bit of respect for the lost and for people that are grieving going through this process and the fact that people are trying to actually bombard them with offers on their land stuff is it’s pretty amazing right so keep your eye on all of this there’s more behind this and I think James and I are going to talk on Thursday about this specifically at least that’s what our conversation was last night because if you look at who owns a great deal of land on Maui uh Oprah is is one of the biggest landowners I think on Maui itself so anyway let’s move on over here now we’re talking NASA for a minute we’re going to talk about weather modification Etc this is the one that is currently up or at least showing as on ground and active it’s a dc-8 tail number n817na this is one that we were looking at the other day we’re going to look closer because this is the activity that is associated with this and one other aircraft but this is the last three days notice where the concentration is we got the little U2 down here in Los Angeles which is low altitude and really strange but notice these different altitudes running those swim Lanes yeah and then yeah kinda over Chicago remember that was Illinois that just just put out or tried to pass a bill that said hey no more weather modification over our state well then they retracted it notice you got this down over the Gulf of Mexico as well but uh very interesting indeed uh this is like I said uh something we need to keep our eyes on because we talk about Chemtrails you talk about cloud seeding I’ve actually had people contact us that we used to work or engaged with weather modification at NOAA doing cloud seeding and in the early days and so uh but this still goes on and if you don’t think they do it uh we just caught them the other day flying over Toronto dumping out and spewing a bunch of pink stuff out of the airplane so go figure I’ve actually had others that have come forward with more pictures in different areas like Ontario of them doing the same thing so all right pay attention to that and then let’s look at the weather mod we remember we saw it we caught them in Saudi Arabia weather mod LLC notice that they are very active or or somewhat active given the fact that we have a high pressure Dome Over Texas they seem to be very active out in West Texas and then that’s a transition so one is coming either North or South there we’ll keep an eye out for it to see if they bump back up and start messing around with stuff either in Georgia or north of that but then we get over here to Saudi Arabia again last three days this is weather modification LLC we just looked at that here a minute ago as you can see yeah there you go for tea I mean it is what it is right now we know okay so let’s uh let’s break back over here to our mini board let’s get into what’s going on around the world uh as we get into this weather stuff now we talk whether it’s gonna we’re gonna talk tfrs for a minute also just notice how the hurricane aspect is on the uptick we’ve got a lot of stuff down here uh off the coast of Mexico that looks to be pretty promising notice where it’s headed really really kind of crazy to see one rolling up into here it looks like it’s going to weaken but looks like Southern California is about to get a pretty significant rain event and then of course we get out here this is headed towards Hawaii they’re saying this is also expected to weaken uh currently it looks to be a going into a depression but uh this not really good if you get wind when you’ve got fire rain wouldn’t be too bad but then you got to worry about all of the the ground being you know basically nothing on it it’s all scarred then you get that what they call I think it’s uh scar flooding so keep your eye on that again keep folks in Hawaii in your prayers uh they they could really use it right now okay all right this is TFR wise looks like flashbang is going to be headed up here and we know that because of the size of the TFR Circle uh August 17th headed up to Scranton Pennsylvania so he’s headed up to Dunder Mifflin and um to see uh Michael Scott and then it looks like from there he’s actually going to bounce in we’ve got three tfrs here notice if you would there are smaller boxes inside of bigger boxes I don’t know the significance of that but I do know Hagerstown is that he’s heading to the bunker all right that’s going to be Camp David he’s headed in there um and so looks like the date at least on one of these is going to be the 17th as well so he’s going to be all in the same day headed up here then headed back down here and he’ll probably be in there over the weekend if I had to guess um all right there is where we stand with this all right now let’s uh keep on moving now let’s talk this uh in terms of guns let’s talk about uh suspending the Constitution the only one that I’ve heard actually say it out loud was Trump and um and he’s talking about his current situation and what happened uh previously right with uh with the whole 2020 thing okay but this is flashbang right he’s talking about I did it once before and I’ll do it again as he continues beating the drum for an assault weapon span and you can get down into the main Crux of all of this uh basically in the U.S previously had an assault weapons ban that was in place in 2004 which has now expired and some Americans like flashbang I want to see another man enacted so they’re trying to pass it they tried to pass it last year and it didn’t make it because it had to get through the senate senate shot it down but listen folks when they start coming for your guns uh that’s where you gotta pay close attention because um this look back at history all right you can look at Stalin you’ll get pot look at Hitler look at Mao those guys just completely between themselves killed tens of millions of people but they took their guns first so anytime a government is telling you that they need to take your guns it’s because they’re about to make a move on you okay so if we allow any of this to occur it’s on us that’s all I can say all right so this is what it means basically the suspension Clause you think why is that even in there why I mean our our constitution should never be suspended ever okay because the minute that is suspended you lose all your rights okay you lose your your right of free speech you lose your right to bear arms you lose everything so check this out the suspension Clause follows in this tradition it protects um basically imposing a general bar on a suspension at the same time it makes an exception for cases when an invasion or Rebellion endangers Public Safety remember that keyword Rebellion a suspension is temporary not necessarily but they say that okay but the power it confers is extraordinary when the suspension is in effect the president typically acting through subordinates can imprison people indefinitely without any judicial check all right let that sink in so if they suspend the Constitution that means basically they are it is martial law in essence okay you have no rights as a as a citizen they can come and take anything they want at any time they want okay and they can put you in jail indefinitely without any type of representation so think about that for a minute we’re hearing chatter and I will tell you the chatter that I’ve heard about this suspension clause or this constitutional suspension was coming from with inside the Beltway and it was a conversation that was had between the ATF and the administration okay and that conversation was talking about ghost guns and their ability to basically put out a constitutional suspension and take everything you got in terms of guns that was how they’re going to go about it it’s the only way they could go about it so they think so just a heads up because they’re definitely it’s a discussion that’s happening in conversations and uh if they do that like I said you look at the survey flights you look at the battlefield that they are mapping out you put those into grids and then you start to execute the plan of going house to house to start sweeping my guess is that they have a list probably of everybody that owns a gun the reason ghost guns are so scary to them is because they don’t know who owns those guns um but if they have a list and uh you’re on that list and you’re somebody like you know that’s out here in social media like myself you’re going to be at the top of that list and uh when they come knocking that’s they’re going to hit you know a higher level first uh and then they’re going to go through the ranks and um if you’re somebody that owns a lot of guns um and you’re probably gonna be on that list so anyway it’s just food for thought it’s a data point but uh like I said that conversation has been taking place and we need to all be paying very close attention to what is going on with the survey flights with uh just you’re to the ground okay folks all right let’s talk no Tams we did go over briefly the tfrs that were coming up that’s up here in this General region but if we take a look we’ve got a box here off the West Coast of Florida still we have this one down in Southern California again same thing we’ve been uh talking about this for a little while there is definitely something happening out here Beyond just a red flag that had taken place in Nellis uh the fact that they have parked two um intelligence balloons high altitude at that out in this general area tells you there’s there’s more going on out here than we are being told okay this yellow blob as in this yellow blob those are going to be high turbulent areas okay that’s weather if you’re flying through here or here buckle up it’s going to be bumpy okay now some of the other boxes around here are fireboxes let’s get up here to Alaska and notice you’ve got this really long box here this is probably a millop and it says a red flag Yukon 7 stationary altitude reservation so hmm not sure what’s happening there but remember harp is in here okay so looks like they’ve got some stuff happening here this is the border between uh this is Canada over here in us over here but notice Canada also has their own little thing going here this box has been here for a little while this one has not but um again just keep a close eye on that and let me back up we’ll get over here to Europe just notice you got a missile launch box it looks like out here uh that’s probably the ruskies and as we kind of dig in a little deeper uh let’s see if we’ve got anything that really catches my eye now I think it looks to be just kind of the stat normal status quo the stuff out in the North Sea kind of commonplace same thing with here it looks to me like all the folks that are tied to Nato uh are are trying to protect their particular area um I mean that makes sense right so anyway let’s move on from that let’s get over to a couple more news items remember we were showing the fact that uh the flights from Russia are kind of staying within Russia other than the one that went down to Moldova but this is a alarming the West uh as Putin has become begun to mediate in Nigeria uh through this whole coup crisis that we’ve been talking about um keep in mind this is making them very uneasy the fact that uh the U.S state Department tried to step in and uh stronghold them you know or strong arm them and uh looks like they are leaning towards working with Russia uh the interesting piece is if you look at the number one export out of Nigeria that is uranium so um yeah just keep our eye on the pulse or finger on the pulse here eye on what’s going on uh but it’s just a data point for us okay all right EU delivers Ukraine 224 000 shells under the ammo plan they have a plan to provide a million artillery rounds so this is just the first batch but as I’ve said in the past there are very little indicators that things are de-escalating in fact people just keep putting in more and more so uh we’ll continue to watch that and then the US on the same you know coming out of the same side of the house here U.S sends Ukraine more ammunition after an accounting revision you may remember we’ve had several of these now where they just happen to find money the last one we do believe and of course is speculation but we do believe that was paid to uh for an attempted coup on Moscow that they basically took their money and then went in hiding and uh it’s kind of funny that they got played uh so anyway but this is uh again 200 million dollars in new ammunition we just so happen to fly of course we don’t have the ammunition that’s probably the bigger trick but nonetheless it’s amazing how we just tend to uh you know line something out a little erase and then write in a new amount uh when it’s convenient so they don’t do that on your taxes by any means do they oh hey we found an error here’s some money back yeah that doesn’t happen all right let’s get over to Biggs Army Airfield just to point out some of the flights that catch my eye uh we have some a320s A3 19s and a 767 these are Allegiant Air this one’s coming out of Grand Rapids this one is coming out of CVG which is the airport there in Kentucky Cincinnati Kentucky this I you know I don’t have a good feeling about these These are typically tied to the Immigrant side of the house okay so uh this one is usually it’s a camper flight it’s gonna be military it’s probably troop related more than likely because it is a camber designation and then over here that uh Allegiant just notice where it’s heading to Dayton Ohio from there and then that camper flights headed to Baltimore Washington I don’t see the other one on the board yet for the other allegiant that was there okay get over to this side it’s going to be over to Dover and a lot of Cessna 172’s a little uh nice one there let me go down the line you know not seeing any up here but I do see one that’s going to be an Atlas Air 747 come out of Miami and over here to the outbound board nothing so it’s slowed down a lot for the middle of the week in terms of 747s out of Dover let’s take a look at Ramstein see what we’ve got a couple 747s inbound this one’s coming from Doha which is a massive Runway by the way in the Middle East if you’ve ever seen it it is you could land space shuttle on that thing no doubt about it it’s got a super long Runway and then this triple seven out of Baltimore that’s troops more likely this is carrying something but notice where they’re coming in and out of coming into Ramstein and then outbound that trip 7 200 is Destination Unknown and then this one camber flight to Kuwait again pretty big build up going on the Middle East right now we’ve seen that uh with the stuff going on with Russia and Syria as well as uh all of the things happening in Africa okay so it looks like we are really starting to stack up I’ve heard rumors of troops being sent to Africa but uh don’t have any anything yet concrete okay all right let’s go through the board here this is going to be your Ford operating base in Poland and um not seeing anything boy it’s really slow this one right here is Belgium Air Force but I don’t know what that is probably a C-130 or something heading on down nothing at all really strange okay there’s a Coletta that is on the docket coming out of Newark New Jersey 747 400. that’s the only thing I see and we go up here to the outbound board super super quiet uh there’s one Antonov that’s a Russian bird but that’s a an-124 uh that is it’s a transport a large transport I think C5 this is the largest transport in the world the Antonov 124. all right and then nothing else wow really really quiet very strange that means our troops more than likely are all in place that means equipment is uh either it is a pause between stuff or we’ve got everything we got to date already in play um and it’s starting to slow down we’ll see what Friday looks like here’s your camper flight again Ramstein Baltimore and Fort Worth look to be the three locations those given the aircraft type those are going to be troops okay Destination Unknown Western Global out of Anchorage headed down to Los Angeles again this is I think this is a staging ground for some of the artillery that they’re getting from South Korea all right well we do have one just one this will be a NATO bird t055 and notice this one is looks to be coming out of Saudi Arabia interesting NATO coming out of Saudi all right there’s that now let’s talk you in for just a second as we get into this just to point out the last three days what they’ve been up to notice a little bit of work there in Mali and um some back and forth and then we head over to this side they tucked into the corner of Nigeria and then it looks like Ethiopia then over to Qatar and then we’ve got some flights coming in and out of Amman Jordan down south notice that they don’t land anywhere they just fly over the Red Sea there’s a couple that drop down there in Saudi but no real Landing site so interesting just again I thought we’d look at you in since we’re talking about NATO I’ve got the fleet loaded into my watch list now uh of tracking the UN stuff so we’ll see where they where they go but all right over to Omni this is going to be again these are Charters that move a lot of um a lot of U.S soldiers and stuff okay all right here we go Manchester to Toronto and then that’s uh they’re moving the Canadians back and forth in and out of the UK and then it looks like Guam over to Hawaii here so out here uh into Hawaii right that’s a Oahu right the Brits Super Active and busy at least they were in that last picture it doesn’t look like that now only three flights up looks like Cyprus is a pretty big staging ground these guys are in and out of this location and then we get a little further north looks to be headed inbound to um uh but notice where they’re coming out of Wiesbaden it’s an army base in Germany and munchin or Munich um out of Germany as well so the Brits are hot and heavy in Germany right now right okay it’s gonna be our immigrant machine and you’ll notice my board just changed over but let me tell you notice how much stuff is north of the Border right these are all flights regular one we’re seeing Ontario to Greensboro we’ve got this one headed down to Columbus Georgia several in and out of Alexandria 72 72-hour holding facility and then this one looks to be headed up to Reno from Phoenix more than likely these are supporting the Amazon side of the house good cheap labor right a lot of people getting deported and then we’ll just take a quick look at Guantanamo Bay not seeing too much there we’ve been you know keeping our eye on it but we just don’t report on it too much but you can see we’ve got one departure that’s going to be kind of a normal for this you know this time of week and it’s just Legal Eagles coming in and out of Jacksonville Naval Air Station that’s the only thing I’ve got on here so all right well listen that’s gonna do it for a sit rep today you guys uh keep your ear to the ground because uh when you start hearing about uh people and Rumblings inside the Beltway of constitutional suspension um and you know uh Banning certain items we need to pay very close attention because anytime a government has come after your guns they typically uh wipe out a great mass amount of population after that so uh there’s just the track history of that right if you know your history um you know then you understand what I’m saying so all right that’s it you guys be safe out there stay frosty keep that powder Georgia dry there’s the word yep God bless monkey out thanks for watching folks check out the latest gear and products over at Monkey

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