Real America’s Voice: Bannon & Patel Speak Out

On Real America’s Voice’s War Room, Steven Bannon and Kash Patel passionately discuss the issues that matter to the American people. They analyze the direction the country is going under Joe Biden’s leadership, highlighting what they believe is a concerning path. As they delve into the topics, they don’t hold back, fully ripping into what they see as government gangster behavior. With Chris Ray’s role in the spotlight, and their unwavering commitment to their obligation to the American people, they fearlessly dissect the current political landscape and provide their insights on the matters that shape the nation’s future.


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in your, oh, the modern era is the post-fact era.
We’re going to come at you with facts and receipts.
And we’re going to see who blinks first.
Because they’re coming after Trump with this kind of,
you know, this talking indictment.
He was doing his duty.
He had an obligation to the American people,
an obligation to the American people
to make sure that the 2020 election had been fairly decided.
And we know it was not.
And he gets into a federal court
because they make that the central charge to adjudicate that.
In addition, since it’s, it’s, this is all Jack Smith,
Jack Smith’s driving this.
They’re driving it.
He’s made a big deal about the insurrection.
OK, fine.
We get to put up all the information about the Fed’s direction.
You think they’re going to like that?
You think Merrick Garland is going to like that?
I think Chris Ray is going to like that.
I think Department of Homeland Security is going to like that.
I think they’re going to like all that.
I think they’re going to like that.
I think that’s going to play well.
Let the American people decide.
We’ll get it all out there.
Of course, a jury, right?
And it appeals and all that.
Got to go through the process.
But the American people will weigh in measure
and they’ll decide on five November of 2024.
And you can already tell that where the American people
are coming down this already.
Cash per tell.
Joe Biden’s a traitor sold at his country for money.
Not for I is bad enough to do it for ideology.
But you can kind of understand
if somebody’s got a radically different ideology
that you don’t agree with it, but you can understand.
But to sell your country out for cash money,
it’s like Judas with the 30 pieces of silver, right?
Cash per tell.
The impeachment of Joe Biden.
How should we expedite that, brother?
So look, I’m still probably in the minority.
I believe that Joe Biden is the target.
But to get to him, I think we need to impeach Ray and Garland.
And here’s why.
Joe Biden didn’t give us this unlawful prosecution
of Donald Trump in the docs case.
Joe Biden didn’t give us the unlawful prosecution of Donald Trump
in the now case in Washington, D.C.
involving these bogus charges of conspiracy.
That was Garland and Ray.
Garland and Ray are his jackals.
They are the twins of the destruction of due process
and the two-tier system of justice.
Once we go after them in Congress together,
we get all the receipts.
We get all the investigative materials
that have been hidden from the public
about how Joe Biden was involved in bribery scandals
across the Europe and over into China and the CCP.
About how his son was a far-agent,
but didn’t register in committed a felony,
including being bribed and using daddy
to leverage those million dollar sales
to his Burisma company.
The reason we have to go after Chris Ray and Marik Garland
is because we need to put them in the crosshairs.
We will get to Biden.
But the left wants us to impeach Biden
because they now want him out more than we want him out.
So we’ve got to stay on focus
and the target is Chris Ray and Marik Garland
and get the receipts.
So the American people can have the evidence
on election day next year
to put Donald Trump back in office
and destroy the two-tier system of justice.
Cash, what have you got?
You’ve already put up the declassified version
of this letter about the judge when she recused herself.
Which you say, hey, that is the tell
why she asked to recuse herself here.
Where do people go to get all your social media,
the website, all of it.
And of course, the cards.
And here’s the thing, can you give,
can Mike Davis get one of Cash’s Tee?
So Mike Davis can come on here fully ripped, right?
Fully ripped, his fully ripped physique
as Cash Patel’s doing a full flex here
on the morning edition of War Room.
Bannon, I’m sending you and Davis a full merch shop.
I’m at Cash on Truth Social, at KS on Truth Social.
I will be putting out today Judge Chutkin’s recusal letter.
I will be putting out the criminal referral we sent
to DOJ from when I was chairing
the investigation for Devon Nunes.
And more importantly, if you like what we talked about,
go to and pre-order the book.
Steve, I’m announcing today on your show.
We got a date.
September 19th, government gangsters is coming out.
Full stop, no government gangster is stopping
that from hitting the shelves.
If you like what we talked about today,
I go behind the scenes and government gangsters order it now.
Let’s retire this government gangster.
Let’s get this government gangster out of the FBI.
Let’s never have this government gangster back in the DOJ.
And let’s elect the greatest president ever in Donald J. Trump.
Go to, get the book.
If you like the cards, go to the,

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