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is is presenting to the grand jury. We’re going to we’re going to go our way not to cover this yesterday. Trump is going to be indicted. You saw that because they already followed before they finished it with the witnesses to the grand jury. The rest of this is all this has been in a republic. And if the attorney general of Georgia does not step in here, then you’ve shown your true colors. Forget that this is Trump. This is deeper than that. A something that would be as monumental as inditing American citizens who are doing their duty to make sure that a their constitutional duty to make sure that an election at the end of the day represent it. What really was voted on by American citizen voters, you’re going to indict them on what 39 counts or a bunch of them on 39 counts or some of them, right, a bunch of people. And you actually put the indictment on get a you get a case number, you get a judge assigned before the final 10 witnesses are going to just shows you as a total joke. That’s all like Stalin. That’s just a show trial. She’s in that that’s just a show trial. There’s no deliberation. They’ve already put it out. They’ve already indicted him. So why are you just going through this show? This is where we are. And if you’re in the house, if you’re not finding back then, you’re part of the problem. You’re part of the problem. If you’re one of these house Republicans, all the fat cats out there with McCarthy this week, do I see here? Do I hear money being cut off? You know, do I hear McCarthy coming out saying any Ogles has a great idea or cut all the federal money off? Do I hear that? I didn’t hear that today. I must have missed that. And I thought I was in my crack team or following the news. I think we missed that. Did we miss that the impeachment inquiry of the crime family that took have taken tens of millions of dollars from our greatest enemy, the Chinese Communist Party? Did that come out of Jackson Hole a day in the afternoon means before they went up for a round of golf in Jackson? I must have missed that too. I am missing some of these things. I’m not maybe I’m not I’m just not paying attention. The other thing that I didn’t miss though was Joe Biden on the beach yesterday in Rehoboth Beach hanging out for a couple hours getting a little sun. Look, I don’t mind a guy taking a couple hours off on a Sunday. After you’ve done your job, I haven’t seen anything he’s done for Maui. Barack Obama, you know, the beloved son of Hawaii, where’s he? He put it on a tweet. Okay, put it on a tweet. I’ve got Sheila Walker. He came on this point. I really want to thank her for coming back this afternoon. I’m going to start with Ed Dowd who we’ve been trying to get on for a couple of days. Ed is very well known.

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