Real America’s Voice, Steve Bannon with Melissa Katz, What they are doing to AG Ken Paxton is Unconstitutional


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We’ve got to make sure we put them all under the glare, ma’am. There’s 19 Republican senators, but only 18 are going to be able to vote because Ken Paxton’s wife, Angela, is one of the senators, so she’s been, due to Texas law, she’s not allowed to vote. However, there are three senators, Democrat senators, that should not be allowed to vote, and A.G. Paxton’s attorneys filed a motion that they should not be allowed to vote because they’ve shown bias, and there’s been different situations where these three senators, and it’s Jose Menendez, Senator Roland Gutierrez, and Senator Nathan Johnson, they’re all Democrats, but if they’re not letting Angela vote, those senators should not be allowed to vote. So that’s just one item, but this was a coup d’etat, Steve. What happened here in Texas, we the people, the voters, we went to the polls in November. We knew everything they wanted to say about A.G. Paxton, and we voted. He won with double digits. He had a very intense primary with opponents, and they spent over $41 million of negative ads against him, OK? So 20 of these impeachments, you know, violations, 19 shouldn’t even be considered because they were things that happened even before the election. So the way it works in Texas, if that was prior to the election, they shouldn’t even be considered. They should be thrown out. But nothing has been done from the beginning correctly with this. They did this in the dead of the night. I remember when I heard over—it was just after Memorial Day weekend that he was going to get impeached, they had a vote on Saturday. The members didn’t even have time. No witnesses were sworn in. They didn’t have time to review the material. They didn’t do anything. The way that they’ve done—there’s only been two other impeachments in the history of our state, one in 1913 and the most recent in 1975, where they had the opportunity, both sides, to present evidence, do cross-examination, and there was time. They had like 70 to 90 hours, you know, open hearings where the public could come in, everyone could hear. It was transparent. This wasn’t. Nobody knew. No Republicans. I mean, there was 48 hours when this took place. And so why are they going after him? We know where they are, because—no, no, we know where they are, because he represents kind of the Trump movement, and he’s gone after Biden so well. Real quickly, I’ve only got a couple of minutes. These 18 Republicans, where can people go to get information on this? I know there’s a couple of conservatives, six, I think we’re going to highlight as we go through this every day this week. Because the reason I’m doing this, folks, right when you get back from—and this is why they did it. This is the slowest week traditionally of the year. It’s going to be on fire, but traditionally this is like between Christmas and New Year’s. They schedule this for the Tuesday after Labor Day, whenever he’s just getting back to school and just getting back in. That’s when his trial’s going to start. So we’ve got to get on top of this, because Ken Paxson, not only is he too good a man, this is symbolic. The Fort Worth, that left-wing paper in Fort Worth has already blown up the war room for coming to Paxson’s defense. Tell me about the 18. Where do people go? I know you’re working with a number of groups and getting this information out as a grassroots leader. Where do people go to get this information from these folks? To the main website, it’s And on there, you’ll pull up the senators, and you can find—and everyone—OK, we need Texans. OK, Texas, in 1836, one of the most epic battles, the Alamo took place. And William B. Travis drew a line in the sand. And he asked his men—and that was an act of courage and fight, and he knew what was going to happen. But it was a line in the sand, are you with us or against us? So Texans, it’s not even Republican, Democrat. They are taking away the will of the people. It’s, as you said, that Bush junta and Karl Rove and these elitists, Republicans that are globalists, instead of doing what we want, the will of the people. But the good thing is the Senate does listen to the voters. And so we need to blow up their phones and send emails. And the other person we need to contact is Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. He has been a conservative. He is the most powerful person in Texas. And he, when this hearing starts, can dismiss this, because all of this was done unlawfully and against the Texas Constitution. Melissa, we’ve got to bounce. Where do people go for you for social media? OK. OK, I’m on Getter and I’m not sure. I think it’s Melissa M. Katz on Getter. I’m on X and Tree Social. Thank you, Melissa. We’re going to have you back on. This is a big fight. Remember, this Republican AG in New Hampshire is actually talking about taking Trump off the ballot. That’s how important these AG positions are. We’re going to have something on this every day, the trial of Ken Paxson in the Texas Senate. OK, we’re going to take a short break.

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