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that he did, he sorta liked here and at, but we found some in common. I’ve come to like
him and he likes him and that gets us through 18 holes of God. So to the Republican Party,
how many of you, is this your first silver elephant dinner stand up? God bless you. How
about a round of applause for these people? How many people have been here 20 years? Don’t
stand up, you like many of you probably can. So let me tell you really quickly, a walk
down memory lane. In 1992, when I first got elected to the State House from O’Connie County,
and this is a Tuxedo in O’Connie County. I was the first Republican to represent a State
House District since 1877 in 1992. In 1994, the Republican Party took over the State House
and we’ve held it ever since. In 1994, I became the first Republican Congressman from
the third Congressional District since 1877 and we’ve kept the seat ever since. And how
do you do that? The people here and all over this state make it possible for being in Henry
and every other elected official in this room to win elections we can’t afford to lose.
There’s no such thing as a self-made person in politics. This is a team sport and let
it be said that Drew McKissick is the best team leader you could ever have for the State
of South Carolina’s Republican Party. A little more history. In the last seven presidential
primaries, Henry, six of the seven winners went on to be the Republican nominee for president.
We know what the hell we’re doing here. So the bottom line is we’ve got a good thing
going. We’re growing the party, not shrinking the party. We’re going to be stronger, not
weaker over time. I’ve seen it happen in my lifetime and my goal is to work with you
to make sure that the best days are ahead for the Republican Party in the state of South
Carolina. Look what’s happening in North Carolina in Georgia. We’re not going to let it
happen here. We’ve got great state leadership. We’ve got the best governor anybody could ever
hope have and an awesome first lady. We’ve got leadership in the State House. It’s
actually signed to paycheck and knows what it’s like to create a job. Thank you to everybody
serving in the state house. Now tonight, we got a man’s got a heck of a story to tell
and he’s going to tell it and it may go home for a while. We got people running for the
Republican presidential nomination that I’m impressed with from top to bottom. We got
homegrown people running for President of the United States from South Carolina. I love
them both. We’ve got really talented people, but you’re going to have a contest here next
year about picking a new president. I can’t wait. If I had four years to live, it’d be
during Biden’s presidency because it seems it’s never going to end. So the bottom line
is our speaker tonight has got a story that nobody else can tell. I was President. From
2016 to 2020, I saw firsthand what this man did. You talk about judges. He didn’t pick
one Supreme Court justice. He picked three. And they tried to destroy their lives and we
stood up and we won. You saw what they’re willing to do to the judges. Look what they’re
doing to President Trump today. These people want to win way too badly and there’s nothing
they won’t do to win an election. We cannot let them win again. So here’s what’s going
to happen. They’ll come a time when the American people will look at what Biden’s done and
hoping pray there’s a better way. Well, there is a better way. Our speaker tonight can
tell you about securing the border because he didn’t. In December of 2020, we had the lowest
illegal immigrant crossing in the history of the nation. Why? Because Mexico was afraid
of Trump. And when he was President, people were afraid of us, not us afraid of them. I
had the Chinese ambassador come to them all of a century right after Trump got elected.
And he says, we’re trying to figure Trump out. I said, take a take a number of getting
line. The one thing I can tell you better not screw with this guy or you regret it. We
were respected in the world. We were energy independent. We were making peace, not war.
We got the Arabs through the Abraham Accords to recognize the state of Israel. No wars
on Trump’s watch. You know why? Because he took the military that had been broken and
rebuilt it. He made you proud to be an American. He was unashamedly strong. So we’re going
to have people wanting to be the Republican nominee. And you got a lot of good choices.
But let me tell you about our speaker tonight. It’s not about what he says he will do.
Is what he did. And we need to do it all over again. God bless you. God bless the Republican Party.

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