Secret Chinese Operated Bio-Lab Discovered in California


Video Source: Midnight Rider Channel

took place for months in the
warehouse. No one in town says
they knew about. From October
2022 until spring 2023, this
warehouse at 850 ice
street in Reedley was
operating a biological lab.
It was a well kept secret
after seeing signs of
activity there. The city of
Reedley asked Fresno County
Department of Public Health to
investigate. Just a significant
number of people in the
warehouse. There was a lot of
biological agents on there. So
there was a lot of
contents of blood, serum,
everything that a
biological lab would normally
have. Las Vegas based prestige
biotech was doing the testing.
The company was using hundreds
of mice which had to be
euthanized. There were
utilizing the laboratory mice
on site. Fresno County
Public Health asked for help from
state and federal agencies.
Prado says it’s not illegal to
create a biological lab. The
county went to its legal
toolbox to shut it down. We
use a health officer
authority to actually issue
the order for inspection.
Assess what’s on site? What
are we really dealing with
here? Once we completed that
assessment, we decided
to move towards an
environment that is actually
signed by a judge.
County Public Health destroyed
all the biologicals in the
warehouse. That project was
finished July 7th. Prado was
never seen anything like this
in his 27 year career.
Here at the Public Health
Department, we operate our own
lab. So we’re very well first
in the legal requirements and
how to maintain and control
the lab. And there were just
a complete absence of those
controls in place at the warehouse.
Signs posted at the warehouse
read unsafe to occupy.
Readley City manager says it’s
there responsibility to make
sure the building stays unoccupied.
The city recently turned off
electricity to the building.
Rich Rodriguez, Fox 26 news.
Fresno County Public Health says
the job and really isn’t
over. There are still
additional vehicles and
medical devices on site that
the county will help the city
have readley disposed of.

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