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Direct Energy Weapons – Who Has Them? SITREP 8.21.23

Music All right, hey, welcome folks, Milspeck Ossamiki here. It’s going to be your sit rep. It is eight twenty one twenty twenty three. And we are live coming from the great state of Texas here in the monkey lounge. And if you would hit that like and subscribe, bell for notification, it helps us out tremendously. And oh, by the way, this is a premiere. So I will be with you in the chat live as we go through all of this. Now today we’re going to be talking about a lot of different things. We’re going to one look at the flights that are up currently over the United States. Look at the military stuff as we always do. But we’re going to be talking about do’s who has them. And if you’re not familiar with do’s, I’m not talking about do or do the do talking about directed energy weapons going to surprise you to find out there are a lot of countries out there that actually have this capability and have had them for quite some time. But we’re also going to be looking at Maui. Are they related. I don’t know. But I’m just going to take some eyes on to that. And oh, by the way, if you remember in the last sit rep, we actually talked about thirty day outlook. And I will tell you there’s some interesting things going on over on forward observer. I was just reading that Goldman Sachs is actually warning that the government shutdown is more likely than not. They’re saying that there are just too many moving pieces for them to pass this. And we need to keep eyes on that. And then also JP Morgan. You may remember we were talking about the fact that Americans are burning through all of their savings. Well, JP Morgan just came back and said that in a recent report that they did. Americans excess savings, which totaled $2.1 trillion in 2021 are now completely gone. So that is a little bit more of a data point for you because before they’re saying they would be depleted by the end of Q3. And now they’re just saying that no, they’re gone already. So that is one. And then, of course, we’re going to talk about Ukraine and all the stuff that’s happening there because they are really starting to realize that this is basically a wasted effort that we’re not going to be able to do anything to stop them. Or at least the Russians from gaining ground. And so it looks like all that money that we have poured forward and pushed into, I think, about 120 billion dollars roughly has returned zero good results. So, okay, let’s do this. Let’s jump over to the watch list real fast. You will see we do have, let’s see, a couple of the Habal balloons headed back to the mainland. They’ve been off the coast of California, Baja, et cetera, at a very high altitude for a couple of weeks now. We do have looked to be the Doomsday plane, coupled energy, Department of Energy helicopters out flying around. But the Doomsday plane is out there. As well toward, I guess, Reno because flashbang is out there. And then we’ve got one of the Marine Corps Gulf Streams that look to be headed across the US. And let’s see, that’s going to be the PA call sign on the end of that is going to be Phoenix Air. That’s a looks to be Homeland Security down in near Guantanamo Bay. But let’s see, we head on over to Malta. You can see we got a lot of intel balloons still up over like they always are over Germany and Europe. And then we’ve got a dignitary coming in and out of Italy. It’s a sand flight. It’s a blue and white. And of course, we have R 135 and the Lassai aviation. Those are two intelligence gathering reconnaissance aircraft that are doing their work up there to the north or the left side west side of Belarus. And then down towards Moldova, as always, four T 10 is looks at the Q4 drone over the Black Sea. Notice it is near 10 or 14 miles southwest of Russia. And then, of course, the Turkish drones. As always, still they’re doing their thing. Okay. All right, let’s go on over here to the intel side of the house. This tells us where they’re looking. Remember, they’re not flying directly over and looking below. They’re looking to the left and to the right mainly to the right to the east in these flight patterns as they’re getting eyes on everything that’s out on the ground. And then, of course, this one I caught my eye. Notice where this is. It’s going around Dubai, coming out of Saudi Arabia. I thought that was interesting over Oman. Notice the man in the middle tight circle there looked to be two different altitudes. And then one here, it’s hard to tell whether this is coming out of the south, the southern side of Israel. It looks like it’s actually across the border. Very, very close. Hard to tell from from this angle, even if I spin it around, that looks like it’s Israel, but then when you get around to the other side, it actually looks like it’s coming out of Jordan. Hard to tell or even right on the border, maybe even Egypt. So again, intelligence gathering. All right. It’s talk surveys for a minute. Okay. Now, I’m going to tell you this is an interesting piece because what it appears to me is that they have already gathered the data and they’re going back over for a second run over areas to polish the data. The light or data that they’ve gathered is probably been there’s no way possible 16,000 flights that they’ve been able to put analysts on this to go through that data. It’s just way too many flights, way too much data. They’re definitely using they’ve got to be using some type of an AI tool to go gather and look at that data as it comes in. And now they’re going back and polishing the data, which is going to be looking at everything on ground houses. The rooms, buildings, cars, streets, all of it. Okay. Notice this again over Sweden. We’ve seen them do that before as well. That’s a pretty heavy flight to go back over and gather again. So that tells me again, they’re polishing the data. Nothing over Africa. I know they exist. I started researching it this morning and just ran into all kinds of issues trying to gather accurate data. The airplanes are very hard to find. They’re not in our database. And I don’t have a hex code on any of them. So it’s just hard to gather. So again, Australia, you got it perth all the way over to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Just polishing the data as always. Now I’m going to go back over to the conist side of the house because we’re going to take a look at Hawaii because I forgot to do that last time. Spin it around and you’ll see we do have some stuff looks to be going on over Oahu. And they are again gathering more data. Oahu is so condensed. There’s a lot of people there, but the looks like that is a continued effort. And then we look at the drones. Just notice she got one broken trace headed out over the Atlantic. Could be a Q9 coming home. And then notice the one that’s out over the black sea. Tony, when you’re 14 miles northwest of Russia, you are counting the bolts on stuff that’s down there. Turkey again, the drone activity over Turkey and then north of Denmark as always. All right. Okay, let’s head back over to the main side of the house here and we’re going to get into the news and we’re going to talk a little bit more about flashbang where he’s headed, etc. And then we’re going to look at the TFRs associated with him. So this is a schedule for today. Looks like they spent the weekend in Reno and they’re headed to Maui. I’m sure he will get a beautiful reception when he gets there. And maybe not in, but that’s where he is headed. And then let’s do this. Let’s just hop over the weather side of the house. You will see we’ve got this mess that just came through California, although I hear that it was basically not quite as eventful as they were telling everybody it was on the weather channels out there. Okay. That’s flashbang headed to Maui coming out of here. But again, I talked to folks that were down in Southern California. They said it was raining, but it wasn’t to the degree that they were saying it was raining on most of the news. So notice this setting up here. It looks like it’s going to be rolling in. It’s a rain event Southern Texas out towards heading towards kind of New Mexico, etc. Not going to hit any of this area. Unfortunately, these are extreme heat warnings right up the meat of the United States. And we’ve got this mess out here. It doesn’t look like any of this is coming over towards the US at the moment. Same with this. They both look to be turning right. So to speak. Right. Okay. Let’s move on. Let’s get over here to the news. Hawaii State government attempts information blackout on Maui fire refusing media access. Now I will tell you I did hear a independent report on Instagram by a flight attendant that was on ground stuck there and she was basically saying that there were some 480. Now this was on Friday and that number has definitely gone up. 480 bodies in the local morgue that the the media is behind on reporting how many people have actually died. They say that number is going to go up significantly. They had only cleared 13% of the houses on Friday to get the 480 number and they still have a lot to go a lot to do. So keep them in your thoughts and prayers in Maui because this is definitely going to turn out to be a very, very bad catastrophic event. All right. And then of course, got the government there taking care of everybody. Right. So if anything, this is a reminder that the fact of the matter is that the government is not there to help you. If something happens, you are on your own and you need to prepare for that scenario because when it does go down, there’s nobody coming to help you. Okay. And you got to remember that. All right. Because if you are hedging on the fact that somebody’s going to bring you food and water. When all of this goes down, remember the cell towers went out. There was no communication that way. They shut off fire hydrants. They did all kinds of crazy stuff. But this is your government at work. It’s like it’s like a DMV on steroids. Okay. It’s going to be highly incompetent. And oh, by the way, are we not surprised by all of this? Of course not. Okay. Let’s move on. Let’s talk. Direct did energy warfare in the 21st century. Now this is just to show you that this stuff is still very, very active, very busy. I’m going to go through some of the data points for you. But this one right here, just notice this has taken out a missile that’s inbound coming from a satellite. And this stuff has been around for quite some time. You may remember the Ronald Reagan Star Wars program that started a lot of this. But they call them e-weapons. And we’ve seen some strange things happen around all over the place that make us question what the heck is going on because it doesn’t add up. There are reports of, you know, you’ll see reporters talking about being on ground and how it smells like fireworks. Kind of strange. You’ll see trees that are green and right beside a car that is melted to the ground. It’s just like I said, it is not adding up. And I think a lot of people are starting to question, now am I saying anything with Maui or any of that has to do with, with, with do or do’s. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, you know, things just look very strange out there. Okay. You may remember what kind of go into this real fast. You remember what happened at the bay route port a while back now. This is going to go through the regular speed and it’s going to slow down. Notice the sun beam that is kind of shining over the area there. Notice that it looks like it moves. The sun beam actually moves across the building. You’ll notice it more. What was that? You’ll notice more, maybe a lens flare. I don’t know. But notice, here goes the sun beam. Notice how it just tracks out in front of that shock wave lights up the building. Did you see that? Watch it again. Not saying that’s the do. I’m just saying very strange things take place. Now Turkey, I believe actually said that that was one of their dues that actually did this. So see that flash that came across. Now, I think that was the explosion flash and a lens flare, but it’s weird. Watch the sun beam go across the building. See how it moves? That was really strange. All right. So let’s talk about the forecast. You get into it. You’ve got 19.6% between 2022 and 2027 in terms of the increase. $5.3 billion were for 2022 spent on directed energy weapon in the marketplace. And then they’re saying by 2027, they’re expecting that to go up to $12.9 billion. Notice who the players are, right? You got Lockhe, Raytheon, Northrop, Thales and BAE systems. And yeah, this is really, it just goes to show you that there’s a lot of money being poured into this technology and capability. Okay. Now, you may remember that Dutch sense. If you don’t follow this guy, you need to, but he tracks a lot of wild stuff. Most of the time he is on earthquakes, but he does jump over into some of the other data from time to time. And this was one on September 9, 2020. This was a fire that broke out. I want to say it was in Paradise City, but he caught this across the radar screen. Notice that red glare that goes blasting across as the fire ignites. Same location just happens to be directly on it. Yeah. So they’re saying that this fire that took place in Maui is very reminiscent of the same that took place in Paradise City. And I believe that is the right one. I may be wrong on that name, but I think it was Paradise City, but they’re saying that there was no way out. People were trapped and a lot of people perished. So now we talk about that. Let’s talk about who has it. Okay. These are the countries that actually claim to have them, right? China, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, India and Pakistan. That’s kind of surprised Indian Pakistan piece, especially the Pakistan side. But in this does include the United States, who is probably the primary on all of this. Notice down at the bottom, Iran and Turkey. Now Turkey was the one that claimed in 2019 that they they used the due for the first time. We’ll see nobody’s really come forward and said that was it other than Turkey themselves. But Iran having news. That’s a little bit of a concern. We’ll talk more about Iran here in a minute. So let’s get back over here to the rest of the news and what’s going on. Notice as we get into this, you’ve got the Pentagon is saying they’re spending a billion dollars a year on directed energy weapons. That came out June 1st, 2023. So it’s just a further confirmation that they are indeed continuing on. We’re continuing on with that effort. All right. Okay. Let’s take a look at all the the no tams that are out there as well as TFRs. Notice we’ve already talked about this one down in Hawaii and up here in Reno. That one actually just it’s right here. Looks like he spent the weekend there. Like I said, these are danger boxes off the West Coast. You’ve got this in the middle. I think this is tied. I don’t know what that’s tied to actually 21st expires at 630 p.m. But this is where you have all of the storm stuff happening down there right now. What I find interesting is that they’re saying of this storm that we just looked at here. All right. We get over to this side. Just notice it is a big sloppy mess. All right. A lot of heavy rain, et cetera. I think this is a rain event. But just notice that there is really nothing other than this little bit of turbulence out of all of that. And then we’ve got danger boxes here east coast of Florida up the east coast of the US. And then this is some pretty bumpy, choppy stuff. If you’re flying across the drink, you’re going to have probably a couple instances. Nothing worse than that at night of stuff getting a little sloppy too. Okay. That looks to be a missile box by probably the Ruskies out over the barren sea headed towards the Arctic Ocean side. And then, of course, Europe is just still one big hot mess. All right. Okay. Let’s move on. US intelligence teams, Ukraine counteroffensive, a failure. Yeah. They’re basically saying after doing some war game sessions that this is not going the way it should have gone. And, you know, as we continue to spend a lot of money on them, they are basically saying that Ukraine’s inability to demonstrate decisive success on the battlefield is creating fear that international support could falter. And it’s already faltering. And then, of course, they’re saying that Ukraine is using drone stripes to detract from its inability to succeed on the ground against the Dug-in Russian forces. So we’ll keep our eye on this, but definitely not good. Okay. All right. Moving on. Dozens of F-16s just officially pledged to Ukraine. Netherlands and Denmark are saying that they’re going to donate them nothing from the US yet. There is a little Napoleon man right there in F-16 Bravo, which is a two-seater trainer, a very old, old aircraft been around quite some time. My guess is that Denmark is probably they’re putting together 19 F-16s for Ukraine, but more than likely they are leveraging the United States to get some F-35s in return for these aircraft. You know, that’s how we work. Right. So anyway, these things will end up being Laundards. All right. You can guarantee this. They’re not going to have any success with this. Because they don’t know how to use our equipment. Okay. And then Russia, of course, they’re saying F-16 donation will escalate the war in Ukraine. And here we are giving them to them. So just get ready. It continues to ratchet up. And there are no indications that we are actually going to start to step down and de-escalate the situation. We’re continuing to push and put money into that this proxy war. All right. Okay. State Department says funds to Iran will only be for humanitarian reasons. Yeah. Is really too happy about this one, folks. Blinken is basically saying they’re going to take funds that were frozen previously and release them and that we will closely monitor the spending of those funds. I want a bunch of rubbish. I will tell you that this is, in my opinion, treasonous in the fact that we continue to give Iran every possible opening money. We free up assets. We free up capabilities like missile programs that were all on lockdown ever since flashbang got back into office. Somebody needs to be held accountable for this one. I’m telling you this. You were basically providing aid to a terrorist state that does not like us. So yeah. Okay. Bigs Army airfield. We looked at this a little while ago. I will tell you these two flights are a little bit concerning Southwest Airlines more than likely. This is bringing immigrants in to Bigs Army airfield. And then of course notice they are deadheading back the Dallas love field doubt they’re bringing anybody out. They could be, but doubt they are that’s probably just a deadhead flight back to home base operations. And then down here we’ve got a national cargo Airbus coming in from Kennedy JFK again more than likely these are folks coming inbound where from. I don’t know Afghanistan maybe. Or Ukraine. You just can’t tell. All right. Okay. Now over to Dover. Let me back that up. That’s not where I was headed. Over to Dover. There we go. Okay. This is a colleta 747 inbound and C17 looks like to be on the board. Don’t see anything else looks like that. 747s headed to Ramstein from here. Headed over to Germany. And then we get to Germany. Just notice you got an Atlas air coming in from Baltimore. You’ve got that one coming in. We just looked at the Dover 747 and another one coming in from McDill Tampa. These are more than likely carrying equipment over. And then that colleta is headed destination unknown. This one from Ramstein headed to RCE Poland. Okay. Over to RCE Poland forward operating base. Just going to go through everything here. I’m not seeing. I do see one NATO aircraft that came in from Berlin. One camera flight from Ramstein. We just saw that. Don’t see anything else on the board. So it’s very light in terms of forward operating base. A Duke coming in from Warsaw 29. So it’s somebody. It’s some brass in the region. Sorry headed to Warsaw. So that Duke came inbound. Don’t see it over here on the board on this side of the house. So that’s been on ground for a little while. And then Atlas air headed outbound destination unknown. The NATO looks to be headed round trip back to Berlin. And then let me go down. Remember, some of these are commercial flights. Okay. So that’s why we’re kind of looking through everything. All right. That’s it. RZE is very light. And then let’s go to Constanta. It looks like a C-130. Hey, 31 is in and out. Duke 77 V’s button. Again, that’s going to be some brass in the region. It looks to be headed in and out from there. Right. Keeping on moving on. We get to one camera flight coming out of Diego Garcia to Bahrain. And the Brits very active back and forth across from looks to be coming out of Bermuda out of Toronto. And back. So we’ll. Got one from Detroit to London. Notice they got some flights several coming out of actually one coming out of Bahrain. We just had one minute ago. It already landed the rest of them rolling in and out. So the Brits are very active and busy today on the board. NATO. They have since landed. We’ll move on. We had two flights there. Both of them in and out one RZE back and forth out of that location. Omni looks like Guam to Hawaii Manchester Toronto. And then Gulfport Mississippi to Hawaii. So more than likely moving some troops back and forth between these two locations. And then this is going to be the Canadians moving back and forth. All right. National cargo two. I’m seven forty sevens one seven fifty seven. The one is coming out of Volkfield at Camp Douglas headed to Yuma, Arizona. The other one is coming out of Seoul Korea to Anchorage Orlando to. I don’t know where that is. That’s kind of a strange strange location. So. Okay. I said it into Africa out here. DSS is the base or the airport. Okay. Well, listen, that is going to do it for our sit rep today. Appreciate you guys being in the chat with me. And we will check back in on Wednesday with the latest and greatest. So you guys stay frosty. Keep that powder dry and we will talk soon. God bless. Mookie out. Thanks for watching folks. Check out the latest gear in products over at

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