The Dan Bongino Show, Wail, There’s Another Tape?

Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Von Gino. Hey, thanks to everybody in the chat as you saw. If you’re in the chat, I got in really early today. Everybody’s concerned. I’m not in any immediate threat here. I’m on the East Coast of Florida. Like I said yesterday, so he’s a threat of these things crossing the state, button hooking around. It happens. Unfortunately, all too often. But the people who need your thoughts and need you to really keep them at the front of mind. They’re people on the West Coast of Florida, especially in the Big Bend panhandle, you know, North of Tampa, I’d even have Tampa area because this, you know, wall of water they have the storm surge. It comes on land. That’s what does all the damage, folks. You know, I could show you videos of 60 mile an hour winds, you know, tropical storm low and winds here and you hold back your artists, let it. I mean, the whole backyard all the way up into the house. Imagine what happens when you combine King tide, 120 mile an hour winds and storm surge with it. You know, you have a really catastrophic situation. You know, if you’re looking at what’s going on over in Cedar key over in the, the West Coast of Florida, it’s a mess. Outwater is up there. So, yeah, they’re going to need to pray for their strength. You’re going to need it and then the governor and the whole management team and the local officials too, they’re all going to need. It’s going to be a rough couple of weeks for them getting through that is a big deal. A folks say, show bunch of you at blackout coffee. Stop giving your money to world companies. Take care of a company makes great coffee and cares about the country. Go to blackout slash Bon Gino, you scoop on code, Bon Gino for 20% off your first order. I got a big show today for you shockingly. There may be another tape out there. Now I have no direct knowledge of this tape, but I have some ideas from some people about what it may be about. I’m guessing, but I’ll show you what I mean coming up in a minute and I’m not surprised at all that there’s probably a portfolio material out there about Joe Biden that hasn’t surfaced yet. Uh, today show by the way, Birch Gold at central banks and countries like China, Indian Australia begin this transition to a digital currency. The Federal Reserve has been kind of planning the same for the US with a digital currency here. The governor will track every single thing you do. Be the biggest surveillance tool in modern history. It can seize your money too. That’s some of the reasons Americans are concerned that are reaching out to Birch Gold group like I did. You want to have a physical asset independent from the US dollar get gold held in a tax sheltered retirement account. I buy gold from Birch Gold have many times to make sure I’m diversified. Learn if gold’s right for you too. Text Dan to nine eight nine eight nine eight, they’ll send you a free information kid on gold with an A plus rating with the better business beer 1000s of happy customers and countless five store of used Birch Gold can help you diversify into gold. Text Dan to nine eight nine eight nine eight, claim your free information kid on gold because of a central bank digital currency becomes reality. It’ll be nice. Have some gold to depend on performance of a very conservative tax attorney or financial professional before making the best decision message and data rates apply. All right. Producer Joseph. Let’s go. Daddy up. Yes, sir. Yes, it is show time. You damn right. Nice. 23,000 people. We have like 10,000 people in the chat before the show. You can start it today. It’s great. I was scrolling through doing my show prep, which always takes a while because I’m doing show prep all day because I care about the show. This is what I do in preparation matters. And Greg Kelly. Good man. Good friend. Works over at Newsmax. This surfaced on his social media channel where he says that there is a tape out there that you know, if it is going to be more damaging than the tapes said O A N N played and we played on this show. The tapes of Biden with talking to Poroshenko about firing Shokin and getting the FBI out of the way. Basically, I don’t know, but Greg’s a good guy with a good reputation. And he’s not known to throw a lot of smoke out there. So you listen to yourself to what he has to say. And I got a few guesses about what’s with if this is accurate, what this may be. Take a listen. There is an audio tape. I am told by people in the know, not necessarily in government, not necessarily out of government. I can’t say too much, but there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public. It’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not going to happen before Labor Day, but it will happen sometime between Labor Day and Halloween. This tape will be made public. I’m not sure by what entity at this point, but once it is heard, Joe Biden will have, well, he’ll have only two options. Number one, he will not be able to remain a candidate for the presidency for re-election. It will be over and done with the only thing that he might be able to do potentially, but probably not is remain as president. I am told this tape is that incriminating. And they’re worried about it right now at the White House. They know about it. They know what’s out there. There may be more than one. Now I’m going to tell you this again in a minute, so hold the start in your head. For those of you who are down and out and think, oh, nothing’s going to happen, folks, stuff is happening. Joe Biden’s approval rating, due to the investigative work that’s been done this outlet, Greg Kelly, Newsmax and other people as well. Joe Biden’s approval ratings are absolutely in the can. You out there in the listening audience have done yeoman’s work spreading these stories around. Is anything going to happen overnight? No. Congress, can they work a little faster and get a little bit more done here at a quicker timeline? Absolutely. But the negativity is not going to help us here. What’s going to help us is keeping them on their toes, keeping them sharp in Congress and keeping the pressure on. But the work you’ve been doing has spread this around about Biden. There’s no question it’s working. Just look at the public polling. What was that recent poll? The majority, more than the majority of Americans now believe Biden was corrupted up to no good. You say it’s not working. What you’re doing, you is working. Keep up the heat. Keep up the pressure. It’s no time to pop the champagne court. Now, I’ve got some potential ideas about what this tape could be about. I’m basing this on a number of data points and pieces of information fed in my direction through a funnel, too, okay? Folks, you got to remember the Ukrainians have a number of tapes on 100 on the Biden fiasco. The tapes, even tapes that may not implicate or have Joe on them directly implicate Joe more precisely said because they’re talking about what Joe Biden did. I’ll give you an example, you know, you rob a bank, your Joey bag of donuts. I don’t need Joey bag of donuts necessarily on tape admitting to robbing the bank. If I have Joey bag of donuts as accomplices on tape, talking about how Joey bag of donuts robbed the bank with them, you understand how it’s just as incriminating? The Ukrainians, there’s no question, have a portfolio of evidence against Joe Biden. Now you’ve got to remember, there have been a couple of things that have been going on in Ukraine over the last three or four weeks. If you put together the puzzle pieces here, right? So if you had tapes on Joe Biden, you were going to use for, let’s say blackmail material. Hey, listen, we need more weapons over in Ukraine. I think it’s a really good idea. You provide these weapons or let’s just say these tapes might mistakenly leak out. Mickey, Mickey, nod nod, you get what I’m saying? Thank you. A couple of things have happened over the last few weeks, which, if you’re putting two and two together, start to make sense. Here’s number one, the Ukrainian counteroffensive has not moved at the pace to break the Russian lines that American lawmakers are happy with, especially in the Biden administration. You can read the stories everywhere. The Americans want them to, without getting it to detail though the war tactics, you can read about them online yourself. I don’t pretend to be a military tactician anyway, but they have a front. There’s obviously a Russian front, kind of like a maginoline, or in this case, it may not be the best example given the results, but they have this line. The United States, the Biden administration wants them to punch through at one specific point. The Ukrainians haven’t done that. What they’ve been doing is spreading out their forces. Again, you can read the back and force in the Wall Street Journal op-ed pages about people on each side of this argument, spread it out or punch through. The Biden administration is telling them, hey, listen, you guys don’t punch through this line at this one spot. Future military aid in this respect may be a hell back or a winking and nodding. Can you see why a tape might all of a sudden surface then to prevent them from pulling aid? Everybody pick it up when I’m putting down. It’s a bun. Here’s another thing. Ukrainian elections are coming up. There’s been some back and forth about when to hold them. How to hold them? Should US dollars support them? There’s obviously the position of the Zelensky government now that would like to delay these probably as long as possible. No one knows exactly where the Biden administration stands on this because you’re getting conflicting information about it. I’m just saying, if you put two and two together, I wouldn’t be stunned at all if Greg Kelly, who’s ever telling Greg Kelly, there’s other tapes out there that these tapes are surfacing or have surfaced now because of pressure for the Ukrainians for more, for more worried and the Biden administration saying, hey, you’re going to do this so you’re not going to get it. Listen, you can read it yourself. I’m just putting the puzzle pieces together for you, trying to save you the time. If you want to read about it, just put in a search engine, you know, Russian front, Ukrainian counteroffensive, you can read thousands of articles about people going back and forth about it. The Ukrainians winning or screwing up. We see how this could happen. All of a sudden this is happening too. A whole bunch of new emails are popping out, exclusive daily mail, Hunter Biden helped devise the plan to close down Shokin’s investigation into barisma. The company worked for emails reveal folks, it’s going to get harder and harder and harder for this dreadful Biden administration to move on from this story. I want to assure you now that all of the work you’ve been doing and thank you, a very sincere heartfelt thank you for me to all of you out there to spread the facts about the Biden crime family. This kid sniffing woman feeling plagiarizing, lying, bribe taking loser, everything you’ve done to spread the word around is doing real damage because people are finally figuring out that he’s not grandpa Joe, he’s not the scranton kid. He’s the China kind of China Communist Chinese Communist Party kid. That’s exactly who this guy is and you did that. This is the best it’s ever going to get for Biden. From this point on, ladies and gentlemen, it only gets worse and the Democrats know it. That’s why you’re seeing CNN slowly turn all of more on this tomorrow, slowly turn against Biden. It is not an effort to do journalism, it is not an effort to do the right thing media ethics report the truth and it’s nothing to do with it. CNN is terrified. They probably heard these tapes and they probably seen these emails. They are well aware that Biden is extremely damaged wounded animal political goods right now and they need to save liberalism and the rotting bag of oatmeal, kid sniffing woman feeling, bribe taking loser, they know probably stands no chance of winning the next election. This is the best it’s going to get. Think about everything going down from here. Everything’s going to get better for this guy folks, nothing. The hunter’s situation getting worse emails creeping out audio tapes creeping out video potentially creeping out. The China situation is only going to get worse. The inflation situation it’s ticking up again, not down. It was three annualized now it’s 3.2 that’s up gas prices up. The media is turning on him. He’s only getting older every day and more senile. Everything about this guy is going downhill. This election is pivotal and they understand if they lose it that there could be a decapitation of the deep state personnel wise. I read you that article yesterday in the Washington Times conservatives are done with the bullshit folks. They are absolutely done with it. We have already committed with a lot of these conservative organizations to reforming schedule left. We get back in office. There’s going to be a mass change in who’s running this government. If your allegiance isn’t to the Constitution, it’s a Democrat party. Get them out of here. Get out. Goodbye. Folks, here’s why this is getting worse too. The most damaging political narratives are what? You know this. I’ve told you this. You know it. You can repeat it. It’s a mantra at this point. Are the ones that change your pre-existing notion of who a candidate is. One has as fostered this faux reputation as the grandpa, a funcular, scrant and kid, working class guy, Biden is nothing more than a bribe taking two-bit grifter. That is all he’s ever been. Him and his family are losers, folks. I’m sorry, but that is exactly who they are. That changes. I mean, just think about it, right? You have this uncle who goes to your baseball games. All of a sudden you find out he’s been ripping the family off and stealing their money. You’d never talk to him again. Now however, if you have an uncle who’s got a reputation for stealing money and he’s like the bad boy of the family and one day you find out he got a bar fight, does that ruin his reputation? Doesn’t ruin his reputation at all. Even though getting a bar fight is not a good idea. You get where I’m going with this? The best it’s going to get for Biden was yesterday. It only goes downhill, downhill. I want to get ready for this because this is powerful. Again, Biden’s reputation as the calming influence, the caregiver, folks, this guy doesn’t give a damn about anyone, but himself and money. He is a greedy slob. He’s always been a greedy slob and he doesn’t give a damn about anything, but money and his own reputation. They had a hearing up on Capitol Hill, you heard this yet? If you’re not, get ready, man. This is one of the dads who lost his son in Afghanistan, one of the 13 killed in the abbey gate bombing incident. Let me tell you something, folks. You know the saying on this show, cutesy time is like, I got goosebumps already. Look at it, like actual goosebumps, I haven’t even played it yet. Cutesy time is over. This dad’s done dicking around. This is about a minute, 40 seconds. It’s worth every second. Check this out. Two years has gone by and where are we? To be frank, we’re need deep in bullshit is where we are. Everyone who held the key position in the military still has that position or has been promoted. John Kirby still sits on his perch, which apparently faces the opposite direction from where all the action was. Lincoln continues to delay key evidence by ignoring delay or delay subpoenas. Not a single general slapped down their stars, which should have happened two years ago when Biden ignored his reliable intelligence. Not a single person has been held accountable. Our so-called leader can’t seem to even utter their names in public, not even once. Mr. Biden has run his entire political campaign for 50 years as the family man. Well, I’ve got news for you, sir. The curtain has been lifting, and that campaign slogan will never work again. We have seen what’s going on in your family, and even worse, we’ve seen how you’ve been treating us as gold star families, and there couldn’t be anything more disgusting and cowardly than the way you have treated us. You are a disgrace to this nation. You have no business having ultimate command over our military, and I regret not saying that to your face when I had the opportunity in Dover. I felt it more important to bite my tongue, but I also had more important things on my mind at that time, like receiving my son’s lifeless body stateside. Well I stood there on the tarmac watching you check your watch over and over again. All I wanted to do was shout out, it’s two fucking thirty assholes, but out of respect to the other grieving families, I bit my tongue once again. Well, as you could probably tell by now, I’m done biting my tongue. You sir stole their lives, their futures, their dreams. In a ripped apart 13 families, you cannot even man up and admit that. Hmm, kind of hard to listen to, right? It’s two fucking thirty, knee deep in bullshit, it’s two fucking thirty. That’s somewhere to be, Joe Biden, well, this poor man’s receiving the lifeless body of his kid, because of your decisions, it’s two fucking thirty. Kind of hard to come back from that, didn’t it? The pleasure of this guy’s got to live with from this point on. Every Christmas dinner he has, he’s got to look at an empty seat. Imagine having to outlive your kids. Every time you go to a amusement park somewhere, you think about, well, maybe my son would have had a lot of fun on that little ride right there or something like that. Every time there’s some moment in your life, maybe one of your other kids, graduates college or gets married, there’s always going to be an empty seat at the wedding. Just remember, it’s two fucking thirty. That was hard to watch man, it was hard to watch yesterday when I sent it, it was hard to watch yesterday when I tweeted it, it was hard to watch this now. But there’s something in there that’s important and God bless this man. God bless you with the strength you need going forward. Your life is never going to be the same. My grandmother lost my uncle and Vietnam, he was shot in the back and my grandmother was never the same, ever. I mean, never, she died depressed. I only knew her like that. That’s just hard to talk about man, it is, I just, the guy brings up the father, father, excuse me, brings up a critical point. You know, Biden’s made this reputation as some big family man. I just told you the most damaging political stories, all the ones that change your preexisting notion of who someone is. You know, Biden never recovered from Afghanistan, folks, because the American people, Democrats and Republicans can forgive a lot. Letting our kids come home in body bags because of your, not decision making, listen, people die and more, it’s not that. But letting kids come home in body bags because of your outrageously stupid decision making because of your own ego, unforgivable, it’s two fucking thirty. It’s devastating, sorry, I don’t mean a hard part, I know it’s, I know a lot of you would digest in that too. I’m going to take a quick break here on this because I’m, I’m, I really, it’s hard for me to recover from this stuff and it’s just, no, again, well, my grandmother went through herself and watching it up close, how this, this, this poor guy for the rest of his life, this hero, it’s going to have to live with this. And I know the people in this room really worry about that stuff. It means a lot to us. I got another piece of video coming up after this, folks, about the Maui fires. And again, the most damaging political narratives on earth are those that destroy a preexisting notion of who a candidate is. Joe Biden cares about everyone, what about Maui? It’s not just Afghanistan, Abbey Gate and Flation, he doesn’t care about anyone, but himself. Take a quick break. Folks, today’s show starts you by bone charge and he’s crazy days. We got to recharge and refresh in a natural way. 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I don’t know how much is on the media. I haven’t had a minute to look at the media. But people are finding whole families in cars that are just charcoats and fried. My best friend, Michelle, her brother’s family just in the car. They find the car. They find mom and dad in the front seat and the three kids in the back. The other bad thing is that school was out that day that the fire raged through Lahaina. So parents were at work and all the kids were at home. So there’s massive amounts of children who perished. We’ve been taking supplies. No one’s been sleeping. We have three families in our home in Kihei. We’re trying to open up a second home. And now we’re trying to get homes for people who have lost everything. Tire families, folks, Joe just said it right. What the hell’s Biden doing? The answer? Nobody knows. What’s he doing? Who knows? Massage in his nuts. I mean, no one has any idea of sun and his lines on a Delaware beach. Nobody has any idea what this guy’s doing. Families burned alive in cars. As sirens didn’t go off, water supplies were cut off or restricted while a fire was going on inadequate warning systems. People just burned alive in cars, thousands of people missing or injured billions of dollars of property destruction insurance costs. Don’t worry. Biden’s got no comment, folks. Listen, I’m not suggesting to you because it’d be unfair to anyone, even as incapable of governing such as Biden, that Biden causes. I am telling you, however, that green energy, new deal stuff and money that could have been allocated to safety out Maui and Lahaina and elsewhere to clean up a lot of these fire situations was not allocated. Now, I can’t prove a counterfactual that if they didn’t spend money on all this green crap, they would have cleaned up the nonsense and not had this fire debris in the way of these live wires. I am, however, telling you that anyone telling you that, oh, this is global warming. It did this. It’s global warming nuts who got a bunch of power companies to not focus on safety and focus on hoaxes like global warming that did burn this place to the ground. While Biden’s comment on the whole thing was no comment, Biden may not have burned that place, but Biden most certainly could have respond differently. What did he do? I’ll tell you what he did his own words. He said, no comment. That’s Joe Biden for you. That’s Joe Biden for you. You need deep and bullshit all the time. Now folks, I said to you in the beginning, the best day Joe Biden is going to have is yesterday. There is nothing going in his direction. Inflation is going up. The Biden crime family scandal is getting worse. Every day he gets more senile and older. Inflation is getting worse. I just said that gas prices are getting worse. China is getting more belligerent. Russia is getting more belligerent. Ukraine war is not going the way the Biden administration thought it was. There are more tapes out there. Every single day it’s going to get worse. The upside is we have a good chance of getting rid of this guy. The downside is as it gets worse, they’re going to get desperate. And you think the police state’s bad now, folks, it’s going to get even worse. The stuff that is going on with the DC Donald Trump trial under judge, air quotes, judge Chutkin is so unbelievable that me reading this to you as a former federal agent, it’s tough to believe this is happening in the United States of America. The police state’s not coming. It’s not around the corner. It’s not two blocks away. It’s here right now. So the government right now, the Chutkin Jack Tyrant Jack Tyrant, Jack Smith, talk about a Freudian slip, the special Tyrant trial in DC over January 6th and his nonsense, right? That trial is a farce. Chutkin knows they have to get that trial, if I explain this wrong guy, stop it. They’ve got to get the DC trial first before anything. Trump stands a damn good chance in Florida. And the Georgia case and the New York cases are a total joke. If they lose, they’ll win on appeal. The DC case, which is a farce, is their greatest chance of conviction. Then you’re saying opposite things, you’re saying the DC case against Trump as a farce, but they stand a good chance of conviction. Yes, they’ve got a judge who’s not a judge. She’s a liberal activist in Chutkin. They’ve got a prosecutor who’s just a straight up communist in Jack Smith and they’ve got a jury pool of 95% of people hate Trump. They could accuse them of felonious mockery and the empty to great and they get a conviction. So because of that, Chutkin needs to push this trial first to push all the other trials back so that Trump has to run as a, quote, convicted felon. They will do anything to get this guy on trial. So they announced the timeline it’s a trial is going to start March 4th of this year. This coming year. Now, here’s the crazy thing. That’s only five months between indictment and the trial. This is actually from the court filing. So somebody asked in the court, hey, listen, has there ever been another case this big in this district where you indicted a guy and the trial was only five months later with almost no time to prepare? Let me read to you from the court filing. This is from the prosecutor themselves and the government hasn’t identified any cases in this district where the length of time between indictment and trial was roughly five months. Hat tip Julie Kelly on this, by the way, although they did point to the metaphor case in Virginia, which went to trial roughly five months after the superseding indictment. There has never been a case ever that has been pushed from indictment of trial five months. But let’s start now. We’re only one of the most important cases in American political history. Let’s just set precedent out. Judge Chutkin is a freaking embarrassment and Jack Smith is a straight up commie folks. This is going to get worse. Jack n’s like, ah after discovery, you guys will figure it out. Well, with Judge, we have to go through 12 million pieces of paper. Don’t worry. The prosecutor will tell you what’s important. Oh, okay. That sounds legit. Thanks. Judge. I was at a meeting said, et. Yeah. Uh, Guise alleged, you say, you know, I gotta you guys Mike sent a new studio because it’s a good point. How can people not see this? I’ll answer it for you. People do see it. The left does see it. They love it. This is what they want. your entire governing ethos is about abusing power as a collectivist. This is what abusing power looks like. They do see it. They do see it. They know exactly what they’re doing. I’m going to play next an interesting perspective from a guy who’s definitely not a conservative. He was on with David Sacks and he was talking about how people on the left still, this is actually perfect timing. Still don’t see the appeal of Trump with this Trump base and why they aren’t going to go anywhere. And he talks about three issues. Trump picked up on that. I’m telling you from the inside we’re pure instinct on his part that the Republican establishment wanted everyone to avoid these issues. This is an important piece of video. Don’t go anywhere. Let me get to my last two sponsors. We appreciate your patience. Feel the greens. It’s my staple product. Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t say enough about this. I take it twice a day. This is the wild berry. It tastes delicious. What is it? It is ground up healthy, wholesome fruits and vegetables medically selected for specific health benefits. Some support vital organs, other self-support metabolism for healthy energy and weight loss. Look on the back. It says nutrition facts on the label. This is good quality. Notice I’m going to say supplement facts. This is healthy, wholesome, quality fruits and vegetables. Folks, if you’re busy, you’re not getting enough exercise. Your diet’s not that great. You’re on the road. 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However, one thing I’ve noticed about the anti-Trump crown that doesn’t only include Democrats is a consistently that they consistently failed to understand that he picked up on these three issues. This is something we’ve discussed in the past, but I want you to hear it from a guy who’s not a Trump supporter. This is Chamath Palahapatai. He’s a tech guy. He’s talking to David Sachs here and he mentions three things, borders, people who object to endless wars, and China policy. How this was pure Trump instinct. Before that, there was a uniparty agreement. China was our friend, it made him to the WTO. You know, the United States had to be the world’s policeman, and you know, borders, great immigration’s helpful, but no one votes on immigration. Big mistake. Listen take away Trump’s UI for a second. What Sachs just said is so profound because like what Trump nailed was three ginormous lanes that turned out now we can all agree with. None of us wanted these wars. Everybody basically believes that the border needed to be closed, and everybody believes that China has taken advantage in a way that is really hauling out the middle class in America. Those were three totems that nobody would have touched. And if we had allowed this whole thing of like, oh, Trump doesn’t have this, Trump doesn’t have that. He just gives cute nicknames to his average series. We would have missed that he actually had enough executive function to nail the three biggest themes of our current lifetime. Now they’re talking in techie talks, this UI, so you might use a interface. In other words, you might not like how Trump interfaces with people, Twitter, the tweets, the language, whatever. But this guy who again is no conservative pala apataya brings up a fantastic point. Folks, I’ve been in a lot of groups. You can read about it. The liberals used to report about me and these groups over and over. Like it was a big scandal. I’ve been involved with a number of conservative groups. I’ve been an activist for the last 10 plus years. You know, I’ve run for office. I’ve been an activist. I’m not just a fake defunct guy. Okay. I don’t come on the radio and tell you to do shit. I didn’t do myself. There you get out there and donate and run for office. Well, what are you doing? I was sitting on my head. No, I did it. I did it. I’ve been part of a bunch of big conservative groups. I say that not to impress you. Who gives a shit? It doesn’t really matter. That’s not the point. I’m telling you that because I’ve been in these groups when focused groups and other people have come in with presentations and they’ve said this stuff. No, China’s our friend. You know, we’re on the free trade side. Yeah, okay. It’s got to be fair trade. Free trade where they steal our trade secrets. It’s in free trade. They’ve come in. There’s a no, China’s our buddy. Don’t talk bad about this is you and a party stuff talking about war. Well, listen, if we don’t protect them, who’s going to maybe themselves? I don’t understand. Like, are you willing to send your kids over there? And in the border, I can’t tell you how many times conservative activists, conservative would come in and say, hey, man, we got to get away from the immigration issue. It’s alienating Hispanic voters as if they’re robots as if Hispanic voters who came here legally want illegal immigration. Trump picked up on this by instinct. These three issues. Everybody told this guy stay away from that. And yet he made it the plank of his presidential campaign. Great point. Maybe some liberals will wake up now, but I doubt it. I mean, doesn’t expose them this stuff to them. They’re blind to it. Folks, here’s why this is so important. This is the article. Yes, I’ve been so excited to talk to you about. You need to read this yourself. Okay. So Washington Times article, Lisa mascara, you got to read this. It’s app on slash newsletter to my newsletter today. It’s free. Just sign up for the newsletter. We don’t spam your inbox. I promise you. This is such an important article. I get it. A lot of you out there are frustrated. I feel your pain. I’m with you. Like I said, I put my name on a ballot. I’ve lost races. I get it. The Republican Party moves at a freaking glacial pace and it is super annoying sometimes. And we get rolled a lot. I totally understand. But we’ve got to keep at it. We’ve got to keep pushing them to do better because quitting is not an option. We don’t have anywhere else to go. This is our country. It’s not theirs. There are things happening behind the scenes and mistakes have been learned from due to pressure you put on them. One of the pressure points you put on even the Trump team is, you know, we’re not here to golden calf anyone. Even people who are Trump supporters of acknowledged, there were very serious personnel problems 2016 to 2020. Just the wrong people in positions, the wrong people in positions from secretary estate to attorney general. Some bad calls were made. Now, is that a reason to get depressed? Oh, nothing changed. And I said, well, a lot of things changed. We got the Trump tax cuts. The Abraham Accord is three new Supreme court justice. A lot of stuff changed. We want what? 300 plus circuit and appeals court judges. Now they’re learning on the personnel side. Washington Times recruiting is underway for a Trump like wrecking ball to shrink the government and fire federal workers. Excellent. This is what we need to hear personnel or policy. Correct. The way to impact policy of personnel or policies through personnel. So bad policy bad personnel. What do you do about bad personnel? Fire them and get good personnel. This is a critical article here with more than a year to go before the 2024 election conservative organizations are preparing for a possible second white house term for Trump. We’re recruiting thousands of Americans to come to Washington on a mission to dismantle the federal government and replace it with a vision closer to his own. I don’t know about you, but that sounds freaking awesome. The verdict is in. Here’s how many people are talking about getting rid of with a 1000 page project 2025 handbook and an army of Americans, the ideas to have the civic infrastructure in place on day one, the commandeer reshape and do away with what Republicans derived is the deep state bureaucracy in part by firing as many as 50,000 workers. Excellent. That’s exactly what we want to hear. I was a federal worker. I don’t care about your party. You swore a note to the constitution and you do the right thing and you follow your job, you deserve to stay. If you can’t do that, which many of them can’t, and you think your allegiance is to the liberal movement in the deep state, then the big double barreled for you. Like I said, things are happening. They may not be happening at the quickest pace, but things are happening and they’re happening because of you, because you put the squeeze on these people. You were the movement. You were the leaders. You’ve been waiting for all of you. Keep the heat on, whether it’s Trump or DeSantis or anybody else, who’s the next Republican president. I want this project 2025 implemented day one. You don’t pledge allegiance to the constitution and get the hell out. The doors right over there don’t let it hitch in the ass in the way out. By the way, if you’re in any way confused in this fight for liberty and freedom going forward about what side you’re on, then again, please exit stage left. We have a culture war, not just a political war going on right now. And ladies and gentlemen, it has taken a turn for the worse. The Democrats have now gone full-blown, sexualizing kids, mutilating kids’ bodies. I think it’s taking a turn in our direction, but on their side, it’s taken a turn for the worse. They’re now not hiding it anymore. They are now full-blown into sexual identity politics, sexualizing kids, pornography in schools. There’s a video I’ll play tomorrow. It’s a parent reading some of the pornographic disgusting material in kids’ libraries. He actually gets kicked out of a school board meeting for reading what they read to kids. If you’re confused what side you’re on, what side you’re on here in this war on our kids, then you need to get the hell out just like these federal workers do. Where is this going? Where’s this coming from? Folks, I’m a Catholic. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. I remember the Catholic Church. Catholic Church has done a lot of great things. Catholic Church has also done some awful things. There’s a lot of human beings that run the Catholic Church. Human beings make mistakes like anyone else. The organization on the ground here in my county where I grew up did really amazing work. Helped a lot of people, a lot of programs they run. Not a member. I’m not their PR campaign. But as a member of the Catholic Church, what’s going on with Pope Francis? Do you even know what I was going there with this? Yeah, Joseph Catholic too. Yeah, that’s about right, Joe. What’s going on, Pope Francis? So you got a group of conservatives out there like us in this room and you with a 77,300 in the chat right now saying, I’m not really for cutting kids genitalia off. I don’t think that’s a good idea sterilizing them. Matter of fact, it sounds kind of brutal and actually evil. Conservatives are doing that. So why is this happening with Pope Francis? I want you to listen as like 30-second cutters. So Pope Francis seems to be upset at conservatives? What’s with this guy? Take a listen. The Pope is blasting what he says are backward US conservatives who have lost sight of the church’s goals. Speaking to a group of Jesuits in Portugal earlier this month, Pope Francis saying some conservatives in the American Catholic Church have replaced their faith with ideology that they have a backward reactionary attitude. Adding a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine does mean change can happen over time. Some issues that have divided conservatives from progressives in the church include abortion and same-sex marriage. Francis has also been criticized for allowing divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive a sacrament. We have a backwards ideology. Conservative ideology is based in solid God-given principles like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life being first. So we protect life in the womb from conception and natural death. And we also protect little children from having their genitalia cut off. And it’s a backwards ideology. Folks, listen, the Pope is, I don’t, but this infallibility of the Pope, I don’t, I’m not, I’m sorry. I’m dumb, no, no. I am a Catholic and a proud one. But it’s my faith, too. It’s not owned by Pope Francis. And this is not the first time, by the way, Pope Francis doesn’t seem to understand what side he’s on in this fight because there is a side. There’s a side castrating kids and then there’s us. If you’re confused about that, maybe resign the papacy? How does that, how does that sound? Because it’s strange how even this woman gets it. It’s a woman. She’s on social media. She has this video out there. She seems to get it pretty clearly. Talking about how the transgender ideology is no friend of even gay Americans either. She doesn’t seem even remotely confused about what side she’s on. Yet the Pope does. Strange. Listen to this. This is a message for all the trans allies out there. Everything about trans ideology is a lie. And it’s a lie that is the exact opposite of the truth. Let’s start with the basics. Trans women are not women. They are the opposite of women. They’re men. And trans men are not men. They’re the opposite. Hat tip at Miss Lister says who doesn’t appear confused at all on what the right side of this issue is. Yet we’re arguing with the Pope. Really. And again, if you’re confused about what side you are on the COVID hysteria, two, then please exit stage left because the COVID hysteria is clearly being used again as a way just like the kids are being used as a bargaining chip to implement socialism because you can’t have communism or socialism without the kids. COVID hysteria is being used. Fall going forward to break down the idea body sovereignty and individual liberty. Put the mask on your face, stick this in your body. I’m not going to do that. It’s my body. No, it’s not your body. It’s hours. You know, let me go a little out of order. I want to play this video. I was going to play it less, but this is you’ve all Harari. I played this video before. This is one of these like new world guys, great reset guys, technologists guys. The WEF crowd loves this guy. The wealthy people around the world think he’s great. Here is you’ve all Harari. They all love this guy summing up exactly what I’ve been telling you about the COVID hysteria. Again, in case you’re confused what side you’re not all the mass things just about masks. Vaccines are about science. It’s about none of that. It is about breaking you down emotionally so that this new government, great reset, all powerful government can move into the vacuum, the fear created. Don’t take my word for it. Just listen to these WEF great resetters tell you themselves. Listen to this. It’s not an extremely deadly virus. It’s not the black death and look what it’s doing to the world. Now just try to think what will be the implications of a much bigger problem like climate change. Also, conceptually, it shows that, and here I completely agree with you, Radgar, that it shows you that you can change things on a massive scale. Again, you can stop all flights. You can lock down entire countries. You can actually do that and life goes on in some way. I would say may make us more open to radical ideas about how to deal also with climate change. Oh, climate change in COVID. You think they’d have nothing to do with one. Just like climate change had nothing to do with Maui, other than the fact that it made it worse. The fact that there’s no connection whatsoever, no actual connection doesn’t mean there isn’t a connection. Climate change, COVID hysteria. What do they both have in common? Anyone? Fear. Fear the end of the world, fear of infection, fear of contamination. The Democrats use that fear to scare you. So all you’ll do is crave for normalcy and who fills in that void, the government will make it all normal again. Just put your mask on. Just give up your combustion engine. Just stick this needle in your arm and everything will be okay. These are all vehicles, fear vehicles. And the media understands that you can have communism without the kids, but you can’t have socialism without the fear. Here’s the New York Times and obvious group of communists yesterday, contributing to the fear again, Danny Bloom, one of the biggest morons at the New York Times. Is it time to wear a mask again? That’s time to tell you to go fuck yourself about that. Here, as a new COVID variants gain traction, reinfections become more common in cases, climate certain areas. A few schools and businesses are reinstating mass requirements. Experts say it makes sense to increase precautions, including turning back to masks. Now you know why no one listens to side this anymore. The face diaper is going to save you. That’s interesting because the same day yesterday, August 29th, right? Crazy. James Freeman had a great peace out about how cruel we’ve been towards children during COVID. And he talks about a Lancet analysis that actually compared COVID outcomes in 50 states with all the states, varying COVID responses. This is called actual science, liberal dipships, watching this right now. Science. So again, I have a one person in Bissell quota today. So if you don’t understand science, then please don’t I’ve already run into one and Bissell ready this one. I have no time for you. You may want to read this study where it found that a state’s cumulative rates of infection and mortality were not significantly related to restrictions on public gatherings, stay at home orders, closures of schools, or these other facilities. The political affiliation didn’t matter. And the verdict on mask mandates was, what does that say? Joe, especially grim? Am I reading that correctly? Thank you, sir. It does. The researchers found that a mandate had, quote, no significant effect on cumulative COVID infections or mortality. But it did correlate mask mandates with one statistically significant effect, a decline in fourth graders test scores. There you go, dipships. He put your masks on, despite the fact that there’s absolutely zero scientific evidence of any positive effect, but a good amount of scientific date about the negative effects. You keep it up. You keep it up, dipships. It looks great. Again, I have the imbecile quota. You come up to me. If I haven’t run into an imbecile, come up to me with the mask. I’ll say, you’ve met my quota. You’re my one imbecile for today. Nice to meet you. See you later. But I can’t see two imbecils on the same day. By the way, here’s the data that’s pissing off people around the world, by the way. Remember Sweden that refused to lock down? And everybody said, by the way, people in the Trump administration, too. Nobody gets a pass on this. People were like, Sweden should have locked down huge mistake. Oh, look at that. Sweden’s excess death rate during the pandemic was the, wait, what is it? You got your glasses on? Is that say the lowest in Europe? No, no, Joe, suffered job. I gotta go, I gotta go. I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I just gotta make sure. You may be corrupted, Joe. I’m sorry. You may be two answers in one show. It’s too much. So that’s a lowest, right? Joe, you didn’t doctorate either, correct? Sweden’s excess death rate during the pandemic was the lowest in Europe. And they did not of this stuff, none of this stuff. So again, dipshins, keep it up, keep up the lockdowns and the mask mandates and all that stuff. It’s going just great for you. The science just backs you up about nowhere, just about nowhere. But you keep it up and keep yelling at people and you bunch of carons out there screaming, pray that mask out, yell at my face. So I see what happens. That’s not going to end well for you. All right. I’m going to end today on. You’re unsure where you stand on public safety, ladies and gentlemen. My, it isn’t bad enough yet theory. It’s getting there. It’s getting bad enough and it’s getting bad enough quick. Is Chicago going to vote Republican? No, probably not. But they’re getting there. The hill, TV news crew in Chicago robbed at gunpoint while reporting on robberies. That’s the hill, folks. That’s a far left outlet where Democrats are reading this. It’s going great, Chicago. At New May or Brandon Johnson. He’s fantastic. He’s really knocking it out of the park. Here’s another one. Mincedeor San Francisco business through a cop out. Police officers, they won’t serve police officers. They don’t allow guns and stores. Oh, that’s good. I’m sure the criminals will follow that rule when they come in with guns to rob them too. But the cops stay out. Don’t go in there. No, no, don’t go in there. You’re not allowed in. It’s a rule. No cops in the store. You know, they’ve guns and stuff. So definitely don’t go in there. We don’t want that to happen. What could possibly go wrong file, right? All right. Listen, I want to leave you on a good note today. You know, I’m into life hacks and stuff like that. I love life hacks. It’s my thing. I do a lot of them. My local’s channel health and fitness and all that stuff. And a doctor friend of mine is this interesting. I told me this once and I saw it on a video this morning from a different doctor. I don’t know this guy at all. And it’s really worth a minute of your time. The doctor talks about the thing people regret most is they get older. And you think he’s going to say, I’ll spend the more time with my kids. That’s how they said. Listen to this because you can to make some changes now that’ll keep you from this fate. Check this out. I want to share with you what the number one regret that I hear from my patients on a regular basis is. And it is not, I wish I had spent more time with my family. What I see on a regular basis is my patient’s surprise at the amount of pain and disability that they have in the end years of their life, but how long it goes on. Many of these people have severe limitations in disability for 10, 15, 20 years. And they can’t believe how long this goes on for. And the number one regret I hear from them on a regular basis is I wish I would have taken better care of myself. And I wish I would have gotten started early because I know it would have made a huge difference in my life. So take that lesson and apply it to yourself. It’s a window into my future. It’s a window into your future. And if you take it to heart and you start taking decisive action and commitment and discipline and you start committing to exercise, balance training, stretching and everything else we’re talking about, you’re going to be in a much better place than they are. Damn right, Doc. I never met the man. Dr. Carl Zars there. But, uh, you damn right. You got an opportunity right now. Folks, I’ve heard this from a number of doctor friends mine. I hang around with a lot of doctors. You know why? This is one of my golden rules. Always be the dumbest person in the room. No, I’m dead serious. Never be the smartest person in the room. You’ll only get dumber. Always be your goal to hang around people smarter than you. If you’re the dumbest person in the room, you’re doing it right. You’ll get smarter. Talk to smart people. I have had a ton of medical professionals, social workers and others tell me this. People cannot believe how much pain is involved in old age from about 70 to 90. If you have not taken care of your body, falls, broken bones, arthritis, everything. Take it a heart. If you’re in your 30s now, do the right thing. Your body will thank you later. Folks, thanks so much for tuning in. Please join us every day here. slash bongino. Click that green follow button. If you would right there, we get 80,700 people. You’ll get a notification every day. We go live. I get in the chat around 10 a.m. Eastern time. The show starts at 11. Just sign up for an account at Rumble. It is absolutely free and download the Rumble app. Join us every day here. We love having you in the live chat. It’s been just a glorious time for us. We appreciate your loyalty so much. And it goes both ways to two-way street. Thanks so much for tuning in. I’ll see you back here tomorrow. You just heard the damn bongino show.

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