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What’s Going On With Michelle Obama (Ep. 2066) – Word Puzzle. Answer Here

Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host Dan Bon Gino. Man, I’d like to tell you how to crazy weekend this weekend, but I did not. I did not. This is one of the few weekends out of the year. I didn’t have a lot to do. So there’s no big dramatic weekend update, except for this. So Friday night, you know, we’re supposed to take this weekend off. We’ve been like party in a little too much me and parlour me and Paul over the last few months. So we’re going to take this weekend off and allow for full liver recovery by saturday night. We were already tired of recovery mode. So we wanted to party mode again, I gave his speech on Sunday in front of a political group in Palm Beach, which is pretty good. I got to tell you, if you heard it, I think it was one of my best speeches. It was just totally off the cuff and I was just in a mood. So that was the weekend, not a huge weekend update this week. Big show for you today, however, ladies and gentlemen, they are going into the bullpen. They are looking for a replacement and I think they may have found one. The only thing is what is this woman going to do? If you read the title of the show, what’s Michelle Obama up to, you know exactly what I’m alluding to. I’ll show you what I mean in a second, because the media never does anything by accident. However, there’s something going on here with Biden, they’re getting ready to shovel him aside right now. Today, she’ll brought to you by Helix, sleep HLIX, a great day begins with an awesome night sleep. Listen, you’re missing out. If you’re not sleeping on a Helix mattress, Helix offers 20 unique mattresses for big tall short, wide, even special ones for kids to find the perfect fit. Helix provides a 100 night in-home sleep trail, no matter your sleeping position. 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Say hello to big Joe, Joe rang the Kenny Bell that has never happened before. This is Dan Bonjino Moe show history right here. You’re witnessing in the making. This is a big, huge moment. This is up there with Cal Ripkin breaking the street. This is up there with Willis Reed’s triumphant exit from the locker room in the next game. Okay, I think we’re being a little dramatic, but it is good to see producer Joe. That’s why we want to be working on in the past few weeks. You’re very welcome, buddy. Now Joe is back into his chambers over there to get the show on the road. Man, it’s good to see this guy. Look at Joe, you got a lot of love in the chat right there. Love you all. They’re happy to see you. Joe, folks is Michelle Obama getting ready to take the mound. I’d say bring in the righty, but in this case, it’s bringing the lefty. Not these media people, nothing they do is by accident ever. Let’s just get that straight. Here’s this article by the telegraph this week. I’m not sure this is an accident, folks. Michelle Obama could be America’s next president. Forget sleepy Joe. The Democrats might look again to the former first lady in 2024. There are a number of things going on here. Here’s what number one, this is the media’s recruitment effort. They’re sending out smoke signals basically to the Obama family. That listen, if you were to run, we’re going to dump Joe. That’s why this is titled this way in the telegraph. It’s not titled this way by accident. Notice the recruitment pitch in the opening line. Michelle Obama could be America’s next president, but what is it followed up with in the subtitle? Forget sleepy Joe. This is a signal from the media people, like a bat signal. They don’t need to coordinate it. They don’t need to. They all think alike with a hive mind that if you were to get out of this race, Joe, and if we can push you out of this race, that we will back Michelle Obama. It’ll be a coordinated effort to get it done. Nothing is an accident, folks. This is not being done by accident. Michelle Obama, is she going to report for duty? I would have told you a year ago, absolutely not. However, given the fact, this is the other thing going. I said a couple of things. Number one, they know sleepy Joe is in big trouble and they know there’s a lot of information out there that’s about to come forward bank records while about the Biden, bank records wise about the Biden crime family that they can’t control. The unknown scares them right now. Do you get what I’m saying? They can only control what they know about. They don’t know how bad the Biden case is. But the second problem the media has is they have to protect the Obama legacy. Obama is the Democrat party right now. If Obama goes down and his legacy goes down as the most corrupt president in American history by far, which is what he is spy gate, the collusion hoax, Biden gate, all of it. This is what my speech was about this weekend in front of the Republican club. I don’t fire with this thing. If that comes out, the Democrat party will be destroyed because Obama is the Democrat party. Once they’re freaking out because they know ironically, only she’s the one who could probably come in right now, save them and bury these scandals for good. Here’s what I mean to about the media panicking. This is the face the nation this weekend. They don’t know what else is out there. I told you this is not listen, I don’t want to waste your time on the show. I will never, ever waste your time. I promised you over and over told you over and over again, there was going to be a seismic shift in media coverage. It was going to happen like that. One day Biden was going to be the next FDR, the next thing he was going to be the next Democrat. He was going to be the biggest failure since Jimmy Carter. Here’s what I mean. It’s happening right now. Listen to defaced the nation. All of a sudden starting to ask questions about Hunter Biden because they realize this guy’s a damaged political animal. Joe, check this out within that flea memorandum that was released. It details a number of Hunter Biden’s financial transactions. He was in the throes of addiction. He wasn’t able to pay his taxes at that time, but he’s also had income from a Chinese business conglomerate, an infrastructure investment company, a Ukrainian energy company, a Romanian business. Is there any chance that any of this crossed a line? Why are they asking questions now? Oh, they’re doing their journalistic endeavors. They’re not doing any of that. They are definitely afraid that the bank records transactions are going to show millions of dollars lining the pockets of the Biden family. And they’re not sure what else is out there. That’s why this has nothing to do with the media doing journalisming, nothing at all and everything to do about what looks like a Biden suicide mission in their next run for the White House. Ladies and gentlemen, this guy right now is a damaged political animal and everybody knows it. Here’s MSNBC this weekend. Again, asking questions to the Biden people, they never asked before in their lives about 100 Biden special councils, all of this stuff. They’re only asking this stuff now because they’re dipping their toes in the water of scuttling this guy in favor of Michelle Obama or someone else to preserve the Obama legacy because if Trump gets in there in this next term, when we know where all the bodies are buried now, they’re deathly afraid that Obama is going to be exposed as actually what he was. The most corrupt president in modern U.S. history. Take a look. I’m Friday. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as a special council in the Hunter, in his Hunter Biden investigation. Does the White House have any comment on that move by DOJ? No, no, it’s not. The president’s been very clear since when he was running for office that he was going to make sure that there was no politicization of the DOJ, the White House has not been involved in any of those matters and that’s been clear and consistent. I think any questions that on this issue obviously should be referred to DOJ at a Hunter’s personal attorney says this is a personal matter and we stand by that. It’s not a personal matter, bro. It’s not a personal matter. Joe Biden was the point man on Ukraine while his son was getting paid $83,000 a month from a company who was being investigated by a prosecutor, Joe Biden got fired. You want to make it a personal matter? Don’t get involved with your family and intermingle with business deals when you’re the freaking vice president in the United States. What is this guy? A dumb ass? A personal matter. Like it was some kid with a drug problem who isolated himself with the world and went to live in the mountains. Hunter Biden injected himself and the dad did nothing about it except to leverage it to the line his own pockets on a personal matter, personal matter, my ass. Here it’s even the Washington Post has even developed a fundamental sense of curiosity. The hell’s going on here at House GOP they put out this tweet. Here’s how it started June of 2023 why Hunter Biden’s plea deal is justified Washington Post opinion section August 12th just the other day opinion section Washington Post because Hunter Biden shouldn’t get special treatment folks the scuttling of the Biden crime family is happening right in front of your very eyes I want you to listen to me and listen very closely. Jesus moved a little bit sorry I have Jesus on the thing he someone moved them so can I got Jesus in the right spot looks over me I’m serious sorry I got distracted I’m serious they’re getting ready to scuttle this guy to sink this ship. I had this long conversation this weekend with these people I gave this speech in Palm Beach and I was very proud of it folks I was trying to make the point that this was the most corrupt the Obama Biden presidency was sing the single most corrupt executive office of the president outfit we’ve seen in modern times the media is eager to cover this thing up and make this whole thing go away because if they expose remember remember this the most damaging political narratives some of you in the chat can probably cheat on this the most damaging political narratives are the political narratives that change your pre existing notion of who a candidate is Barack Obama is a messianic figure to the left who was seen as pure and good and gold right if Barack Obama turns out to be the exact opposite a corrupt weaponized basically socialist who used the power of government to enrich himself and his buddies like Joe Biden it’s over for the Democrats it’s over then this breaks this weekend too New York Post Barack Obama told his ex girlfriend I make love to men daily but in the imagination letter shows okay that’s certainly an interesting letter Biden scandals folks they’re Obama’s scandals they have been Obama’s scandals the whole time there’s a lot about Barack Obama you don’t know there’s a lot about Barack Obama people don’t know Barack Obama’s a mystery and enigma to a lot of people and because he’s a messianic democratic figure don’t be surprised now is Michelle Obama going to get in the race I’m not sure I think they’re waiting to see what level of catastrophic damage these bank records are going to do to Biden but I got to tell you the media didn’t type that up in a story for nothing they’re doing this on purpose so going back to my it’s not bad enough yet which I talk about all the time I get this question a lot from people especially friends of mine in New York and Maryland you know Dan how is it that they’re still voting for the same nonsense here crime deprivation poverty you know shitty economics people fleeing these states like when are they going to have a nut when is enough going to be enough the answer is when it gets bad enough for those specific individuals the problem with voting liberal is it takes a long time in a country as successful as the United States for even the worst liberal to completely decimate a place it does it takes years it doesn’t typically happen overnight it gets worse overnight but it’s not completely destroyed for years because usually conservatives are a couple of Republicans will save them and prolong it and manage the decline a little bit but something is changing I’m sensing something you’re living through a rebellion right now I was kind of what I was going to get to before you’re living through a rebellion right now and I want you to be proud of this chest out chin up there is a massive cultural rebellion going on you can see it you can feel it you don’t need to lick your finger and see which way the wind is blowing you absolutely know it you’ve seen it you got the sound of freedom number one at the box office you’ve got Oliver Anthony’s hit song going viral despite the fact he had no record deal or anything you see the the target the destruction of target and Disney and Bud Light you were sensing a cultural shift right now the place to be right now is not is not I repeat against the constitutional republican liberty and freedom because people are starting to figure this out here’s a clip at Joe Rogan same exact feeling are you feeling it like I’m feeling it this seismic shift on the ground that because things have gotten as bad as they’ve gotten we may not be at full change yet but the earth is definitely quaking right now listen to Rogan say the same thing the culture shift between right and left authoritarianism and people don’t recognize that the if you just stop looking at it in terms of red and blue look at the actions whether it’s war suppression of free speech pharmacological interventions that are mandatory whatever whatever the fuck it is that used to all be associated with the authoritative right the authoritarian right and now those things are being embraced by the left and I just think it’s I think it’s just an ideology thing and I think we get confused and we think we’re on the right side we’re on the right side and if it’s our side that’s saying this for sure it’s the right thing to do and no one’s critically thinking about them folks you are living through rebellion an actual cultural rebellion I’ve got this I have this eerie feeling I brought it up often and forgive me if I’m if I’m if I’m wearing this out if I am let me know in the chat but I have this eerie feeling right now what they’re on that we’re on the cusp of something really bad if however now I want to be clear on this I don’t wish that on anyone but I also want to be clear that sometimes it takes a seismic moment a real earth shaking shift for people to wake up out of the doldrums and figure out that everything they’ve been voting for the entire time damage been wrong and the great part about social media true Twitter all these things as the democratization of information when shit really sucks in places now you can’t hide it anymore you know 60 years ago if you didn’t know someone in California in LA talking about mass looting in stores thievery everywhere debauchery in the streets drug use in Seattle you didn’t know if kronkite didn’t talk about it on evening news you didn’t know you weren’t reading a local Seattle paper now it happens it’s on social media instantly and everybody starting to see the curse of liberalism and the cancerous plague has become here’s just a few videos of how politics is local when things get bad enough locally you’re going to see a massive shift and crime is the most local thing possible because you can’t hide from it once it happens to you it plays you forever and don’t think for a second that we can engage in a massive seismic shift a listen i’m only 48 ladies and gentlemen i live through the Reagan revolution i was a young kid when it happened Reagan 149 freaking states 49 49 that was in my lifetime because things had gotten bad enough under Carter and Biden’s far worse did you see this scene at the tapanga mall in california this past week here check this out they clean the place out folks what’s the next logical step for retailers that can’t possibly adjust to this new level of debauchery thievery and plain evil to leave they’re all going to leave you’re going to be left with nothing but retail and food deserts everywhere that’s all you’re going to have left is that when it gets bad enough when you’ve got to drive 60 miles to pick up a stick of butter and some popcorn how bad is it going to have to get the answer unfortunately is really bad we have been trying to save you from yourself left this we’ve been trying we’ve warned you about all the bullshit the defund the police the ridiculously high taxes the endless focus on sex and race at the expense of the quality of life of your citizens now it’s all coming home i don’t wish this on you you wish it on yourselves we tried to save you from yourselves you didn’t want to be saved here’s another one security guard tries to wrestle with this guy get stealing a bunch of clothes from the storm security guy probably got fired for all we know check this out i mean i don’t know what happened this guy’s fired no idea is another one a rap concert this weekend apparently some gunshots went off at the rap concert you think people be looking to help or call the cops now they use it as an excuse to go loot the merch at the concert you check this out this is why you are living through a rebellion because everyone can see this now everyone can see the cancerous rot of liberalism and what it’s done to which was once at least the society agreed on some common goals this would have been embarrassing if you were caught on video even 10 years ago looting now they don’t care now they get sent to some website everybody celebrate look at these guys free free merch and ain’t free man check out this tweet by this alec McGillis this is the next step retail deserts as everybody evacuates these liberal states you know it’s the only grocery store in Washington DC’s ward 8 and everything more than 85,000 people says it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in the red because of growing levels of death when the local councilman says he fears to store my clothes do you fears you think this is the next step these places are going to get evacuated folks you watch but chest up chin out chest out chin up up there’s a rebellion going on sometimes you need to hit that that hole in the valley man before you can start marching up the mountain again people need to see how bad it can get it is getting there right now because there’s some real green shoots here and I’m starting to feel really good about it a little bit of good news take a quick break for a sponsor guide 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Anthony this weekend in make sure I get this right Carita County North Carolina if you haven’t heard of Oliver Anthony he is a guy I don’t know his politics I don’t particularly care about his politics but he wrote a song basically condemning the swamp in the political class that this cultural rebellion is rebelling against the song is I think the number one song on iTunes is 8 million something views the song is amazing he showed up at this festival this weekend I guess he was pre-scheduled to sing there small small town they had 25 acres taken over full of people parking to see him he was a little snippet of what happened take a look putting themselves six feet in the ground is all this damn country does is keep on kicking them down oh it’s a damn shame what the world’s gotten to for people like me and people like you is I can just wake up and it not be true but it is Lord it is God sets a few good story a friend of mine was there a very close friend of mine flew in traveled cross country and said the place was packed said he sat there for two hours afterwards after this concert believe me it was hot to take selfies and sign autographs for people and you want to leave until he took care everyone which is God the best of luck in this career now of course I didn’t stop rolling stone in the dying culture on the left which is a culture of death and it’s a culture of cannibalism as I’ve warned you often the left seeking out of constantly new people to target they’re losing because the rights given them the double barrel middle finger so they’re starting to sick they’re on they said starting to sick themselves on themselves it’s a cannibalistic ever they’re running out of targets on the right because we don’t give a shit we ignore these people here’s rolling stone which once pretended to be an outlet they covered entertainment music they’re so folks they’ve got the sands they are so desperate to stop the rebellion right wing influencers just found their new favorite country song but the article can buy Joseph Udak who could not be more condescending talking about how we’re losing our minds over this song so you know again just to be clear it’s okay to go out there and wrap songs about you know wed as I can’t even say it if you know the song if you know you know it’s okay to you know go out there and drop a bunch of n bombs and songs talking about them now awful to cops are and all this other stuff guy goes out there and does what’s what’s not really a political song he doesn’t mention any politician he mentions how he doesn’t like rich men north of rich men targeting the working man and all of a sudden we’re all losing our mind they’re desperate to stop the rebellion folks they are desperate to stop the rebellion but please do not get your foot off that gas pedal man leveled that thing down here’s Disney who can’t seem to get out of the runway I want you to watch this is this what you want is this what you’re looking for with Disney so Disney has a movie coming out next year about snow white snow white a classic can we all agree fellas a classic you know snow white so of course Disney had to do the woke snow white here is an actress by the name of Rachel Zegler Rachel Zegler I want you to watch she I guess she plays snow white I’m not even sure is she snow white actresses him she’s the snow white actress she’s been out doing PR she’s actually out to public relations for the liberal listening she’s out there actually doing anti PR every appearance this woman makes is a disaster for this movie as she tries to tell people how stupid they are who back in the 1930s did this nice fairy tale about a prince you can’t have that old values or anything everything’s got to be woke now I want you to watch disappearance how condescending and pathetic this is as it continues to get worse for the Disney disaster take a look at this the original cartoon came out in 1937 and very evidently so there is a big focus on her love story with a guy who literally stalks her weird weird so we didn’t do that this time so no prince or a different kind of prince we have a different approach to what I’m sure a lot of people will assume is a love story just because like we cast a guy in the movie and you burn up great dude um it’s uh it’s one of those things that I think everyone’s going to have their assumptions about what it’s actually going to be but uh it’s really not about the love story at all which is really really wonderful and whether or not she finds love along the way as anybody’s guess until 2024 all of Andrew scenes could get cut who knows it’s Hollywood baby oh my god this is he just said it this is the single cringiest interview I’ve ever heard oh all the guys scenes make it cut love story who wants to see that I mean it was made in 1937 we want those idiots to know back then a lot more than you know now it’s 2023 lady I don’t know who Rachel Zagler is but I would encourage Disney listen you do you I am an absolutist on free speech you do you what’s good for your company if you’ve seen Disney stock price my recommendation is you shelved this lady as soon as possible and cut her scenes out of snow white couldn’t yeah that no no that’s a good I’m sorry key it’s a good point folks you would agree with key in the chat yes you agree no you don’t I mean she’s 22 years old and she works for Disney she’s clearly got a deeper body and knowledge about the intricacies of life than any of I agree with keys so for me it’s a big yes she’s super smart we should definitely take life advice from her is what you’re suggesting right Joe how old are you Joe how old are you I’m learning this system I’m 66 Joe he just screamed at keys keys now deaf he now officially can’t hear anymore Joe 66 so Joe Joe didn’t need to we all need to take especially Joe because he’s an old funny dirty in his six you don’t know anything listen to Rachel Zagler you don’t know yes we can tell we can tell now why would you need to listen now listen on a very serious note this weekend one of the things I left out of my weekend update I don’t go to the movies much anymore because everybody’s woke like this and I don’t want to give him any money because I just don’t want to support their lifestyle so this weekend I managed to make it out to see Oppenheimer forgive me I hate given Hollywood any money at all but candidly folks I’ve been so obsessed with this story when I was a kid my favorite song was The Russians by sting and there’s that line about how can I say my little boy from Oppenheimer’s deadly toy I you know when I was a kid I I knew who Oppenheimer was but I didn’t know the real story so I used to read everything I could an Oppenheimer I was just fascinated by the whole nuclear arms thing and I I didn’t not specifically Oppenheimer but how we built the bomb and the difference between a thermonuclear weapon vision infusion whatever doesn’t really matter I just thought it was really interesting so I want to see Oppenheimer and I saw it this weekend and not to get too long of a boss on it but this lady is a simpleton Rachel Zagler you can tell by just listening to her talk she’s a reductionist she reduces the world into very simple kind of you good you know you bad me good right this is the new liberal thing everything’s reduction is black skin versus white skin you know that everything is reductionist into your with me or your against me and it’s one of the cardinal sins of liberalism is this reductionist nonsense into you bad people me good people we think of liberals as people with bad ideas liberals think of others as bad people with ideas you get it that’s reductionist thinking it’s simpleton thinking it’s imbecile thinking how does this relate to Oppenheimer this weekend one I if you’re up for it I recommend the movie it’s told what a left leaning bent but it’s worse seen it’s long so if you you know over the age of 40 don’t drink a lot of water before you go in it’s about three hours with the it’s about three hours and 15 minutes with all the teasers and stuff in the beginning trailers but the story of Oppenheimer reminded me that don’t ever give up if you’re a conservative on that bedrock feeling that people are complex and can’t be judged easily Oppenheimer was one of the smartest human beings to ever stand on this rock we call her a guy who just thought in a different way like most of us yet Oppenheimer had communist sympathies think about that how did one of the smartest human beings Joe loves his history one of the smartest human beings with computing power you and I will never be able to imagine the guy saw a math yet he didn’t know communism was a road to hell I mean the body bags piling up everywhere you didn’t know that people are complex don’t ever become Rachel Zegler understand that please it’s an important point all right I got a lot more to head including a warning number Jim text me if I’m wrong here warning number 4,579 that World War three is potentially right 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representative from California Kevin Kylie he was on news max this weekend talking about that secret Chinese Chinese company connected lab biolab found in where Vietnam no California California so weird and he brings up an important point why all the secrecy behind this lab and how many more labs are there I don’t know sounds like a good question a representative Kylie maybe people in congress should start paying attention outside him this sounds like it’s pretty serious check this out you have the situation where in the band and warehouse it was discovered that there’s this company that whose owners are in China that you know is genetically engineering by they found a thousand mice 200 were dead actually they found vials of dangerous pathogens like covid like malaria like e colby and you know there was no license the lab was operating illegally was in violation of many many codes and we’ve also learned by the way that Gavin Newsman’s administration gave the company a $360,000 tax credit I mean the local city manager said that clearly they didn’t want anyone to know they were there the public health officer said he’d never seen anything like it in decades and so it raises a lot of questions of exactly what was going on here but more importantly of how many situations like this we might have throughout the country because we know very clearly that they’re trying to exercise influence the CCP throughout our country and everything the matter says it’s 4,580 but our official counter gym from the radio show says that’s inaccurate says 4579 so the matters I thank you for staying on top of it in the chat but I think because gym you know what it may be gyms listening but I think we double counted 4578 so some people guys it’s 70 4579 but getting back to the most important part what the hell’s going on here you got a freaking biolab in the middle of California that was engaged in a whole lot of secret stuff going on with infected animals in there after we had a COVID you know this COVID anybody heard of it this COVID thing you know it’s coming back a little bit again at election time they’re going to the fear is going to be stoke times a thousand how many more of these are around the United States oh the answer is we don’t know and that sounds like can we just gauge the audience here to the studio audience is that a problem yes that’s right from you see even they’re saying that’s a problem how many more of these biolabs are around how many more signs do we heed man that the Chinese Communist Party that they are not effing around how many more do you need well here’s another one for you from futurism Chinese military said it figured out how to build laser weapons that can fire indefinitely I don’t know about you but that sounds like a problem to me too hypersonics you know next generation fighters they’re working on building out there navy bigger than we are they’re building bio weapons labs in the United States are at least biological labs I want to be precise working on infiltrating our military infiltrating our military with woke culture and a cultural revolution here in the United States infiltrating the Japanese in the United States military system with computer viruses to hijack it sounds like kind of an issue so it’s really good that people like Dr. Fauci were in government what a great guy he was he was just awesome just to transform in a favor and she loved him and he great guy Dr. Fauci was so just a paragon of honesty he was just the best we all love Dr. Fauci of course I can if you’re not picking up this sarcasm you’re probably on the wrong show he was Rand Paul it’s past week on Fox talking about Dr. Fauci who now there is a really strong body of evidence that Dr. Fauci lied in front of Congress about actually funding biological research on these viruses again of function over there in China and good for Rand Paul saying hey I want investigation I want an investigation a criminal investigation of the perjury that may have happened up there on Capitol Hill here check this out but you know I don’t think there’s ever been a clear case of perjury in the history of government testimony and I don’t say that lightly he said adamantly that the government never funded this gain of function research we now have the government accountability office the GAO has admitted that the funding came from the NIH we have the acting director of the NIH admitting it in writing that it came from the NIH but now we have really the smoking gun and that is Fauci in private saying the opposite I want investigations I don’t want media appearances I’m not taking a shot of Rand Paul’s been one of a few guys leading the charge media appearances are only good for keeping up the pressure investigations these people need to be investigated for unleashing this plague upon the American people people around the world and the next person in charge this is no time for QC time it’s again one out this is what I think is one of Trump’s assets and other people think is one of his faults they say well he can’t run again good a good it’d be awesome to have a president concerned with fixing things in four years rather than re-election because what is first what is every first term president want anybody here know what they want a second term he doesn’t have that it is time to go and make sure that the people responsible for potentially breaking the law and this plague unleashed on humankind are finally held responsible speaking of that it’s perfect time for an election update we haven’t done this in a while folks it’s case down in Georgia which is a potential fourth indictment against Donald Trump by the police and another embarrassing case by the way this case in Georgia may come down today or tomorrow I think the grand jury only meets in in Georgia in that county on Monday and Tuesday it could come down today or tomorrow another indictment a fourth one against Donald Trump the police state won’t stop folks they’re doing this tactically and I tell you what hate it and you should but you better damn well respect what they’re doing are you not going to know how to respond this indictment in Georgia is very tactical why there’s nothing I like more than when they say the quiet part out loud here’s Axio this morning since he’s Georgia charges would be state charges a presidential pardon wouldn’t free Trump if he were to win the presidency or if we’re a Republican sympathetic to him were to win the president of the United States can’t pardon or dismiss these charges it’s an Anthony Michael Christ apparently it’s too first name a law professor at Georgia state university I kid you think it wasn’t mistake I don’t think they’re that worried about the New York case with Twinkies Alvin Bragg the case is so ridiculous it has almost no chance of standing even even in New York it’s that bad this case in Georgia is serious this case in Georgia is serious not because there was any crime committed but because the people down there are stretching the meaning of Rico statutes to put him in jail and there’s no pardon for this this is a serious threat is police states not kidding around ladies and gentlemen they thought this all through and this is the guy we’re running against rotting freaking oatmeal brains in the White House you’ve got a hundred people dead now in Maui the death toll could be double that could be even worse you’ve got portions of the island that are in a apocalyptic condition from one of the most devastating natural disasters in American history and clearly the most devastating this year one of the most devastating in modern times what’s oatmeal brains doing our potis while he’s hanging out on the beach sunning is not this nuts or something like that he was asked about the rising death toll in Hawaii uh no comment we said before heading home no comment nothing to say nothing to offer maybe god bless the victims with the strength they need to get through this struggle maybe uh we’re gonna marshal all our federal resources to help maybe we’re here for you we’re reaching out to the uh the governor oh not for rotting oatmeal brain sunning his loins there you know i hate to tell you you know he’s got a good point he’s but folks give me give give me a big why for yes good point or no bad point he’s point was sometimes with joke with Joe with Joe rotting bag of a rotting bag of oatmeal in the White House that sometimes no comment is better i sometimes i mix up the spaghettios with the oatmeal that you heard that sometimes no comment is better i have to gamut it type of yes hold on let me go now yes i agree i’m putting a why you see me in the chat here folks here come on come on there we go why there we go yes everybody agrees with you gay sometimes rotting oatmeal brain should just shut his mouth and not say anything all right here’s an election update it told you we’re gonna cover all the candidates so Vivek had a bad moment and a good moment i think this weekend for vake ramaswami is running third some polls running second trumps far out in the lead number one the santa’s is number two of most polls of vake ramaswami’s been moving hard number three here he had a pretty bad moment i think on the tim pool show implying that there would be some kind of a um pardon for a hundred Biden now he disputes that exactly that’s exactly what he said uh he’s he’s said now he would not support a pardon for hundred Biden you got to watch the whole clip it’s the wording is a little confusing however this was like thought a pretty good moment i want to expose you to all the candidates that way you’re making an informed decision you know where i stand but it’s not my business to tell you who to vote for here’s a lady who comes up to him claims to be a journalist say claims because i don’t know what journalist even are anymore i mean they they seem like fairytale writers but she identifies as a pansexual journalist i don’t folks i honestly i don’t even know what that is i don’t i don’t know what it you know if there’s i don’t i don’t know i have no idea what that means i everything there’s like a new key do you know does anyone here know joe anyone know no yeah joe has no idea either so she he’s asked a question for vake about the lgbtq i a b i o p c plus one and it’s a really good answer though i think you should hear it check this out well i don’t think it’s one community really yeah i mean how can it be just mashed together an alphabet soup trans is fundamentally in tension with gay if you ask me but what’s your opinion i’m personally in pansexual so i was just wondering what your views on the same sex couples words i don’t have a negative view of same sex couples but i do have a negative view of a tyranny of the minority so so i think that in the name of protecting against a tyranny of the majority and there are times in this country’s history where we have had a tyranny of the majority we have now in the name of protecting against tyranny of the majority created a new tyranny of the minority yeah we have that’s a damn good answer listen if you follow the work of leftists over time and Marxist organizers you understand that they’ve always been a minority getting a majority of people to forfeit their civil liberties overs nearly impossible so you’re always dealing with mathematical minorities but you still want people’s civil liberties so how do you do that you engage in a tyranny in the minority i played that ahood baroque clip for you last week former israeli prime minister and leftists who indicate that only indicated that only eight percent of the adult population taking to the streets is necessary to enact a cultural revolution it’s a great answer start that through cnn by the way in our election update block here is seething over trump and iowa trump had a good weekend in iowa came in and basically stole folks listen it’s really hard for candidates no matter where you stand again everyone’s welcome here everyone i’m not going to get into this beating up other candidates i’m not i don’t believe in republican on republican violence this isn’t the show for that randis and this is a great governor but they’ve been a great entrepreneur but donald trump was a great president i believe he deserves another shot so he came to iowa and having been through candidates and campaigns when i was an agent it’s really really hard to compete with a guy with the name id the secret service around them who was the only guy who’s actually done the job so we showed up at the iowa state fair and folks he just basically stole the show i mean it’s really hard for anyone else to get any traction here i’m going to tell you how they’re next trick by the way to try and get them out of the race but first listen to cnn is really upset about trump’s popularity do ios the iowa state fair excuse me check this out clearly trump is just a magnet for attention now i will say you know he was appearing in a rather small sort of restaurant on the grounds of the fair of the fair and so there wasn’t room for a lot of people inside and so for people to be in his vicinity they had to sort of crowd around outside and i counted as you could see in those photos there were 30 30 deep at one point on all sides of that venue just straining to catch a glimpse or hear a little snippet of what he was saying he spoke very briefly and roamed around very briefly and then was back off on his plane but it really symbolizes the way in which donald trump is the center of attention in the primary and the way that his sort of quasi incumbent status gives him you know a platform that none of the other candidates have they are just not going to be able to compete with that level of attention out you know as as i remember trying to teach my three year old at one point attention can be good or bad not all attention is good attention right i had a lesson that seemingly donald trump never learned in his childhood notice the smart ass comment at the end of the three year old because there’s so much smarter than you like he said she’s probably 22 as well key maybe her and Rachel Seigler should get together and they should tell us all how they should write a book like Jordan Peters’s book like 12 steps to better living because we all need journalists and Rachel Seigler to tell us all how to look because we don’t really know anything you notice the sneering though but i will say this she’s not wrong he is overshadowing and basically sucking the air out of the room and i say that as a trump supporter it’s going to be really hard for them to get any traction one more thing i saw someone in the chat you know what i need you in the chat like sometimes i do this to do like interaction because i like having to go but this i’m really curious about your thoughts on this did you see the vape m&m moment i didn’t want to put it on because he started wrapping uh lose yourself by m&m i’m going to give you my opinion and you of course you’re free to disagree but i would like to i don’t think this was a bad thing someone in the chat suggested he looked bad doing it i don’t think it was a bad thing at folks i don’t know about you but when i was in college the guy running for president was bill clinton and bill clinton got out on our cennial hall and put the you know the the glasses on and played the saxophone and there were a lot of democrats who thought it looks stupid too and you know a lot of people find that stuff relatable so i didn’t i don’t think it looked bad at all i mean that’s just my opinion again i could be wrong you get i don’t know you guys thought you think yes he won lortis i think it was a great move i i thought it was too i mean he says it was in prom two we make i don’t know if it was in prom two or not but it’s the guy can wrap i don’t know where you got that skill from but he’s pretty good at all right i got a lot more to get to don’t go anywhere uh this is how they’re going to try to get rid of trump though final piece in the uh election 2024 update the i i listen i called this a while ago along with many others i’m certainly not unique in that regard it was easy to see here’s Adam liptac at the new york times the conservative case emerges to disqualified trump for his role on january six already warned you about this 14th amendment thing these they’re not conservative these people saying that this is going to be the next step to kick them off the ballot and for those of you who think and i know it’s probably not in my chat but other moderate Republicans out there who are kind of rhinoe and swampy oh they’ll never do that they don’t get lost in the supreme court really are you serious everything we said they would never do arrest them rate is house in mara lago charging with fake crimes they’re already doing so forgive me but a really hard pass on what they’re not going to do because they’ve already done it all right i got a quick news round up i’m going to do this a couple times a week because a lot of these stories get left behind and by friday i get mad at myself because i never got to take uh i never got to talk about them and get my input do you see this story in the the daily mail is the death toll rises after this explosion in pit spur did you see this these people are in their house this is a real tragedy five people died four adults in one child you watch what it was called in this ring doorbell this house no one seems to know why this happened i know it’s above a mine i’m not going to speculate yet it’s not fair the bongino rule right but i want you to watch the video from the ring doorbell this was not a small explosion take a look at this i have no answers for you and until i do i’m not going to speculate i’m just telling you i’ve never seen anything like that here’s a video for you in the news round up you know everybody’s buying entities local neighborhood recycling programs i’m here to tell you that 90 percent of these things are BS most of it’s getting dumped in the ocean and sent to china it’s we could bury this stuff in landfills that are about as environmentally friendly now as are ever going to be the great john stostle then a little bit on this is about 40 seconds of it buying into the recycling high take a look at this landfills have plenty of room for today they have more space than we’ll ever need if you think of the united states as a football field all the garbage that we will generate in the next one thousand years would fit inside a tiny fraction of the one inch line really oh that’s surprising on top of that today’s landfills are not the polluters they once were some sensible regulations make sure they don’t pollute eventually landfills are turned into ski hills parks and golf courses putting garbage here is much cheaper than recycle so why do towns keep pushing recycling they do it because people demand it it’s a sacrament of the green religion i rinse my cans i take my labels off if there’s plastic on that’s something that’s paper i take the plastic piece off of it that’s fine if they want to do it voluntarily but we shouldn’t mandate that bury it bury it like we used to do it well figure out a way in the future like we always do we’re going to develop garbage you want to float in the ocean is what are you going to do fly it in outer space hey one last story just the news be in the newsletter today bunch you know that conversation newsletter yes yes Utah Republicans are lining up the challenge mid-Romney apparently one of the mayor’s air trend stags and a guy named Brad Wilson may be getting in we’ll be taking a look at all the candidates mittens has to go we don’t want any more rhinos no more swampy 81,707 people watching how the hell is that on a Monday how is that i’m going to answer that for you because you all are awesome best audience in the business and you know i love you i pound my chest in my heart but my elbow someone you guys now we do we so deeply pre I swear man i hope you understand that is absolutely genuine we love you to death join us every day for the live chat here folks rumble dot com slash bongino join us at 11 a.m. Joe and gie will be doing it from 10 o’clock on but i come live here at 11 rumble dot com slash bongino click that follow button it’s a green button there to the right oh 82,000 we just crossed make a stay on a few more be it 85 there’s that green follow button it’s free click that you’ll get the notification we go live every day and download the rumble app rumble has been crushing it lately we’ve had such such a good run here so we’re so proud of the platform download the rumble app so deeply appreciate thanks folks see you back here tomorrow you just heard the dan bongino show

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